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ESEE Izula Gear Wallet

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ESEE Izula Gear Wallet

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ESEE Izula Gear Wallet

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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ESEE Izula Gear Wallet

ESEE Izula Gear Wallet



The ESEE Wallet E&E Kit features a tri-fold wallet style container, floss card with E&E tips printed on the card, non-magnetic razor blade, Kevlar cord, signal mirror, non-metallic handcuff key, ferrocerium fire starting rod, ESEE AH-1 Arrowhead, fish hooks, button compass, rare earth cylindrical magnets for gross direction compass, survival instruction cards, survival / nav card. 


  • Cordura Tri-Fold Wallet Style Container
  • Floss Card With E&E Tips Printed On The Card
  • Mini Ceramic Blade
  • Kevlar Cordage
  • Signal Mirror
  • Non-Metallic Handcuff Key
  • E&E Plastic Instruction Cards
  • Clear Plastic Survival Nav Card
  • Ferro / Magnesium Rod
  • ESEE AH-1 Arrowhead
  • Fish Hooks (various sizes)
  • Button Compass
  • Rare Earth Cylindrical Magnets
  • Kit Size: 4 1/4" x 2 3/4"
  • Weight: Approximately 4 Ounces



Limited Edition: No
Brand: ESEE
Dimensions (cm): 11 x 7
Product Weight (g): 150g


  1. It is what it isReview by
    I'm not sure why people are complaining about the items and how they are to be used. The items are clearly on display in the image, it is an urban/hostile environment survival kit not a wilderness one . The tools themselves, other than the compass, seem good. have them all anyway, but they can be bought individually for cheaper so it certainly doesn't warrant the price tag. I would have liked to have seen some shims, quicksticks, toothpick, tripline, and mre fitted into the wallet at that price. (Posted on )
  2. esee survival walletReview by
    awesome quality,useful tools if you know what you have here. (Posted on )
  3. Contents reveal poor expertiseReview by
    Being from a family with a history in the armed forces, and having SERE training, I know that for almost every item in this kit there is a cheaper and better alternative, and a combination of items that would work together or individually and be much easier to conceal if that was necessary. (Posted on )
  4. just wrongReview by
    If you were likely to be in a situation where you think you might need stuff like this, you would not carry most of this particular stuff. You would have been trained and you would know better. It's the kind of stuff that wanna- be Jason Bournes buy. (Posted on )
  5. Not overpricedReview by
    Think about what you're getting. The arrow head, kevlar cord, a titanium blade(not like the crappy razor you get in most kits). This is very reasonably priced (Posted on )
  6. Knowledge is powerReview by
    You don't need to be a convict to risk being detained against your will, many users of this site work and operate in hostile places. Broken down and concealed correctly these items are invaluable to those with the desire and skills to utilise them.

    A small price to pay for your freedom

    (Posted on )
  7. MrReview by
    Not a review but an observation. Any personnel in need of kit such as this would have made one up to their own spec. Mine was always it a tobbaco tin sealed and tucked away hopefully never to be used, fortunately it was not. It is pointless having all the bits unless you have had the training in how to use them and of course what else to do to improve your situation. (Posted on )
  8. another opinionReview by
    No doubt about it this is over priced. Parts of this kit are made in America which means you pay more, and sometimes this means you get less. This item is listed incorrectly, it should be listed as:IZULA GEAR ? Wallet E&E / Mini Survival Kit, so as far as this being for little kids it probrably is. Simply how many civillians genuinely need this for its intended use, granted there is a niche in people who are in hostile places. However i would argue without training for capture by hostile forces you dont stand much chance, form just using a wallet with a few basics bits and bobs.(Anyways how do you conceal this item, they can take your wallet but training and the ability to improvise is somthing you cant take).
    (Posted on )
    YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT A 'TIGHT' SITUATION IS! Escape Survive Evade Extract, essentials to save men in deadly situations in hostile teritory, not for kids who watch tv programes and like buying equipment beyond there needs, buy a swiss army knife and go play in the garden (Posted on )
  10. Useless expenseReview by
    I'm a definite survival kit enthusiast, but the combination here and the price is beyond's more geared towards a convict on the run than someone looking to gain a few extra hours of life in difficult circumstances waiting for emergency services. (Posted on )

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