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Ka-Bar MK-1

18+ Age Restriction Icon

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Ka-bar MK-1 Black Handle - PLAIN Edge

test 1Ka-bar MK-1 Black Handle - PLAIN Edgetest 2Ka-Bar MK-1test 3Ka-bar MK-1 Black Handle - PLAIN Edgetest 4 Ka-bar MK-1 Black Handle - PLAIN Edge

Ka-Bar MK-1

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

From: £86.95
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Ka-Bar MK-1

Ka-Bar MK-1

From: £86.95


Ka-Bar Mark 1 (MK1 or MKI) has a black coated, 1095 Cro-Van steel blade and USN tang stamp. It has a brown leather wrapped handle with stainless black coated guard and pommel. Supplied with a U.S.N. embossed brown leather belt sheath with lanyard hole on the leather handle. Polymer handle comes in a Kydex sheath


Code KA2221-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Ka-Bar
Blade Material: 1095 Cro-Van steel
Blade Length (cm): 12.7
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.4
Overall Length (cm): 24.2
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Sheath: Leather


  1. A quality, robust, traditional knifeReview by
    I really like this knife. A bit smaller than the USMC Ka-Bar it is very sharp, tough and feels ready for anything. Mine is an older one which says USN on the sheath and blade but I am not sure they had a licence to do so and it was "unofficial with no endorsement", unlike the USMC knife. However that is just cosmetic. The leather disk handle has a good chunky feel and feels secure your hand. It will also develop a darker patina with use over time which is nice. The blade feels very strong and the black coating seems pretty robust and shows little sign of wear. Good value for a knife which should last pretty much forever and in fact improve and age with character. (Posted on )
  2. A great all rounderReview by
    No planned obsolescence here - I get the impression this knife is made to last. Great quality. perfect blade proportions for most tasks, comes very sharp. the leather handle can sometimes be slippery, which I guess is why alot of the originals have customized handles or have been notched to form a grip. I'm being pedantic though, it wouldn't put me off buying another. (Posted on )
  3. super tool!!!Review by
    awesome tool,very good quality and HH service always great!!! (Posted on )
  4. MK1 - KratonReview by
    July 2015. At the time of writing this review, HH do not have a photo of the kraton model. Which is a pity, because this is the best model. The kraton handle is more grippy and durable, and it has the click-fit GRN scabbard. This is the same type as used by the black USMC, and the black tanto. They are just great scabbards. So, the MK1 is made in the USA, and stamped USN. Blade - 5" long including ricasso. Handle - 4.25" long including guard. Stock - 4.3mm thick. Balance point - 1.5" in from the hilt. The MK1 just sits in your hand, like it's glued there. Top model this one. I am very pleased with my purchase. (Posted on )
  5. Awesome tool awesome supplierReview by
    Bought this knife the other day and I have got to say firstly heinnie haynes are awesome great service.I ordered the crayton handled model which comes with a plastic sheath ,firstly the sheath has three points of securing the knife which is very secure ,it won't be everybody's taste but I like it.Secondly the knife I love the firm craton handle good grip and just right for my standard uk large hands,the blade is very sharp out the box and a nice size.i love this combination and may also buy the leather version as its so good, if you love historical military style knives you will love this. And don't be fooled by copy's this is stamped olean newyork and oozes quality.if you are interested in this knife buy it you won't be disappointed . (Posted on )
  6. Great piece of history, great piece of kit!Review by
    This is an awesome knife. Just the history on these made me buy it. The blade is very well built, the handle is great and very bulky, and the overall feel is terrific. Only downside for me, is that the handle is a bit short for me, but I knew this when I ordered it. I have big hands and use a size 11 glove, so the pommel is sometimes inside me palm, when doing finer cutting work, but with full grip, it fits perfectly. I only give it four stars, because I think the sheath is rubbish, but I will have a custom one made. (Posted on )

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