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CRKT Saker

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CRKT Saker

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CRKT Saker

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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CRKT Saker

CRKT Saker



In the woods, it's more like what can't it do.

Build a fire or a shelter. Hunt. Forage. If you're a Bushcrafter, this Abe Elias-designed fixed blade knife will be your go-to blade. A true scandi grind on a 1075 carbon steel blade gives you an efficient cutting tool for all tasks. Just grab hold of the walnut handle and draw it from the thick, high-quality leather sheath. The only thing stopping you from getting out there is you.

When knife designer Abe Elias from Leamington, Ontario, Canada was creating the Saker™, he found that giving it a proper heat treat and blade geometry as well as an ergonomic handle, enables longer periods of comfortable use. It's an approach born from working with hand tools most of his life. This fixed blade survival knife is the go-to blade for those who rely only on their tool and skills to keep them alive in the outdoors. Bushcrafters everywhere will be amazed at the knife's skills.

Featuring a true scandi grind, the blade is crafted from 1075 carbon steel, and has a voracious appetite for wood. But what makes it unique is that the overall design combines incredible blade geometry and balance with ergonomics. This enables you to control the cutting edge and get work done, while maintaining a comfortable grip on the walnut handle, keeping your hand from slipping as it's cutting in whatever conditions Mother Nature throws your way. The knife also comes with a thick, high quality leather sheath and a special Bushcraft's accessory tool that can help wedge, pry, collect pitch, strike a fire starter, and assist in a variety of tasks.

If you are a beginning Bushcrafter still developing your skills, or an experienced one honing your craft, the Saker™ is your tool of choice. 

Abe knows a thing or two about power. Whether it's a V-8 engine he worked on as an autoworker or a well-crafted knife that will cut through anything, he developed a love of steel at a young age. Abe got his first knife at the age of 6 as a gift from an uncle and it spurred him on to become a collector by the age of ten, buying knives with his paper route money. Having designed and made knives since 2003 you can see his passion for the craft with his Saker™ Bushcraft knife. Not to mention all the articles he edits and writes for Knives Illustrated, Knife World and Blade Magazine.


Code CR3760
Limited Edition: No
Brand: CRKT
Designer: Abe Alias
Blade Material: 1075 Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 11.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.35
Overall Length (cm): 22.8
Handle Material: Walnut
Blade Finish: Satin
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Type: Plain
Grind: Scandi
Sheath: Leather
Product Weight (g): 156
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Useful and comfortable knifeReview by
    I know it's been written many times in reviews here, but I have to say that Heinnie Haynes customer service is second to none. I have been buying from HH for many years and the service is exemplary, whether it's delivery times, email contact, sorting out queries or dealing with my changes of mind. Really impressive.

    I am giving my initial impressions of the knife. I will update after I've taken it out for a few weeks. I intend to use it specifically for deer stalking and bushcraft activities. The Tech. Specs. are as per HH's description.

    The knife looks a beauty. The blade is deeper and not as long a it looks in the photo. The handle is smooth and contours exactly how I like with a gentle palm swell and a small but useful front finger groove to help prevent accidents. The brass pins could be finished better, a bit scratchy, but can be polished if you want to. The blade is very sharp OTB and can be made sharper by stropping. I did 50 strops per side, then 50 double strops to produce a shaving sharp edge. It has a good strong point, the spine is squared for use with a ferro rod or scraping tasks. General finish is good, not exceptional, but this is a knife to use as well as admire.

    The sheath is thick leather, rather stiff edges so be careful with initial use as it needs accuracy to replace the blade. I think that the sheath is a generic one not specifically made for this knife as it has room for a finger guard which the Saker does not have. However it holds the blade securely and passes the upside down shake test.

    The tool that is included is a bit strange. On various YT videos it says that it has an arrow shaft straightener so I can't see that bit getting much use! It can be used more appropriately for ferro rod strikes and scraping magnesium or tinder for fire starting. Also possibly a small pry tool.

    Overall I like this knife a lot, it's a great design with good quality materials. Hope this helps, take care, Eddie
    (Posted on )
  2. Great knife!!Review by
    Received this knife the other day and my first impressions are that this knife is amazing, the ergonomics fit the hand very comfortable. The Scandi grind is razor sharp out of the box which I tested on paper and carving on wood! And it retained the edge very well. The walnut handle and white linerse give this bushcraft knife a very nice cosmetic and comfortable grip. The leather sheath is high quality leather , nice and thick and holds the blade very well. It's a nice tight fit and dusnt fall out if you tried to shake it out upside down! As a nice bonus it comes with the bushcrafter tool as it is called, I'm yet to find out the specific uses of this tool but I will inform you all soon as I do. So far iv strikes my ferro rod with it which it did very well. If you are looking for a bushcraft knife in between the price range of a cheap quality one and a high quality hand made knife then I recommend this crkt saker bushcraft knife by abe elias, my go to knife for when I'm out in the woods! (Posted on )

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