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Fallkniven A2

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Fallkniven A2

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Fallkniven A2

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

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Fallkniven A2

Fallkniven A2



When you are really far from inhabited areas, you need to be able to rely on your equipment. Some things just have to work, despite everything.

The Fallkniven A2 is an example of a knife of extreme durability that will never let you down, a knife that can stand up under incredible strain. The reason for its remarkable performance is that Fallkniven use a laminated stainless steel, with an edge consisting of the now-famous VG10 steel and with sides consisting of resilient 420J2 steel. The combination of these different kinds of steel gives a blade which keeps its edge well and which is extremely strong. Since this knife is supplied with a convex edge, it is suitable both for cutting and chopping. A well-sewn leather sheath is included as standard. For expeditions and tough outdoor life, the Fallkniven A2 is the obvious choice of travelling companion.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Fallkniven
Blade Material: VG10/420J2 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 20.2
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.6
Overall Length (cm): 32.5
Handle Material: Polymer
Blade Hardness (HRC): 59 HRC
Sheath: Leather
Product Weight (g): 370


  1. Great Camp KnifeReview by
    This is a great camp knife with a high quality sheath that stands up to a lot of abuse, (Posted on )
  2. the best of the best!Review by
    Just a note to the doubters ,

    Fallkniven make some of the finest working knives in the world and anyone that describes them as rubbish has obviously never seen one let alone used one!

    Believe me, the A2 is one of the best survival knives in the world and though expensive is worth every penny!
    (Posted on )
  3. Visit to H/H show roomReview by
    Big thanx to Nick who showed me a lot of great knives. In the end I took the A2, Wow what a beauty it is, it's just a great all round knife. Brilliant service from Heinnie Haynes, I will definitely be back for more soon. (Posted on )
  4. A2Review by
    First class. Had this for two years great front heavy chopping action batoning's a dream. Stable up close for basic carving. Points notches feather sticks etc. Relatively easy to sharpen, nice warm rubbery gripped handle, if a little narrow ok with gloves though. No good for finer carving but as a forest knife it's top class. Has handled all I've asked of it with ease. It's not light but very capable. Fire steel on spine easy. Leather sheath nice. Pricey but classy, nice piece of kit. (Posted on )
  5. falkniven a2Review by
    message to p lawton.. Cold Steel do not source from the cheapest places in the far east, they have their own factory in taiwan with their own quality control. Please get the facts right as Cold Steel make knives every bit as good as Fallkniven, I have both, thank you. (Posted on )
  6. No nonsenseReview by
    I am putting together a small collection of high quality knives and I had to add at least one Fallkniven, of course. It was a discovery. This is a completely no frills, no hype, no gadgets tool with certainly the most purposeful and elegant blade I have seen so far. It's like a Buck 120 General except that it's much too aristocratic to ever figure in a Scream movie. It is also several times the quality. Now I'm making a checklist of all the other Fallkniven I want in the collection. (Posted on )
  7. My favourite user.Review by
    I have quite a few knives of all types, I also have Fallkniven F1, NL1, NL4, and of course the A2. If I had to choose one knife out of my whole collection to use it would be the A2. I've had it for 18 months too so it's not just new knife love!
    Don't forget it's a convex grind though and requires a different sharpening method.
    (Posted on )
  8. I didn't need one, but I just had to...Review by
    The 4 rivets in the leather sheath that you can see are hollow and so with a bit of patience you can rig up a paracord set up so that you can fasten securely a Maxpedition sheath to the front as I have done.

    You might think this knife is just a longer A1 but the width is actually more on the A2 not by much but it is enough to give a bigger belly which will improve the chopping ability.

    I have the F1, A1 and the A2 (I know, I know) and also a shed load of other knives, but I do field test them all and I have to say that the convex grinds of the Fallknivens are SO much easier to work with in the woods than conventional "v" grinds.
    (Posted on )
  9. Duuh..ha, ha! i get it. It's a joke....Review by
    ...aint it? Ali, nice one, your a top class jester. those of us that were offended by this jape are just fools. back to business though, 4 years and some use made of an A2 and still 100% happy, but in all honesty my F1 does most of my work. yet just knowing i have an A2 waiting in my kit wrack gives me the kind of secure feeling a top class pension plan wouldn't. And finally, hats off to Heinnie Haynes, professionals in this game without compare (there are clowns out there that would expect them to carry the cold steel product line, film buffs and such) (Posted on )
  10. To Ali from LondonReview by
    Ali, for info, Cold Steel do not make ANY of the knives that they give their name to, they are just sourced from the cheapest possible places, usually the Far East and South America and then rebadged. Some Cold Steel knives are excellent value for money but as a complete range there is no comparison to the in-house design and quality of components and manufacture that Fallkniven knives give. (Posted on )
  11. Fallkniven the real dealReview by
    Dont know how anyone can say that these knives are rubish - obviously they have never worked with a Fallkniven.

    I own many brands of knife and the one brand I would genuinely rely on is Fallkniven.

    Why? They let the knives do the talking not hyped up marketing campaigns!
    (Posted on )
  12. rubbishReview by
    Any cold steel knife is alot better. i could argue all day. FÑllkniven Knives are 21st centuary versions of older swedish rubbish covered in plastic. (Posted on )
  13. Robbie the CeltReview by
    Best multipurpose knife Ive ever used!Way better than a Woodlore knife. Very easy to keep sharp,ideal for splitting kindling,but small enough for more delicate tasks.Built to last a lifetime,this is a superb peioe of kit. (Posted on )
  14. Fantastic bit of kitReview by
    Will last a life time and stand up to just about anything you can throw at it.

    Ordered and delivered all within 24hrs from Heinne, great customer service.
    (Posted on )
  15. MOD A2Review by
    Very impressive knife. This beauty will not fail. It has everything you need, weight for chopping, dexterity for finer work, razor sharp and very robust. Love it. Delivered next day, great protective packaging, excellent service from Heinnie. 100% recommended to anyone! (Posted on )
  16. Your most trustworthiest friendReview by
    A no-nonsense knife, made to resist ware and tear like no other yet keeping the razor sharp edge, this is the companion that you don't want to leave back home if you are heading towards serious wilderness. A dream to work with, it will never fail. (Posted on )
  17. it's a bloody sword!Review by
    A couple of years ago I began looking at tools for an adventure. A somewhat daft notion of a nomadic/subsistance lifestyle (homeless elite). I looked at everyones wares, deliberated long. All but one of the 4 knives I choose, to spend the rest of my life depending on came from the fallkniven stable. The A2 was one of them. No one else builds knives like this anymore, it's unreal, nothing could go wrong with it even if I wanted it to! I'm sure it will be with me until the end of days. (Posted on )
  18. fallkniven a2Review by
    Had this knife for almost 2 years its a cracker! performs well at all tasks, chopping, splitting and limbing is a breese, feathers wood for fire lighting like a knife half the size! Use a strop to keep it sharp, no need for a stone for ages. Only down side kydex sheath was a bit tight and marked the blade. (Posted on )

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