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DMT Aligner Deluxe Kit

In Stock

Available for Delivery

DMT Aligner Deluxe Kit

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DMT Aligner Deluxe Kit

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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DMT Aligner Deluxe Kit

DMT Aligner Deluxe Kit



The Aligner Guided Diamond Sharpener ensures guided strokes and exact bevels to give a consistent angle and produce the ultimate in fast, accurate knife sharpening. The most flexible guided sharpening system available has 7 angle variability and the handle accepts any 4" (110 mm) DMT® Diamond Whetstone. The knife clamp can be used separately as a sharpening guide with any bench model DMT® Diamond Whetstone. Included is a fabric storage pouch with velcro enclosure and serrated knife sharpener accessory.

Includes coarse, fine and extra fine stones.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: DMT
Stone: Diamond
Grit: Assorted
Type: Deluxe


  1. DMT alignerReview by
    Wanted some DMT stones to lean against my sharpmaker stones for reprofiling work, as it was only a few quid more I got this kit.. So glad I did my results on the sharpmaker were ok on the DMT aligner my edges are much better! Easy to use, clamp is plastic and feels cheap but no problems in use ( yet anyway)
    Outstanding service from HH as always ordered 17.15 free postage arrived 09.35 next day
    (Posted on )
  2. Very Effective, Easy To UseReview by
    I have an EKA W11 knife that I love but find it very difficult to get a sharp edge using my trusty Spyderco Sharpmaker. The DMT took a couple of minutes to get a very smooth shape edge using all 3 stones (coarse, fine and extra fine). I'm very pleased with this purchase.

    (Posted on )
  3. DMT Aligner has the edge...Review by
    4 stones in my set! Blue (Coarse 45 micron / 325 mesh), Red (Fine 25 micron / 600 mesh), Green (Extra Fine 9 micron / 1200 mesh) and Tan(Extra Extra Fine 3 micron / 8000 mesh). Also a serration sharpening rod. Aligner Guide has the edge as u can guide your sharpening on normal stones due to the nature of the guide rods sliding in and out. NB funny little pouch not a velcro fastened bag anymore :( The stones used are the pocket diamond stones from DMT so you can use it without the guide too... (Posted on )
  4. Just try to…Review by
    Just try to sharpen my Shrapnel (EXTREMA RATIO) - ex. tool!!! (Posted on )
  5. It actually works!!Review by
    This is the first sharpener I have found that actually works like its supposed to! A few passes on my blunt Becker Necker and it was like a razor.
    Recommended. And first class service from Heinnie as usual.
    (Posted on )
  6. DMTReview by
    Right,just tried to sharpen Queen mountain man in 1095 on a Spyderco sharpmaker,15 mins not getting anywhere.
    Got out the DMT and within 2 mins had a really sharp edge at the correct angle.
    This piece of kit is as simple to use
    as anything and gives a super edge
    straight away,without any hassle.
    Highly recommended.
    (Posted on )

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