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Flexx Strops Signature Field Strop

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Flexx Strops Signature Field Strop

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Flexx Strops Signature Field Strop

Out Of Stock

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Flexx Strops Signature Field Strop

Flexx Strops Signature Field Strop



Made in the US Flexx Strops are created by Paul, an outdoor enthusiast and a knife lover.

"Whether I am on the trail, camping, fishing,  I always have a knife with me. Trying to get the perfect sharp edge has been something I have been trying to achieve for years. I have used stones, ceramic, and sandpaper style sharpening systems, and I have never been able to get that perfect edge. After plenty of trial and error, I decided it was time to create a strop for myself. After multiple testing’s, I was able to get my edges perfect, pristine, polished, and scary sharp.  Since then I have been sharing my strops with others who have been looking for a way to keep their edges sharp. My strops will give you the sharp edge you are looking for and you will have a strop that will last you for years to come."

Signature Field Strop Specs:

  • Double sided 8-10 oz leather
  • 8″ Long x 1.75″ Wide x .75″ Thick
  • Stropping Surface 7.5 Long x 1.75″ Wide
  • One side is black (3,000 grit) and one side is green (6,000 grit)



Code FLX01
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Flexx Strop
Dimensions (cm): 20 x 3.75 x 2
Product Weight (g): 108


  1. Excellent. Review by
    I'm new to sharpening and even newer to stropping but I have just managed to put a ridiculously sharp edge on a buck 110 with this little strop.
    Reasonably priced & good quality, I'd recommend Flexx Strops.
    (Posted on )
  2. ExcellentReview by
    I bought the Smiths Pocket Pal a couple of weeks back and was very pleased with the results - sharp (ish) blades after my previous poor attempts. So in the quest for better results, I bought this. Like other reviewers, I was not exactly sure which side was which, so I picked a side at random and stropped away. Not that great I thought - and then I tried the edge and promptly cut my thumb. So yes, this definitely works! But some instructions would be nice. If you're looking for a budget sharpening system., this combined with the Pocket Pal seems a pretty good solution. (Posted on )
  3. Great value and does what it says.Review by
    very (Posted on )
  4. excellentReview by
    I totally agree with the other reviews,however sharp you get your knives you will achieve that bit sharper using one of these.I put nearly all my knives,which were all very sharp,over the FLEXX and all came out scarily sharp...very clever. Did 10 strokes with each side of the knives on the darker side and then repeated on the green side.Excellent considering how many different types of blade steel i just covered,from 8CR13MOV to CPM 3V...VERY GOOD INDEED trouble is with all them knives SHARP i need another one to keep them sharp,still £18,it nothing for the results...NICE ONE.. (Posted on )
  5. Instructions?Review by
    I have used a Spyderco Sharpmaker for many years, and always been very happy with the results (shaving sharp) when used on my Spydies, Leathermans and Global kitchen knives. However, always keen to try something new and get my edges even keener, finally got round to buying a strop. Bought this one due to two good reviews and good-value price. Quality looks fine to me, although it is a chunk of MDF in the middle, not a nice piece of 'real' wood (sure it does the job ok, but not quite as nice). Main reason for only 3-stars is the total lack of instructions - none on Heinnie, none with the product, and none on the manufacturers website. No idea which side to use (i'm assuming different colours are different stropping compounds). Have found some vids on youtube, but would be nice to have at least a bit of guidance - even a photocopied sheet with the product. Really surprised that Flexx Strops website offers nothing at all (that I could find). So far, I honestly can't seem to notice any difference after stropping my blades. The edges look a bit more polished, but can't - so far - notice any improvement in cutting performance. Could be user error, but how do I know? (Posted on )
  6. Looking for that scary edge without spending hundreds?Review by
    I've been sharpening with mixed results for a while now, limited by cost to a DC4 and an old belt. In times of desperate frustration I’ve found myself ogling Sharpmakers and Wicked Edges and have hovered dangerously close to the buy button on more than one occasion. I recently decided to treat myself to a Fallkniven F1, after my RAT folder fell to bits on a camping trip. The F1 is an awesome thing, or at least it was before an unknowing in-law used it to slice up the Sunday roast while still in the ceramic oven dish. After a lot of trial and error I finally got the convex edge back using some 3000 grit sandpaper and a mouse mat and while this was nowhere near the factory edge I was pretty happy with the results. Enter the Flexx. 5 minutes with the green compound and this is now the sharpest knife I own, have ever owned, easily trumping the factory edge. This has gone from a knife I love to a knife I am slightly afraid of; push cutting news print with alarming ease. I have an entirely new level of respect for the knife. Next I whipped out my trusty Mini Griptillian, a knife I regularly abuse. This went from a working edge to a hair popping edge in less than 10 minutes. I’ve had this thing sharp before but not like this. If you want to step up your game without breaking the bank then buy this strop. I can usually put a shaving edge on a knife with a Fallkniven DC4 and bit of effort but I have never considered my edges scary sharp until now. This is my first review and certainly not my first HH purchase, which hopefully says something about my impression of the product. Add to cart, seriously, I cannot recommend this enough. HH service excellent, as usual. (Posted on )
  7. Great stropReview by
    For finishing off a newly sharpened knife or keeping an edge as keen as possible this is a great strop. You need to exactly follow the angle at which you normally sharpen your knife and sharpen away from the strop to avoid cutting the leather, regularly used it will keep your blade really sharp. Small enough to shove in a backpack and good value- considerably cheaper than its bigger brother. (Posted on )

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