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Fallkniven Pro Series S1

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Fallkniven Pro Series S1

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Fallkniven Pro Series S1

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Fallkniven Pro Series S1

Fallkniven Pro Series S1



There are survival knives, and there are survival knives for professional survival. Fällkniven models F1, S1 and A1 have provided exceptional service for more than twenty years and due to their outstanding quality and durability will continue to do so for many years to come. Nevertheless Fällkniven' desire to strive for continual improvement has led to the development of the new Fällkniven Pro Series which takes the concept of the survival knife to unimaginable heights of quality.

At first glance a knife is a simple enough thing, a blade and a handle. Not so for the guys at Fällkniven. When re-visiting three of their best selling knives they broke down these seemingly simple products and analysed them with the intention of optimising their designs and highlighting their individual qualities. Whilst they were happy enough with the overall designs, there were reasons to scrutinise the dimensions of the knife handles to see if there were improvements that could be made.

The knife that had to undergo the biggest changes was the S1 which now has a beefier handle whilst the F1 is straighter after they took another look at the front part of the blade (the so called false edge). And in order to highlight the small finger grip the A1 has received a new handle design.

No one will miss that laminate cobalt special steel has been used for these three survival knives. This steel has for years proved to be a really good, problem-free steel that provides and maintains and extremely sharp edge. These Pro Series knives have a thicker blade, whilst this may only be another millimetre, the increase in percentage is substantial and stress tests by the Lulea Technical University have shown that these new blades are significantly stronger than the original F1, S1 and A1 knives.

If you claim to call a knife “professional” you take on a responsibility to the user to raise the bar above what is normal. So it is with the Pro series.

  • The laminated VG10 steel is replaced with laminate cobalt steel (lam. CoS) which, amongst other things, ensures a durable edge and improved edge retention.
  • The blades are consistently thicker causing an increased torsional rigidity - they will withstand even greater external forces than before.
  • The tapered tang is wider and thicker and thus significantly stronger.
  • The cross guard is made of stainless steel and permanently mounted to the tang.
  • The convex edge has been refined to improve the cutting properties.
  • The Zytel sheaths are redesigned meaning they are more durable and are better suited to the Molle attachment system.
  • The knives are supplied with our most valued combination whetstone, the DC4. It offers both a diamond whetstone and a ceramic stone for field sharpening.
  • The knives are packed in shock-resistant, waterproof boxes that can be used for storage of smart phones, GPS, documents, survival gear and much more.

Understandably these knives fall into a higher price category. However, considering the unparalleled quality they are by no means over priced. A professional survival knife should be able to be relied upon in the all-weather and we really mean all weather. It should also be pleasant, safe and comfortable to handle whether it’s fine or rough work, summer heat or winter cold. Fällkniven have considered everything in the design of this quite superb knife and, therefore, offer a 10-year warranty on materials and workmanship.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Fallkniven
Blade Material: Lam.CoS
Blade Length (cm): 13.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.6
Overall Length (cm): 24.7
Handle Colour: Black
Handle Material: Polymer
Handle Detail: Textured Thermorun
Blade Finish: Satin
Blade Hardness (HRC): 60
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Type: Plain
Grind: Convex
Sheath: Kydex
Product Weight (g): 250
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Amazing Review by
    Being a knife collector who also uses his collection out in the wild and puts it through lots of tests, I can say hand on heart, this knife is awesome, great retention of keeping the blade sharp, the design, the balance it’s so well thought out. Having big hands, I found it so very comfortable and then letting my son borrow it, who has smaller hands, was surprised to find that he indeed found it very comfortable. If your contemplating buying this as it’s a bit more pricey than the norm, take the plunge, it’s an investment for life, and if your life depended on it , trust me it willmeet all your needs. The only one set back is the sheath, I had a paul Dore sheath made as I’ve never found any of the kydex sheaths secure out of the eight different models I own, and if your paying for a knife like this, it’s worth the extra cost, and I can really recommend paul Dore, it’s a great piece of kit, which in my opinion is now PERFECT!!! (Posted on )
  2. The Best of the BestReview by
    I am fortunate to have a number of quality sharps which, I regularly use including several Fällkniven's. The S1Pro is made from Lam CoS steel and is certainly a great advancement compared to the already commendable VG10 steel used in the original Fälkniven S1. I have the F1Pro and an A1 VG10, it may be obvious but factually the S1 Pro sits perfectly between these two, being perfectly balanced, not overly heavy yet being able to cope with the toughest of demands due to the increased HRC rating of 60 to relatively intricate woodsman work.

    For me the S1 Pro is probably the finest sharp out there being, highly functional and made to last a life time and beyond with just standard care. OK the sheaths are not the best out there but, again functional and if you want a custom sheath to meet your particular requirements in the field its well worth approaching one of the numerous custom sheath makers. As with all of the Fällkniven Pro series they come complete with a robust well presented case plus a Fällkniven DC4 sharpening stone.

    There is nowhere finer on these shores and far beyond than the legendary Heinnie Haynes team and they are currently sell this fine example for a price lower than I have seen anywhere else so purchase one of these now from HH whilst you can as the price of these keeps on increasing globally year on year,
    (Posted on )
  3. Great knife, worst sheathReview by
    The knife is amazing and is my favourite woods carry. But the sheath is useless and I've nearly lost the thing 4 times now! (Posted on )
  4. 5 Stars once sharpened. Review by
    I really struggled to justify buying this knife ( I already own an F1 Pro which is awesome).
    So having discussed this with Richard at HH (big thank you) I finally bought the S1 Pro.
    The service from HH is phenomenal! and I opened my parcel the next day imagining the razor sharp super steel.
    It was blunt, in fact I was more likely to get a paper cut from the packaging than a nick from the S1 Pro.
    HH are faultless but the quality control and finish at Fallkniven leaves at lot to be desired. It didn't take long to sharpen the knife to a hair popping, paper slicing, wood processing beauty BUT at this price I'm disappointed that i had to.
    (Posted on )
  5. OutstandingReview by
    Pulled the trigger on this knife to replace my original F1 with a larger knife an all I can say if your considering buying one do it. It's a proper piece of kit jus be aware the sheath it comes with isn't worth a carrot but I'd pay the full price jus for the knife alone as it's next level stuff (Posted on )
  6. A great alternative to San Mai IIIReview by
    1) Rapid delivery to my local UPS Collection point, so top marks there.

    2) Quality packaging, from the outer sleeve to the near " Pelicase " box. I'm sure it is waterproof, but to be really picky, a purge valve would've been handy as with big changes in altitude it may be a little difficult to open without damaging the seal.

    3) DC4 sharpening stone; very nice indeed, but I probably won't be using it on this knife, at least until the diamond side has had a good bit of use; it's a little coarse for such a fine blade.

    4) The sheath. I'm a left hooker, so I was a little disappointed that I could't swap the belt loop to the other side to allow left sided wear; Cold Steel has definitely got the upper hand on this one, as their belt loops can be unscrewed and mounted in many ways, inverted too should you decide to go "combat stylee!"

    5) Points 1 to 4 are simply academic when it comes to the S1 Pro itself; I'm struggling to find fault here. I've got big hands, but it fits fine.
    The blade is as sharp as any Cold Steel San Mai III blade, straight out the box.
    The grind shouldn't be a problem when this blade eventually needs attention.
    This is my first Fallkniven and I'm deeply impressed by the overall quality and craftsmanship put in to this package. Ergonomic it most certainly is.

    My CS Tanto's I like looking at and appreciate the style, design and quality; but I rarely use them, as they hold more of an aesthetic quality to them. My S1 Pro, however, is already in my tool kit and will be the first thing I reach for whenever there's some serious cutting to do, wherever I am (apart from sainsbury's and my local shops of course...).

    Note: I would have given 4 stars for the overall review, but the quality of this knife outweighs my criticism about the sheath not being ambidextrous, so I'm keeping my 5 star rating. Pedantry aside, it's the knife that'll be doing the work, so that's what the score is for.

    Now then, about that F1 Pro; I wonder how I could justify getting that? Fruit knife for the kitchen perhaps?
    (Posted on )

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