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Fallkniven A1 Survival

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Fallkniven A1 Survival

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test 1Fallkniven A1 Survival Thumbnail Imagetest 2Fallkniven A1 Survival test 3test 4
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Fallkniven A1 Survival

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

From: £204.95
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  • Leather
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Fallkniven A1 Survival

Fallkniven A1 Survival

From: £204.95


With this knife a new world standard is being set! Technical design, ergonomics, and economy are brought together within the model A1, representing the leading concept available today. The knife meets and exceeds established international standards for strength, personal security and value.

Model A1 is a large all-purpose Fallkniven knife for highly demanding work. The powerful blade is manufactured from hard, resilient special steel that can withstand heavy usage. The knife is excellent for chopping with, but also works well for everyday chores, thanks to the ergonomically well designed handle. Since the blade continues through the handle at almost full width, it is possible, in an emergency, to hammer on the end of the knife without damaging the handle. Together with the Zytel sheath, Model A1 is a completely water- resistant and extremely powerful solution.

The Fallkniven A1 survival knife is available in an all-black design, with the blade coated in Teflon. In addition to reducing the risk of unwanted reflections, the Teflon coating gives further protection against corrosion. If the knife is to be used in salt water environments, we recommend the A1 Black.


Code FAKA1-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Fallkniven
Blade Material: VG10 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 16.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.6
Overall Length (cm): 28.0
Handle Colour: Black
Handle Material: Polymer
Handle Detail: Kraton
Blade Hardness (HRC): 59 HRC
Sheath: Leather or Zytel™
Product Weight (g): 305


  1. Great knife / terrible zytel sheathReview by
    This knife really is a great knife. I have used it for a while to date, though I had a index sheath made for it by Red Rhino Customs in the USA. I really couldn't handle the Zytel sheath that comes with it. The blade though is fantastic. (Posted on )
  2. Legendary bladeReview by
    If you like long walks on the beach, sherry wine, and crying during rom-com movies this knife is NOT for you.

    However if your the kind of dude who pulls his own nose hairs, may practice self dentistry and can start a fire with two sticks and some dry weeds this is your blade.

    This knife is a legend in its own right, and really not something you can a appreciate, until you get it on your hand.....once you do, you are hooked
    (Posted on )
  3. Typical Fallkniven Review by
    I bought the black Zytel version from HH over 2 years ago and it does everything faultlessly. The black coating isn’t very durable and the rattling sheath has been replaced by leather and then a custom thermal job.
    I purchased an F1 pro but I cannot see a reason to “Pro” my A1.
    Strong, razor sharp, a beast of a chopper for the size. It might seem too “military” for Bushcraft but it is a true utility blade. I own two CS SRK carbon V which I love and the A1 is just as loved. Awesome tool, service from HH awesome as ever!
    (Posted on )
  4. Simply outstandingReview by
    This is my second Fallkniven (I also have the F1) and I have been using this knife for about a year now. I therefore felt it about time that I wrote a quick review on it, based on how it performed on my last trip.


    - Great blade shape that is razor sharp out of the box and holds that edge surprisingly well, even with hard use
    - Stainless steel blade - a major bonus versus 1095 if you use it in wet environments as the laminated steel is far more rust-resistant than high carbon steel
    - Nice weight that allows you to chop and baton branches but is still light enough in hand for more fiddly activities such as making feather sticks, trap triggers, tent pegs and so on
    - Comfortable handle that doesn't chew your hand up
    - Good quality leather sheath that is solid and very well made. The plastic one is perfectly functional though, even if it does rattle a bit when the knife is in it. I have both sheaths and actually prefer the slim lines of the plastic one, it tends to be less cumbersome when you are out and about in the bush.


    - VG10 will chip out on you if you are careless when cutting or batonning wood and hit something hard such as a rock.
    - Sharpening the convex grind can take some getting used to but it is pretty easy when you are used to it (a strop touches it up nicely though)

    If I had to choose between the A1 and F1, the A1 would win hands down, given what I need from any knife that I use in the bush. This is largely due to the A1's stouter, longer blade and the extra length on the A1's handle.

    All in all, I reckon that this is one of the best (if not the best) all round survival knives available.
    (Posted on )
  5. PerfectionReview by
    This is my third fallkniven , weight, size, design, everything about it is spot on.
    Really, I'm more of an axe man, but I could quite happily use this and nothing else.
    (Posted on )
  6. Superb knife and excellent serviceReview by
    Now I finally see what the fuss is about. This is a superb piece of manufacturing: excellent grind, extremely sharp, well balanced and with a no nonsense sheath. Some may dismiss the Zytel version as inadequate, but compared with a BK2 sheath, for example, this is a clear winner.

    Excellent service from HH, as usual.
    (Posted on )
  7. Do knives get any better than this?!Review by
    In a word - no. My knowledge of knives is limited, but I can assure you, you don't need to be an expert to realise that Fallkniven knives have got to be among the best knives on the planet. I'm not gonna get into too much detail here (there's more than enough of that on t'internet), but suffice it to say, if you're looking for a no-nonsense, no frills, top-notch quality, reliable and beautifully made outdoor/ survival knife, look no further. Seriously.

    I bought the A1 and the F1, both with leather sheaths (I had considered the plastic sheaths, but upon unpacking I was immediately glad I went for the leather option). They compliment each other absolutely perfectly. Expensive but worth every penny, and a satisfying, and reassuring investment.
    (Posted on )
  8. perfect knifeReview by
    The perfect knife. Yes it's expensive but.... You get what you pay for. (Posted on )
  9. Impeccable Blade From Fallkniven & Service From The HH TeamReview by
    The Blade

    This is my first Fallkniven and subsequently will certainly not be my last. I had the requirement to source a well made/robust survival knife which is razor sharp right our of the box but, had some reservations as i did not want a jack of all trades and master of none. I spent the best part of a year ensuring i was well informed regarding survival blades, the market and what is on offer out there. I chose well, the A1 is spot on; well made, balanced, versatile, perfect for its intended purpose and with the bonus of being a thing of beauty. Whatever your requirement from bushcraft - survival to tactical you will not be disappointed. I opted for the leather sheath rather than Zytel as i intend to source a Kydex shealth with additions at some point to ensure optimum functionality. I had to wait some time before i could justify the cost of this blade and guess many of you out there are in a similar position, i am really chuffed knowing the initial cost is justified with a blade that will last a lifetime. Fallkniven - my respect goes out to them and their craft.

    The HH Service

    Again, i just do not know how the Hennie Haynes Team achieve such a great job by ensuring impeccable delivery without fail to date from my perspective. I have worked within the courier, supply chain, freight & general logistics business for decades and the team at HH really know how to ensure they get the very best possible service out of their service providers of course this is how it should be with all retailers but we all know the HH level of service is a rare achievement these days.
    (Posted on )
  10. ToughReview by
    I bought this knife a while back because I was told by military personnel Fallkniven was the best knife maker out.
    This has proven to be true for me . Their blades are mostly triple laminate exotic steels that are very time consuming and expensive to manufacture making them far superior to most knifes on the market.
    I would recommend any Fallkniven fixed blade . They ( A1 ) stay sharp and have a bending moment of 556 lb. This is not a toy. They are exquisitely over engineered industrial grade tools that would save your life in any situation.
    They can cut a large hole in the sheet metal of an aircraft fuselage and then it's business as usual.
    I believe you can buy the sheath you want if you look around and ask Fallkniven themselves.
    Buy once . 5/5
    (Posted on )
  11. A1 Army Survival KnifeReview by
    The Fallkniven A1 just oozes Swedish quality. The convex edge is just perfect. The handle is a nice shape and very grippy. I just love the minimized extended tang. Mine came with the zytel scabbard, which I think is beyond criticism. Balance point at the hilt. (Posted on )
  12. A1 piece of kitReview by
    I have loved my F1 for five years and finally decided I would like a bigger backup blade

    Thanks HH you guys did not let me down, fast service and reviews helped me to make my decision, to anyone who uses blades properly and needs a heavier knife I urge you to look no further

    Regards Arran
    (Posted on )
  13. One great knifeReview by
    I've wanted a Fallkniven A1 for a while now but initially was put off by it's size (I didn't want to scare anyone) so bought an F1. My main area of use is coastal and although the F1 is a very impressive tool, whilst trying to split some driftwood it became obvious that it was just too short and I ended up battoning the handle to finish the job. I then bought an S1 and then fairly soon after an A1.

    I should have gone with my original instinct and just bought the A1. In the Fallkniven range the handle is sizes increase with the blade length and I find the A1 handle fits my hand perfectly. The handle is wider and thicker which enables me greater control and the kraton handle material also feels softer and more tactile than on the F & S1. The blade itself has a heft and feel to it that just screams reliablity, I can't imagine this thing ever letting me down.

    The convex edge combined with the sabre grind gives the edge cutting characteristics that would be considered unlikely in a blade this thick but it just works and it works really well. It's not going to slice a tomato as good as the F1 but it will slice it and it will do everything else as well including felling a small tree. All knives of this type are considered to be jack of all trades and master of none but I really think that with the A1 Fallkniven have produced a knife that is maybe not master of all but closer to that than any other knife out there.

    The zytel sheath seems to get mixed reviews but for my civilian use it works. The slim design alows me to stash it in my pack quickly not worrying about it snagging on anything and it's comfortable in my hand and I have no worries about it getting dunked in the sea which it inevitably does.

    I didn't want to sound like some crazed fanboy going on about how great this knife is but in all honesty, for me this is my perfect fixed blade knife.

    Heinnie Haynes were superb and buying from them is always a pleasure. I always feel they are as excited to get my latest purchase to me as I am to receive it so thank you guys.
    (Posted on )
  14. If I could only have one knife ever..Review by
    If I could only have one knife ever it would be the A1 !! Collected and used many knives over the years and sold on a few that weren't 'right' and am currently left with what I consider are some of the best knives out there..namely Esee, Fallkniven et al. After having the F1 and S1 I finally got around to getting the A1 and it is probably imho the finest production knife and 'all-rounder' ever made!! The larger, thicker handle is a joy with the just over 6" blade and feels 'perfect'!! Great steel, balance, heft and size and as I mentioned..if I could only have one knife...the Fallkniven A1 would be it!! Worth EVERY penny! Just wish I'd bought this wonderful knife years would have ended a very expensive 'search' for what I now consider the 'ultimate' survival or wilderness knife. (Posted on )
  15. Life dependable steelReview by
    I got this knife at Christmas 2013 from Heinnie of course. its now may 2014 and I have given this knife prolonged use to give you a true evaluation. firstly I have a lot of knives Esee, Tops, Bark River and other Fallknivens and I have used them all for hunting and bushcraft and general outdoor activities. if I could only have one knife to take to an extreme situation this is it. The term, a knife you can entrust your life with is all too often used, not with this lady. Big enough for heavy work, but not so big that you cant perform tasks requiring dexterity.. worth every penny (Posted on )
  16. 10/10Review by
    It is what it is. . .

    The best survival knife you can buy!

    24hr service from HH.

    (Posted on )
  17. In a mine…Review by
    In a mine strike in Afghan, I went in the vehicle to extract sensitive equipment. Used this knife to cut through sheathed armoured cable to assit. Apart from this this action I've only played around with recreationally. When it actually mattered this knife didn't let me down. (Posted on )
  18. Just arrived and…Review by
    Just arrived and wow is all I can say! This is a fine blade, good strong sheath (a bit of a beast really). Yet to use it, but it looks like the business! If you like knives, you've got to have one - you won't be disappointed. As usual the boys and girls at big H were brilliant. This is without doubt the best company for service I gave ever dealt with. (Posted on )
  19. Wear gloves! lolReview by
    This thing is amazing. I went out and chopped up some firewood and despite it being only 6 and a bit inches it chopped really well. The wood was no more than wrist thick and I was letting the knife's weight do the work and it was pretty effortless.

    The Kraton rubber handle is aggressive though if you use a loose grip for the chopping (obviously lanyard essential) and it created a blister on my 1st finger quite quickly. Gripping hard cured it and so you'll need to wear gloves for chopping.

    Brilliant knife.
    (Posted on )
  20. beauty and the beastReview by
    First thing: order/delivery process was perfect. Ordered sun. late night, received tue. pm.
    Knife itself: perfect. Sharp for precise cutting, heavy for batoning an chopping.
    Simple construction, but maximum efficiency. Thanks
    (Posted on )
  21. reviewA1Review by
    Bought the A1 with the "left-hand" Zytel sheath. After use I wondered: why didn't I bought it earlier. Tried other brands before like Coldsteel and Buck but those aren't that suited for the job survival in my case as the A1. (Posted on )
  22. Paul schroederReview by
    Outstanding knife, also bought leather sheaf . If you have any outdoor experience you won't be disappointed with this knife . Superb balance and cutting edge. Also superb service from Heinnie, only my second visit but never been so happy to be skint. I will return on payday. (Posted on )
  23. such a beautyReview by
    Great service from Heinnie. Awesome knife. Managed to cut myself seconds after taking it out of the box. Too bad there is no left hand sheath for it. For that reason 4 stars. (Posted on )
  24. The Knife!Review by
    They say it's one of the best knives in the world.
    I got it and tried it, and I'm enchanted.
    A1 seems to be the knife you can really trust.
    (Posted on )
  25. A1.Review by
    The A1 makes a reasonable utility knife.
    Was given a fair bit of use for a few days.
    However a bit too light for chopping work.
    Handled everything from fine nylon, Paracord, and zip ties with ease.
    And the tip was fine enough to ream out some badly made nylon rope tensioners.
    Though attempting a bit of shrub clearance was not successful.
    Excellent weather proof blade and sheath combination.
    A fair way short of a ??One does all??.
    (Posted on )
  26. wowReview by
    Perfect. Big but small. Light but weighty. Sharp as you like! Subtle and effective. Perfect.... (Posted on )
  27. different sheath pleaseReview by
    The knife is excellent: great balance, quality as we know from Fallkniven. Probably the best production blades in Europe. The only issue with A1 is the cheap(ish) sheath. I wish it came with a decent kydex of leather sheath. Otherwise a must have knife. (Posted on )
  28. Mr WatsonReview by
    Outstanding knife. The balance is perfect. I can not begin to describe just how good this knife is. (Posted on )
  29. This is the…Review by
    This is the best Knife I have ever used, pretty well impervious to salt water.It will cut anything almost like it has a mind of it's own, the balance is perfect in the hand, whether cutting, chopping, whittling or anything else one needs to do.
    Never mind fancy shapes and styles, this is 'the business,' it one piece of dependable survival equipment I would never be without.
    (Posted on )
  30. A1 Survival,Review by
    The term 'Survival' is apt., it is the very best knife I have ever used. Perfect balance, almost like it has a mind of it's own, will cut, chop and whittle most comfortably. The Edge retention is excellent, pretty well impervious to salt water, though a little heavier than standard survival knives, well worth the carry. No fancy shapes or styles, this is 'the business.'I reccomend the Fallkniven Diamond sharpener for it. (Posted on )
  31. Awesome WorkhorseReview by
    Big knife that is easy to use and does not feel huge an unweildy. I have been able to do some pretty fine work with this blade and I know it will give me years of good solid use. Easy to clean and maintain. If you are after a good strong survival/bushcraft knife this is a good candidate. (Posted on )

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