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Helle Eggen

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Helle Eggen

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Helle Eggen

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Helle Eggen

Helle Eggen



This is a good practical Helle Knife that works well for outdoor activities. The handle is a bit larger than the Fjellkniven and has a nice indent to help keep your hand firmly on the wood. The drop point blade has a nice satin finish. Not the best choice for a skinner but it will get the job done. Overall length of 8 .5", blade length of 3 875"

The Helle Knives are made of triple laminate stainless steel. The center portion is of high quality stainless steel that tests out to be 58-59 on the Rockwell scale. The outside steel is 18/8 stainless. This makes a blade that is very sharp. Each blade is made under the strictest quality control in the modern Helle factory. Each handle is handmade by quality craftsman and, because of the nature of wood, may vary slightly. Unlike most handmade or custom knives, these knives are very affordable. Each blade is made of triple laminated steel. The center section is a high quality stainless steel that tests out to 59 on the Rockwell scale. Each side of the blade is composed of the famous 18/8 stainless steel. This combination allows the manufacturer to create a blade that is extremely sharp without being brittle. These blades are so highly thought of in Europe that many custom knife makers use the Helle blades and create their own handles and sheaths.


Code HELLE75
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Helle
Blade Material: Laminated Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 9.8
Overall Length (cm): 21.6
Handle Material: Wood


  1. this is a very k knife Review by
    very nice indeed, everything i could ask for in a knife . good handle super sharp blade (Posted on )
  2. Fantastic KnifeReview by
    I bought my Eggen from HH at least 12 years ago. over the years I've used this knife an awful lot. It has never let me down. The edge retention is better than any other knife I own - and I own a few! This is by far my favourite for game dressing and butchery. It's great for bushcraft type carving and camp chores. I would replace this knife immediately with another Eggen if were to lose it (heaven forbid!).
    Probably the best quality for value knife I've ever owned.
    (Posted on )
  3. Helle Lam. Stainless SteelReview by
    The sheath, construction and finishing of the knife are good for me. What I didn't like was the steel used. The scandi grind used in conjunction with the steel they used (an undisclosed laminated steel) gave the blade very poor edge retention, with numerous micro chips forming very easily. For this reason I don't recommend this knife, or any Helle with the same steel used. (Posted on )
  4. best knifeReview by
    I heard about Helle when I was 14.
    I bought the Helle Eggen in Norway. I just want a knife who, looks good, is perfectly balanced, from the best qualaty and made in Norway. So I don't 'just' bought my best knife. I am now 17 yo and I have learn a lot about knifemaking, forging and quality of knifes and I forging them myself. I can tell you the Eggen is one of the best. The Eggen is always my most precious example. I just say: He is worth.

    Bob van der Ende
    The Netherlands
    (Posted on )
  5. still loving this knifeReview by
    A few more months down the road and this knife still comes out tops, I have alot of knives but this is still my favorite, even more so than my trusted mora knives. Keep it topped up with linseed oil and it will look like new after every trip. However back of blade is soft so don't go scratching it with a fire steel, I did but autosol polished it up like new again. (Posted on )
  6. I had one…Review by
    I had one of these a few months now, this is a great knife, it is much tougher than it looks and a joy to use! The sheath is a good design and fits snug. Like all scandi blades its easy to sharpen and doesnt weigh too much either. Also the handle is suited to larger hands if needed. (Posted on )
  7. Helle EggenReview by
    Im back to say I've had this knife since April 09, and I'm still loving it to bits, I finally bought a whetstone to touch it up, having been using wet&dry sandpaper for months I needed something a little more portable, this knife sharpens really well, I love the chunky handle its nicely planted in my hand, as I have large hands still its perfect.
    This knife has done plenty of work and even though I'm by the sea it still looks great. A must for any knife enthusiast. HH 5 star service
    (Posted on )
  8. Helle EggenReview by
    Amazing quality knife for its money,
    quality through and through, leather sheath is really nice, smooth fitting.
    Without having much experience sharpening
    however i can get a scary sharp edge on this blade, probably the scandinavian bevel.
    I fancy the Earth next.
    (Posted on )

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Questions & Answers

What wood is used in this product please
Ho John, Curly birch handle.
Heinnie Haynes answered on 20 December 2017

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