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HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flagged

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HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flagged

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test 1HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flagged Thumbnail Imagetest 2HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flaggedtest 3test 4
test 1HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew - Flaggedtest 2HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flaggedtest 3HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew - Flaggedtest 4 HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew - Flagged
test 1HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flagged Thumbnail Imagetest 2HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flaggedtest 3test 4
test 1HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flagged Thumbnail Imagetest 2HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flaggedtest 3test 4
test 1HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flagged Thumbnail Imagetest 2HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flaggedtest 3test 4
test 1HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flagged Thumbnail Imagetest 2HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flaggedtest 3test 4
test 1HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flagged Thumbnail Imagetest 2HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flaggedtest 3test 4
test 1HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flagged Thumbnail Imagetest 2HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flaggedtest 3test 4
test 1HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flagged Thumbnail Imagetest 2HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flaggedtest 3test 4
test 1HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flagged Thumbnail Imagetest 2HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flaggedtest 3test 4

HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flagged

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In Stock

Available for Delivery



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HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flagged

HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flagged



With inital comments such as 'Badass!', 'Awesome!', and 'Sick!' Our exciting new collaboration with Quartermaster has resulted in this unique, innovative friction folder, which has been designed and produced exclusively for Heinnie Haynes.

We have worked with several knife designers in the past few years and this is our latest venture with the rising star of the knife making world. Quartermaster’s knives are of the highest quality and built like tanks so they immediately caught our attention.

There is something about this knife which makes it stand out from anything else out there, the design is quintessentially Quartermaster, and you can definitely see their distinct way of knife making. It features one G10 and one Titanium scale featuring an laser engraved union jack. The blade is SV35 stainless steel with a stonewash finish and an extended tang, which has been extremely well designed so that it slots effortlessly into the scales and also adds a little more gimping.

The final design feature we want to bring to your attention is the blade lock. This neat little feature will prevent the reverse Tanto blade from unwanted opening. For all those of you who didn’t like friction folders because of their unpredictable opening, you now need not worry. It’s simple to use and effectively holds the blade in the closed position.


Code QTR-HH-1
Limited Edition: Yes
Brand: Heinnie Haynes
Designer: HH/Quartermaster
Blade Material: SV35 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.2
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Closed Length (cm): 13.60
Overall Length (cm): 17.8
Blade Colour: Satin
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Tanto
Blade Finish: Stonewash
Cutting Edge (cm): 7.3
Handle Colour: Black
Handle Material: G10
Handle Detail: One G10 and One Titanium Scale
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 85
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Sharp, awkard to open, close and carry.Review by
    The knife comes with a fiddly little rivet to keep the blade locked. It's secured from one side. Very quickly the plastic behind it groves, the rivet then becomes SUPER fiddly to open - and worse - lock. So then a super sharp pointy blade is loose in your pocker.

    Then there is the inch long handle on the back of the blade which reveals itself when the blade is shut. What's the point of that? It catches on everything in your pocket.

    Then there's the locking split pin. Want to carry a loose split pin? You can hide it behind the carry clip if you don't use that, but it scratches the fancy etching if you're not super careful.

    A lot of money for a lot of problems.
    (Posted on )
  2. Huge design flawReview by
    I wasn't expecting much when I ordered this as Quarter Master knives have somewhat of a stigma about them online, I was initially pleasantly surprised however, the action broke in after a day and is as smooth as my benchmade 940, the little blade shut lock gets easier to operate and the knife is surprisingly ergonomic in hand, the blade shape slices great cardboard stands no chance! And it does appear to hold a great edge for a good while.

    Unfortunately, after using it at work again I heard a little grinding on the bearings, I figured this would be the usual grime, a quick clean and it would be back to the races, sadly, it was not, they have elected for whatever reason to run bearings on straight G10. That's right, the grinding noise I heard was the bearings chewing the G10 up in their track, a very easily remedied solution that the manufacturer could have implemented, change to standard washers or lay a small steel washer to act as a track for the bearings.

    I'm going to have to look for a thin steel washer that fits as I really like the rest of the knife and wish to continue using it, it's a real shame though as another 2 seconds thought and few pence per knife could have really made the difference here.
    (Posted on )
  3. Excellent Blade, Best UK carry knife you can buyReview by
    I wasn't sure that I had made the right decision when I ordered this knife as it was a bit more expensive than my standard blades. But I am glad I did! The blade looks small at first but they have really made the most of what is possible within UK daily carry regs. The handle is really ergonomic and I like the harsh grip at the top which proves that extra grip when needed, the blade steel and handle materials are all usually only found on more expensive blades so in that respect its a really good deal.

    Overall amazing knife and simply the best UK legal knife you can buy.

    Brilliant service from Heinnie as always.
    (Posted on )
  4. unique, and perfectly madeReview by
    after knowing about this knife for a couple of years and never having the courage to spend £120 on something I wasn't sure about my other half bought one for me because I helped her out so much recently and I told her ive never had a custom knife in my quite frankly large collection. I got the flagged version which looks really good with dark titanium. the G10 is what you would expect and the little blade lock is a must really with the smooth action of the blade threatening to poke you in the leg or worse if carried. the blade is workably sharp but 10 mins with the back of my leather belt and I was able to easily shave the hair on my arm off! ive never managed this on anything other than a scandi grind, impressive!. I intend to look after this knife as its unique and in short supply but I have every confidence that it will excel when needed. brilliant job guys (and thanks to the other half) (Posted on )
  5. Fabulous pocket/outdoors knifeReview by
    I ordered this chap on a whim with some reservations; but crikey what a knife! The steel is quire remarkable in that it looses its bonkers-sharp (paper-curling) edge almost immediately, but remains hair-popping sharp after several weeks of fairly hard use.

    The ergonomics take a few days to gets used to, but are intuitive and confidence-inspiring after that. It comes in handy like you wouldn't believe, both as a backup knife when camping and generally around the home/office.

    In the weeks I have had this, it has been used to good effect: wood processing, for feather sticks, cutting paracord, opening parcels and packaging, food processing/field dressing. In every arena it excels.
    (Posted on )
  6. Great piece of kit!! Review by
    Wanted a EDC knife, saw this on Heinnies site and was attracted by the different design, and quality of materials used. Ordered mine , I actually wanted a non engraved one but they were sold out, so went for the flag etched version anyway. It arrived early next morning, fantastic service as always from Heinnies!!
    Opened the box and was delighted with the knife. Fits in my hand nicely, opens smoothly with one hand, yes you can just feel it running over each bearing but still slick and easy. Tight enough not to fall open, and that's no bad thing as the blade was damn sharp straight out of the box as expected. The blade catch to stop it accidentally opening is a welcome feature, the blade out locking pin is usable, simple, effective, but by comparison to the rest of the knife, lacking in quality. Think another reviewer suggested getting a titanium one made up.( Maybe a option, but original is cheap and easy to replicate and replace with suitable size split pin! if lost !)
    Anyway , the knife, the extended tang makes opening the blade oh so easy,and makes it feel very secure in the open position, even without the pin being used. I was a little uncertain regarding the angled blade position, but having used it, it allows the wrist to stay in a straighter position (possibly stronger), and certainly for me a more comfortable and natural angle to use the knife so ergonomically I think Quartermaster and Heinnies have created a great tool, which feels and looks as if it's built to last .
    Great piece of kit.
    (Posted on )
  7. ace little tac-ti-cool EDC!Review by
    I had been looking for a quality EDC, and kept on coming back to the HH Mcgrew, I convinced myself I should have one! so my birthday came round and my wallet got lighter! firstly, it is beautifully turned out, quality materials well machined. I spent the first hour or so getting a feel for it. If you wrap your hand around the grip it feels small, there is not enough to fill your palm, but place your thumb or finger on the tang or gimping and the pistol grip crook of the handle to blade center line really works, I spent the next hour cutting a ton of heavy card board box's, the gimping can feel a bit biting over long use but you can move your thumb to the very tail of the tang which has the lighter gimping and let the skin cool off a bit, think I got a bit too much into it! but its nice and sharp out of the box and made that nice gliding sound when cutting! The tip is great for scoring, and the blade is thick enough for good strength but not so thick as to make it hard for push cuts, the edge holds up well and sharpens nicely too, The blade lock is I would say with this knife a must, the blade pivoting is very slick maybe a bit too slick! the bearings provide little stiction, the up side to this is it can be opened with a single hand. Over all a great knife, made in a way to last , with elements of QM's hyper-tech style but toned in a way to be more akin to every day use , the more time I spend using it the more I like it, truly worth having one. (Posted on )
  8. Turned out to be a great knifeReview by
    I wasn't sure that I had made the right decision when I ordered this knife. I had been looking at it for a few days and in the end I bit the bullet and hit the purchase button.
    I am aware of Heinnies great service but when the postman knocked on the door the next morning with a package they had surpassed themselves on a great turn around time.
    On opening the package the knife was a bit smaller in the hand than I was expecting, but this was a good thing. One of my worries was that it may have looked a bit to tactical for my liking. The funny thing is if you look at it on one side it looks like a lot of other knives but when you turn it over to see the titanium side it is another knife altogether. It wasn't as sharp as I would have liked out of the box but after touching the edge up on the sharpmaker it's amazing what kind of an edge it will hold.. I've been using it for a few days now and the edge has held well, it's still razor sharp after cutting into quite a few boxes and doing a few other jobs around the house.
    The blade opens just right, not to easy and not to hard. The grip for some strange reason seems to work well as well. I don't notice the angle of the blade at all, well not yet anyway.
    I was only looking at it today and it struck me that the heaviest part of this knife is the blade and what a blade it is, for the price I can't fault it.
    So all in all you have one happy customer and despite my misgivings before I hit the buy button I am very glad that I did.
    (Posted on )
  9. Like it lotsReview by
    Blade arrived yesterday, the usual lightning quick service from Heinnie, thanks guys.
    First impressions are positive; blade very sharp, no play in the pivot, all the finishing is properly done. The flag etching is a lot rougher than I was expecting not that it's a bad thing. It feels odd to hold initially but I expect I'll get used to that.
    Out of the box, the pivot is a little notchy; I'm not sure if that is the right word to use but you can feel the bearings moving and the blade sticks slightly over each one. I expect that this will smoothen out with time and use though.
    I agree with just about everyone that mentions it that the locking splitpin is the only real thing that lets it down in terms of quality. Not that I'll use it all that often but I may get a friend to turn me a titanium pin that will look a lot better. The closing lock seems a bit fragile but no one else has mentioned any issues with it so I accept that it is probably fine.
    All in all, I like it. I'm looking forward to carrying and using it. Its my first properly expensive knife (i.e. £100+) and it lives up to the kind of standard I would expect for that. I love that it looks different; and I'm a sucker for the tactical style.
    (Posted on )
  10. Light, sturdy, unusual.Review by
    For me this is an unusual knife. Unusual shape. Unusual brand, unusual cost. But my word is it worth it.

    The blade is keenly sharp. The opening and closing is smooth as butter. And the etching is excellent.

    I love this knife and I've only had it in my possession for hours.
    (Posted on )
  11. cool knifeReview by
    Nice knife, looks a little bit awkward but in the hand it's comfortable. Needed to tighten the Pivot as the knife would fall out from gravity alone but with a little tweaking it's silky smooth.

    A lot of of thought has gone into making the knife and looks great. Not for everyone but I love it.
    (Posted on )
  12. Superb knife, don't miss out on one of these.Review by
    I bought one way back when they were released, finally catching up with my reviews.

    My views on Quartermaster Knives weren't kind. They produced very bulky, very futuristic military styled knives, very angular and aggressive looking. Even the scales were aggressive with plenty of hot spots digging in when held. The knives are well made but too aggressive for my liking. Then came along the Quartermaster / HH collaboration and it perked my interest. It looked like a Quartermaster knife without the steroids. It looked cool. Usually Quartermaster have heroic names for their knives, like the characters of The A-Team. We get not Bond, but....Barney McGrew. Look him up if you're not in the know. Regardless, I wanted one.

    HH were kind enough to reserve me a number till payday and it was worth the wait.
    On arrival you can't help but feel the quality as soon as you hold it. The blade is razor sharp out of the box. The stonewash looks great. The contrast between the titanium and G10 is beautiful, and the laser etched flag just looks so cool. For the size the weight feels just about right and the extended tang isn't obtrusive as originally imagined. The G10 scales sit lovely in the hand - NO HOTSPOTS unlike previous Quartermaster models.

    The shape of the knife allows for more cutting power without force, and the jimping feels good against the thumb without digging in. The reverse tanto blade allows for the blade to be locked with a neat little sliding bolt that sits above the blade point. It's a real nice little touch, I wouldn't want this baby opening up in my pocket. Another neat idea is the holes through the tang and scales. You get a pin that when inserted through the holes will lock the blade. The pin you get to keep it locked is a bit of a let down but that is easily fixed.

    For the price you're getting an absolute bargain. G10, Titanium, S30V steel, stonewashed, laser etched and a unique design. Not forgetting limited edition. I love this knife. You will too.

    Don't miss out guys.
    (Posted on )
  13. Great Little KnifeReview by
    I’ve had my HH/Quartermaster collaboration ??? for a day now and I couldn’t be any happier with it. I did have a few reservations about the ergonomics before I actually got to handle it, but not any more.

    Straight out of the box this knife is razor sharp, perfectly centered and offers just enough friction that the blade doesn’t “flop”about (if it did its easy to rectify with an Hex /Allen key)

    The knife is actually smaller than it looks in photographs and although its certainly a rugged build, its not the usual Quartermaster “Block” of metal and G10 that you come to expect. It fits really well in the hand, opens easily with either one or two hands and can be closed just as easily. My initial reservations about the angle of the blade vanished as soon as i held and used the knife. The blade is 3mm thick and is a great “slicer” which makes a nice change from the overbuilt variety which don’t cut, but split! I do wonder why HH went for a reverse Tanto for a legal knife, in my opinion its one of the most aggressive looking blades they could have chosen. But that is not a criticism, just me wondering out loud.
    The knife fits the pocket really well, I’ve carried it around for most of the day and haven’t even noticed it. The clips strength is just about right, neither to aggressive or weak, which makes getting it out and putting it back in the pocket easy.

    I haven’t tried it with the split pin yet, but from a personal point of view, I can’t really see the need for it. And the chances of me remembering it are fairly slim.
    The laser etched Union Jack is a nice touch, the build quality and the components used are outstanding quality for the price point - For me its a perfect little EDC knife, well done guys.
    (Posted on )
  14. lovely knifeReview by
    I'm fed up of people pre-emptying the law. if nick2 wants to buy a knife maybe he wants to get one of those clekker wooden nife kits. Im waiting for payday on this one but as soon as the money hits the account ill be stright onto Henny's and snapping up one of these.

    S30v and G10 and titatium for £120 that's a bit of a bargin in my books. i was speaking to the boys last nite and terry already hasd one ansd its a nice bit of kit. the previous chap mentions the reverse tip which i like- it's odd, but individual, top marks to Henny's for having the * to produce thes with quatermaster.
    (Posted on )
  15. marmite!Review by
    Wow! this is not to everyone's taste. I can see what the previous reviewer means, but the law's the law, and this baby fits just fine. It's taken me a couple of daze to get used to the ergonomics. /i like the reverse tanto, but at first it took some doing. out of the box, this is hard to open, stiff,even but I guess I could adjust it if I wanted.
    MArmite? for me, i luvs it
    (Posted on )
  16. Get one nowReview by
    First reviewer is absolutely right, this knife is perfect. I already have five Quartermaster knives so I expected it to be good but I was still suprised by how good the ergonomics are. When open it feels absolutely rock solid and yet it isn't even locked.
    I will make a slightly controversial comment, don't carry the pin if you intend to carry this in the UK - it isn't worth the risk. If you need to lock it open any matchstick sized object will do. That is just an opinion however as mine is never leaving the house, it's too lovely to lose.
    (Posted on )
  17. Perfect in every wayReview by
    I've waited on this knife for a long time, Ioved the design at first sight. Now I finally have one the whole package has surpassed my expectations. Quartermaster and HH have made something delicately precise, yet at the same time brutally tough, a bit like a brain surgeon that works the doors at the weekend.
    Prior to arrival, fit and finish was a slight concern. Have no doubts, this knife is perfect, zero blade play, centering spot on, extremely sharp out the box.
    The bearing is a little bumpy at first, but after a few openings, goes gravity drop smooth.
    I can't understand how this knife has such a low price for its high specifications, but that's not a complaint.
    Get one now before they are gone. Congratulations HH and Quartermaster on an extremely successful collaboration.
    (Posted on )
  18. Buy one now Review by
    I got mine yesterday and it's a really well made knife, my second quartermaster knife and my first H/H collaboration knife and I couldn't wish for a better knife and uk legal, but it's to good to carry in a pocket with your keys and change. I better start looking for a nice leather pocket sheath as I want to use it as my EDC at least a couple of as my UKPK wants a break. Lol and top marks to H/H as alway. Buy one why you can as I've got number 004 and I want one without the flag if there's one left when I get paid. (Posted on )
  19. WoW!Review by
    Mine landed on my doorstep this morning. Thanks HH.

    It's been a while coming, but well worth the wait.

    I love the shape. I love the locked close. I love the flag. I love the locked open (If you take the pin with you). I love the finish.

    I don't love that they're limited edition. Saying that. I've got mine.
    (Posted on )

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