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Cold Steel Kobun

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Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

Cold Steel Kobun

test 1Cold Steel Kobuntest 2Cold Steel Kobuntest 3Cold Steel Kobuntest 4 Cold Steel Kobun
test 1Cold Steel Kobuntest 2Cold Steel Kobuntest 3Cold Steel Kobuntest 4 Cold Steel Kobun
test 1Cold Steel Kobuntest 2Cold Steel Kobuntest 3Cold Steel Kobuntest 4 Cold Steel Kobun

Cold Steel Kobun

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days



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Cold Steel Kobun

Cold Steel Kobun



The Cold Steel Kobun is a lightweight knife that takes its name from the Japanese word “Kobun” which is sometimes used as an indicator of rank. Proven to be incredibly popular with the Military, where it’s prized for its light weight as much as its durability and cutting potential.

The Kobun features Cold Steels iconic reinforced “American Tanto” point, making it highly resistant to bending or breaking because it is reinforced by the full thickness of the blade’s spine (which runs almost to the very tip of the blade). Despite its thin profile, the Kobun’s deeply checkered Kray-Ex handle is designed to offer maximum grip and is contoured to resist turning or shifting in the hand.


Code CS17T
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Cold Steel
Blade Material: AUS8A Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 14.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.32
Overall Length (cm): 25.0
Handle Detail: Kray-Ex
Blade Finish: Satin
Blade Shape: Tanto
Blade Type: Plain
Grind: Hollow
Sheath: Secure-Ex
Product Weight (g): 193


  1. Knife 5*/Sheaf 0*Review by
    Ordered my first Cold Steel fixed bladed knife in a number of years, previously having tanto series with leather sheafs. Let me first say the Kobun is outstanding. The finish and construction is absolutely flawless, as you would expect from Cold steel, and would score 5 stars without hesitation. Unfortunately that`s were the good points finish.

    The Secure-Ex sheaf on mine is absolutely garbage. Everytime the knife is pulled from it the blade ends up being blunted by the glass impregnated sheaf. Putting pressure on the spine as i drew it didn`t work. However carefully i tried the edge became dull. Having frustratingly re-honed the blade several times and also using a needle file on the innards of the sheaf to no avail i have assigned the sheaf to the bin, as this is the best place for it in my opinion. I have ordered some after market sheafs from HH to try. I`ve since read similar stories of CS Secure-Ex sheafs affecting other models.

    I find it astounding that Cold steel make some of the best knives in the world, probably spending copious of money on R&D but supply sheafs that destroy the blade edge in seconds. Why CS don`t supply leather/cordura sheafs as in the past or as an option is beyond me. I`ll still buy CS knives as they are still fantastic knives, but i will be pairing with other manufacturers sheafs, and the CS one`s will keep the bin men busy.( I e-mailed Cold Steel about my concerns but alas still waiting for a reply).
    (Posted on )
  2. solid bomb proof packageReview by
    for almost 30 years I'd wanted the cold steel tanto after reading the review in the old Guns and Weapons User magazine if anyone remembers it. At the top end tanto is a bit high priced for my use I bout the Kobun not expecting too much. Wrong, the thing is bomb proof, abuse it and it askes for more. the steel takes a good edge and retains it. The handle which initially I thought too thin is actually so grippy that it offers confidence. The sheath is safe and excellent.
    Summed up, I couldn't bring myself to use a top end expensive knife the way I use this and it doesn't shirk any that's asked of it.

    HH continue to provide the best customer service I've come across
    (Posted on )
  3. SuperbReview by
    10 out of 10 for HH as always.
    This is the best bang for buck for a fixed tanto that's not to big to take camping. Very light and slick in the pockets. The clip sits perfectly in your pocket so no need for belt carry. It's also very good for bushcraft. You can also cord wrap this very well with 550 if you remove the inner strands and it looks amazing. Love it ..
    (Posted on )
  4. A Perfect Little KnifeReview by
    The Kobun really is a great looking knife and the fit and finish on it is almost as good as the top-end Tantos. The 3mm thick blade is hollow-ground with a slight belly to it, a dead straight spine and that famous Tanto point. The AUS 8A steel is nicely grained and ground with a semi-polished razor-sharp edge. It is 13.5 cm from guard to point and is of course, full-tang. Balance is literally right behind the guard, so in the hand it feels a little blade-heavy, which is fine. The handle is classic 4mm x 2mm diamond-pattern Kraton, with 2mm spaced lines around the edges and on the butt and a 5mm steel-lined lanyard hole through tang and grip.
    The sheath is also excellent and of identical build-quality to their high-end models, coming with a spring-steel clip attached via two phillips-head screws and Chicago-type fasteners. With this clip removed, the sheath is only 8mm thick up to the neck, which flares slightly from 2cm to 2.3cm. This part of the sheath spreads slightly when the handguard pops over two internal ridges and then it instantly snaps back to hold the knife securely. If sheathed properly, this blade will not drop out, even if it is carried upside down on webbing or load-carrying equipment. It can also be taped pretty much anywhere, but it would be advisable to remove the clip before doing this.
    All-in-all this is an excellent value knife and is a hell of a lot of blade for the money. Thanks to HH for their great customer service!
    (Posted on )
  5. Purchased and love it!Review by
    Great delivery this was not in stock so I ordered it, and well I am very pleased.

    Delivery was 4 days, expected as they needed to get it in, and it came swiftly in the morning.

    The knife is solid and feels like a * tool, I really enjoy the weight and the size is good.
    I am very pleased with this product and would order again from Heinnie, and Coldsteel.
    (Posted on )

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