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British Pattern Survival Knife - Black

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British Pattern Survival Knife - Black

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test 1British Pattern Survival Knife - Black Thumbnail Imagetest 2British Pattern Survival Knife - Blacktest 3test 4

British Pattern Survival Knife - Black

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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British Pattern Survival Knife - Black

British Pattern Survival Knife - Black



This British-pattern survival knife is made in Sheffield to original British MOD specifications.

The blade is made from phosphated Carbon steel and measures 17.5cm (7in) long and 0.6cm (¼in) thick, with strong black fibre scales, held to the tang with black-coated copper rivets.

The knife will not win any beauty contests, but it more than makes up for that in its all-round usability. This is a hefty tool, designed to be used, and constructed to last. It has a balance in the hand that can only be appreciated in the flesh, but once you’ve put your trust in this companion, it should last you a lifetime.

The knife is supplied with a sturdy black leather sheath which is designed to be worn on the left side of the body.

The knife does not carry the NATO number.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Arthur Wright
Blade Material: Phosphated Carbon steel
Blade Length (cm): 17.7
Overall Length (cm): 27.9
Handle Colour: Black


  1. 26 yearsReview by
    I have had my MOD knife for 26 years, it is simply brilliant, cuts through anything! easy to sharpen, impossible to break, I never go into the field without it! Now I have to make sure my son doesn't pinch it for his bushcrafting! (Posted on )
  2. Heavy beastReview by
    Being a newbie to scene, I can't really comment on the knife in terms of usage. But the handle needs to be sanded, the sheath isn't the best and also the blade edge itself wasn't anything to write home about!
    But the upside you have a beast of a knife, very confidence inspiring in the hand! The blade itself is actually thicker than my machete! So it's durable!

    Delivery by heinnie was top notch! Processed on the Monday at my house by the Tuesday!
    Will definitely order from heinnies again
    (Posted on )
  3. buy BritishReview by
    what this knife cant get you out of it will get you into. I have put mine in a mtp molle sheath with a grenade pouch on the front to put some bits in. Also I have wrapped the handle in camo self grip bandage. now its comfy and will connect to any part of my kit (Posted on )
  4. Best OneReview by
    This has to be the best knife that I own. Don't be fooled by pale imitations this is the real thing.

    (Posted on )
  5. Awesome Review by
    This is a monster of a blade the thickness and weight make it perfect for hard work ,
    its absolutely solid , its a must for heavy cutting ,
    really impressed at a great price go for it ,
    i picked up a different sheath but I'm all knife here
    (Posted on )
  6. Tool as ****Review by
    Awesome (Posted on )
  7. Mixed feelingsReview by
    Heinnie's service was great as per but the knife, not so much. Basically, it came with a horrifically blunt edge and the sheath loosened within the first week and cannot hold the knife at all. At first, I thought it shouldn't be too bad to sharpen but then I realised the entire edge has been ground wrong. On the plus side, despite all this, I love it. I'm not going to lie, even though it was hell to sort out, it's my favourite. It does everything you want it to and in a pickle I'd choose this over everything else.

    -Eliminates need for an axe
    -Solid and sturdy
    -Feels and looks amazing
    -Practically indestructible

    -Very very bad edge out of the box (May require re-profiling the entire edge)
    -Sheath is really bad and will either need to be modified or replaced
    -Back of guard will give blisters with extended use

    Overall, buy it and you will not be disappointed...after you get it to the standard it should have been before leaving the factory
    (Posted on )
  8. good lord it's HUGE!!Review by
    Just arrived this morning & WOW! I did not expect this knife to be THIS big & sturdy, I mean yeah it looks a little "rough & ready" but it is not going to let you down EVER, it looks & feels like it would survive a nuclear blast at ground zero, just buy it people! (Posted on )
  9. The One And Only!!!!!!!!!!!Review by
    Perfect, it's a great knife. It's the one I'd choose over all the rest. Awsome steel at a width you can really trust. The edge is really easy to sharpen and looks great. Handle does the job and offers enough grip to put the blade to the test. Just get one !! (Posted on )
  10. greatReview by
    If you need to chop/process wood...just get one, they are superb! I've used one all winter to process my fire wood for the cottage I live in. Could this be Becker beater? I love my bk2, but this is very nice indeed! (Posted on )
  11. This is a…Review by
    This is a beast of a knife with potential. Polish and sharpen the blade, new brass crossguard and desert ironwood handles and the ugly duckling will become a swan. A new project courtesy of the best company in world. Thanks. (Posted on )
  12. A lot more substantial then you'd thinkReview by
    This knife is very heavy and very thick almost to the tip. People often describe knives as "tools" and this knife certainly meets that criterion.

    It comes a bit dull with an edge suitable for chopping but incapable of cutting paper and yet with 2 sets of stage 1 and then 1 set of stages 2, 3 and 4 on the Spyderco sharpener, it has a really useful utility edge capable of slicing paper.

    You can tell this would take a lot of abuse and I can't wait to take it wild camping soon.

    Great attention as always from Rich, Nick and Linda when I visit.
    (Posted on )
  13. great knifeReview by
    A Great value Knife and a super service from Hennie Haynes.. in short SUPERB ! (Posted on )
  14. Worth much moreReview by
    I have used one of these from Brazil, for opening green coconuts to Mid East for opening packing cases to the UK for chopping wood, it really is everything you need from a strong field knife. Rock solid, I called it a sharp crow bar. Its worth many times the price.
    Highly recommend.
    (Posted on )
  15. Whole Lotta KnifeReview by
    I have one of the original MOD survival knives and the overlapping rosewood handle was uncomfortable, so I sanded it down to meet the profile of the tang and also sanded the black coating off the blade. It now feels and looks fantastic especially in the piggy-back leather sheath I had custom made for it. A real heavyweight performer that will never let you down. Worth much more than the price shown and a highly recommended survival knife. (Posted on )
  16. MOD freebieReview by
    I aquired one of these through the MOD stores, very good knife, nice and solid and it's easy to get a good edge on this steel, handle a bit naff. (Posted on )
  17. A FANTASTIC TOOLReview by
    SUCH A GREAT TOOL (Posted on )

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