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CRKT Hissatsu

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Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

CRKT Hissatsu

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CRKT Hissatsu

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

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CRKT Hissatsu

CRKT Hissatsu



James Williams, the designer of the CRKT Hissatsu™, is a former Army officer with over 45 years of experience. It is based on an old Japanese design. The unique shape of the blade, made famous by the legendary Samurai warlord Takeda Shingen, works with the natural motion of the body. This is a focused single-purpose knife for use in many environments.

The Hissatsu’s dual grind Tanto blade is 440A stainless steel, high satin finished. The handle is in a traditional Japanese pattern, but is Twin-Fused™, double injection-molded with a high-impact polypropylene core, butt and hilt, and a non-slip Kraton® handle surface. Oyatsubo, the emperor node on the omote (outside/public side) of the tuska (handle), allows you to know which direction the blade is facing, even in compromised lighting conditions, by touch.

The custom injection-molded Zytel® sheaths grip the knife firmly, and have removable belt clips which can be attached high or low, vertical or horizontal with the black two-piece screws provided. There are also holes and slots for carry on belts, webbing or equipment.


Code CR2907-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: CRKT
Blade Material: 440A Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 17.8
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.0
Overall Length (cm): 30.5
Handle Material: Polymer


  1. A lot of work Review by
    As previously stated by others it requires a load of work to make it nice. I have the polished version it arrived totally blunt, and no original antique Japanese tanto are not blunt, they are literally razor sharp if properly polished and were honed along with the katana or tachi before battle. It took me the best part of a week to re grind and polish it on my Japanese stones mine is now zero ground with a properly cross polished kisaki with yokote. The steel feels and sound's very hard so I am suspicious of the heat treatment it is a lovely thing to look at now but I wouldn't trust it if my life depended on it. If like me you are into Japanese stuff and can sort it out it's a nice addition to the collection but your money is better spent with Cold Steel on something from their Tanto range. Hiennie were outstanding as usual. (Posted on )
  2. HissatsuReview by
    Be prepared to finish the factories job. Too many hours spent grinding and polishing to make this blade exactly what Mr Williams designed. (Posted on )
  3. Hissatsu Review by
    As this new model only comes in a black finish it took many careful hours bringing it to a mirror polished satin blade. However, I discovered a major problem not immediately apparent at first as the black covers a multitude of sins. The outside edge is a whole 2mm narrower than the inside leading to a asymmetrical blade, also the grind is shockingly bad, maybe quality control had a day off? Definately preferred my old & sadly lost original. The new grind & black finish is, I assume a cost saving exercise which, clearly has not been passed onto the customer. Disappointed, hence only 3 stars. (Posted on )
  4. Hissatsu Review by
    One for the collection, I’m only disappointed that the plain satin bladed version is no longer available . Tactical black?! We’re not all SF or ninja. Thanks Richard at Heinnie for the usual outstanding service. (Posted on )
  5. The point is the point.Review by
    This blade works by piercing the substrate like a sewing machine needle it is not a cutting blade. The blade is fashioned three dimensionally to come to the point. The rest of the blade is trimmed to make the movement in and out of the substrate easy. You can imagine using this blade to sample sacks. (Posted on )
  6. This is an improved HissatsuReview by
    I bought my first Hissatsu when they arrived and it had a double flat grind with no actual edge grind. Making it very strong but not really sharp. I bought a new one from HH recently and the new version has an all round smooth edge grind.
    It is now pretty much perfect, sharp, strong and very pointy. At this price it's a very nice "long knife".
    PS bought the new one after seeing it demonstrated on the interwebs.
    (Posted on )
  7. The hissatsu is…Review by
    The hissatsu is based on trad japanese design, the katana, the angle of the blades edge are perfect to cut, therefore has no need to sharpen or must NOT be sharpened... The original tanto was owned by Takeda Shingen, a warlord in japanese 16th century and this is a perfect copy apart from the non wrapped hilt.The retention of the knife in the saya, upside down on webbing, is very trustworthy. (Posted on )
  8. HisatsuReview by
    I could not get on with this knife at all. It was blunt when it came, requiring a lot of work. The blade is too light to make effective cuts, even when you have sharpened it. (Posted on )

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