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John Nowill Buffalo Bowie

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John Nowill Knives Buffalo Bowie

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John Nowill Buffalo Bowie

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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John Nowill Buffalo Bowie

John Nowill Buffalo Bowie



John Nowill and Sons have been manufacturing and designing quality British knives in Sheffield for six generations. The company name was granted by the Cutlers Company of Hallamshire on the 27th April 1700. They produce excellent knives and tools using the best of materials and traditional know how that can only come from over three hundred years in the business.

The Buffalo Horn Bowie is a wonderful looking precision made knife. It has a Carbon steel blade with a handsome brass guard and "Spanish" choil. It comes with a strong, black leather sheath.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: John Nowill
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 24.5
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.6
Overall Length (cm): 36.0
Handle Material: Horn
Product Weight (g): 595


  1. Sloppy!Review by
    It seems J Nowill need to look up what fit and finish means.
    I recently purchased the 8inch bowie and this model....both had issues...
    The 8inch model had a brass guard that was completely lopsided and had a big ugly gap where it meets the spine after the ricasso, the blade was scalloped either side where it tapers to the tip. Where the scales meet the guard it was again lopsided !! The only reason i didnt send it back was i bought it with customization in mind.

    The 9inch model on the surface looked a lot better when it arrived, the blade was thankully ground sound, and also is distal tapered which i was a surprised at, all good.
    Both these knives come with oversized sized scales which are proud of the brass guard, so a little sanding was required for my preference to make it all level.

    During hand sanding i noticed the handle pins slowly disappearing into the scales! With a little punch and a light tap with the hammer ALL the pins flew right out! Not only that so did the handle scales! neither had been epoxied to the tang. To make matters worse neither had the pins what hold the brass guard in place...

    Someones either smoking something they shouldnt at work or maybe they need thier eyesight checking or maybe they just dont give a ****!!

    My advice is to buy a blade blank from thier website and make all the fittings yourself, you'll save money and probably do a better job!
    On that note i can't really recommend either product

    (Posted on )
  2. J . Nowill buffalo Bowie Review by
    Great service once again from Hennie Haynes . The bowie knife is a really impressive beautiful blade but not as sharp as I expected,. Overall I am very pleased. (Posted on )
    Top quality early 19c style Bowie. Very solid build and and handles perfectly. Will last for many years of service. Heinnie Haynes is a 5 star seller with perfect service and delivery, many thanks, Andrew Lancaster. (Posted on )
  4. Buffalo BowieReview by
    Wow! Ordered a Nowill & Sons Bowie from these guys, but the type was out of stock. Got sent this one instead (more expensive) and, I have to say, WHAT A KNIFE !! Should have gone for this one in the first place. Anyone after an authentic,'no frills' Bowie that's big,beautiful,yet practical,This is the one I'd recommend !! (Posted on )
  5. The Genuine ArticleReview by
    So I spent a great deal of time looking for a really authentic bowie, the sort that really would have been carried in the early 19th century. Call me a perfectionist, but I wanted the classic bowie knife.

    I've put if through its paces while hunting and camping and it performs great from skinning to wood chopping, holds an exceptional edge as well.

    (Posted on )

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