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Explorer Survival Whistle

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Explorer Survival Whistle

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Explorer Survival Whistle

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Explorer Survival Whistle

Explorer Survival Whistle



Don`t under estimate the value of this tool. It features a number of tools which could prove vital in an emergency situation. It features an O ring sealed storage compartment, whistle, fire starting flint, luminous compass and signalling mirror.


Code EXP28
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Explorer
Body Material: Polymer
Dimensions (cm): L: 11.5 x 2.5


  1. Used one before, just about to buy a couple more.Review by
    The waterproof compartment is ideal for matches, heat-sealed drinking straws containing fishing kit, vaseline/cotton, Meds, small sewing kit and either a small SAK or derma safe razor (you can buy 5 Marbles onesfor a tenner from HH!!) & a small keyring torch.

    The small ferro rod works, but could easily be replaced with a bigger one held on by Gorrila glue if you fancy upgrading (I'm always upgrading/modifying my kit!) & the admittedly poor lanyard loop could be replaced with a jubilee clip/hose clamp or piece of tight fitting inner tube (Ranger Band! Hoo-ah!!)

    The very loud Whistle does have an annoyingly rattly pea in it so I stuff a piece of vaseline/cotton in a tiny Ziplock baggie inside the Whistle to stop it. (You DO have to fish it out with a needle or paperclip or something to use the Whistle, but trust me, it does come out!)

    Right, I'm off to pull the trigger on a couple of these, along with another pack of Marbles razor knives and maybe some paracord.
    (Posted on )
  2. Don’t dismiss this product Review by
    When we first look at an item like this, it can be all too easy to brush it aside and move to something else, perhaps looking for something more expensive… as we feel more money means better – right??? . Well stop for a second and rethink that thought!

    I bought two of these for my two young sons, (and yes, I did kinda think of them as toys, - but also wanted to use them as teaching tools as well). On reflection, when I appraise this product, it has so much going for it, compass, whistle, mirror & flint, and not forgetting the waterproof capsule within. They are strong, useful and very compact, and light-weight. Now when you factor in the price, it make them unbelievable value for money. So what have you got to loose, - so just buy it!!!
    (Posted on )
  3. EDC EssentialReview by
    Loud whistle, good backup compass, same goes for signaling mirror and striker. Also the capsule part handy for things like waterproof matches, fishhooks and line or snare wire. Delivery super fast. I think I've worked out how Heinnie Haynes do it. They use Santa on his time off. (Posted on )
  4. Very usefulReview by
    Handy just to keep in your kit. Great value, buy one for all the family. Again great service from HH. (Posted on )
  5. Value for Money!Review by
    Was going to buy a few small compasses to fit to some homemade hiking sticks for my grandkids but saw these with whistles, watertight compartments etc. and got a few of them instead. Ideal for taking on holidays as the whistles are megga loud and will certainly draw attention if needed. Dropping a point as the plastic loop for the lanyard (included) doesn't look very strong? Time will tell. (Posted on )
  6. Wow!Review by
    This is ace! I had completely missed the fact that this also has a fire sparkle on the side, so it's even better. The whistle is loud; the compass works; the sparkle gives sparks; the compartment is waterproof and very useful. What more could you want at this price? (Posted on )
  7. fantasticReview by
    Great little item, value for money, i have removed the wistle from the end carfully with a stanley knife to create a nice flat bottom. you then have a great little case you can pimp up/add to for many diff uses in the ruck sack. (Posted on )
  8. BrilliantReview by
    Can't believe how cheap this is considering what it does. I have to agree with the other reviews. Just buy one I can promise you you'll love it. (Posted on )
  9. THIS IS NOT A TOY !!!Review by
    Disregard this at your peril. You could pay 3 quid for any of the functions. The whistle is loud, compass accurate, flint is handy, mirror signaling device, A lanyard(bootlace,guy rope etc). But it's the waterproof cylinder that really impressed me - I fit a Opinel No2 in there, 2trusted fly lures, split shot, hooks, line, needle and cotton, half a dozen matches(can be used as a float), a to stop it shaking a piece of cotton wool. Now if only I could stop the bl**dy pea from rattlening. (Posted on )
  10. this is a good thing!Review by
    Well worth the money! Makes a loud whistle and can store things. Compass is accurate, easily good enough for an emergency if not more, and is surprisingly very well-damped. the whistle is about 4 inches long and the storage space would hold matches, spyderco Bug, fishing line/hooks, wire etc etc - enough stuff to make a difference in an emergency.
    top piece of kit.
    (Posted on )

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