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Glock Field Knife - Plain Back

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Glock Field Knife - Plain Back

test 1Glock Field Knife - Plain Back test 2Glock Field Knife - Plain Backtest 3Glock Field Knife - Plain Back test 4 Glock Field Knife - Plain Back
test 1Glock Field Knife - Plain Back test 2Glock Field Knife - Plain Backtest 3Glock Field Knife - Plain Back test 4 Glock Field Knife - Plain Back
test 1Glock Field Knife - Plain Back test 2Glock Field Knife - Plain Backtest 3Glock Field Knife - Plain Back test 4 Glock Field Knife - Plain Back
test 1Glock Field Knife - Plain Back test 2Glock Field Knife - Plain Backtest 3Glock Field Knife - Plain Back test 4 Glock Field Knife - Plain Back
test 1Glock Field Knife - Plain Back test 2Glock Field Knife - Plain Backtest 3Glock Field Knife - Plain Back test 4 Glock Field Knife - Plain Back

Glock Field Knife - Plain Back

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Glock Field Knife - Plain Back

Glock Field Knife - Plain Back



The Glock Field Knife with a Plain Back.

Glock outdoor equipment was specially developed and tested according to army requirements and is used by military units throughout the world. Material know-how from the pistol development guarantees durability and reliability. This survival knife is equipped with a sturdy, spring steel, HRC55, phosphate-treated blade. It is supplied with a safety sheath.


Code HBZ100617
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Glock
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 16.5
Overall Length (cm): 29.0
Handle Material: FRN
Sheath: Yes
Product Weight (g): 202


  1. Not subtle but will do the jobReview by
    A pretty impressive piece of kit at a very reasonable price. Tough and aggressive looking, I see someone said "a survival knife only if your situation involved a knife fight" which is probably right. However it is also super practical and tough and while not razor sharp it can be made that way. The handle will I am sure last forever and the blade is super tough, although the black coating does come off with use. For the price it must be hard to beat and the Glock name is cool. It can also be used as the World's most bad-ass bottle-opener. (Posted on )
  2. DANISH M96Review by
  3. Excellent value and quality, lacks versatility.Review by
    So, I actually love this knife, but it's of very little use to me or for bushcrafting.

    The good is how sturdy it is, the handle feels good, the sheath is well made and very secure with some nice touches like the bottle opener.
    But, it's not actually very good at many things.

    The grind is too low and that stops you being able to do carving of any kind decently, the blade doesn't start for a good thumbs width from the guard and that also gets in the way of trying to do fine cutting.
    The nice black protective coating means you can't strike a fire steel off the spine and the clip point means you are likely to damage your baton or even break the tip when wood splitting.

    What it is good for is well to be blunt, destroying things.
    It is after all a military fighting knife, in the same vein as the Ka Bar USMC or John Nowill survival.
    It will cut through things and pierce without skipping a beat and is very unlikely to break.

    So, potentially useful as a survival knife, but if you are looking for something for general use and bushcraft, I'd suggest looking else where.
    (Posted on )
  4. A worthy bladeReview by
    Lovely grip for my hand and the tool feels good in it, the weight is lovely and the materials solid.

    The blade is good its not like thick you know, but it serves well and I am happy to add this to my collection, thank you for swift delivery and for ordering it in for me Heinnie Haynes.

    Also the made in Austria is a plus !
    (Posted on )
  5. impressiveReview by
    its fascinating how far quality exceeds the price. i would not been surprised to see 100 pound price on this piece of art. (Posted on )
  6. Highly recommended Review by
    Very pleased with this knife and would highly recommend it to anyone who, like me, collects military type knives.
    Mine arrived razor sharp, it has a deep black finish to the blade and finger guard, and a high quality composite handle and sheath.
    This knife is made to Austrian army specs, and it shows, the quality is superb, and it is made in Austria (stamped on the blade) by Glock, not just some Chinese rebranded knife like so many now, this is the real thing made by a proper arms manufacturer to the same quality as their pistols. A bargain for such quality in my opinion.
    Next day delivery and excellent service as always from Heinnie, thank you.
    (Posted on )
  7. Glock Knife Model 78: They Upgrade The EdgeReview by
    Mine came with razor sharp out of the box. That means, the factory who make this knife give more effort to their blade production. Worth every penny. Highly recommended. (Posted on )
  8. first class Review by
    i bought my Glock bayonet 30 years ago and still use it camping for splitting logs ect . yes thats right its a bayonet and not a knife , the handle is hollow to engage the lug on the rifle once you have hooked the front lug on the bayonet in to the slot on the rifle . now we have decided what this is , as a bayonet it has to preform differant functions than just a knife . mine will hold a good edge and is strong , the sheath is all so strong and well made , and will attach to most things easy , like molly. it will mount with the handle faceing down as the sheath will hold the knife very tight and will not drop out . I am now just going to order another from this site as they are so bloody good , you can stake your life on this bayonet .
    ps by nature bayonets are not razor sharp , as they are used in a thusting motion , and not a cutting one , but you can easy make this sharp . so all the people who are moaning about not being sharp dont know there knifes from there bayonets
    (Posted on )
  9. A diamond in the roughReview by

    Mine actually came with an ok working edge (for a chopper), but the tip was dull and it was pretty much useless as a wood carver. The original edge angle is more like a wedge, so even after getting it very sharp, it still wasn't much of a carver. That is down to the grind as well as the edge angle. I wasn't able to lay the blade down on a piece of wood and carve a fine sliver because the grind required that you take a quite aggressive angle of attack in order to cut into the wood. Luckily, that's easily taken care of.

    I took some of the shoulder off above the edge, essentially flattening out the grind a bit more. It's a bit of work just using a diamond stone, but it's doable. I also sanded the black coating off, leaving the blade with a brushed finish. I found the coating to be a bit slick. Whether that effects wood cutting or not, I'm not sure, but once done with the mods, the knife carves wonderfully. I can now lay the blade against the wood with just a fine angle and make very fine slivers. The knife has become a joy to use!

    I love the steel on this knife. It's easy to sharpen and maintain, and holds an edge pretty well. I also really like the handle, and find it very comfortable. I could do without the upper finger guard, but as it's bent over I find it easy enough to stretch my thumb over onto the spine for finer work. I like the sheath, a lot, except for how it hangs from the belt. That issue was solved by fashioning a dangler using webbing and quick release buckle, that looks like it was made for the sheath.

    I practice a lot with all of my knives, and I've especially used this one a lot in the past couple of months. This is my first "big knife", and I wanted to learn to use it effectively for all sorts of woods tasks. With the blade mods described above, I've found that I can do just about every bushcraft task with this knife, maybe not as easily as with a shorter blade, but the more I work with it, the more proficient I become.

    So, I think this knife is a real diamond in the rough. With a little work it's an excellent woods tool, and I reckon it'll still slay zombies too!
    (Posted on )
  10. Real tankReview by
    I've had this knife for over a year, and it's been nothing but useful!
    Takes a while to get a good edge on it as others have said, but once you do it's perfect. I've processed a couple rabbits with it, and split more firewood than I can recall.
    It'll smash a cinder block, get thrown at a tree, and live to see another sharpening.
    (Posted on )
  11. Good Product, Good ValueReview by
    This is as much knife as most will ever need. The knife came sharp with a good edge. The grip is large enough and shaped to ensure a firm hold. The sheath is plastic, well designed, safe and practical. Whats not to like? Especially the fair price. You can buy three of these for the price of one similar with a bigger name. BTW the lanyard hole isn't, it doesn't go all the way through.. If you need a tough practical working knife and dont need the frills, or mind it getting scratched up, this will do the job. (Posted on )
  12. value & ppReview by
    I've had one of these before,gave it a friend so i know how good they are & seen the destruction test on youtube.A top quality knife for very little money.
    I always buy from HH as they deliver like nobody else,ordered friday arrived sat moning with next day delivery.
    I've never had a problem with HH been buying from them for years.
    (Posted on )
  13. Good with potential to be even better.Review by
    I ordered this from HH late night on a Thursday the postman is knocking on my door Saturday morning for free delivery that it excellent service thanks.

    The knife needs re-profiling to the edge and the tip but the steel is good so I am looking forward to doing this probably go for a 25 degree bevel and the spine will be squared and blued, next I am going to remove the plastic plug and tap the handle tube for an M14 thread and install a M14 hex bolt which will have the zinc removed so I can cold blue it then I have a decent pommel for hammer tasks.sheath will get some ranger bands for various bits of kit to maintain it in the field then its time to beat on it and see what it can cope with.
    (Posted on )
  14. Solid Rough Ready knifeReview by
    No Frills solid knife, had to touch edge up but will be a useul addition to one of my bug out bags. Cheers HH for delivery in under 48 hours this time of year. (Posted on )
  15. Good steel but blunt as a practice blade!Review by
    You don't expect a knife to come sharp out of the box, but you do at least expect the manufacturer to grind an edge on one side!
    4 hours with a sharpening stone later and i'm getting close to getting a sharp edge on it.

    Don't buy unless you have access to a belt sander and know how to reprofile knifes properly!
    (Posted on )
  16. Simply GreatReview by
    I'm an AB on an offshore vessel and I was after a deck knife that would last and not let me down. And I have not been disappointed. I'm writing this review after signing off from a 5 month contract and it's still going strong.

    Over the last 4 months I've used it for cutting and splicing rope, chipping rust, opening paint cans, mixing paint, marking wood, removing staples, hammering nails, prying boxes open, cutting fish, removing dirt from threads on manifold connections and so many other jobs. Not once did I worry about it breaking or bending, the quality is unreal. However, being a hard use tool it requires maintenance. I sharpened and oiled it about once a week to stop any corrosion and to keep it sharp.

    If you're looking for a good knife that won't break the bank then pick his one, it won't let you down. I'm actually thinking of picking up a couple more just in case my original one gets lifted by airport customs.
    (Posted on )
  17. NiceReview by
    I have the "Fieldmesser 78", which is the Glock bayonet for the Steyr AUG rifle. Plain back, blackened blade.

    As many have said, it's a tough, well made but basic knife. Plenty of reviews online show how tough this knife is and it's many applications.

    Great value for money, I've deducted a star as the factory edge and point were a bit rough and will need some work.

    Chose the free delivery option and got it next day. I think if you choose a more expensive delivery option, you get it yesterday!

    (Posted on )
  18. A lot for the priceReview by
    After checking out the reviews here and on the net. and not wanting to shell out loads of money on my first knife I bought this one. It's a much talked about knife, the debate being, is this knife a good survival knife, but this is the UK, not the Yukon and with a few modifications, squaring off the spine to strike steels and sharpening the drop-point and it's a decent first survival knife for me. Given the amount of abuse this knife will take, check out the destruction test, £32 seems cheap and is one of the reasons I bought it, it won't fall to pieces. Overall it feels good in hand, blade a bit slim, it's more of a bayonet type. Knife locks nicely into the sheaf, easily attaches to your belt, all in all very pleased. As everyone mentions, HH service is fast, I ordered 27 Dec 14, knife at my door 30th. (Posted on )
  19. Very Affordable knife- cannot fault it for the price. Review by
    Glock knife arrived well oiled and it absolutely rock solid in the sheath. The belt loop is pretty good once you figure out how to get it open!
    the carbon steel takes a wicked edge after a quick touch up using a DC4 sharpening stone & leather strop.
    Overall the knife is a perfect example of function over form- nothing fancy, just a rock solid working knife which is great for around £30.
    Thanks HH, excellent service as usual.
    (Posted on )
  20. Excellent all round knifeReview by
    Great service as usual from HH. Only had the knife for a few days and mine is the saw back, but I'm very impressed with the build quality and performance. The edge out of the box is ok but I will improve it when I need to sharpen it, and it seems to hold a decent edge and is very tough.
    I've read many reviews before buying this and I agree with the majority that this knife outperforms knives costing much more and this will be my newgo to knife for in the woods.
    I've already in just a few days given the knife a good workout in the woods and it's performed better than expected. I would highly recommend this knife.
    (Posted on )
  21. allReview by
    Griogairach again...make that 20years. Great knife! (Posted on )
  22. Good all rounderReview by
    Very impressed with this knife. As others have said, all knives are a compromise, but I guess this will perform better than most at this price. Fairly heavy blade, very sharp OTB. Sheath slim, but very strong, suspect belt clip unbreakable! Retention fantastic, you are not going to lose this if it's clipped in! If you are on a budget, and need the 'one blade', this is well worth considering. It also looks the business! (Posted on )
  23. The bizz !!Review by
    Seems like a good all round knife for the money, solid build, quality sheath, well sharp OTB. Heavy blade, but not too much so. Most knives are a compromise, this seems to be one of the better ones for the money. (Posted on )
  24. BEST KNIFE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Review by
    This knife is the dogs wotsits!!! Buy 1, buy 2, buy a million! It will never let you down. My first buy was a sawback and although it isn't perfect for everything (apart from removing people from their mortal coil) it is INVINCIBLE. I threw this thing over 2000 times at a target (and only resharpened it twice in that time btw) and it just went TWANG and asked me to do it again! I bought a plain backed one after seeing the punishment this one took and i already own several high carbon steel/titanium knives and after 10 seconds on a diamond honing block i shaved with this knife! Buy it! NOW!!!!!!! (Posted on )
  25. SuperbReview by
    This is what I've been looking for. Sharp out the box nice weight. For the price you can't go wrong. (Posted on )
  26. Best allround knifeReview by
    Can be sharpened like a razor, is thick and sturdy, light for carriage, the sheath is very secure. It is the knife I am carrying if I have to choose "the only knife". (Posted on )
  27. Yet again, a joy to own and use!Review by
    I removed the blacking and polished to a mirror finish and it looks nice and a lot more expensive! Kitchen steel, diamond rod then razor strop and it cuts like a demon. It's a bit big for skinning game and a slightly light for chopping wood, but nevertheless it can both skin and chop. All knives are a compromise of course, but this one does everything at least adequately.
    Sorry HH but this is the last fixed blade knife I will ever need. The only minor disappointments are that it won't strike a spark with a firesteel as the spine is too rounded, and that the pommel isn't threaded for easier access to storage in the handle.
    I've been using and collecting knives for 30 years and nothing has so far matched the Glock for the combination of all-round competence, build quality, ease of sharpening, and honest design. Worth every penny and a bargain.
    (Posted on )
  28. Well-Designed Working KnifeReview by
    There are better fixed blade knives around than the FM78 but not, I'd suggest, at this price. This is a carefully designed and well-engineered working tool that you'll enjoy using. The 4.5mm thick spring steel blade is very strongly mated to the nylon-polymer handle and feels like it'll take years of abuse. Sheath strong, light & discreet for its size.

    Works well as a woodland knife. Fine for food prep, batoning firewood and, because of its near mid-point balance and robustness, as a thrower too. Non-exotic spring steel means the blade can rust so after before storing I wash, dry, then wipe with WD-40 and no probs. The non super-hard steel may put some buyers off but the upside, apart from its increased strength, is that it's easy to sharpen.

    Good to have a knife that can be used roughly, with seemingly little risk of breakage, and without worrying that in doing so you're degrading a work of art. Made in Austria. I really like this - so much so I bought another :-)
    (Posted on )
  29. third review because it's a good knife.Review by
    Just to clarify - the tang goes for two segments and the metal tube for three. The segment with the Glock logo has no metal. Re: two-handed opening, if you put first and second fingers on crosspiece and press down with thumb the knife is easily opened with one hand. The only improvement Glock could make would be to fit a threaded pommel to access the hollow handle. Otherwise a great all-round tool. (Posted on )
  30. First impressions are goodReview by
    Some people state that Glocks leave Austria with a basic edge and need to be sharpened. Mine shaves hair for a third of the blade nearest the handle and the rest will easily slice paper. Not bad at all. The clip is strong and needs two hands to operate and is white where it flexes but I cannot find any reports of clip failure. (Posted on )
  31. Handle construction info....Review by
    I had mine x-rayed at work. The tang goes into the handle for about a third of it's length and the metal tube goes in from the pommel for a third too. The middle third of the handle is polymer. This doesn't mean it's weak. If you watch the destruction test on Youtube you'll see why. (Posted on )
  32. Excellent knife pretty much indestrReview by
    A tough sharp and effective knife, if you don't believe me check out some destruction test online. Sheath is excellent with good positive lock (which can be opened one handed). Hennie's service was unblievable. Ordered at about 16.00, it arrived first thing the following morning. (Posted on )
  33. Not the prettiest…Review by
    Not the prettiest knife around but she gets the job done. Almost bayonet like in appearance with a long, thick blade which makes it no good for finer work but she sure is great for splitting wood, i.e. keeping you alive. In the last year I've put my life in its hands for days at a time in Dartmoor, Scotland, and Wales, and weeks at a time in Norway and Northern Sweden with no problems. Team it up with a cheap Mora and maybe a good folder like a Ka Bar Mule and your ready for anything...the saw is pretty crap though, even for notching. (Posted on )
  34. Excellent outdoors knifeReview by
    Great all round knife, tough as old boots. I had one years ago when I was in the army and loved it. Bought this one recently to re live my youth. I received the green one without the saw back and I am more than happy with it. Thanyou Heinnie, excellent service as usual. (Posted on )
  35. This is very…Review by
    This is very good, strong utilitarian and relatively inexpensive knife. It has very thick and long bayonet style blade with the "saw" on the back which would be used for making grooves in the piece of wood. (Posted on )
  36. Nice bit of…Review by
    Nice bit of kit but needs a bit of sharpening when you first get it. Very rugged knife, great design overall. (Posted on )
  37. If you use…Review by
    If you use knives rather than look at them then this is for you,I have used one of these for the last couple of years for fish/small game/firewood and everything else.The sheath is nice and compact,the saw works well for notches for paracord or figure 4 traps,you really need to see the destruction test to see how much you are getting for your money,the bottle opener works.would get 5 stars but the coating is not as durable as any of my other knives.fact is its cheap,stong and does the job well. (Posted on )
  38. Glock knifeReview by
    This knife is the best value ever. It is cheap, almost indestructible, the fact that it ain't full tang ain't a problem. Buy two, and try to separate the handle! The saw is not meant to saw wood thru'! It is meant to saw a groove in wood the width of paracord so you can construct a basha, or make lashings using less cord as the saw locates the windings. Try it! Form is function. I have owned one of these knives, and abused it for fifteen years. It still functions. (Posted on )
  39. former soldierReview by
    This is one tough knife. It is the issued military knife for Danish soldiers (just without the sawback and in all black). It really takes at beating, and with some work regrinding it takes a good egde too. When I was a soldier we treated these knife bad and they stood up for it, prying, throwing and searching for fake AA mines. I bought one when I were done in the military... has a destruction test of this knife. (Posted on )
  40. I think this…Review by
    I think this knife is a very good value and I'm very pleased with mine. Perfectly suited as a back-up knife to carry in ones pack, or in the car. It doesn't have a full tang but other than that, it's a great design. (Posted on )
  41. Glock Survival KnifeReview by
    I still can't beleave this knife only cost me ú32.95
    This is one good knife you just have to get one, this knife is better than a large number of survival knives on sale today and it's cheap.
    (Posted on )
  42. High quality military…Review by
    High quality military knife! Nice finish to the blade, I was surprised by the quality of this knife considering the price. (Posted on )
  43. I have had…Review by
    I have had mine around 20 years, so it might not be exactly the same, though it looks it from the 'photo. The knife is good, though the sawback was fairly feeble. There is a recess on the end of the pommel, covered by a plug. This is so it can be converted to a bayonet for several different weapons. (Posted on )

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