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Fallkniven S1 Forest

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Fallkniven S1 Forest

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Fallkniven S1 Forest

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

From: £164.95
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  • Leather
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Fallkniven S1 Forest

Fallkniven S1 Forest

From: £164.95


Model S1 has a straight design which gives good control. The blade is designed so that it functions in all kinds of hunting and fishing situations. The edge is specially ground to make the knife easy to whittle with, while it is extremely strong. The handle gives a sure and reliable grip, even in wet or cold hands. The steel is a rust resistant special steel (VG- 10), which goes through a comprehensive hardening process. The length of the blade makes it good for splitting wood, although the weight limits its use to light chopping duty.

The Fallkniven forest knife is available in an all-black design, with the blade coated in Teflon. In addition to reducing the risk of unwanted reflections, the Teflon coating gives further protection against corrosion. If the knife is to be used in salt water environments, we recommend the S1 Black.

The sheath is manufactured in black ox hide and is of the open, hinged type - most favoured by hunters and anglers in northern Scandinavia. The sheath is deep enough to hold the knife in place without extra fasteners. The sheath has a plastic liner to prevent the knife from cutting through the end. There is a Zytel sheath for those requiring a completely weatherproof solution


Code FAKS1-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Fallkniven
Blade Material: Laminated VG10
Blade Length (cm): 13.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.5
Overall Length (cm): 23.4
Handle Material: Rubber
Sheath: Leather or Zytel™
Product Weight (g): 190


  1. Good knife Review by
    Many years ago i started looking for a fishing knife , i ordered f2z f1 s1 wm1 a1 This was over ten years ago The rest are gone lost , broken taken by police I still have my s1 never sharpened it and its been thrown at stuff chopped an apple tree down , stropped it today for a min or two and gosh its sharp :) Sure it was about half the cost of today’s price but got be said worth every penny (Posted on )
  2. More than suitable for the woodsman/bushcrafter/survivalist.Review by
    Fallkniven have a long and successful history of making some of the finest blades on the market. Clearly a great deal of thought goes into their designs and choice of materials. While the plain white box packaging may seem unassuming and the unboxing is somewhat anti-climactic, the knife and leather sheath I bought are a joy to look at, hold, and most importantly work with and use in the field.

    The convex grind of the blade powers through wood when battening, and the laminated steel components hold an edge keen enough to feather and carve with ease. Although due to the convex grind it requires a totally different angle of approach, which is something you will have to get used to if all you have used are Scandinavian grind knives. I used this knife for a number of summer wild camps this year, and am still getting to grips with maintaining its edge. (See DC4 review to be posted) I am coming to the conclusion stropping regularly should be enough to maintain it's razor sharp edge, and the DC4 or other sharpening stones should only be necessary if the edge suffers more serious damage, which would only really occur through misuse such as trying to attempt tasks the knife is not designed for.

    On design, it is a thick piece of steel with which provides that extra weight to batton with ease, the drop point is perfect to maintain control when starting cuts into fish, squirrel, and rabbit for gutting, and skinning. The exposed pommel is also very useful for striking when carving with a mallet. The edge is razor sharp out of the box, and the fact that it is stainless steel and washes up easily for cooking and eating with is an added bonus.

    Although the handle is a bit square for my liking it is clear this is also by design. I understand they have addressed this issue along with the gradient of the moulded guard in the Pro version of the S1. Unfortunately that vesion was a little too rich for my budget. (This is the most expensive item In my bushcraft kit!) However it is my opinion it is not necessary to carry only one knife for bushcrafting in the U.K. If you want to carve wood out in the field there is no reason why you can't pack a smaller carving knife in your kit along with a curved spoon knife, and a spoke shave, a small axe, and an adz etc! It all depends what your goals are for the trip.

    Overall I do recommend this knife. I would give it 4.5 stars if I could with the .5 loss only because of the handle. I wish I had known at the time you can buy the blade as a blank and fit your own handle. Saying that I am very happy with my Fallkniven S1 with leather sheath, and highly recommend it to any serious woodsman/bushcrafter/survivalist such is its versatility, and that is not something you could say about most knifes on the market at a similar price.
    (Posted on )
  3. The Perfect Knife?Review by
    As you can see there are dozens of great reviews for this knife and with good reason. I am lucky enough to own a fair few decent knives from all sorts of manufacturers and I would say this one seems to fit the bill for real world normal use.

    The blade shape is great, the steel is brilliant and the grip is comfortable and easy to handle for extended periods.

    In the UK I see no need for a larger knife for general uses. If you want to go and tidy the garden get the right bit of kit, this isn't for that.

    I love this knife, I am very happy we found each other.

    As usual the HH team were great, helpful on the phone and seriously quick with the delivery.
    (Posted on )
  4. Awesome laminated steelReview by
    Laminated Vg10 is a superb steel. Very easy to sharpen and holds an edge for a long time.
    Since the S1 has a convex steel it can be mantained both at field and at home with a strop only. I only touch mine with a stone once a year or to correct any nicks.
    Handle and pommel are very sturdy. This knife is usable anywhere in the world!!
    If you baton very hard woods it may create micro chips. But this is a technique that you don't need that much and it can be made with an axe very easily.
    The handle, after very long periods carving wood, can be a bit uncorftable.
    (Posted on )
  5. S1 Review by
    This knife now makes two purchases from Hiennie and both times have been made an absolute delight by the shear efficiency and professional attitude of all the staff.
    The F1 is my most expensive knife by a country mile and buying it as been an hard decision. Do I need to spend all that money on a knife, I have moras and a few £50 pound knifes which for my use have been fine but I knew that in the event of an emergency situation only my mora came close to fitting the bill. Well yesterday my knife came so obviously my review is based on first impressions out of the box I but there are already countless reviews out there on both utube and various blogs that put the knife through its paces regarding shelter making and fire making.
    My use for it will mostly be hunting of which I have over 40 years experience. After inspecting and handling the F1 I have to say it's an extremely well made and well thought out design. I can't really add anything else that's not already been said.
    So I will close by saying I'm one happy chappy
    (Posted on )
  6. The only knife you'll EVER need.Review by
    If I had to disappear into the wild for good tomorrow, and I could take only ONE knife, this is the knife I'd choose. Again and again. I would trust my life to this knife without a second thought. It's all the knife anybody could ever need. It's simply perfect in every way. It's not too big and not too small, which means you can do virtually ANY task - fine carving, chopping, drilling, slicing, prying, splitting, skinning. It's extremely well made. Functional, practical, reliable and pretty (in a no-nonsense sort of way). Get both sheaths. The best 150 quid or so you will have ever spent. You will not find a more perfect all-rounder. Period. (Posted on )
  7. S1 FOREST AND ZYTELReview by
    Falkniven make really good knives there is no doubt at all, but i really do think they deserve a lot better sheath. S1 didn't come any where near as sharp as my F1 did but i eventually sorted it. They are really tough classy knives but i do wonder how fellas with big hands cope, I've got medium sized strong hands,and i wouldn't want the handles any thinner or smaller. VERY NICE KNIVES THOUGH..NICE ONE H.H (Posted on )
  8. Just arrivedReview by
    S1 Just arrived the knife itself looks and feels really good and the leather sheath is nice too shame I had to pay extra for a plastic left hand one, and all the things I've read about the sheath are true shame they haven't up graded to the S1 pro design. Will be a couple of weeks before I get chance to use the properly. (Posted on )
  9. If Carlng Made Knives...Review by
    Rating would be a Fallkniven S1. I have owned multiple different makes of knives over the years and this one comes out on top. the build quality, crafts manship and sharpness of this piece is outstanding. As of yet I have to try it out in the field but I am sure it will live up to my expectations. I did buy the Wolf Wind S1 sheath for this model, and the sheath is beautifully made but in hindsight not really needed as the leather sheath that is supplied with the knife is thick, well made and very robust. I have yet to decide what to do with the Wolf Wind Sheath.

    I also own Cold Steel and I can see why there are people who prefer Fallkniven and people who prefer Cold Steel.. From owning thsi model I have now been swayed to the Fallkniven camp and this will now be the knife I reach for when in the great outdoors and EDC.
    (Posted on )
  10. Great KnifeReview by
    Falkniven know how to make knives, mines generally used inline with shooting and it's as tough as old boots, it's convex grind on the VG10 laminated stainless steel holds its edge exceptionally well.

    The full tang construction is great with the pommel just protruding from the heel of the handle, and it does dare I say get some abuse :)

    The sheith made of leather, holsters the knife perfectly and securely and hangs nice and low on my belt, no rib digs or discomfort at all.

    The blade when new needed a little attention removing small imperfections and after some time with a diamond sharpener and a leather strop the blade was that sharp it was ridiculous,....!

    If you buy one of these don't be too concerned if the blade is a little off, and I'm talking about being a bit of a perfectionist here , it will sharpen up easily and overtime it will be sharper than when it was new.

    For a mass produced knife fallkniven made a great product, and there worth every penny, buy one and you'll never look back, and only wish I'd bought them years ago .

    Im so impressed I have just ordered a PXL Workhorse, and you can bet that'll be the last folding knife I will ever buy.

    (Posted on )
  11. Excellent knifeReview by
    Really sharp from the box. Excellent balance and weight. Sturdy sheath. Thoroughly recommend. (Posted on )
  12. Great general purpose knifeReview by
    Have had the S1 for over 3 years now (purchased from HH)and have used it in many different scenarios. It's a fabulous knife, well balanced and keeps a very sharp edge. I own lots of knives but if I'm going to be outside for a few days this is the one I reach for. (Posted on )
  13. I'm impressedReview by
    One of the reasons I chose this knife besides having a need for a sheath knife was to find out how good a quality knife really is. I've never owned a knife that cost more than ú30 by the way. After fondling it, admiring it and trying it out on some small jobs I can now appreciate the difference between an ok knife and an extremely good knife.

    I now really really want one of the Northern Lights knives, not sure which yet.

    I should also mention that the sheath is a lovely thing, so solid feeling and neatly made.
    (Posted on )
  14. Excellent KnifeReview by
    Great knife, good size and weight. The convexing is consistent and how it should be and also razer sharp. (Posted on )
  15. Inconsistent blade convexingReview by
    I was given this knife as a present. The balance is at the forefinger, the handle is comfortable and ergonomic in all weathers. The blade is a disappointment. Convexing is poor and inconsistent with big variations between knives of the same model. Fallkniven need to learn how Bark River do it! (Posted on )
  16. S1 KnifeReview by
    Truly an excellent general purpose knife, mine came with the Zytel sheath, later I bought the leather sheath which is more comfortable to wear, but I agree that the KYDEX Sheaths are the best of all, I have an A1 Fallkniven with the KYDEX Sheath and it's a perfect combination. (Posted on )
  17. Stunning !Review by
    A true masterpiece... (Posted on )
  18. Great blade !Review by
    Just received today, fit and finish impeccable with a lovely weight and balance. Zytel sheath a lot better than other reviews would lead you to believe, being simple but well made and functional. Overall a fanatstic piece of kit. Sevice from HH top notch ! (Posted on )
  19. Number OneReview by
    All has been already said about this outstanding all-round/survival knife. Great laminated blade steel, blade shape, balance, thickness, tip and blade strength. The only downside is it's sheath options. Either water absorbing leather or zytel which lacks military mounting options like molle strap or eyelets for tek-lock etc. Please Fallkniven if you read this make a kydex or even cordura nylon sheath sold separately which would greatly improve knife caring and handling. (Posted on )
  20. fallkniven s1Review by
    This is the best knife I ever had. Its a really strong knife with thick blade and holds its edge very well. Nice balance and very good grip even if hands are wet or cold well worth the úúú (Posted on )
  21. Near perfectionReview by
    One of the best all-round/survival knives available, especially in this price range. Extemely solid, fairly easy to sharpen, perfect balance, comfortable handle. Too bad Fallkniven does not provide this knife with a kydex sheath. (Posted on )
  22. beyond the call of dutyReview by
    Just spent a few interesting days with my new S1 - bit too much for woodcraft, I'll stick to my F1 for that, but if your off abroad lads this one could save you life one day! Also makes a great dive/jump knife. (Posted on )
  23. ExcellentReview by
    Well balanced, comfortable, easy to sharpen. 'Does exactly what it says on the tin!' - perfectly suited to the activities described. (Posted on )
  24. Top piece of kitReview by
    Length of blade is just right, balance is spot on, handle has a nice natural feel, zytel sheath very usefull, can be belt mounted, or even inverted on a pack or chest rig without fear of S1 falling out, highly recomended. (Posted on )
  25. fantasticReview by
    Fantastic working knife full tang been used as a splitter for splitting fire wood by hitting the end of handle with axe head been left underwater used and abused for about 3 years now has old style kydex sheath which is still in great condition as is the knife goes through bone like a hot knife through butter blade stays sharp combine this knife with a swedish fire steel and your laughing all the way back to civiliation (Posted on )
  26. FÑllkniven S1 Forest KnifeReview by
    Extremely useful weatherproof combination, good edge as what you would expect.
    Blade length about right for an all purpose knife. Handle well sealed around full tang blade and fairly slip-proof. Minimal Kydex sheath good for carry on belt drains well. Recommended for use in or near salt water environments.
    (Posted on )

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