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Condor Village Parang

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Condor Village Parang

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Condor Village Parang

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In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Condor Village Parang

Condor Village Parang



The Village Parang is a powerful undergrowth-chopping tool with a beautiful balance and the "Condor Classic" hammered finish blade steel. It uses 1075 high carbon steel and is supplied with a leather belt sheath with swivel to allow for easy access.


Code CTK41912HC
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Condor
Blade Material: 1075 High Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 30.5
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.5
Overall Length (cm): 45.7
Handle Material: Wood
Sheath: Leather


  1. CHOPPING BRUTEReview by
  2. One Good ChopperReview by
    Only had this a couple of days and already been out in the garden to cut down some heavy tree branches.
    On first out of the box impressions, its super well made with an excellent quality finish. It balances extremely well in my hand and is very sharp.
    It chopped through tree branches as thick as my upper arm with easy and after a good 2 hrs of chopping large and small branches up into pieces small enough to put in the green bin there was no ill effect on blade sharpness or any damage marks on the blade.
    I also feathered some branches with the sharp bit of blade near the handle with easy.
    Its an excellent all round chopper/multi use knife.
    Super fast delivery from HH as usual.
    (Posted on )
  3. Excellent piece of kitReview by
    Well balanced, with a good weight which is comfortable and controllable in use - and it holds a very good edge.

    Excellent quality sheath.

    No down side.
    (Posted on )
  4. An excelent toolReview by
    I had been looking to get a large chopper/knife for some time before deciding on this purchase. I wanted something not too long and with a good heft for chopping and processing wood rather than for clearing brush and undergrowth. The parang was the design I had decided from the start mostly as a result of watching and reading works by Ray Mears when I was younger, and of course he uses a parang.
    I was not at all dissapointed with this tool having now used it for a few weeks. It is an excelent chopper and in my view chopps better than my Schrade SCAXE2, although a different technique is needed compaired to using a hatchet. The blade sharpened up very nicly and recieved no damage even when tacling hard, knotty wood and batoning. It hasn't coroded at all, with me simply keeping it clean with a little bit of oil, and I can just about get feather sticks with the part of the blade nearest the handle ut more practice is needed there. The handle itself is well designed and gives a secure grip with its shape, with blade and handle combining to form a jentle S shape like a traditional parang should.
    All in all a superb and versitile bushcraft tool, the reasonable price point is just the icing on the cake.
    (Posted on )
  5. Crossover Parang For All UsesReview by
    I was contemplating giving four stars rather than five due to the fact there are small cuts on the handle which I noted immediately during first inspection. However, this Parang is going to be used as functional cutlery rather than added to any collection for display only purposes. Now for the positives: Once I decided a Parang was the ideal choice for its intended general use it did not take long at all to conclude the Condor Village Parang is a well made/finished piece of kit which will be robust in the field providing a little tender loving care is given to treating and sharpening the blade when needed. The blade upon receipt did need sharpening but, that's exactly how one connects with any cutlery by the fact you add your own mark at tailoring it too your needs. I cannot praise HH enough for their impeccable delivery service - ordered PM day one, delivered day two am. This is a birthday present and I cannot thank you enough for prompt delivery. (Posted on )
  6. Perfectly designed, beautifully madeReview by
    I raw feed my German Shepherd Dog and use this Parang with a wooden board to portion up a months worth of whole chickens, duck, lamb and other things. It’s fairly heavy but needs to be to be good at its purpose - chopping. Took me around 20 mins to portion a whole chicken with a Gerber Big Rock (Excellent knife also) but takes around 20 seconds with this and doesn’t knacker the edge. Easy to sharpen using 600 grit wet n dry sand paper on a wooden baton. YouTube Ben Orfords video - how to sharpen a Parang. The quality of this tool is outstanding. (Posted on )
  7. ExcellentReview by
    Needs a little sharpening out of the box to get razor sharp. But is the kind of knife you'll be sharpening often due to hard use, and I'm glad to say it sharpens easily. Beautifully built, but definitely a user, not a hanger. Tough, well balanced and a pleasure to use. This is my 2nd condor parang, and 4th condor knife over all. Very impressed with this brand. Great knives, great sheaths, great price. And as always a pleasure to deal with H H. (Posted on )
  8. Oh my!!Review by
    It is a great, great tool!! Great for chopping, great for splitting, one tool to do it all. Beautifuly made, simple, but useful. Highly recomended!! And god bless H/H for service!! :) Well done!! (Posted on )
  9. A thing of beauty...Review by
    Rating a joy forever and this parang is a beauty. Exceptionally well balanced, ideal for chopping. Heavy blade, convex grind, good quality steel - needed a little work to sharpen along the entire length but took a good sharp edge. The handle is a lovely hardwood and well finished, feels just great in the hand. The sheath has a belt loop but it's I think it would pull your trousers down if you actually carried it that way. One of those tools that works well in it's intended purpose but is just nice to hold and contemplate. Take care. (Posted on )
  10. one tool option????Review by
    Been waiting for mine since afore summer, gotta say been worth the wait, top service from HH. Wanted a right parang for ages this is it, lots of weight forwards, great one tool option, great leather scabbard, love it wasn't super sharp but mines razor now. Great thing buy one buy two infact as there sure to be a classic 10/10 triple A star. (Posted on )
  11. chop chop by one quickReview by
    Just a great all rounder, wanted one of these as soon as they were announced. So glad to get my hands on one, a real work horse in the making. (Posted on )

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