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Douk Douk Petite Folder

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Douk Douk Petite Folder

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Douk Douk Petite Folder

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Douk Douk Petite Folder

Douk Douk Petite Folder



Founded in 1902, Cognet, the cutlers from Thiers, France, manufacture knives that are especially popular and widely used in Africa, and have remained virtually unchanged for almost 100 years. The Douk-Douk has a simple, easy-to-repair design, is very comfortable to wear thanks to the extremely slim design. Representing years of tradition, it is a special piece for both collectors and users. The characteristic decorative elements on the blade and handle create a special aura. The slim and lightweight design make the Douk Douk a perfect companion, with a blade of non-stainless C75 carbon steel.

The blade measures under three inches and is non-locking and is therefore friendly carry within the UK at the owners discretion.


Code 01DD002
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Douk Douk
Blade Material: C75 carbon steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.2
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Overall Length (cm): 16.0
Handle Material: Steel
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No


  1. amazinReview by
    love love love it, so much character! no hesitation at all in recommending this little slice of history. the action is solid enough on mine that i feel perfectly safe using the loop with a neck chain, makes it just about the perfect neck knife as it's legal carry (though the blade shape may turn heads), low profile, and weighs next to nothing. (Posted on )
  2. Fab little folderReview by
    Sharp, simple, easy to pocket, quirky, classic, non tactical, not expensive. Instantly my new edc.

    HH service as good as ever
    (Posted on )
  3. Excellent Review by
    After having the full sized Douk Douk I was so impressed, I ordered the petite knife. Again not disappointed. I ordered a Fallkniven FH9 pouch as well and the petite fits perfectly. Keeps the knife fluff free and pockets don’t wear. Once again HH service was outstanding. Ordered on Monday afternoon 1st July and they arrived Tuesday morning 2nd July. (Posted on )
  4. my new favouriteReview by
    My douk douk arrived today. Thank you HH. It truly is the best knife i've seen: simple, sturdy, beautiful. Really lovely steel and looks lived in, like me. I shall be putting some away for when the kids are older. (Posted on )
  5. fantastic but carbon steelReview by
    A leftover from the colonial era, with super sharp carbon steel blade. An absolute best for pocket carry - the slimmest of all. The blade shape (a non-aggressive yatagan shape) is the best there is for whittling and woodcarving. My personal favourite from the times when it used to cost 6 Euros (!).
    While it is an excellent knife, you should be aware of a few drawbacks:
    * the blade is very thin at the end, it is possible to snap off a bit if you use it for prying
    * you should fold the lanyard loop over the end of the blade, as a security and also bc it can make a hole in your pocket. But a higonokami WILL make a hole unless you carry it in a case, so ..
    * the carbon steel of the blade can rust - it happened in the summer in my pocket, so keep the blade oiled and wash it after cutting a lemon, or you can sharpen it again.
    (Posted on )
  6. GreatReview by
    Solid blade, no play, stiff spring but easily opened and closed (with care), thin and light.

    Fully understand and agree with all these good reviews - recommended.
    (Posted on )
  7. Nice traditional slippyReview by
    Decent price, lightweight, legal carry, unusual looking, sharp, strong backspring and solid blade with no play.

    Blade design is printed....would have been nice etched, and the Douk Douk logo on the handle is very shallow so difficult to see

    The two cons are just aesthetic. The knife is worth it no doubt......and especially if you collect slipjoints. Its rough and ready, but it does not pretend to be otherwise.

    (Posted on )
  8. If you like knives and don't have one of these - why?Review by
    It's a no brainer. Absolutely fantastic, I am delighted with it. It's a cracking size, just peeks out the top of the jeans watch pocket and much slipper and easier to carry than an Opinel. Utilitarian I would have one of these in an emergency tin, the blade is so much better than I expected and, in fact despite being cheap and rough and ready - in the way a claw hammer is, it is very well made for what it is designed to be. The lanyard ring slips over the end of the blade when closed as a double security safety lock but with the strength of the spring on it this wouldn't open in your pocket. Brilliant! simply brilliant!
    I'm going to get the bigger one!
    (Posted on )
  9. Love itReview by
    Simple but effective. Better than I thought it would be. (Posted on )
  10. Can't put it down Review by
    If I don't have a pocketknife I feel lost. I don't however use a knife for anything more than opening boxes, cutting plastic packaging open and the occasional slicing of food. As much as I fool myself into thinking I need some expensive blade that'll stand up to any task thrown at it, I really don't! As such the Douk Douk could well be my dream knife. It does what I need it to do, looks great, has interesting history behind it and best of all only costs a few pounds... what more could you want! (Posted on )
  11. Better than you'd expect for the priceReview by
    The spring is extremely stiff,first attempt required me to use pliers to open it and felt rather precarious to close but now it's worked itself loose enough to be easy enough to manipulate even if still a tad stiff,just takes a couple of attempts to free it up nicely.

    Finish still had the odd manufacturing mark but nothing worth really caring about in an edc that's gonna get scratched up anyways.

    Edge came straight and clean but in need of sharpening,first try it's almost shaving sharp,little more effort and I'll have it there in no time.

    One final thing of note is ergonomics,despite having large hands it's surprisingly comfortable for me to hold.

    Overall I highly recommend this knife,honestly I feel my next order may be a full size model to complement it for when I'm in the outdoors.
    (Posted on )
  12. Very coolReview by
    Very crude and rough around the edges, sharpened up like a razor in no time on my whet stone ,unlike my stainless knives, a very cool every day use knife, love it. Thanks Heinnie. (Posted on )
  13. GREAT LITTLE KNIFE!Review by

    (Posted on )
  14. An EDC with styleReview by
    I have the large version, which I love, but I wanted a slim, light EDC that was out of the ordinary. As others have said, it arrived sharp, but after a few strokes on my kitchen steel, it was very sharp. The handle is comfortable and the blade is unlikely to close in normal use. Many of my other knives look almost too good to use, but the Douk Douk seems to beg to be used. (Posted on )
  15. Hipster KnifeReview by
    A bit quirky I suppose. The kind of knife I would expect a hipster to Carry. The blade feels a little too basic, like it had been punched out of a sardine can. I don't dislike it and it may well grow on me with time. I keep it for opening post mainly. You are probably better off with an Opinel for the price but it's so cheap why not get both. Quick delivery from HH as usual. (Posted on )
  16. ClassicReview by
    Awesome little blade, full metal construction and meets the size requirements of our ridiculous knife laws. Really very happy with this blade, looks different to the standard pen knife style blades. nice and sharp out of the box if a little 'rustic' looking. As usual great service from Heinnie. (Posted on )
  17. Very impressed !Review by
    Bought one for my large collection of folding knives, as part of my collection of working knives.
    I can imagine these supplied to people throughout the French colonies over many years, wherever there is a need for a simple no-frills knife which can be sharpened on a smooth pebble if necessary. Made to be used and abused , and can take it.
    Will get one as a user also.
    (Posted on )
  18. Best legal carbon EDCReview by
    All my comments about the standard Douk-Douk apply to this little fellow, which I bought as a street legal/suit pocket knife. It's the most blade I've found in a package this small and slender and the carbon steel takes the keenest of edges. You'll need strong fingers and technique to open it but on the plus side it's pretty much child-proof. In fact, having just tested the theory, it's wife-proof as well. There you go - it's small and pretty but is a man's knife. (Posted on )
  19. Punches way above it's weightReview by
    This little knife really impressed me when i put it against my cold steel tuff light in a cutting test. It out preformed the cold steel purpose built cutter by a mile not to mention only being a quater of the price. I highly reccomend this knife for anyone looking for a affordible, uk legal carry knife
    (Posted on )
  20. Cut AboveReview by
    what a lovely little knife, I am really pleased with it. I skimmed it over my India stone for a couple of passes and its now very sharp.
    I love classic knives with history and this fits in with my other blades. It is now my new EDC.
    (Posted on )
  21. ExcellentReview by
    Had mine about two weeks now. Small. Light. Thin. Beautifull . Much thicker blade than opinel eqv. Love everything about it. (Posted on )
  22. Excellent knife, excellent service.Review by
    A cracking little knife! I received it within a day of my order being processed, despite the hectic Christmas post. The knife was exactly as described, it arrived in good condition in an oiled pouch. This was my first order from Heinnies and they have certainly earned my repeat custom.

    The blade needed a bit of sharpening , but it took a keen edge with little effort. As other have mentioned, the slipjoint is very secure and I have had no concerns about it closing on my fingers during use. The two stage closing is another nice feature.

    The handle is of course quite slim which might be an issue for those with larger hands, but it suits me just fine. There is no nail nick on the blade but the profile of the blade provides ample space to grab on to. I've found that attaching a lanyard makes opening the blade much easier and quicker.

    It's done me well for general tasks about the house and it will definitely accompany me next time I go hillwalking or camping.

    (Posted on )
  23. Perfect EDCReview by
    Wonderfully old school feel and looks. Produces a shower of sparks from a fire steel. Cop and sheeple friendly. Often forget its in my pocket , its that slim. What more could you possibly want? Usual impeccable service from Heinnies! (Posted on )
  24. BrilliantReview by
    For the money, this is a fantastic little knife. UK legal, small enough to stick in a fly box, with a safety loop to prevent accidental opening. OK, that shouldn't be a problem since the action is stiff. As with many other knives, open and close it a few dozen times after oiling and the action loosens to where it's comfortable. There is a good half stop, but watch your fingers as it snaps back into the handle.

    Very stylish to look at, a brilliantly basic design and very sharp OTB. Ten minutes with a sharpener and it's lethal. When it arrived, it was coated with some thick grease, which I cleaned out before oiling.

    A great little knife!
    (Posted on )
  25. Stunning folder with a colourful historyReview by
    Absolutely love these blades, the French really know how to build a quality cheap folder!

    Prefer this over many of my other EDC's simply because how nice it looks, how simple it is, and how it takes up NO room in your pocket.

    The rudimentary yet stylish look and feel turns heads, as does the sharpness of such a small knife, hone and strop this thing properly and you've got yourself an EDC straight razor!

    Honestly, if you're not sure whether to buy one, you should, they may not be around forever, but when you've got one it'll never leave your pocket!

    5/5 for product and HH service
    (Posted on )
  26. ExcellentReview by
    I have the large and small versions of this knife and it is extremely good for the money, as always it was delivered promptly. It's a good knife, it's extremely sharp out of the box and the blade ages nicely. The hilt is very simple as it is one piece of folded metal which makes it very thin and easy to carry. My only criticism of the Douk-Douk is that the back spring is almost to strong for opening and closing easily as the blade doesn't have a thumb stud or anywhere particular to grip, but some people may like the strong back spring so that's just my personal preference. Overall a brilliant EDC knife. (Posted on )
  27. You will not be disappointedReview by
    I have three Douk Douk's the carbon steel petit, the Squirrel with a drop point and a Douk Douk petit with a stainless steel blade. The carbon blade needs wiping as it will tarnish, hence I got the s/s blade, easy to care for and sharpens well. Looks great with a great history.
    These knives are light weight and a brilliantly simple design, this knife is the slim, though sharp and affordable. Douk Douk make petit s/s models with coloured handles blue red green and yellow , hint hint HH I'd buy another if you got those ones in!!!
    (Posted on )
  28. Outstanding classicReview by
    I ordered this knife at 2.30pm and it arrived the next morning - excellent service as always from HH. I love this knife - solid construction, strong backspring, good snap and a half-stop. Blade steel is excellent, takes and keeps a razor edge with good thick steel. I have several much more expensive knives, but this little knife has kicked them all out of my pocket. It's a classic and comfortable to use, as well as being UK legal. My perfect EDC.
    (Posted on )
  29. One of the classicsReview by
    Bought one in France years ago. Takes a phenomenal razor edge and keeps it for ages. Strong back spring. The pattern on the blade wears off with polishing. Comfortable handle, better than it looks. Need to keep it oiled or it'll rust. Steel looks like the old Barbour knives. Robust, plus the 6 piece construction including rivets is very pleasing. (Posted on )

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