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Hultafors Felling Axe HY10

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Hultafors Felling Axe HY10

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Hultafors Felling Axe HY10

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

From: £49.95
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Hultafors Felling Axe HY10

Hultafors Felling Axe HY10

From: £49.95


An axe suitable for small-scale felling, made from blasted and clear-lacquered ironwork. The shaft is curved and made from hickory.

  • The axe is hand-forged and made from Swedish axe steel using traditional methods in use since 1697.
  • The steel is stuck several times, increasing its density and thereby the durability of the axe.
  • Has a clear tempered zone within which the axe can be sharpened whilst not detracting from the strength of the edge.
  • The shaft is made from hickory and treated with linseed oil.

There is a choice of axe head weight; 1000g, 1200g or 1500g.

Shaft lengths and cutting edges may vary slightly however as a rough guide the 1000g has a 9.5cm edge and 63.0cm shaft, the 1200g has a 10.0cm edge and a 63.0cm shaft and the 1500g has a 11.0cm edge and 73.0cm shaft.


Code HULT-840-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Hultafors
Blade Material: Swedish Axe Steel
Handle Material: Hickory
Sheath: No


  1. 8yrs on......Review by
    purchased from yourselves over 8 yrs ago and used a lot in my work on clearance jobs and tree work, great workhorse!! takes an edge easy and great handle and balance, should see me out. (Posted on )
  2. good axe Review by
    nice axe ,sharp out the box ,nice shaft well worth the money and HH normal fast delivery (Posted on )
  3. Love it!Review by
    Amazing service from Heinnie as usual. I chose to get my axe delivered to a UPS drop off point, absolutely perfect! Picked it up on my way home from work.

    Now on to the Axe itself. I was in two minds of what to buy that would be suitable to process rounds for my log burner, I was looking at mauls mostly but wanted a bit more finesse than a big lump of steel. I decided that as the rounds of wood that I would most likely processing weren't going to be much bigger than 30cm I opted for the 1.5kg. I spent an hour tops, filing a smoother convex edge and then on to my DC4. I was really surprised how sharp it quickly became. I finished it off with a strop. It is now shaving sharp, no bull.

    The steel is of a very high quality and has retained its edge even after processing x10 30cm long and 40cm diameter rounds of beech and a 4m length of 25cm ash.
    This axe is a joy to use, I'm an engineer by trade and can appreciate the skill gone in to hand forging such a piece. I have a Small Forrest Axe from GB and can tell where the money has been saved on this axe. However, a little work from yourself and you're in the same small ball park as the "Gold Standard" Axe manufacturer.

    Other reviews have mentioned the handle needing some work but I've found it perfectly serviceable and is already coming up to a pleasant used sheen. A sheath would be a nice addition especially considering the dangerous edge that I've put on it!
    Paying 3 times as much for another brand just to get a sheath and a finished edge is just a waste of money guys. This axe is built to last and I can well imagine passing it down to my son.

    Excellent axe
    Excellent service
    Excellent price
    (Posted on )
  4. 1.2 version is a great little fellerReview by
    Choose the 1.2 kgs version, as have heavier axes and splitters. Wanted something slightly lighter , faster easier swing , same momentum as heavier slower axe, less energy expended per swing , works for me, great little axe, cuts really deep when chopping, (felling) splits rounds well, but tend to use my splitting axe for that task.
    Needed some work done to bring blade up to what I wanted, but was usable and sharp out of the packet. Good handle to head fit, good straight grained handle , needed sanding as a little rough.
    It has taken a great working edge and held it .
    Value for money, needs a little attention to finish it , but at the price happy to put some work in to get what I wanted.
    Negatives. No blade sheath, only a flimsy blade rubberise cover to protect in shipping. Hultafors less than helpful to date, as they sell Hults Bruks in the States with leather covers. Can I get one, oh no!! It's a quality sharp tool, will have to make my own blade sheath. For the price of the axe , I'm happy and can sort the sheath issue out.
    I have 3 Hultafors axes now and am happy with them all.
    Great service from Heinnies, next day delivery.
    (Posted on )
  5. Good value, requires a little work to be perfect.Review by
    Got the 1.5 kilo axe with the longer shaft, and it suits my size perfectly, for reference i'm 1m75 so absolutely average.
    It needs sharpening when you get it, i recommend a bastard file or you will take far longer than you would want, it takes a very clean edge and the tempering is good (verified with a hardness test).
    Shaft will need work if you have smaller hands and/or want a cleaner finish, i would also recommend you oil it regardless of the above.

    Performance wise, its a beast once sharpened, chews wood np, you will find yourself making very little swings to take down or split anything you put up against it.

    But do keep in mind to make it this functional it will take work from your part! If you don't like to tinker and work with your gear, this is not the product for you.
    (Posted on )
  6. GreatReview by
    Great axe great service from HH team (Posted on )
  7. 1500g - fairly big beast, great value!Review by
    Quite a beefy axe this and bigger than I expected, but nicely balanced and solidly built. It will be fine for what I have in mind which is splitting large rounds with relatively little effort. On mine the head is marked as ‘1500g / 3.5lb’, so the imperial measure is slightly higher than the metric.

    Whilst the fit and finish isn’t quite as good as Gransfors, but you pays your money etc....and it’s great value. Handle is slightly rough but nothing that a bit of sandpaper and linseed oil won’t sort out. The head is nicely aligned to the shaft although strangely the cutting edge isn’t quite parallel with the poll i.e. the heel to poll distance is slightly shorter than the toe to poll distance – not sure whether this is by design, but it doesn’t bother me hugely.

    Would buy another.....

    Usual exemplary service from Olly, Julie and Linda at HH and arrived within 24 hours!
    (Posted on )
  8. Happy man!Review by
    Got this axe in the post today i have got the 1500g, I am very pleased with this axe it is made very well, i have just chopped 2 tonnes of wood with ease, the axe held up very well there isn't a mark on it and the edge is still incredibly sharp. The axe is such a good weight you can use in with one hand comfortably! it is almost effortless to use because of the weight. Thankyou heinnie haynes you have made me a very happy man! (Posted on )

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