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Condor Hudson Bay

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Condor Hudson Bay Knife

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Condor Hudson Bay

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In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Condor Hudson Bay

Condor Hudson Bay



The Canadian Wilderness of the North made some of the toughest men in outdoor history. The Hudson Bay knife, a popular general camp knife of the 1800s, has also proven itself historically. This is Condor's tribute to the voyageurs and trappers of the Northern Territory. The full flat ground 8 inch blade is perfect for an all around large knife, and it comes with a classic dark brown sheath.


Code CTK24094HC
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Condor
Blade Material: 1075 High Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 20.3
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.52
Overall Length (cm): 33.7
Handle Material: Wood
Sheath: Yes


  1. Hudson BayReview by
    Just received my knife today and I'm very pleased .It’s hard to find something better at this price.Great service for Heinnie! Thank you (Posted on )
  2. Robust and Excellent Quality.Review by
    Strong sharp blade and basically a well-made and finished product. Heavy enough for wood chopping tasks yet light enough for all camp/kitchen cutting/slicing chores. Nice leather sheath too. Very happy with this quality knife. (Posted on )
  3. Great VFMReview by
    Hard to fault at the price, or double it when compared to some. Well finished, built like the proverbial, although if you have big hands you may be better with the Moonshiner as it has a good bit more to grab than this does. This is a knife you can use and not worry too much about , for many years. (Posted on )
  4. Great knife Review by
    Top service from Hennie , knife it's awesome for the money my bk2 cost 100 quid ! , any 19th century trapper would love this knife , the sheath alone is worth 43 quid (Posted on )
  5. Everybody should have oneReview by
    Designed for hard times in Canada. I would use this knife anywhere in the world and totally trust it. The leather sheath is excellent and smells lovely. I would not use this for chopping due to the grind and steel. It is purely a slicer and dicer, this may be the reason for no lanyard hole. swinging this around may not always end well. H.H do some excellent first aid kits if the temptation is just to much. get one and you will carve the turkey at Christmas with it and be grinning like a Cheshire cat. Brilliant service as always. (Posted on )
  6. good for the priceReview by
    great big thick chunk of steel you will not break this blade sheath is good it swivels out of the way when sitting but when kneeling at my height it sinks in the mud so make sure to clean your sheath, one thing I did not find good about this knife was the dents in the edge after one night of use in the mountains I used it to limb smaller branches of trees that had been cut with my bacho and i also used this to baton that was all, the only thing i can think of was one log was full of knots and that is when it must have happened easily fixed with sharpening stone (Posted on )
  7. nice knife needs some modificationsReview by
    The knife was useable sharp out of the box, minor flaws on the blade grind (unequal on spots) and not dead straight edge, but not much to worry about. Nice knife, slender slabs on handle (appears to be walnut?), but I do wrap all handles so it doesn't bother me.
    Sheath does not fit, it is too narrow for knife to set all way down, last 5 cm or so, but nice thick leather, it is as it was sewn for two of my bowie knives, for HB I yet have to make one of cowhide.

    Very fast service from HH.
    (Posted on )
  8. WOWReview by
    As a bushcraft instructor I have had the pleasure of trialing many many knives - I even designed my own very successful range but always I have had a appreciation of the big knife, the camp knife!! I have tried Leuku's and never been completely happy but this knife ticks all the boxes - not only is it a great tool it comes with a quality sheath too - big is beautiful I love this knife!! (Posted on )
  9. Condor Hudson Bay KnifeReview by
    Great delivery, great knife!

    Shame the postman left it on my neighbours doorstep! Ordered day 1 and received day 2.

    Arrived straight, sharp and with reasonable looking scales. I've lightly oiled them to cover a couple of scuffs missed by Condor, presumably during the final shaping of the ends.

    The blade is 5mm thick in the handle tapering to 4mm as it leaves the handle. It quickly tapers to 3mm forward of the unsharpened portion. This thickness is maintained almost to the tip.

    The handle is comfortable in my large-ish hands (size 10 glove). The swell towards the back retains it in the hand when held machete style using 2 fingers and thumb. I'm sure you could lasso it with cord to make a lanyard if you wished.

    The sheath is well made from thick leather. The articulated belt loop a nice touch. It doesn't look like twin needle stitching though.

    Worth the money. You can always spend 2 or 3 times as much on a competitor product!

    (Posted on )
  10. hard to say...Review by
    Just received my knife this morning.
    As usually great service from Heinnie! That's my 6th knife from Heinne, 3rd Condor knife.
    What I can say about Condor knives is that people in El Salvador have got problem with being straight :) All my blades were bent, and Hudson Bay is not straight either, there are at least 3 bends... Looks like " ~ " Handle is so small (as for medium size hand) and smooth so it is easy to be dropped during slashing. If you see so many details which are not right, it makes you wonder if(for instance) one day blade is not going to brake in unexpected moment and harm your hand or eye?!
    Guys from Condor dont care about details at all. I understand, that it should be a working tool so it doesn't have to be pretty...but you expect a minimum of quality, at least blade...
    I just don't know what to expect from this knife...
    5 stars for service, 3 for knife. It is better to buy John Nowill Knives: Survival Knife-v. good quality, good price and straight blade.
    (Posted on )
  11. Hubson BayReview by
    For the money you can not go wrong. Holds a really good edge. Also a bit of time on the handle scales and bit work on the edge and you got a good knife. (Posted on )
  12. Fantastic knife & fantastic service...Review by
    My third purchase from Heinnie. Wow, very prompt delivery!
    The Hudson bay is highly recommended. It is guilty of being a little rushed in manufacture with a few rough edges here and there, but what an exellent product for the price!
    A perfect camp or heavy woods knife that all enthusiasts should have in theirt collection.
    (Posted on )
  13. Hudson BayReview by
    This knife lives up to the high standard set by condor and fills the gap between machette and the smaller sheath knives. It chops and cuts firewood and holds agood edge. Comes with a top quality sheath. (Posted on )
  14. No lanyardReview by
    I'd have to agree with Rob Harris on the issue of the lack of a lanyard for this knife. If Condor were to fit it with a Rodan type handle it would be about as good as a knife could get. (Posted on )
  15. Hudson BayReview by
    I have had this knife for a few days (great service from HH) and it is a great chopper/splitter and will also do most things that a machete can. Just the narrow grips stop it getting 5*s. That said, I cannot think of a better large camp knife for the money. (Posted on )
  16. 21741HarrisReview by
    I have recently received this knife. Apart from having to remove a couple of slightly sharp edges I am more than impressed, it has good weight for choping and also allows you to do fine work like feathering for fire lighting.
    I am disapointed that it didn't come with a lanyard hole. The knife lends it self to chopping and I would have felt safer with a lanyard, however that is just a minor concern that will be easily rectified. Brilliant service of HH yet again.
    (Posted on )

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