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Down Under Outback Bowie

Down Under Outback Bowie

Down Under Outback Bowie


The Down Under Outback Bowie is a stunning fixed blade knife, that is like nothing you’ve held before! Featuring a forged, dual heat treated 440C stainless blade with a stunning mirror finish. It may look extremely nice, but don’t mistake this for a wall hanger, it is a workhorse, and a highly effective cutting tool. The Down Under Outback Bowie really is a knife with a purpose.

The handle of the Outback Bowie is crafted from a mix of Ebony, Leather and Bass surrounding strong full tang construction. Complete with sturdy, polished, bead blasted Brass pommel and hand guard which not only look great, but also offers great protection and comfort for your hand.

In addition to the knife. The price also includes the new MK II leather sheath which has a number of improvements upon the previous version:

- Bigger, stronger, more rigid construction: up to 50% heavier than early model
- Full hand braided leather edge
- New, more distinctive tooled crocodile skin pattern
- 2" longer, wider and heavier shank and belt loop allows the knife to sit lower on the hip
- Longer and heavier retention strap now goes clear across the knife, making the snap button much easier and faster to engage and disconnect
- Longer honing steel sits in a separate leather tube, braided into the sheath's construction rather than formed from the same leather piece
- Bigger, completely redesigned "Croc tooth" ornament pieces that actually resemble crocodile teeth


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Down Under
Blade Material: 440C Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 27.9
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.6
Overall Length (cm): 40.6
Handle Material: Leather
Blade Finish: Polished
Blade Hardness (HRC): 58-59 HRC
Blade Shape: Bowie
Blade Type: Plain
Sheath: Leather
Product Weight (g): 800


Excellent quality knifeReview by rjcalado
This is a beautiful, excellent quality knife and sheath, a must have for a knife collector.
I´m very happy with the purchase, and the premium service of Heinnie haynes.
All the best. (Posted on 01/02/2017)
Great looking knifeReview by Jez
I don't know how down under supply their knives at the price that they do. I watched a youtube video where an expert took a knife blade from dull to a mirror finish and just the last stage at the buffing wheel took a very long time, hours of work from start to the end product. The knives seem to be hand made as the brass work varies from one knife to another. No doubt they outsource, but if these knives were made in Europe they would cost a few thousand pounds each.
The build quality is very good, and the aesthetic appeal of the knife is excellent with the beautiful ebony and leather grip set against the well shaped brass work. The blade really is a good mirror finish. It feels great in one's hand with a very well shaped grip. The latest sheath is nice, using heavy duty leather that looks the part, I personally have disgarded the sharpener and fake teeth as I think that improves the look. This is no wall hanger it is a very capable powerful cutting tool, or a collector's item depending on what you want.
My only critisism is that the knife was not sharp out of the box, I have a tooth pick and that was paper sharp out of the box, but of course it is easily rectified with a bit of sharpening, either on a stone or with a sharpening system.
I am very pleased with my purchase.
Great service as usual from Hennies and Richard the manager who gave me some great tips for sharpening this knife and others that I have. Quality service is wort h returning to, so Hennies are my supplier now of knives and equipment I can thoroughly recommend their level of service, and speed of delivery is second to none that I have come across anywhere else. (Posted on 15/01/2017)
GoodReview by LOUBLUE
Happy with this product , you won't find a better Dundee knife like this at this price anywhere new sheath is so much better, recommend buying this bad boy. Especially form Heinnie Haynes . (Posted on 01/07/2016)
Pretty damn good but could be a little betterReview by dunk
I don't think this is sold as a copy or replica but I've always wanted a Mick Dundee knife and now I have one that's just as good, I think it is actually a little bigger than the one in the film (although I'd like it a little bigger again :D) It's pretty sharp out of the box but not razor sharp, the sheath is a bit poor quality but you soon forget about that when you draw out the knife. Be sure to oil it up if you store it for a while as it can tarnish easily. I bought mine for a bit of a novelty collectable and conversation point but there's plenty of reviews on youtube where they're being used as a bush/camping/survival knife. (Posted on 14/08/2014)
Could/should be alot betterReview by Sam
Great looking knife but let down in certain areas. Once opened I realised I could do more damage with a spoon, not the honed razor sharp edge as promised. Also, the quality of the sheath is poor, two different coloured leathers thrown together with a rusty chainsaw file, not a high quality sharpening spike in my eyes. Not all doom and gloom as the sheer size of it and beautiful handle make up for it. Can't justify the price and won't be buying from this manufacturer again. HH fulfill their great expectations though :) (Posted on 10/10/2013)
The OUTBACK BOWIE awesome KnifeReview by Thomas
The OUTBACK BOWIE is an awesome knife to say the least.. Well made and balanced. Very sharp knife even out of the box. Should serve as a work tool very well. The addition of a sharpening spike is well received so you can keep the cutting edge up together. The sheath seems to be strong and well made. All in all an excellent bit of kit. A Good Quality knife and value for money. Well done HH for an excellent service and product also a quick delivery service. Your staff are as usual very helpful. 10/10 (Posted on 16/08/2013)
perfectionReview by Tony Beresford
I have had mine about 3 months & I would like to say this knife is perfect as a large bushcraft companion to add to a regular Ray Mears type of knife due to it's ability to cut & chop much better than the traditional smaller bushcraft style knife. I have chopped wood & cleared paths through bush with ease. The balance in the hand & weight is perfect. I would say it is a bit too big for fine carving, but good for most jobs out in the woods & about the camp. In other reveiws I note the sheath gets low marks but mine is fine, the leather is thick & strong & double stiched. The sharpening spike works well. My knife needed a good sharpening though as it was not super sharp out the box. This took a good couple of hours to do on my set of good quality oilstones, the steel being very tough. It is now shaving sharp. To conclude a great knife that will last a lifetime. You will not regret buying one & in comparison to other large bowie knives is remarkable value for money. (Posted on 05/10/2012)
This is a brilliant knife!!!
Good thick tang not too heavy but heavy enough for most jobs. Just after a few minutes out of the box I took 5-10 minutes to really sharpen it, up cuts through most things with absolute ease!!! Awesome!!!!! 10/10 - WOULD BE GREAT FOR ZOMBIE KILLING TO-LOL (Posted on 29/05/2012)
great knifeReview by tommy fitzgerald
This Bowie is amazing. It is better than a Machete at cutting and chopping and as good as a skimming knife at skimming. This knife is really the Apollo of all knives. It is the perfect example of function and form brought together to create a knife capable of doing anything you want it to do. Just pick it up and it will do the rest this knife is worth every penny "that's a knife" (Posted on 30/03/2012)
Love it!Review by A Mercer
Awesome knife! The fit and finish was perfect from the get-go. The blade has a mirror polish which is very well done. The ricasso is concave on edge-side, so you're able to finger the guard and really choke up on the grip when doing any fine detail work. The false clip edge is sharpened, with a convex edge, and no secondary bevel. Fullers are symmetrical and even. The handle is great to hold: fits my hand perfectly in a number of grips, and the combination of materials results in a grip which doesn't 'hold' your hand like rubber would, but still gives enough purchase even when my hands are sweaty.
What is more, although they don't market it as such, Downunder have succeeded in creating the most movie-accurate reproduction of Crocodile Dundee's knife out there!
The scabbard is a joke. Totally serviceable, and the sharpening steel is a nice touch, but the croc skin decoration is naff. (Posted on 22/02/2012)
Outback BowieReview by John Kinman
Fast service arrived next day....Worth paying extra for peace of mind from a reputable dealer...Very nice people to talk to on the phone for advice. (Posted on 19/10/2011)
Great Bit Of kiTReview by Declin Lee Dreslin
My Brand New Down Under Red Rock Raptor Came Threw The Post On A Sign For First Class It Was In A Big Box With Lots Of Foam To Pad It Out,
Upon Opening I Was Amazed At The Shear Quality And Effort That Had Gone Into This Tool.
Its Finish Is Mirror And The Edge Of The Blade Is A Good Angle And Sharp, But Not As Sharp As I'd Like It Too Have Been But Then Every Knife I've Ever Brought Has Been This Way. If You Are Thinking Of Purchasing This Blade I Can Honestly Say This Is Well Worth The Moneys I'm Even Comtemplating Selling All My Other Knifes As They Are Likely Too Become Obsolete Now I Have My Dream Raptor. Anyways Upon Chopping It Cleanly Cuts Deep Into All Woods And Still Not A Scratch On It. I Have Yet Too Sit Down And Put A Real Paper Cutting Edge On This Blade But I'll Be Posting A You Tube Video On My Thoughts. Cheers Hennie
(Posted on 16/08/2011)
shelf queenReview by matt
i spend my hard earned dollars on this knife and was expecting TOP quality and TOP performance. it arrived DULL very dull. after some chopping int developed a rimg or vibration. I soaked the handle in vegteble oil as reccomended and 2 days after the wood in the handle started craciking. the cracks arent huge but still....crack quickly hand sharpened it to shave my arm but still the edge is too steep for chopping duties. Ill stick w/ my BK9 and my Ontario machete for chopping duties (Posted on 18/07/2011)
Beast of the outbackReview by Dean gabriel
Superb Bowie,it's basically a very fancy meat clever,10/10 (Posted on 12/06/2011)
thats a knife!Review by mark
Solid, dependable, had to sharpen from the box though, agree with all of you on the sheath though, have any of you had a custom one made yet? (Posted on 14/05/2011)
As Good As It GetsReview by Brynolf
First of all, I was surprised the general quality of the knife. The balance is something else than the other similar heavy weight bowies, you can actually use it, and I?ve been using it. The sheath is made of thick leather that can bear heftiness without problem. Only thing that I had to was to resharpen it, it wasn?t dull but not too sharp either from the box. Best buy for the money for a long time. (Posted on 22/02/2011)
Any good?Review by Chris Dupont
This is not a good knife! The grind was bad upon arrival, the blood grooves were out, the back grind was off and the handle so poor it broke after 40 minutes use! The sheath is an absolute joke. I am a tree surgeon and rely on my equipment, I would not rely on this knife. And there is some question as to where this knife is made as their own website admits it is made in Asia yet it is allegedly made in Finalnd!! Steer clear and spend real money for such a knife!

(Posted on 21/02/2011)
AWESOMEReview by phil hilton
Awesome knife, Awesome service. (Posted on 06/02/2011)
Good as an axeReview by Markus
The craftmanship isn?t great, the handle isn?t perfect, you can feel edges between the brass spacer and wood, no big deal but should be perfect for that price.
I don?t like the angle of the edge of the blade, to wide for my taste and it?s hard to do cutting. Very hard. I doubt those who say they have skinned animals with it. And it?s not razor sharp. But if you change the edge it will probably serve you well for many years, hopefully a lifetime. The sharpener thats follows is very good. (Posted on 01/02/2011)
Knife = beast .. Sheath = An After thought!Review by cobblersthumb
Had this for 9 to agree with the others, the knife is a beast, great chopper.. the sheath and dodgy belt loop however are bobbins.. im just in the process of doin some cutting, chopping test with it.. (Posted on 28/01/2011)
Review by
The knife is amazing but the sheath is not worth anything. If you get this knife be sure to know that you will have to get a custom made sheath. (Posted on 18/01/2011)
Shame on for that sheath.Review by Africa24
Hi there
tested the Outback for 3 months while beeing hunting in Namibia. I did everything u can imagine with that knive. Chopping, cuting, finishing. The Knive itself is over the top. Even the handle didnt move in dry conditions. But the sheath is totaly crap in every aspect. It was destroyed after some weeks of working and wearing it. When someone knows where to get a rly nice sheathfor it plz dont hasityte to contact me cause this knive deserves a thick and well made sheath.

(Posted on 19/09/2010)
YOUR ONLY AS SHARP AS YOUR KNIFE!!Review by gary "outlander" doyle
Truly excellent knife,razor sharp out of the box,maintained edge and only needed sharpening after 4 days of hard chopping.Very disappointed in the sheath and doubt it will last a year,perhaps overkill on the glue to make up for poor stitching,the brass pommel has started to loosen too,the back of the blade is not use able to throw sparks of your ferro rod,but overall as my wife says there's nothing better than a BIG chopper!! thanks heinnie for a great website and delivery service. (Posted on 08/09/2010)
Holy fkucing Shti What a knifeReview by John
First off, incredible service and delivery from Heinnie Haynes, super packing and fast and furious delivery. Awesome.

Now for the knife,,,they were inspired when they made the knife, incredible unit,,,HOWEVER,,they must have been on crack or sniffing glue when they made the sheath. They should have made a far better quality sheath and charged more for the entire setup. Again,,the knife is sweet. Great overall buying experience with Haynes,,I will be back.

best wishes from Sweden (Posted on 30/08/2010)
Awesome knife !!Review by Paul White
This knife is awesome !! I have looked at knives much more expensive than this one, but they are no where near as good !! If your thinking about buying one, dont hesitate, just do it !!! Usuall first class service from HH, lightening fast delivery, very nice people to do business with !! (Posted on 28/08/2010)
Big knifeReview by Chris
Oh yeah, big, powerful, incredibly sharp for its size, this is the Bowie I've always wanted.
Sheath is adequate but I'll be getting a custom to fully complement. Now, that's a knife!
Usual HH service which is second to none. (Posted on 20/08/2010)
Review by Peter T
There are some issues with the marketing claims, as differential tempering is impossible on an air hardening steel like 440C.And the "tests" don't actually test anything, but apart from that it's still a huge hunk of steel for the money, and let's be honest, we'd all only buy the knife to fondle and say "That's not a knife......." (Posted on 17/08/2010)
Fast deliveryReview by philip
The last two deliveries from Heinnie have been 30 hours for each Item, It seems as though Its been despached before you order it.
And the knife is OK too. (Posted on 13/08/2010)
Big Jobs??? No problemReview by Richard
Just spent a couple of days teaching camp building from shelter to stove to heat refecting walls all with this knife just to see if it was as good as they said, AND IT IS!!! I thank Heinnie for the recomendation and their usual top service.Its a BIG knife but a great all round tool. (Posted on 25/07/2010)
curtReview by curt
Really nice knife, well balanced, sharp..
but the sheath is not adequate to the knife. its not heavy, its swinging while walking and it doesn smell like leather, more like glue. i got two sheathes, one of puma, one of bîger, both made of heavy saddle leather, that would be good. but this one, no.
however, the knive is evil. (Posted on 14/06/2010)
ExcellentReview by darren williams
Express delivery in less than 17 hours.
Well balanced, exceptionally sharp (shaved my arm as good as a razor). Handled tree trimming a treat, up to 1.5 inch branches in 1 chop, 2 inch with 2 chops! Simple to clean, and still razor sharp after an hours chopping. Good to cut with, size not a hinderance. Comfortable grip, decent sheath. Overall first rate, gonna save for the KOOKABURRA next! (Posted on 04/06/2010)
A knife from a modest companyReview by Mr Harmit Gill
I state the term "modest" in the title, as the company who make this knife, have simply deffered from making any referment to this knife's association with any cinematographic promotion, primarily it's usage in the film "Crocodile Dundee". Close scrutiny will tell that this IS that knife, though many other companies lay a stake to this claim; Linder from Germany for instance, who's "Crocodile Hunter" is far from being the exquisite bowie that's sold here from Australia.
(Posted on 27/05/2010)
thats not a knife THATS A KNIFEReview by RicK
Always been a big bowie fan and this blade fits the bill, beautiful finish awewsome chopping power cracking blade, recommend for collector or user. (Posted on 05/03/2010)
Down Under "Outback"Review by Martin
Extremely impressive package. Large, heavy(840g)chopping knife with beautiful details and workmanship. Paper-cutting sharp from the box and ready for work combined with big "wow" factor. Unbeatable value for money, great service and prompt delivery. Thanks,guys. (Posted on 21/02/2010)

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I'm considering the Outback , what 's the sheath look like that you supply? I've seen different colours online and now a redesigned ones from DUK
Hi Graham...we have no stock at the moment so can't check colour but the basic shape and design is the same as our and Down Unders website
heinnie answered on 22 February 2016
seeing these knives at different outlets i thought they were all made at the same factory reading reviews it is not true i want the best where do i go
We source all our Down Under knives directly from Down Under themselves so are fairly confident that quality is spot on and consistent. If not any defects will be dealt with appropriately. Its difficult to comment on reviews you have read but please be sure that we only sell goods that we ourselves would be happy to receive.
heinnie answered on 12 October 2015
Hello, About the Down Under Outback bowie, is it's sheath the new MKII leather? Because in the picture it seems very light brown. Thanks
Hi Antonios....yes it comes with the new sheath, we need to update our image
heinnie answered on 18 November 2016
how can i get the new down under outback bowie mkll sheath
Hi is now supplied with the MKII sheath
heinnie answered on 16 August 2016
Hello, dear sir, i want to buy this knife, but i have a question, is this the full hand braided leather edge Mark ll new sheath? Cheers. Ricardo.
Hi not yet. We are waiting for stock to come in of the sheath which can be purchased separately
heinnie answered on 18 July 2016
Mark 2 sheath when in stock....... Customer Waiting. !
Hi Russell...apologies for the wait. It is on its way but difficult to say exactly when.
heinnie answered on 26 February 2016
Do you sell the sharpening steels separate?
Hi Eric.....sorry no. We have plenty of similar steels like it but not on its own
heinnie answered on 8 August 2016
will the knife have the mark 2 sheath ?
Hi Kevin, they landed yesterday with the NEW sheath and a new picture is to follow
richard answered on 30 March 2016

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