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Helikon-Tex SFU Next

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Helikon-Tex SFU Next

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Helikon-Tex SFU Next

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Helikon-Tex SFU Next

Helikon-Tex SFU Next



EUROPEAN PATENT No.002379925-0001

SFU NEXT pants are the lower part of the Special Forces Uniform NEXT. This new spec is based on experience gathered from the previous SFU design. SFU NEXT pants also feature 9 easy-accessible pockets for storing essential equipment, reinforced seat part and knees along with kneepad compartments. Reinforced, loose cut improves freedom of movement.

  • Adjustable waist and cuffs
  • D-rings
  • Two front pockets
  • Two slim front EDC gear pockets with new closure type
  • Two back pockets with new closure type
  • Two thigh cargo pockets with Velcro flaps and button closure
  • Calf pocket with Velcro flap
  • Additional compartments with elastic bands in cargo pockets for spare magazines, first aid equipment (combat gauze) or other small essentials.
  • Reinforced knee parts with kneepad compartments
  • Reinforced seat
  • Buttoned fly


Code HX-SP-SFN-PR-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Helikon-Tex
Materials: (Black & Olive - 60% Cotton 40% Polyester Ripstop) (Khaki & PL Desert - 100% Cotton Ripstop)
Product Weight (g): 785


  1. I like themReview by
    I have two pair of these trousers and have enjoyed wearing them. Unlike some, I like the cut. They aren't meant to be fashionable, but functional, and for me they do it well. The stitching doesn't look the best, but I've not had any failures. I've had buttons fall off brand new pairs of very expensive trousers. (Posted on )
  2. Very good valueReview by
    Bought two pairs from Heinnie to go with two that I already own. These ones are a 'newer model' than my original pair with a number of improvements. Internal pockets in the (very large) cargo pockets, intended I suppose for magazines but fit my large phone perfectly. These are good for tools as well, keeps them snug without the pockets bulging out. The waistband tensioners have velcro now as well as the buckle. Still don't really like the button up fly but I'm used to it and it's not really a bother.
    I spend a fair bit of time on my knees on concrete floors fixing things, the material has yet to fail on any pair I have and the knee pad pockets are a good idea.
    (Posted on )
  3. decent for the priceReview by
    As for the bad fit that is user error and not the pants but the reviewers mistake, SFU series are deliberately over baggy. CPU a bit less but UTP are Helikons none baggy model so reviewer should have bought them. As for phones fitting mine does but those pockets are not made for phones so I wont praise/criticise on that as it is more luck, I find they fit tools perfect, and I imagine you could hold smg or pistol mags with them just fine which seems closer to the intended purpose, not a universal phone pocket.

    They do have downsides, the none twill rs version are nothing different to other cheap combats save for better hookloop on some sfu stuff or slightly better cut comnpared to other baggy combats, material is same as likes of teesar (standard thin c*p that isn't silent when new either which may affect some like hunters/wildlife togs etc). The twill ones are better than anything in close pricerange and are great. Knees take neoprene protectors and stand up to kneeling on concrete etc for me. The stitching on both types is hit and miss. Some need to tidy seems but I haven't but buttons have broke on mine. Waist adjusters are awful so I cut them and just wear a belt as they wont hold and I wear 2 inch bigger. For actual SFU military use they are totally not up to it but neither are most options without going close to triple figures or over. Eg. not NIR treated (Helikons pencott stuff is) and have poly in the mix so would melt to you with flash, admittedly wont affect anyone as operators would be getting other stuff issued anyway.

    I buy them from Poland at around £22ish and they are my main work pants, I currently have 8 or 9 pairs and no problems. Restitching with alterfil or similar I have no issues.
    (Posted on )
  4. Poorly madeReview by
    I've barely worn these trousers, but another button has just pinged off the fly, at a most inconvenient moment. If you're ill-advised enough to purchase them, I can only suggest that you re-stitch all the buttons. How reliable the rest of the stitching is remains to be seen. I was surprised at how much they faded after only one wash. Suppose they're great for sitting around in front of the telly in. (Posted on )
  5. Fair quality for the priceReview by
    I decided to buy these despite the negative reviews and im glad i did ! No these are nt the best combat trousers out there but for less then £30 what do you want? Yes the buttons will fall off of them, they have on every pair Helikons ive ever owned but for me its no big deal, 5 min in front of the telly with a needle and thread and the problem is sorted.
    I was pleasantly surprised by the weight of the material , whilst not heavy weight not as thin as some light weights ive had. The cut of the trouser whilst not fitted suits me just fine and the addition of velcro waist adjusters means that they actually stay at the size you set them at unlike traditional ones. Bang for buck i think these are decent enough trousers and i will be buying more.
    (Posted on )
  6. The Poor Stitching Isn't My Only GripeReview by
    I find the cut of these trousers absolutely awful, what a difference a diamond-shaped crutch-piece would make, instead Helikon-Tex have just made them really baggy. The fabric is not great quality, a few minutes of rain soaks it through. The stitching is second-rate throughout. I've had worse-made pants, but for a tenner or so more, you can get something so much better. I've been wearing combats for nearly 40 years, and spent around ten years working as a professional gear-tester and reviewer, so while I may have assessed these trousers rather quickly, I do have a good deal of experience of a large range of outdoor clothing. I regret buying these pants, they may have been cheap, but they were a waste of money. (Posted on )
  7. Awesome for the moneyReview by
    I just read the only other review and though that it did not do the trousers justice. I have had three pairs of Helikon SFU (one pair of the new next ones) for a good few years and have definitely put them through their paces.
    Sure I have had a fly button fall off, but if that is your biggest criticism then that's good. I also have a Samsung Galaxy Note with a chunky case that fits in the small front pocket, it sticks out the top a little. If you don't like that, may I suggest you try one of the other 7 pockets which are a lot bigger.

    Sure if you spend more you will get better quality, as is the same with anything but for £28 you won't get better than these.

    Although I have given up with the knee pads which definitely need to be rethought as you need about 10 minutes per knee and an in depth knowledge of origami.
    (Posted on )
  8. One step up from PrimarkReview by
    First day I wore them, one of the fly buttons came off, and looking at the stitching I doubt the others will be far behind. These are OK 'play pants', but really only one step up from Primark in terms of build quality. The design is better than the previous SFUs, but still fails - my Samsung Galaxy (not an especially large phone) is too big for the phone pocket for example. My advice is save your pennies and buy some 5:11s, they're in a different class, and better in every way. (Posted on )

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