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Cold Steel Kudu

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Cold Steel Kudu

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Cold Steel Kudu

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days



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Cold Steel Kudu

Cold Steel Kudu



In South Africa, an inexpensive ring lock folder is sold everywhere. It's a good design, but it's constructed from sub-standard materials, is poorly made, and is horribly overpriced. And yet, millions of these knives are sold there each year. Cold Steel have made their own with quality materials, cutting performance, and in price.

The Cold Steel Kudu, takes some cues from its South African competition, but Cold Steel's version is vastly superior. Theirs has a German 4116 Stainless steel flat ground blade, heat treated to Rc 56-57 for better edge holding ability and ease of re-sharpening, and a thin razor sharp edge. For safety, they have thoroughly tested the locking mechanism and are well satisfied it will hold the blade rigidly open until you decide to close it by pulling up on the ring attached to the back spring.

The handle of the Kudu also reflects Cold Steel's dedication to making an effective and affordable folder. It's made of 43% glass reinforced Zy-Ex. This material has proven to be extremely strong, and is stiff enough to complement the blade and spring when locked open. Plus, the gripping surface has a wood grain texture for traction and features an attractive polished steel Kudu horn emblem for a little extra flair! The Kudu represents an unbelievable value. It’s ready for anything and makes a wonderful work knife, utility knife, bait knife, or hunting knife.


Code CS20K
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Cold Steel
Blade Material: 4116 Stainless
Blade Length (cm): 10.8
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Overall Length (cm): 25.4
Blade Colour: Satin
Handle Colour: Black
Handle Material: Zytel®
Lock Type: Back Lock
Sheath: No
Product Weight (g): 86g


  1. Echoing a popular theme...Review by
    Rating that this will NOT be my only Cold Steel purchase.

    I am amazed at the strength, quality, size, sharpness and price of this knife. It is my new, go-to, for indoor and garden work.

    One word of caution. Practice closing this knife or practice counting to only 9...
    (Posted on )
  2. A cheap decent knifeReview by
    Certainly nothing special here but if you need a cheap folding knife for camping or something then this should fit the bill. The folding mechanism feels secure, though you do have to be careful when folding it, it is solid enough for most average cutting tasks and light prying. (Posted on )
  3. Don't buy itReview by
    In 50 years of carrying and using knives from all over the world, and writing about them professionally, this is almost certainly the most inherently dangerous knife I've seen being sold - and I don't mean that in a good way. Apart from that it's an ugly, rotten thing. Do yourself a favour, spend more money, the Kudu is just plain nasty. It doesn't even deserve one star in my opinion. (Posted on )
  4. Not a cold weather knifeReview by
    Having used my Kudu for over a year I have found it awkward to close when my hands are freezing cold. It does not inspire confidence when that sharp blade comes down close to numb fingers.
    Heinnie Haynes has much better all round work knives for the same money.
    (Posted on )
  5. a bit of a lightwieghtReview by
    I've started buying unusual knives to put in my collection so when i saw this kudu for less than 8 quid i thought why not .
    This is a nice display knife but i do'nt rate it as a working knife , its very light with next to no wieght in the handle which is a bit on the slim side , and with the lack of a choil and finger grips in general it does not feel right in the hand .
    I also do'nt like the way this knife closes , you have to pull the ring with your index finger and push down on the back of the blade with your thumb to release it from its locked position .
    So a nice display knife for the collector , but i can only give it 3 *** as a working knife , others seem to like it but its not for me .
    I would choose my rough rider lockback folding hunter over the kudu everytime . Excellent service from H H once again : )
    (Posted on )
  6. FANTASTIC .Review by
    First of all delivery super fast and second what a bargain all that knife for under ten pounds :).
    Super sharp out the box and my first ever Cold steel knife and deffo not my last.
    (Posted on )
  7. Great!Review by
    Very impressed for the price.
    Considerably bigger than I expected.
    Solid build.
    Paper sharp OTB.
    Mine was easy enough to open/unlock.
    I think it's looks ok as it is.
    Very good utility blade and excellent value.
    Next day (Sat) delivery for two quid. Wow.
    (Posted on )
  8. Kudos to the KuduReview by
    Well I've had my Kudu for around 8 months, and have used it daily so I thought it was about time to review it. The blade steel is Krups 4116 stainless, This steel is known for poor edge retention. While this indeed holds true, it is also easy to sharpen and takes a scalpel sharp edge. The lockup is incredible and the Zytel handle strong and lightweight. The blade finish is polished not satin as listed, but I will not put a negative mark against this knife for something so trivial. At under £10 including P&P it is definitely worth getting.

    The Royal Mail actually lost my package when I first ordered this and HH had a replacement out to me within 48hrs so I would rate their service at 5 stars too.
    (Posted on )
  9. nice and neatReview by
    As others say, can be hard to pull back the ring, but better that than a sloppy fastening. Nice the way blade clicks round on opening and closing, rather than just swinging shut (had a similar looking Spanish knife that had tendency to trap fingers with plenty of pain and blood). Better build quality than quick glance would indicate (Posted on )
  10. Ok for the priceReview by
    For £7 this is ok. The ring mechanism is a bit annoying and it feels very cheap. Blade is sharp out of the box and it is a big knife. Super fast delivery from HH as always. 1077 (Posted on )
  11. Not as good as the originalReview by
    Not keen on mine not as good as my old okapi but ok for the money (Posted on )
  12. Good valueReview by
    For the price, this is a very good knife. Not terribly sharp OTB but easy to transform into something scary. The opening action is firm and solid, and the lock is fine. There is no play in the blade when extended.

    My only gripes are that I found it quite difficult to close, because the ring needs a lot of force to disengage the tang, and it hurts your fingers. This may ease with continued use. The other problem is that when you carry it in a pocket, the ring produces an irritating rattle.

    But for under seven pounds, very good value. The shape of the blade makes it a perfect letter opener and it's very good at slicing tough bits of meat.
    (Posted on )
  13. Almost got HH logo tattooed on foreheadReview by
    I discovered a fault with mine, one of the washers had been missed by the blade pivot and had come adrift. I advised HH on Wednesday, they gave me a Freepost address for return, and sent a brand new knife which arrived on Friday at nil cost to me! Excellent, rapid after-sales care in the finest tradition. New knife faultless. (Posted on )
  14. Good knifeReview by
    Very sharp, light, and an interesting design. Would suit food prep such as cleaning fish plus as a general purpose outdoor knife. Had one before, it was very rust resistant when it resided in a tackle-box. The lock is very safe too. (Posted on )
  15. KuduReview by
    After using this knife for a few days it is still sharp and tight but the Kudu horn had to go, it made the knife look too cheap. Cold Steel would do well not to put it on in the first place. (Posted on )
  16. KuduReview by
    My Kudu came sharp and with no movement when locked.
    It is a large pocket knife but so light you hardly know it's there.
    The knife looks and feels cheap but it is well made and good to go.
    A great knife for camp cooking etc.
    (Posted on )
  17. One hell of…Review by
    One hell of a knife for less than a tenner! Well made, good fit and finish, needs a sharpen but that's half the fun isn't it. Highly recommended, get one, if you don't like it it will be a very good present for someone at not much cost.
    (Posted on )
  18. Folding MoraReview by
    So glad Heinnie has got these in! I used one of these as my kitchen knife for a whole year at uni and it was wonderful. They take a lovely polished edge that's easy to maintain on a denim strop. (Posted on )

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Questions & Answers

How long is this knife folded/unfolded. And how heavy is it..?
Hi Ian, please see spec below:

Blade Length (cm): 10.8
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Handle (cm) 14.6
Overall Length (cm): 25.4
Product Weight (g): 86g
Heinnie Haynes answered on 25 June 2018

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