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Joseph Rodgers Lambsfoot Stainless

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Sheffield Knives Joseph Rodgers Lambsfoot Stainless

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Joseph Rodgers Lambsfoot Stainless

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Joseph Rodgers Lambsfoot Stainless

Joseph Rodgers Lambsfoot Stainless



Made in the historic steel city of Sheffield, this is a quality stainless pocket knife ideal for many domestic tasks. The blade is carbon and handle stainless steel. Blade is under 3 inches and non locking making it legal to carry in the UK.


Code WIT-S61S
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Joseph Rodgers
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 6.4
Overall Length (cm): 15.5
Blade Shape: Lambsfoot
Handle Material: Steel
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Product Weight (g): 45


  1. A Classic Piece of British HistoryReview by
    I purchased this knife several years ago from Heinnie Haynes. Though the description says the scales are stainless but the blade is C70 carbon steel, my blade is marked "RODGERS STAINLESS SHEFFIELD ENGLAND." First off, I love this knife! I bought this one because it is thin and fits in the 5th pocket of a pair of jeans. When I first got it, yes, it was hard to open; but I would rather have a tight knife that wears in, than a loose one that wears out. It was so tight that I clipped a pair of vise grips to the blade and opened and closed it 1000 times to wear it in. The back spring is still VERY strong, and I like that as the odds of it closing by accident are nil. This knife is very elegant; if you pull it out at a party to help someone open a blister pack, no one will freak out, not even non-knife people. For those who live in the UK, this meets the requirements there for pocket carry. Over here in the USA, this thing exudes coolness. Whenever I take it out of my pocket, my knife friends are like, "Whoa, what is that, and where did you get it?" When they find out the logo on the scales is over 300 years old, they are really impressed; it is a classic piece of British history. It is also easy to sharpen and takes a good edge; it cuts well, and even though I have large hands, I can get all my fingers on the scales for a good grip. In short, if you buy one you will not be disappointed; and if the knife is a bit hard to open at first, just use my vise grip method (and make sure to put tape on the jaws of the grips so you don't scratch the blade; but even if you do, you can polish the marks off; the cool thing about stainless is that it's stainless all the way through). One of my knife friends stopped by, saw this knife, saw the box, and that the trade mark goes back to 1682, checked the action out, and then asked me to send him the link from where I got it so he could get one. That pretty much says it all. I cannot say enough good things about this knife, as well as the great customer service from Heinnie Haynes. Thank you. (Posted on )
  2. I must have been unluckyReview by
    Very stiff near impossible opening, arrived sticky, fowl smelling and covered in scratches, it would be a good product based on the other reviews however mine is unusable without a vice to assist. I'd return it but i may canabalise the blade for another handle (Posted on )
  3. StylishReview by
    A cool looking ,very stylish knife with the Rodgers logo on the side . Slim line and well made , mine was very sharp out of the box . Hardly notice its in the pocket . A good buy ,glad i bought it . (Posted on )
  4. British BargainReview by
    Other people have mentioned an overly-stiff spring, so I was reluctant to order but decided to chance it. I'm glad I did. The action on mine is firm and positive and by no means unpleasant, and the blade is very sharp. This is a replacement for my lost Spyderco Grasshopper. It has a friendlier appearance and it's nice to support our own craftsmen and a manufacturer which in this case - as the leaflet says - has been making "Star and Cross" trademarked knives for three centuries.
    Heinnie changed my order by phone as I had ordered another knife but changed my mind. Excellent service as usual, and the legendary quick dispatch - spoke to them yesterday and got it today.
    (Posted on )
  5. good english made edcReview by
    When I first got it I thought the open and close was gritty and didn't really like the look but it ended up in my pocket, purely because of its size and weight (i don't even notice this is in my watch pocket) the more I use it the more I love this knife. I've got the blade razor sharp with my lansky turn box and the open and close had freed up a little after a few days carrying it. Now I look at it and wonder why I ever didnt like it to start. The stainless construction is sleek and gentleman like yet comfortable in the hand, the blade gets sharp and stays sharp with relative use and it's made in england which is a rarity in itself nower days. I own quite a few knives but at the minute this is my favorite. (Posted on )
  6. Nice productReview by
    This is a very handy little knife. Remarkably slim, it fits in my wallet and sits there for the odd time I might need it. It is an attractive shape and style. Not very sharp out of the box. I notice that owners are advised to sharpen it to a 20 degree angle and not to go for a razor edge, as that may not be suitable for many pocket knife tasks. Hmm, what tasks might those be? Well, I use a Spyderco Sharpmaker, so sharpened it to 30 degrees and a moderate edge.

    The action is stiff, which is just as well as there are no safety features on it like split joints or choils. A bit of WD-40 and a few hundred opens and closes and the action has loosened a bit to where it's now comfortable to open.

    Nice knife overall, value for money.
    (Posted on )
  7. Solid EDCReview by
    First time I've used HH. Service excellent! The JR stainless is a tough little knife. Ground edge a bit off but not a problem, sharp out of the box. I use a knife every day to eat apples. Perfect tool for the job. Thin enough to fit in my tobacco tin. Back spring is really stiff so I open it with a 2p piece. It may loosen up in time. Cheap enough to use and abuse and put through the dishwasher without worrying. Despite being utilitarian it has a bit of class. Made in Britain! Can't go wrong. (Posted on )
  8. Good pocket knifeReview by
    Needed a small pocket knife which I could carry around and forget about until needed. This fitted the bill and was an excellent price. The knife is extremely slim, just 5mm across the handle! Blade is very sharp and holds securely when opened, allowed you to be confident when using it. A very well made piece of British design.

    Great service from HH, item arrived within 2 days of ordering.
    (Posted on )
  9. Thank youReview by
    This is a beautifully designed and made knife. Compact but sturdy. I did not expect this good a quality from something so reasonably priced.

    Also, I was very pleased with the speed of the delivery. I will certainly shop here again.

    (Posted on )
  10. MrReview by
    Very compact and solid made little knife with a razor sharp blade. I use this inside an emergency survival tin as a back up blade and it takes up hardly any room because of the thin design. Great price for such a well made knife!! (Posted on )
  11. Quality and ServiceReview by
    Great knife. Fit and finish are superb for the price. A little stiff to open , but I like that.
    Fantastic delivery from H.H. Ordered 5pm Monday arrived on Tuesday -many thanks for the great service.
    (Posted on )
  12. BargainReview by
    Very slim and good looking knife. Reasonable build for the price but the opening action was so stiff, I had great trouble opening it. To be fair, it probably would loosen up over time but impatience got the better of me! As I enjoy the odd bit of DIY, I drilled out all pins and rebuilt it. Now I can open it with ease, I'm very happy with it.

    For under ú10 it's a very good knife and would have got 5 stars if it were not for the very stiff action out of the box.
    (Posted on )
  13. A classic bargainReview by
    Slim, elegant, classic knife that sits well in the hand and pocket; it will probably outlast me! Slightly stiff action but doubtless this will loosen up over the next twenty years! Cuts well and makes an excellent, discreet everyday knife. Rather than buy a cheap knife manufactured in Asia, treat yourself to an inexpensive knife MADE in Sheffield. A true bargain. (Posted on )

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