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Imalent DN70

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Imalent DN70

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Imalent DN70

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Imalent DN70

Imalent DN70



The IMALENT DN70 offers 3800 lumens in a handheld flashlight.

It is a versatile USB rechargeable LED tactical flashlight with multi-level output and an OLED display. The OLED display shows battery voltage, output, charging, and has a flashing overheat warning, which makes it much easier and more simple to know the current status of the flashlight during use.

Utilizing the latest CREE XHP70 LED the aluminum OP (orange peel) reflector helps the beam to be distributed more evenly. There are four output levels with a maximum of 3800 lumens and a tactical-switch button making it easy to operate.

This is an outstanding pocket size flashlight, supported by a single cell 26650 4500mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. Its advanced temperature control module, low-voltage warning, and low-power protection make the DN70 the perfect flashlight for working, exploring, searching, rescue and as an EDC.

Product Features

  • Utilizes the latest CREE XHP70 LED
  • Lifespan up to 50000 hours with maximum output of 3800 lumens.
  • Includes a built-in USB charging interface
  • The OLED display shows flashlight output status
  • High efficiency constant power circuit will maintain constant brightness
  • Anti-reverse battery protection
  • Built-in thermal control module will automatically adjust the brightness output according to the working state and outer temperature
  • Combination of toughened ultra-clear mineral and anti-reflective coating glass
  • Aluminum OP reflector
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body, wear-resistant Type III hard-anodized surface treatment
  • IPX-8 standard waterproof (2 meters submersible)
  • Tail stand function


Code IMA-DN70
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Imalent
Light Colour: White
Body Material: Aluminium
Overall Length (cm): 11.5
Head Diameter (cm): 3.8
Body Diameter (cm): 0.31
Lumens: 3,800
Runtime Details: 1hr 30mins on turbo mode
Beam Distance (m): 325
Batteries: 1 x 26650 (included)
Reflector: Orange Peel
Rechargeable: Yes
Strobe/SOS: Yes
Waterproof: Yes
Product Weight (g): 212


  1. Fantastic little lightReview by
    I purchased this torch a little over 2 weeks ago as I needed it for my holidays so I can now give it a proper review 1st I would like to thank Richard for his excellent customer service as the 1st torch I received was faulty and he sorted out a replacement for me which I received the very next day

    My review
    This is an excellent torch with a nice beam pattern and good throw for its small size it tail stands so can be used as a room/night light it's battery is easy to charge via USB or use a external charger however the on/off and mode buttons are not easy to find in the dark but that is easy to solve by sticking something on to the buttons to raise them up my main complaint is battery runntime on 20/300 lumens it is really good but not as good as manufacture says on 2000/3800 lumens that being said it is still an excellent torch for the money
    (Posted on )
  2. Great flashlightReview by
    I understand what the other reviewers are saying negatively about this particular light but I always make sure I can find the switches and operate such lights in the dark, before I find myself in such a situation and I understand the light's limitations. I learnt this from other flashlights that are much more difficult to operate in the dark, unless you have actually practised locating the switch in the dark. Sometimes I want the tactical type, with the switch on the tail end, but for this I wanted it on the side. The user interface could be better. I love the size, power, brightness and how long it lasts. So it does get a little hot on turbo but that is expected and not so hot that I can't hold it. I find this good value and practical for what it is. It is also great that you don't need a separate charger as it can be charged via a usb lead, which is included. One light I use very often is Olight R50 and that is very similar to this but slightly longer. Time will tell whether this will replace that one and it might just do so due to it being a bit smaller.
    It is neat and quite unobtrusive and 'stealthy'. I love it and I have many high-end flashlights.
    (Posted on )
  3. On paper its brilliant.. Review by
    Well great things come in small packages, thats what we are always told. This little light, on paper boasts an impressive spec. Reality on the other hand shows its flaws as bright as its beam.

    Easily recharged, compact size and easy to carry are the good points right out of the box. Theres no denying that. But, try to turn the light on in the dark and you will fumble around for quite some time trying to find the button. Want to downgrade the power? Then you have to cycle through to get back, run it on turbo mode and you rapidly see just how hot this unit gets right before shutting down to low power after about a minute.

    Thats not just the business end getting hot, the battery gets incredibly hot too!

    The beam impressively hits over 300m but is rather floody in the pattern. The angle is very wide but Im sure with a more focused beam it would have an edge most people are looking for.
    If you can find the power switch! Or remember to hold the left button for the turbo for more than two seconds for instant 3800 lumens, or keep remembering to hold the selector for power off, not cycling through the output levels then holding for off as it will handily recall the last power option...

    I was stuck in floods, miles from home and kept turning on the internal light to find the flashlight power to help light the water to find the road. It made it much harder work than was needed. A clicky tail cap works so well for a reason!

    Designed by people who dont use flashlights? It has all the signs! Try to find the on button in the middle of the night, in the dark with the power out... Then you see the failure of the light, when you need it most, it just failed miserably to deliver the simple operation of light delivery. Needing a light to use a light is pointless.

    Perhaps version 2.0 will fix the issues, until then, on paper its incredible. Thats where it stays.
    (Posted on )
  4. powerfull , gets hot Review by
    The power of this torch is the best feature followed by its small size however, it has an annoying set of controls that are very difficult to see. if you use it as you would in the dark then its hard to see the buttons, which are Black and small. They should have some kind of illumination so that they are easy to access day or night. finally this torch gets hot quickly when on turbo or 2500 lumens which is great when its cold out.
    i do like the usb charger and pouch but the price is a little high, would be bargain at £55 rather than the price advertised.
    great service as usual from HH. thanks Nick.
    (Posted on )

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