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Fallkniven U2

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Fallkniven U2

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Fallkniven U2

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Fallkniven U2

Fallkniven U2



U2 - a world first! This is the world's first folding knife with a blade of laminate powder steel, the market innovation Super Gold Powder Steel, SGPS. Powder steel is extremely costly and difficult to work with, and requires advanced technology in combination with experienced knifemakers. The advantage of this steel lies in its outstanding edge retention: there is simply nothing to compare today. The slim handle consists of strong composite material, which makes the knife light and pleasant to carry. With blade grooves on either side, the knife is completely symmetrical and is as easy to use for right-handers and left-handers. The traditional lockback function offers no unpleasant surprises, but locks the blade in its open position with a distinct reliable click.


Code FAKU2
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Fallkniven
Blade Material: Lam. SGPS
Blade Length (cm): 6.4
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Closed Length (cm): 8.60
Overall Length (cm): 15.0
Blade Hardness (HRC): 62 HRC
Lock Type: Back Lock


  1. Definitely worth the wait...!Review by
    Finally received my Fallkniven U2 after waiting so long for the next batch to arrive in stock, and was it worth the wait... YES, absolutely 100% worth every second...!!!
    Having a Fallkniven F1 Black, I know what quality and perfection is, but upon opening this tiny little box to discover shear perfection at its best, just took my breath away...!
    The only thing that could had ever topped this fantastic little knife, would have been a black leather sheath in the box too, but hey you can't have everything?
    The astounding build quality clearly deserves 11 out of 10, and with a blade sharpness that even puts my razor to shame.
    My only disappointment is me not buying one much, much earlier, so very highly recommended...!
    (Posted on )
  2. ExcellentReview by
    For the money it's an excellent little knife that is easy to carry but with a very good blade. I've got large hands and it is not too small for me to use, The blade has a little play, but it doesn't rattle or cause any problems so I'll leave it alone. I've taken the sharp corners off the back of the blade to save my pockets. All in all am very pleased with my purchase and with Heinnie Haynes super efficient service. (Posted on )
  3. Just a tad overhypedReview by
    Like a previous commentator, the blade on my U2 has some side to side play which I shouldn't expect from a knife in this price bracket. It certainly takes a fine edge but one that, in my experience, doesn't last longer than any other decent stainless steel (Posted on )
  4. Nice blade, but...Review by
    Bought new, the blade had a side to side play that I thought could be adjusted out with the screw that holds the knife together. Tight enough to get rid of the unwanted play made the knife difficult to open and close. I had to insert a plastic shim (.005") to shim the blade out to the thickness of the spring before I could get the blade tight but still operable. I can live with it, but it was disappointing in a knife of this price. (Posted on )
  5. Small but perfectly formedReview by
    I bought 2 of these for use by my wife and myself in our horse yard. They are strong and sharp, but smaller than I was expecting. I have big hands so they really were too small for me,but the wife loved them. (Posted on )
  6. Nicely made but priceyReview by
    Beautifully made knife, a nice blade made from a good steel that holds an edge and is fairly easy to sharpen, althougth I doubt that in everyday use it is any better than many other good steels.Only suitable for use by people with hands on the medium to small side,bigger and you'll find it too small to use with any degree of ease or comfort making it potentially dangerous. Ignore the hype and think seriously about what else you could get for that kind of money and that has more user potential. (Posted on )
  7. The best there isReview by
    Hunted around for ages to find the best knife for my pocket. There is no better. Going on the basis that you get what you pay for this is still cheap. My edge is still as sharp as when I bought it after heavy use. No hype. (Posted on )
  8. splits hairsReview by
    yes, it really does split a hair from your head , it is so sharp out of the box,an absolute razor and beautifully made. (Posted on )
  9. aww isnt it sweet!Review by
    Yes, believe the hype. This is quite literally a razor! I'm serious, if you feel the need to give this a few strokes on your Spyderco or whatever when you pull it out its(tiny) box you'd be MAD!!!
    Absolutely gorgeous, I will be getting an F1 now purely on this knife.

    I was expecting it to be a little bigger, but its tiny. A beautiful little folder and unsurpassed for such a price, this will now become my main edc,a top little blade. Well chuffed. Would probably cut you out of a steel case!!
    (Posted on )
  10. The perfect EDCReview by
    This knife is too good, in order to be true. It separates thick cardboards such as butter. (Posted on )
  11. U2 FallknivenReview by
    Wow, bought one of these together with a F1. Both arrived super sharp. This U2 is a small and light knife, easily carried in trouser pocket without wearing holes. A few sweeps on my Spyderco to give it a razor edge. Great value for money. It is not UK legal as it is a lock knife.Check out any knife forum for reports. (Posted on )
  12. A Classic!Review by
    Superbly made, razor sharp out of the box, light, easy to carry, Affordable. This beauty is set to be a classic!
    Can't recommend it highly enough.
    (Posted on )
  13. who needs a mach 3 ?Review by
    I've thrown my mach 3 and shave with this now. I have also dispensed with my stihl chainsaw and fell trees with it!! (Posted on )
  14. Amazing.Review by
    Nothing beats the sharpness!.A pocket scalpel, you will never regret buying this knife.I have carried since it first come out, a perfect Everyday Day Carry. (Posted on )

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