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Hultafors Heavy Duty Knife

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Hultafors Heavy Duty Knife

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Hultafors Heavy Duty Knife

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In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Hultafors Heavy Duty Knife

Hultafors Heavy Duty Knife



The Hultafors Heavy Duty Knife is a powerful and durable ground knife suitable for coarse work such as prizing, breaking and hacking. A unique method for attaching the sheath around a button on your work clothes means it does not loosen, but is easy to remove. The knife blade is manufactured in Japanese knife steel, 3 mm carbon steel that has been hardened to 58- 60 HRC. The cutting edge has been sharpened with a double edge angle and a final honing on a leather strop. The handle and sheath are made of extra durable PP plastic. The sheath fits just as well on your belt as on your buttons. If your belt is thick, cut away the small pin on the cover.


Code HULT-380020
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Hultafors
Blade Material: Carbon steel
Blade Length (cm): 9.5
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Overall Length (cm): 22.8
Handle Material: Polymer
Sheath: Yes


  1. Great valueReview by
    I'm surprised that a knife made in Sweden (I think) is so cheap. Very functional great weight and feel in the hand, with a sturdy “Carbon Steel” blade which I assume is stainless too.

    Be great if Hultafors made a leather sheath as an option but that would probably put the cost up.
    (Posted on )
  2. Buy it - you need this knifeReview by
    Great knife solid absolutely indestructible iv used it in various military operations as I realised how sturdy it was and the cheap price and this thing is bomb proof I used it to pry doors open chop throught things and for close up combat it did all that with ease then after I left the military its been my batoning and heavy use knife along side a mora for other tasks.

    Definitely reccomend it
    (Posted on )
  3. Fantastic Working Knife.Review by
    I love the feel of this knife,it's quite weighty in the handle which i like.Sharpness was ok,but i did have to resharpen the blade,which is no big deal.For the price this is fantastic working knife,ideal for garderning,and camping. (Posted on )
  4. OK 1 lite?Review by
    Just received 2 of these via HH's usual speedy service. Tried one in the garden & the shed. The other is for a project for which I'll need to remove the handle. They arrive lightly oiled & reasonably sharp. The faux Scandi grind with micro bevel is a bit rough & the finish is a little primitive but it's a great product for pocket money. The sheath is worth the price (£6) on its own! Finished up better, black coated & a fire starter holder added with a ground spine & you've got an OK1 but then it's 5 times the price! Buy 2, polish & hone one & dress up the sheath with Paracord & add a firesteel & you've got a Superb Bushcraft knife for under a tenner! Put the other in a safe place as a backup in case by some miracle you manage to break the first one. Spend the £17 you've saved on more goodies! (Posted on )
  5. Heavy duty Hultafors...!Review by
    Got one of these as a gift, really like the knife itself but not the sheath.
    You can't fit to a belt & the button attaching idea ???
    going to get one of the inexpensive basket weave pattern leather sheaths & still have a good inexpensive outdoor working knife.
    (Posted on )
  6. Slightlt dissapinting but can't complainReview by
    It came shaving sharp and the grind looks ok, if a little wobbley. The handle and sheath do feel cheap but what do you expect? But if you're inclined you could easily reshape the handle with a little carivng/grinding. If you're that way inclined.

    What really got me was the fact that it deteriorated quite quickly.

    People are saying it will last a life time and that it will hold an edge. However my experiwnce is very different. I've had it three weeks and it's began rusting. I've been storing it dry, in a drawer but the rust keeps creeping, in fact it started to tarnish and slightly blacken/turn greyish after it's first use. Plus all i've used it for is to cut a few pieces of salami and a few mangos and it's already dull as heck.

    Maybe it's just me, maybe my house is humid and i need to treat my blade with oil to prevent currosion.
    (Posted on )
  7. ModReview by
    For those who like the knife, but not the sheath belt attachment, you can make a simple belt loop, like I did. Bought some one inch webbing strap, by the meter, for maybe two pounds. Bought some jean buttons for maybe two pounds, amazon. Cut yourself your desired loop size. Hammer the jean buttons through the loop near the bottom, holds webbing loop firmly; no need for sewing. Then take a lighter and melt the bottom edges of webbing. Seals it nice and firm. Then slip button through sheaths hole. Viola. Sheath sorted, nice and cheap. Makes a superb, inexpensive, robust knife, even better. (Posted on )
  8. The Opinel of fixed baldesReview by
    For years I ignored Hultafors and Mora dismissing them as cheap tools with no appeal, like your basic kitchen knife from Poundland. Then I came across a few videos, like the one from the Dutch guys, and one acquaintance who has a Mora. Serependity made me find a Hultfors GK first. And I am glad I got one. This is a simple knife but very strong, very sharp, and very functional. Big handle you can really exert force with (no silly shape that gets into your palm or fingers). Also very non'threatening, with its plastic green handle. Something you would expect on a scout or a forester's belt.The Opinel of fixed blades. This knife, I would not hesitate to lend my son when he is oder and goes to one of his scout camps. If he breaks it or looses it, big deal, under £10, we'll buy another. Next a Mora robust to do a comparison! (Posted on )
  9. Heavy , Thick & Robust Review by
    Really liked the look and reviews on this knife , so i bought one and it really does impress , good weight , solid build and feel , really good sheath with thumb notch release and really sharp out the box , superb bushcraft and camping knife at an unbeatable price (Posted on )
  10. Tough...... and crazy value.Review by
    You'll search a long time for a tougher, better made and versatile knife for less than six quid.

    Throw one into your next purchase bundle. Use it for all those dirty jobs and if it gets damaged or mislaid....get another. A tool, not a gadget, or status toy.
    (Posted on )
  11. Update ReviewReview by
    After using this knife for awhile, I've made some refinements that have made a tremendous difference. First, I made a dangler for the sheath, as I hated the belt loop. Now the sheath rides perfectly. Secondly, I removed the secondary micro bevel, turning it into a proper scandi, and refined the edge a bit (all by hand). With a light touch, I can now get very fine curls. Last, I did a better job squaring off the spine using first a file and then refining it further on diamond stones. Now not only is it a nice 90 degrees, but it also looks a lot better.

    This knife gets wicked sharp and holds an edge well. I've had no rust problems either. So, for just £6 and a bit of elbow grease, this has turned out to be a very usable bushcraft knife. I still dislike the handle colour, and may try to spray paint it, if it'll work. :)
    (Posted on )
  12. Top notch knife Review by
    Nice & solid that's all (Posted on )
  13. Outstanding ValueReview by
    This knife, at the time of writing this review, is priced at just under six pounds. For that price, you get a good, solid, proven, workhorse of a knife. It's plenty sharp straight out of the sheath, and can slice and baton all day long. Check abuse test videos on YouTube and you will see what value your getting, for a very cheap blade. This and the (HVK) orange handled craftsman's model, are all you need for a decent bushcraft knife. (Posted on )
  14. Frustratingly useableReview by
    I have had this knife for about 10 months now, and have held off doing a review because I don't actually like it but end up using it all the time. I will try and explain why but I thinks it's more emotional than practical.

    Out of the envelope (no box for this price I'm afraid) mine had a slightly wonky grind -the first and last inch was utility sharp, the middle inch or so completely blunt. The fit and finish reflects the price.

    What's good then. Firstly it sharpens up stupidly sharp - hair whittling, face shaving sharp. I have had no problems with rust, the handle is still firmly attached and the sheath hasnt broken. The spine is unfinished but mine scrapes well and strikes a ferro rod if that's something you care about. The handle is big and comfortable for prolonged use.

    So what's not to like for a knife costing so little - well it's hard not to compare it to a Mora, and the comparison is poor. The belly is too sweeping and the point too high to be useful. I prefer using the Mora's tip for all sorts of precision work. It's not a true scandi grind, making free hand sharpening hard and it doesn't bite into wood so well (it's tough though). It's a bit shorter, there's more useable edge on the mora for no weight gain. I disagree with the previous poster on the heft of this knife, chopping has been futile in my experience (maybe down to technique or reliance on heavy knives in the past?) . The sheath is pathetic, mine doesn't retain the blade very well at all and the attachment mechanism is a joke - the only button I have found that it can attach to that has enough strength is my fly, and trust me there are lots of reasons not to carry your knife dangling there. It does attach to a belt, but the connectors are flimsy looking and I haven't figured out how to add or remove the sheath to my belt without taking the knife out of the sheath first. Ok it can be modified, but the mora sheath retains the knife and has a handy belt clip.

    So why do I use it so much? Because I don't care if it breaks so I use it for lots of abusive tasks and apart from a few bits of damage to the handle where I beat the knife through a steel nail using a hammer it's still working fine and sharp as ever.

    Is a mora 3 times as good? No. Is it worth an extra tenner? Probably. If you want a knife for rough work around the garage or a fiver is all you can afford this might be the choice for you.
    (Posted on )
  15. Tough knife - Excellent valueReview by
    Just back from the woods testing my new Hulfators Heavy Duty. Made some feather sticks, carved some notches, and hacked through a wrist sized fallen limb (just for the heck of it). The knife performed superbly, and not surprisingly, was just as hair popping sharp as when it arrived this morning. I did need to sharpen the unfinished spine a bit in order to throw sparks off a ferro rod.

    The knife has more heft to it than I expected, and the handle is very comfortable to my hand in all grips. Throughout the work I put it through, there was zero hand fatigue.

    The sheath holds the knife fine. I have nothing to add over what everyone else has said about it. I'll be putting a rivet button (like on jeans) through a folded piece of leather or webbing in order to make a more usable belt loop.

    This knife has met my expectations, having watched several videos about it before buying. It's nothing fancy. Just looks and feels like a tool, and it does it's job very well. I would say it's a fantastic value at the price.
    (Posted on )
  16. great valueReview by
    Bought 6 for our scout group. Really impressed. Tough as old boots. The blade quality is excellent, the finish is mass manufactured but at £5.95 it 's a serious bargain. (Posted on )
  17. hultafors heavy dutyReview by
    Solid knife, very sharp..
    also ordered Friday around 4.20 pm & turned up sat morning 10.15 am, how the **** you do that beats me...
    many companies should send their staff for training with you!
    (Posted on )
  18. OutstandingReview by
    Only two knives have ever drawn my own blood: this and my first Spyderco Endura IV. Both due to my own cack-handedness. Wickedly sharp as delivered and tough as old boots. I'd buy another in a heartbeat, but I don't think I'll ever wear this one out. Among other fixed blades I have a Mora at twice the price; an F1 at way more than that, which is a thing of beauty; and a Glock field knife; but you simply can't beat this for value. Just don't stick it in your own thumb ...

    Exemplary HH lightning fast service goes without saying.
    (Posted on )
  19. Knife came poorly finished.Review by
    Hand your money over and get an unfinished product. Not a great deal. It will cut but I can get better finished butter knives for this price. Buy if you want to practise sharpening knives. Granted, you won't break them without a lot of effort. (Posted on )
  20. The ToughestReview by
    This knife is a crowbar with a razor's edge. Tough, sturdy and reliable. You could buy a knife for £500 but you won't do any better than this. If you need a bushcraft knife this is the way to go. HH delivered within 21 hours. Fantastic value! (Posted on )
  21. Hultafors Heavy Duty KnifeReview by
    I have bought 2 of those over the years and still have them as they were in day one. The blade is indicated to be carbon steel but never shown a sign of rust neither before nor after the patina I made on it. My opinion is tha for a general purpose camping knife it is very durable and will serve every task properly. There is nothing really bad to say about it, specially consideringthe price. The handle is a bit big but this makes the grip feel good. Great postal service and international shipping to Greece from Heinnie. Thanks (Posted on )
  22. solidReview by
    Top piece of kit. Good for carving meat off the bone. Easy to sharpen.
    (Posted on )
  23. How much?!Review by
    Unbelievable value and sturdier than a very sturdy thing. Sharp, too. (Posted on )
  24. needs a buddieReview by
    Lives in my forestry tool bag next to the finer stainless plumbers knife. It's broad blade hard as nails! But would miss its slimmer buddie! I'm glad I got the pair. (Posted on )
    Light enough to carry easily, tough (and cheap) enough to beat the hell out of! The blade always sharpens up nicely and when reversed ignites fire steels with ease. The simple, no frills sheath works well too.
    I've had knives of all shapes, sizes, weights and prices; this however remains my absolute favourite allrounder.
    For a fiver you simply won't find a better knife!
    (Posted on )
  26. Hulta-Force!Review by
    This is the best value sheath knife there is on the market. Excellent steel, bomb-proof construction and thick razor sharp factory edge. Mora must be a little worried! (Posted on )
  27. Great Knife at a Great PriceReview by
    Ordered along with the Hultafors RFR(Blue Stainless), extremely quick Heinnie service, the knife is excellent, will last me a long time, holds a great edge, and comes very sharp. Already cut my finger!

    Cheers HH!
    (Posted on )
  28. Hultafors' Heavy Duty KnifeReview by
    What an outstanding knife, true value for money! With a massive ergonomic molded plastic handle and a 9.5 cm blade that is 3mm thick, this thing is beefy! As a result of this it will take a real beating! It's made of Carbon steel as well so strength and edge retention won't be much of a problem! (Posted on )
  29. Fantastic Knife, Unbelievable ValueReview by
    If you want a knife that does knife things, this is the knife you need.
    Sharpens up like a razor, strong blade, durable handle.
    Outstanding Value.
    Bought a couple of these as a project.
    Going to remove the handle and replace it with hardwood, also will find a leather sheath.
    (Posted on )
  30. BargainReview by
    Picked mine up from the post office today after the legendary HH service outdid itself again, ordered late Friday so expected it early next week, came Saturday morning while I was out.

    It's a little rough around the edges and the grind isn't perfect, but it is a VERY sturdy lump of metal for very little money.

    Bargain for a hard use and abuse knife.
    (Posted on )
  31. Awesome valueReview by
    Sharp, sturdy, tang is long enough, equally long as the cutting edge.
    The handle is comfy and not slippery.
    (Posted on )
  32. You'd be a fool. . . .Review by
    ...not to get at least one of these (if you can find a better value knife than this [but you won't] please let me know)! (Posted on )
  33. For the money…Review by
    For the money I can't think of a single reason not to buy this!

    It's solid and well made, comes very sharp out the box, slices paper easily and shaves nicely, has a surprisingly good handle, and a rather good sheath.

    For ú6 you can't afford not to buy this.
    (Posted on )
  34. Great valueReview by
    Very sturdy, and razor sharp out of the box. Also much heavier than I thought it would be.
    The back of the blade is poorly finished and the grind isn't pretty, but it's a good bit of kit. The sheath is OK too. For ú6 you can't go wrong.
    (Posted on )
  35. A mini LeukkuReview by
    Ordered Sunday arrived this morning.
    No not as sharp as expected especially at the tip but it makes feather-sticks fine, chops & slices various foodstuff with aplomb, though of course a little too thick for the kitchen.
    It is heavy, nearly twice the weight of the Mora Miki I normally use but the solidity gives you confidence. Nice large handle with great ergonomics, grip is fine wet or dry, no slippage, though I have not tried oil or blood. The sheath is great for what it is, tough plastic, has a drainage hole, holds the knife very securely but still allows quick access.
    I bought this to live in the tool shed to help process wood for the chimnea, should excel at this. On first impressions I stand by my title.
    (Posted on )
  36. Great Knife, Even Greater ServiceReview by
    Ordered this knife from Wales on Thursday at 11.00 AM received it in London at 10.50 AM Friday the following day. Magic. Unbelievable service. (Posted on )
  37. Very good for the moneyReview by
    Not as sharp as the Mora Hunter. Also, less features and not finished as well. However, as a hard use knife, this is ideal. The Mora will take an edge akin to a straight razor, mine has. However, it will be brittle, so I think I'll leave this knife as it is. Tough and fairly sharp. (Posted on )
  38. MrReview by
    Did some research into this knife and found a youtube video of a guy putting this thing through its paces. It held up extremely well. He even nailed this thing into a log and stood on it a few times and it still didn't give up the ghost. I like a well made durable knife, so yesterday I ordered 2 of these and the Hultafors Craftsmans Knife Carbon (the one with the black and orange grippy handle) and they arrived this morning. First class service from Heinnie H as usual. These knives come very sharp out of the box. Sure the spines on the blades are a little rough but personally I like that as it gives my thumb some tactile feedback when I use it. Cool! (Posted on )
    Tough, sharp, cheap, with a sheath that can be washed and that knife doesn't fall out of - what's not to like here?
    Good sized handle, decent blade -
    (Posted on )
  40. Very good knife! Perfect for bushcraftReview by
    An excellent knife, shaving sharp OTB...Will do anything you throw at it, my last knife was a Companion, and I must say I like this better!

    5 stars

    Could have an extra half inch on the blade.
    (Posted on )
  41. best value for moneyReview by
    This knife will perform every bushcraft task required of it. The best 5 quid you will ever spend. (Posted on )
  42. great value,Review by
    Well as always amazing service from HH. When I ordered this knife I also decided to buy the orange handle HVK model as thought the thinner blade might be a little better for general bushcraft. I love both these knives as amazing value and do the job at hand, for a tool knife at a great price you can't go wrong with these. (Posted on )
  43. HD KnifeReview by
    Love the prompt delivery and comms as always spot on from H/H. Great knife, sturdy nice feel handle, shaving sharp blade, value for the money XXL and then some. This one's going to be a reliable bit of kit for my sons entry level to bushcraft canoe wildcamp with me on the UK waters and woodland. Nice one! (Posted on )
  44. hultaforsReview by
    What a knife for the money, buy one now, good firm grip, will take a good hammering in the woods, 5*****. Well done HH. (Posted on )
  45. heftyReview by
    What a knife. A blade so thick and strong you could lever an MP off their expenses. well nearly. Bought one for using on my walking stick course. Am sending for some more for my students to use. At this price whats not to like. (Posted on )
  46. Hultafors HDReview by
    Bought this as a compact alternative to the Mora 2000. Blade is shorter, handle is longer... Result, they are the same length. Moral... read the description properly ! Blade is thicker than the Mora, and the knife just feels 'right'. Downside - back edge of blade is poorly finished. Upside - By hell, does it work on a firesteel! Serious sparks! And you won't be worried about damaging it. For change out of ú8, you are not going to beat this knife, or the excellent Heinnie service. (Posted on )
  47. Value for money!Review by
    This is a lot of knife for the money. It represents amazing value for money and I don't say things like that lightly. Came very sharp and IMO is better than a Mora certainly more robust. Thinking of buying another would make a nice gift. (Posted on )
  48. Mora beater?Review by
    Many similarities the the Mora range. This model has a slightly rough finish to the spine and the point was a little out, but very strong and came sharp. Sheath system also similar to Mora and protects the knife from accidental unsheathing. Had there been an extra inch on the blade length would have been great for batoning etc. As is very good all round fixed blade at amazing price. (Posted on )
  49. High value knife.Review by
    I bought one of these knives after seeing an x-ray of the handle. A problem with some of these cheap fixed blade knives is the tang could be shorter than you realize, ending just inside the handle.
    This one is nearly full length giving enough strength for heavy tasks such as battening.
    You can test this for yourself using a magnet.
    It would make a good basis for a project, re-handled in hardwood, horn, bone etc.
    It is amazing how they can produce a knife of this quality at this price, I might have to buy a couple more to "play" with the handle, although they have a simple beauty of their own as standard.
    So an excellent very sharp blade and a "full sized" handle for under 8 quid delivered, it would be daft not to buy at least one.
    Even the sheath isn't as bad as I expected for the money.
    (Posted on )
  50. SteveReview by
    Great value in this knife. Sharp from the factory. Very clever design of the sheath.
    A no-nonsense, tough work knife, if that's what you're after then look no further and at a price that's kind on the pocket.
    (Posted on )
  51. QualityReview by
    This has got to be 1 of the Best Knifes I have ever owned, Sheer Quality ! , Razor Sharp OTB , Great Tool and Great Service from HH as usual. (Posted on )
  52. Really impressed!Review by
    Great knife! As the name (Duty) sugests, this is an absolute power house of a knife. I've convexed mine like another reviewer and it is unbelievably sharp, even after battoning some dried hardwood it is still razor sharp. The sheath is better than I thought I was going to get for the price as well.

    Any more money spent on a bushcraft knife is just extravagance!

    Excellent, less than 24hr service from HH, thank you.
    (Posted on )
  53. The Incredible HultReview by
    Better than a Mora and cheaper too. (Posted on )
  54. ImpressedReview by
    I've just Convexed mine and it has come up a treat. Thickness of blade allows this. I'll have another one please! (Posted on )
  55. Bladdy 'ellReview by
    A hefty, well made knife to abuse.... for this price??? well here's the catch...

    Oh, there isn't one.

    Get your hands of one or two today becuase at this price they not going to be around for long!
    (Posted on )
  56. BeastReview by
    Top value for money, solid, heavy duty, razor sharp, with a nice big handle for larger hands. Thick 3mm blade superb for battoning etc, but still ok for delicate stuff.
    Sheath is better than I thought and holds the knife firmly.
    Move over Mora!
    Was my first order from HH and it arrived less than 24 hours from order!

    Top marks all round.
    (Posted on )
  57. Heavy DutyReview by
    This is top knife for the money. 3mm and razor sharp if you only need a do all this is it. H.H. NEXT day top marks. (Posted on )
  58. Hultafors Knives: Heavy Duty KnifeReview by
    Nice, I'm really pleased with this knife. It's very sharp and sturdy and feels better in my hand in comparison to the last Mora I purchased. It would make a really good camping, bushcraft knife where for the price you won't be afraid to put it to the test. (Posted on )

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