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Helikon-Tex Gunfighter Windblocker

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Helikon-Tex Gunfighter Windblocker

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Helikon-Tex Gunfighter Windblocker

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Helikon-Tex Gunfighter Windblocker

Helikon-Tex Gunfighter Windblocker



Gunfighter is a lightweight outer layer that provides maximum protection against wind, light rain and dirt thanks to a combination of Helikon-Tex® Windblocker membrane and DuPont™ Teflon® coating. Made to be used by LE/Mil units as operational apparel. The external layer stops wind, water and dirt while still getting the body moisture out. At the same time light fleece lining provides extra warmth. Foldable hood, stored in collar, can be easily adjusted through drawstrings in chest pockets and offers demanded head comfort in wet and windy conditions. Pockets setup stores essential equipment while allowing easy access in various body positions. Reinforced elbows allow freedom of movement during weapon operations. Biceps Velcro panels for ID purposes. The Gunfighter is a versatile and comfortable jacket for active duty in cold and temperate climate.


  • High performance / breathability ratio
  • Breathability: 8000g/m2/24h
  • Full front neck-to-waist two-way YKK® zipper with chin guard
  • Foldable, adjustable hood
  • Armpit ventilation zippers
  • ID Velcro panels on biceps
  • Bicep pockets with wiring eyelets
  • Internal chest pocket
  • Slide-through double zipper back pocket
  • Outer chest pockets with wiring eyelets, D-Rings and device slots
  • Left forearm pocket
  • Reinforced elbows
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop cuffs
  • Elastic corded bottom with quick-locks for individual fit
  • YKK® zipper
Raw material:
  • 4-way elastic Shark Skin (100% polyester)
  • DuPont™ Teflon® coating
  • Helikon-Tex® Windblocker membrane
  • Light fleece lining


Code HX-KU-GUN-FM-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Helikon-Tex
Fit: Articulated, Atomic Cut
Materials: 4-way stretch Shark Skin (100% polyester); DuPont™ Teflon® coating; Helikon-Tex® Windblocker membrane; Light fleece lining
Product Weight (g): 975
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. 12 month review.Review by
    I've been so impressed by this softshell that I felt it was worth doing a 12-month review.

    All the comments I made in my 1st review are still true just over a year later, and I've worn this jacket dozens of times over the past 12 months. A few comments on the good & maybe not so good:

    1) The DWR treatment of the material really does last well. Mine has worn away in a few places, e.g. the shoulders under where my backpack straps go, but this jacket still has the best DWR treatment of any jacket I've ever worn, including jackets costing 3-4 times the price. I wore it yesterday for 45 minutes in relatively heavy rain and none got through the DWR & shell material so I was completely dry. Very impressive.

    2) I hate hoods. They limit situational awareness and don't let you hear things properly. That being said, the hood on this jacket is the best I've ever used. The cinch cord lets it sort of shape around your head so that it keeps out the wind & rain but still maintains peripheral vision. It's probably not big enough to be compatible with a helmet, but if it's raining that hard that you need a hood on top of your lid then you should be wearing a hard shell jacket anyway.

    3) A note on sizing - if you're at the top of your particular size range this jacket will be a snug but in no way uncomfortable fit. If this is you, AND you intend to wear lots of layers underneath e.g. a fleece jumper with a base layer, consider going up a size. If you're in the middle of your size range you'll have enough room for a base layer & mid layer underneath with no problems.

    Some not so good things, though I really am being nit-picky here:

    4) Though the zips are reverse-coil, they're not actually water PROOF zips so under sustained heavy rain water will eventually get through the zips. Again though, if it's raining that much you should probably be wearing a hard shell.

    5) With the shoulder velcro squares and general layout this jacket does have quite a 'tactical' look about it. Not to the point where you would get funny looks walking around town, but it's something to be aware of if you have a need to be the 'gray man' for whatever it is you're doing.

    6) Though the brushed suede-type lining adds a bit of warmth and is very good at wicking sweat, in really cold weather you will need an extra mid-layer underneath this jacket. See my comment above about how this could affect the size you chose.

    Al in all this jacket has been very impressive to me. It's done me proud over the last year and will continue to do so for years to come. It's a genuine 3-season jacket that's very versatile and given the very reasonable price it's incredibly cost effective. Unhesitatingly recommended.
    (Posted on )
  2. Great jacketReview by
    Fantastic jacket had mine a little over a year now (and have a second new one in reserve), good pocket layout, scarily warm and windproof. cant comment on the hood, I never use it.

    Was initially worried about build quality as the elastic draw-cord let go at one side within a week... but the other side has held fast... probably just a dropped stitch or three. Its cut nicely plenty of room where you need it, could argue its a little short, but its not a parka.

    Pockets are roomy, internal compartments on the chest pockets and D-rings throughout that work nicely. Hard wearing, mines had a bit of a thrashing and doesn't look tatty or beaten up at all. Haven't had an issue with the cuffs at all.

    Over all fully recommended, nice hard wearing jacket, good pocket layout, comfortable, fast drying.
    (Posted on )
  3. Excellent soft shell.Review by
    The Helikon Gunfighter follows what appears to have become a standard pattern for 'tactical' soft shell jackets: DWR-coated 3-layer fabric, high chest pockets, bicep pockets on the arms, a duck pocket on the lower back and a forearm pocket on the left sleeve. So what sets the Helikon Gunfighter apart from the hordes of cheaper options available that follow the same pattern?

    1) I can honestly say this is the very first jacket I've ever owned where the DWR coating has actually proved to be both durable and water repellent. This isn't a hard shell so if you're going to be spending hours outdoors in pouring rain then you're going to get soaked, but the DWO on the Gunfighter will withstand light to medium rain for a good 10-15 minutes. Perfect if you're going to wear one of these just for commuting.

    2) Warm but also highly breathable. I bought one of these just before Christmas (***). I was abit concerned about the fleece lining because I tend to overheat when I'm active, but having worn this jacket now during winter and spring, including warmer days, I needn't have been concerned. The thin fleece lining will keep you significantly warmer than a simple wind breaker will, but the Gunfighter is impressively breathable, especially if you wear a wicking base layer underneath. This has proved to be one of the most breathable jackets I've ever worn,.

    3) Very comfortable fit & excellent quality of construction. Put simply, the Gunfighter is very comfortable to wear whilst walking, standing, running, sitting on a train or bus, anywhere doing anything. The fit is true to size while still giving room for a base layer and sweater (if you need it) underneath. The quality of construction is also excellent with not a single thread out of place.

    To sum up, the Helikon Gunfighter isn't the cheapest soft shell jacket by any means, but the comfortable fit, actual water repellent fabric and superb breathability make it stand out from the crowd. Unless you want to spend a LOT more money on something like a TAD Gear soft shell this is probably the best you're going to find. Very highly recommended for 3 season use.
    (Posted on )
  4. Good but some reservationsReview by
    It's warm (better with a base layer too). It's not waterproof, so you'll need a shell jacket too to stay totally dry. Comfy and looks good. Pointless pockets on the back of the jacket which are inaccessible for the most part and obviously uncomfortable if you try to sit and there's something inside it. The cuff straps are total rubbish.. constantly having to re-apply them. No hood wire to support the peak.
    (Posted on )
  5. Does the jobReview by
    Brilliant jacket, i work on the doors of a local club and the black looks the part, I can attach my license to the velcro on the arms and has good pocket on figuration. Lovely and warm and it has even held up in the odd rain spell. Looking to get a less serious / militaria colour for when I am out and about now. Top Notch to HH staff superb slick service from start to finish (Posted on )

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