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Fallkniven PXL Workhorse

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

Fallkniven PXL Workhorse

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test 1Fallkniven PXL Workhorse Thumbnail Imagetest 2Fallkniven PXL Workhorsetest 3test 4
test 1Fallkniven PXL Workhorse Thumbnail Imagetest 2Fallkniven PXL Workhorsetest 3test 4
test 1Fallkniven PXL Workhorse Thumbnail Imagetest 2Fallkniven PXL Workhorsetest 3test 4
test 1Fallkniven PXL Workhorse Thumbnail Imagetest 2Fallkniven PXL Workhorsetest 3test 4
test 1Fallkniven PXL Workhorse Thumbnail Imagetest 2Fallkniven PXL Workhorsetest 3test 4
test 1Fallkniven PXL Workhorse Thumbnail Imagetest 2Fallkniven PXL Workhorsetest 3test 4

Fallkniven PXL Workhorse

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days



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Fallkniven PXL Workhorse

Fallkniven PXL Workhorse



The PXL WH is the work horse in the PXL series. It is a robust, strong, lightweight, and extremely reliable folding knife in the larger size range. The blade is made using Fallkniven's brand new laminate cobalt special steel which has an unusual sharpness whose edge will pretty much out last anything else on the market. The blade locks in the open position with a proven liner-lock system and due to the small thumbstud on the blade, it opens and closes easily using only one hand. The handle is also made with a newly developed material called Grillon which is generally considered to be among the most reliable of all handle materials.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Fallkniven
Blade Material: Laminated Cobalt steel
Blade Length (cm): 8.4
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Overall Length (cm): 20.3
Handle Material: FRN
Lock Type: Liner Lock
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No


  1. Fallkniven PXL a few years on.Review by
    As a follow on to my first review a few years ago, my opinion still stands that this is a very good robust pocket knife.

    I do find after serious use and abuse the blade dulls as you expect from any knife, but it lasts well beyond other knifes I use, there are now signs of use to the blade as you would expect.

    The Laminated Cobalt Steel, Honesty i'm not really sure what this means or how it works but when the when the edge has dulled it does take a bit of work to get a razor hair popping edge back to the blade, this is no fault of the knife it's the steel, Its really hard and must score way up there on the rockwell scale.

    Once re-sharpened a quick polish and its good to go again. Using some autosol brings the blade back to a mirror like finish.

    I'll review back in a few years, as I'm sure it'll still be in good working order.
    (Posted on )
  2. SuperbReview by
    As usual, Heinnie’s service is top notch. I have many folding knives, some more pricy, but this is absolute gold. Recommended. (Posted on )
  3. Following on from my earlier 2013 reviewReview by
    After over three years of daily use and abuse I would like to report the following findings re the workhorse. It's been used in the most demanding of environments i.e. the construction industry and general outdoors. It has been used to cut rockwool, open cement bags, split one tonne bags of grit sand and sharpen the odd pencil. I have used it to prise and poke, scrape and gouge. I give it a quick wash and it cuts my sandwiches into neat little triangles, too. I used to feel guilty for abusing this knife and sometimes worried that I was going to shorten its useful life span. The only difference from my original review would be to tell you the blade looks like it's been used, a bit. The pivot is still smooth and tight. No gritty abrasion sound. no play in the blade at all. A doddle to sharpen and dependable as ever. This knife is next level s##t. I now realise that my life would be meaningless and empty without it. Just get one . (Posted on )
  4. PXL workhorseReview by
    My second Fallkniven, and first of their folders. 5 stars, shave sharp out of the box, feels great in the hand, and next day service from hennie as usual.
    As the other reviews state, this knife is all about the blade which is very very sharp, but the handle and the lock also impress. I think its the 3G steel next in my collection, but this PXL in the laminated cobalt steel has just replaced a cold steel hatamoto as my everyday general purpose knife.
    (Posted on )
  5. GOOD WORKHORSE..Review by
  6. DittoReview by
    to everything previously said, so I'm not going to bore you with anything further, except, its so sharp I cut myself, only slightly but not sure when or how because I never felt a thing! (Posted on )
  7. Fallkniven 'Probably the best knives in the world'Review by
    Why would you pay nearly a £120 for a pen knife ?

    Well you gets what you pay for, the knife is beautiful, robust and strong and will undoubtedly last for years if not a life time.

    The liner-lock locks the blade of with a strong audible click, no uncertainties there or false lock ups.

    There is absolutely no play between the blade and the handle, even through it's full 180 degree opening arc, the blade when closed sits perfectly central in the handle as well as clicking securely into the closed position with no play or free travel, when its closed its closed.

    The knurled thumb opener is small but cut sharply and grips your thumb nicely and rotates the blade through it's full opening arc easily, the liner -lock takes a good push to disengage it and breaks with a very sturdy click

    The 'Grillon' handle (my first) is ergonomic and very comfortable and offers a very secure grip, (I have very big hands) there is a hole at the rear that is exactly the perfect size for a 550 paracord lanyard. The Grillon scales / covers are wrapped over a full size stainless bolstering (quality).

    And then we come to the drop point blade, out of the box it was sharp, and with a little TLC on a diamond sharpener and a leather strop it is now razor, razor sharp, the Laminated Cobalt Steel is easy to sharpen and will now shave paper held one handed in to 1mm thick feathers.

    Heinnie's service is exceptional and they delivered via UPS in good time as well as providing excellent comms.

    And that my friends is why you'll pay nearly £120 for a pen knife :)
    (Posted on )
  8. This is a great knife!Review by
    So I got my first Fallkniven as a present from my gorgeous wife, it was the GP model and it was love at first sight, I was so impressed with that knife I decided to buy the work horse so as to have the Fallkniven quality in an every day use knife that I could scratch without crying! As it is a much cheaper knife I didn't expect quite the same quality, but I was wrong, smooth opening fantastic lock, great ergonomics fabulous blade. The grind was quite uneven but it was sharp, I evened the grind and polished the bevel, I haven't deducted points for the grind because it was perfectly usable and my OCD would have made me redo the edge anyway. The plastic handle or whatever it is surprised me as it is quite nice and fills the hand in a comfortable grip, the lock up and unlocking are slick and it is just a wonderful every day any task knife, already one of my favourites. Being fortunate to have an obscene knife collection consisting of all types and manufacturers I was stunned at the quality and usability of Fallkniven knives, everyone should have one! (Posted on )
  9. FantasticReview by
    This is a fantastic knife with a super sharp convex grid. The blade is reasonably thick and made of beautiful steel. The locking mechanism is strong and inspires confidence in the knife itself. The grip holds up well in wet and dry conditions ensuring a secure and comfortable hold.I love Fallkniven knives. (Posted on )
  10. My new everyday knifeReview by
    Typical Heinnie service, prompt arrival.
    The handle is 112mm long, a good length if your hands are big. You can get a good grip of it and feel confident that it won't slip no matter what state of play. The grillon scales Feel good.
    using the thumb stud to open the blade The level of smoothness and prescision is good. The reassuring click of the liner lock reaffirmed my thinking that I'd made a good buy.

    The pivot is extremely well constructed with no play whatsoever. The liner lock is robust.
    Having used the PXL for a couple of months I have had to 'tickle' the edge up once or twice. If you're familiar with putting an edge on a blade then I can't see you having any problems putting one on this.
    In every way this knife satisfies and even surpasses expectaions. It is robust and extremely functional. I believe it will provide me with many years of useful service.
    (Posted on )
  11. ExcellentReview by
    My Everyday knife it's big and strong. Very sensibly priced and great value.

    Would happily pay double for a 3G version with this black handle.
    (Posted on )
  12. I love it!Review by
    I ordered the knife on Friday, received it on Saturday, usual great service from Heinnie guys. Have you ever felt disappointed after seeing your new knife for the first time? Sure you have, it happened to all of us. Poor finish, smaller than we expected, blade play, off center blade, we all hate it. But not this time. This is Fallkniven we're talking about! This knife is simply outstanding! It's quite big and heavy, just perfect, well centered blade in closed position, no blade play whatsoever (those guys really know how to make A KNIFE), very strong lock mechanism, superb finish, great handle and beautiful, beautiful blade, this cobalt steel looks superb. Fallkniven on a budget is a real gem. Workhorse? Probably. Work of art? Definitely! (Posted on )

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Has anyone found a good pouch to keep this in?
Hi Tom....have a look in our sheaths section and see what you find
heinnie answered on 9 January 2017

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