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Condor Rodan

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Condor Rodan

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Condor Rodan

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Condor Rodan

Condor Rodan



The Condor Rodan knife is simply built for one purpose: Work. This tough utility knife has a hidden tang that goes all the way to the back of the handle, and will take anything you throw at it. With an indestructible handle made of polypropylene, this all terrain knife will stand the test of time. It is supplied with a black leather sheath.


Code CTK2376HC
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Condor
Blade Material: 1075 High Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 13.4
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.5
Overall Length (cm): 26.7
Blade Colour: Black
Handle Material: Polymer
Blade Coating: Epoxy Powder Coating
Blade Finish: Black
Sheath: Leather


  1. Not bad - but there's better out thereReview by
    A good solid knife, however;
    It is very chunky, especially the handle. You will need a grip like a gorilla to do any extended work with this.
    The worst fitting sheath I've ever seen, 'shaking a stick in the Albert Hall ' springs. It might as well not be there for what use it is.
    Overall not bad, but won't be my go to knife of choice.
    (Posted on )
  2. Superb!Review by
    Received this knife today (Tues) after a Sunday the Scottish Highlands this is brilliant service- the knife is exactly what I'd been looking for too, solid, no nonsense and shaving sharp from the start, and at the cost a great addition to my kit.....great quality yet simple sheath too. Couldn't be happier! (Posted on )
  3. Great Knife!Review by
    I already owned the Bushcraft Basic 5" and wanted a more beefy knife.
    I like the build quality , solid 5mm blade , great handle and very nice leather sheath. It was very sharp out of the box. I warned on my belt during some hiking this weekend. Felt great , not heavy at all.
    Great value for the price ! Great service and fast delivery from Heinnie.
    (Posted on )
  4. Spot OnReview by
    I ordered this knife after reading the reviews. It arrived within 23 hours and I was notified of it's dispatch within 2 hours of ordering, what more can you ask for service wise? The knife will never win any beauty contest (though the sheath may be a runner up) but for the job I required it for it looks and feels spot on....I have held and used knives that felt as good and sometimes better but never at the price I paid for this one......I will definitely use HH again and will have no hesitation advising other to do so too. (Posted on )
  5. Great tripReview by
    Decided to visit HH in Wales as I have had problems getting a decent knife with a handle that really fits my hand.
    Really welcomed and shown a number of knives. This was perfect so bought two. Thanks again.
    (Posted on )
  6. thanks again heinnieReview by
    Great knife, more so than I expected from the picture. I'm yet to use it out and about but it feels weighty and good in the hand. Delivery from Heinnie was lightning and very securely and discreetly packaged! (Posted on )
  7. Great bush-crafterReview by
    This is my second Condor piece - it won't be my last. They deserve to be much more widely appreciated! I concur with all the points made in other reviews. I am not a huge fan of 'bushcraft' style knives, but the brutish functionality and confidence-inspiring build has won me over. Great for larger or gloved hands. Service A1 from HH as always. (Posted on )
  8. robustReview by
    Was looking for a lighter alternative to my billhook for cutting and splitting wood for the camp fire. This thing is as solid as you like, sharpish out of the box and a few passes over the sharpener and it's almost as good as my Mora's. Lanyard eyelet looks like brass. Sheath is very stout too.It's an ugly thing for sure but it has a certain functional charm in that. It's plenty light enough to live in my rucksack or on my belt.
    Swift delivery as usual.
    (Posted on )
  9. Great KnifeReview by
    What an excellent knife, this truly is a great all rounder, from splitting firewood to dicing up the veggies this knife does the lot and does it great.
    I have a few decent knives now including a couple of Falkies but even though this is without doubt the butt ugliest knife that I own it is still the one that I make a grab for first and the most fun to use. Many thanks again to all at Heinnie for getting us all this cool stuff. Any chance of stocking the eight inch version soon?
    (Posted on )
  10. Well priced beater!Review by
    This is a sturdy well made knife. The sheath is amazingly good quality- thick, supple hide and secure. The blade has a pronounced distal taper, this means by about 2/3 down the blade it is only 3mm thick- it is 4.5mm thick at the handle. I have used mine to baton, chop and pry with. It did all jobs well. Add a loop of 550 or climbing cord through the rivet to aid knife retention during chopping but watch the cord for signs of fraying on the rough edges! My only real 'con' with this knife is the finger guard that won't stop your hand going onto the edge if using the point carelessly- you've been warned! Overall though this is a great knife! (Posted on )
  11. great job!!Review by
    It is my third knife from You guys, and as usually great service!!!
    Order was made 12.30 pm thursday, knife received 9.30 am next friday-like that.
    Knife hasn't been put on test, will do tonight :) Looks allright, perfectly sharp, great price.
    (Posted on )
  12. First Bargain of 2011Review by
    Burly in the hand, nice heft! Good grind, easy to touch up.
    Sheath is very impressive on such a cheap tool, will enjoy abusing this at work as it feels like it was made for hard work, nice change from some of my slighter knives, only gripe is a little wasted space where the tang inserts into the handle, pretty sure a little more blade edge could be squeezed in.

    Thanks guys, super smooth service! will keep my eye on Condor products in future.
    (Posted on )
  13. Amazing ValueReview by
    This is one very impressive knife, made more so by the low cost. It ain't pretty, but oh boy, does it ever do the job. Ordered Wednesday, delivered Thursday. Well done Heinnie. (Posted on )
  14. AwesomeReview by
    Can't believe a review has been written. This knife is awesome and the price unbeatable: is heavy and sturdy can be used for light batoning, digging, skinning, chopping and more. The handle feels great and the blade is a full tang so it runs all the way down. The sheath is very nice too, thick black leather the knife sits/holds perfectly. I wish you guys could put his big brother "Kumunga" on the list of products from Condor. Another great product from Heinnie as usual. Thank you Luigi. (Posted on )

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