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John Nowill Green River Knife

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John Nowill Green River Knife

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John Nowill Green River Knife

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Out Of Stock

Stock due in 6 Weeks +



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John Nowill Green River Knife

John Nowill Green River Knife



Made in Sheffield, this is a no frills boating knife designed and made by knifemakers with years of experience working for a company generations old. It has a five inch carbon steel blade and solid rosewood handle with finger grooves. It is supplied with a black leather, moulded sheath.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: John Nowill
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 12.4
Overall Length (cm): 22.5
Handle Material: Rosewood


  1. A bit one-sidedReview by
    Finally got one - in stock. Arrived 23 hrs. After ordering - aren't Royal mail getting good?! Why do J. Nowill knives have J. Adams on them? I'm amazed that a knife like this can be made in the UK for under £20 - inc. a period scabbard. The blade is the same thickness as my Mora Hunter & about 20mm. longer. The handle is a bit small & I rounded off the top part to make it a more comfortable shape. The knife is probably THE Original Bush/Woodcraft knife but if I was going to use it for that I would make a Finger guard for it out of some slotted Aluminium for safety. A really good knife at a low price that's different from most. The only odd thing is that it's one-sided. The filework & the swedge are only on the side that you see in the photo. The obverse is plain & featureless - or is that only mine? (Posted on )
  2. Great knifeReview by
    Not a blade for those that aren't willing to acknowledge it for what it is and modify it a little to get the most from it. It's not a bushcraft knife and won't stand up to batoning. It's a thin blade and does the tasks it was designed for very well. Sharpens up nicely and keeps a good edge. The blade is carbon steel so needs looking after or will rust. The handle is basic but with a little reshaping works fine. The sheath is historically accurate which I like, some leather cord put through the belt loops makes it wearable on the belt Scandinavian style. Mine gets ten times more use than I thought it would and wouldn't like to be without one. (Posted on )
  3. Revising my opinion on this......!Review by
    Following my earlier review, i think a revised review is needed.

    Took this out today, and TWO issues became apparent. (1) sheath is very tight thereby making
    the attachment to a belt nigh impossible & (2) the handle scales a little oversized. The scales ? not an issue, but the sheath i'm hoping will ease otherwise i will take to using this tucked in my waistband. So sadly 4 stars is the best i can do..But still recommended ...!
    (Posted on )
  4. Green River Knife.Review by
    Well what can i say!! ordered on the 15th late afternoon, arrived A.M on the 16th.

    As for the knife itself very nice, well put together & nicely finished. I'd been looking at getting one of these for a long time.
    To be honest not that sharp on inspection, but easily remedied. A worthy replacement for my m/companion.

    (Posted on )
  5. long lasting and usefulReview by
    my father who was a mechant seaman recommended this to me for my fishing when i was 14, i have owned it for 52 years and it has done simply everything and takes its place in my workshop for incidentals (Posted on )
  6. The original bushcraft knife.Review by
    Every serious bushcrafter needs to buy one of these. It's where it all began in mass produced out door knives. This knife was first made around the late 1830's, and has been in constant production and use since then. 170 years of wilderness use probably makes it the most tested field knife Hiennie sells. Purchased mine 2 years ago, and it sees action at least twice a week, mainly in food prep. Also haveused it to prep game,kindling,tent pegs and bow drill sets. Handle scales came over size and a little square. 15 minutes with a file and sandpaper cured that. Sheath is period correct for a late 1800's Sheffield model. I carry it neck knife style. It's not tacticool or in your face. Members of the puplic are not terrified when they see me cutting up bacon rolls with it on campsites. A big plus I think. Superb value for money, as I think all Sheffield knives are. Get one. (Posted on )
  7. Worth every penny.Review by
    I bought this about 8 months ago to be a farm working knife for times when i thought i'd need more than a pocket knife. I couldn't have bought a better one. Takes a brilliant edge and keeps it for long enough. Mine needed a touch up about once a week and a proper sharpen about once every month and a half or so. It slices and cuts perfectly. I used it to dig through pheasant feeders when there was a blockage, to carve sticks and sometimes do bushcraft. Ive also used it to gut and skin rabbits as well as take the breasts off of pheasants and pigeons which it does well enough too. Buy one if you want a simple, no frills knife that just works. You won't be dissapointed. The scales are a bit * but i rounded them off and they feel good now. (Posted on )
  8. Excellent serviceReview by
    Excellent service from HH ,will be buying from again , like the knife blade,handle is ok but i have big hands so I may make a New one or not as this is a traditional knife, sheaf is poor ,but knife well worth the price, (Posted on )
  9. Cheap and ugly - but always there for you...Review by
    Reading the reviews bought some smiles of recognition. This one of those knives that are unimpressive but somehow, you keep reaching for when you need to actually DO stuff . I bought one a few years back as a garden/working knife.. .somehow managed to break off the First inch of the left hand scale of mine but it keeps going despite hat and other shameful treatment. I will replace the scales one of these days ... Probably. The sheath is ugly but oddly functional. But I suppose iyou could say that about the whole thing. (Posted on )
  10. review 10 years in the makingReview by
    I bought this knife 10 years ago from heinnie haynes over the internet.When I got the knife I was thought I d wasted my money but kept it because it was what I ordered. It went straight in the cutlery draw in the kitchen.Over the years it has been my waster,because I didt care about it...............Some of what I ve used it for : putty knife ,scraping spilled paint and sement of the ground ,thrown it at a tree countless times (drunk men trying to peg ),skinned & butcherd a deer,pried open stuck windows,jimmied doors,used it as a chissel with a hammer,forgot it in the garden over an entire winter and a hundred other things I can t remember.No wonder the tip broke off last year but I just filed it to the shape of a bushcraft knife and have been using it for that since. It now has a 4 inch blade,the sheath is long gone but the scales have never budged though slightly worn down and still holds a razor edge well enough for me to almost sever my thumb earlier this evening !

    BEST KNIFE I ve EVER OWNED !!!! And will by another if this one ever gives up ,

    Thankyou Heinnie Haynes.
    (Posted on )
  11. Mountain man knifeReview by
    This design was popular with trappers, gold prospectors, buffalo hunters and was widely traded with native American peoples from the 1840's onwards. John Nowill's version of the Green River 'Dadley' has a slim, full tang carbon blade and arrived with a good edge that needed just a light touch up with a diamond rod for it to whittle timber. A little beeswax brought out the colour of the hardwood scales. The moulded leather sheath with the addition of a lanyard makes it ideal for carry as a neck knife, so its replaced my Mora 510 for that purpose. Great value blade and an excellent buy for bushcraft purposes. (Posted on )
  12. Green riverReview by
    Well, the handle scales are very badly fitted, the sheath, I wouldn't like to use but it's a really nice blade.
    For the price, it's great value,
    I will bin the sheath and replace the scales, and have a very cheap working knife.
    (Posted on )
  13. AndyReview by
    Grain is rougher than that of the butt end of the handle.

    These are my observations about the general fit and finish of the knife I've received and in this price point I'm not too surprised that one should expect to fine these or similar imperfections.

    This seems to be a good, cheap, user knife which I will use for some woodwork and day-to-day stuff before I'll most likely have a go at re-handling it as a bit of fun/practice :)
    More immediately though I shall sharpen the end and probably sand off the makers mark which just looks cheap imo.

    Next time I buy a cheap everyday use and abuse tool I might try a Mora to be able to compare this more to something in this price range.

    Sorry for the long winded review there, hopefully it's useful.

    To summarize:
    My impression is that this is an okay knife for the price, but perhaps if the little niggles weren't there I'd be happier with it (even if that meant the price had to be adjusted accordingly).
    (Posted on )
  14. AndyReview by
    Good. Free del. option took 2 days, came with a catalogue.

    Seems fine at this price. Two 1.1/2" wide belt holes 1/2" from top.

    Not quite as pictured.
    It says;
    on mine, with the middle line in bold- the two f's of the first line level with the top of the end of the (fake secondary edge on back of blade- I don't know the term for it is), about 2.1/2" in from the tip.
    The brass pins look bigger in the picture online.
    The finger grooves on mine go further down to meet the tang, ending in very thin wood (wood very slightly chipped on last groove on mine).
    The file worked back is slightly un-uniform on mine, mainly the centre one is out.

    Other than these differences from the picture I can say the knife feels nicely balanced and is very light, with the thickness of the blade/ tang being about 2.5-3mm. The blade has some flexibility to it.
    It fits quite comfortably in the hand and has a fairly tactile handle imo.
    (Posted on )
  15. SENSATIONALReview by
    A man size Mora knife with Sheffield quality and grunt at an amazing price - BUY. And the usual incomparable HH service; why can't everyone be like this ? (Posted on )
  16. 5 starReview by
    A great, uncomplicated knife. With the slim leather sheath supplied it can be carried in a number of positions (belt, boot, wrist). Feels like a chunk of history in the hand. (Posted on )
  17. Green RiverReview by
    I have had one of these knives for about 15 years. Same design that the Mountain Men used back in the 1820s.
    Very good skinner and camp knife.
    (Posted on )
  18. green river knifeReview by
    Cheap and cheerful knife, under ú20 and worth the money. A sensible knife you would be happy to use and abuse in the field. (Posted on )

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