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Kershaw Decoy

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Kershaw Decoy

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Kershaw Decoy

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Kershaw Decoy

Kershaw Decoy



The Kershaw Decoy utility knife has a secret ... but before we get to that, let’s talk about the Decoy’s more obvious qualities. For instance, it has a 2.5-inch Wharncliffe blade, which is an excellent shape for a general utility knife; great for everything from breaking down boxes to opening mail. The straight edge is extra handy for tasks where you might need to bear down on something you’re cutting. The black-oxide blade finish adds a discreet look.

To open the blade, just pull back on the tang. This is a manual opening knife, but it opens easily—and one-handed—thanks to the extra-long tang. The handle is glass-filled nylon with a textured and rubberized inlay to enhance grip. A secure locking liner keeps the blade open when in use and releases easily when you’re ready to fold the blade back into the handle. The oversized, decorative pivot adds to the Decoy’s good looks.

Now about that secret. Hidden inside the handle is a handy pair of pincers. These are built right into the handle of the knife, so there are no worries about losing them. They’re handy for picking up and holding small objects. Access the pincers with the slider in the back of the knife’s handle. Just move the slider toward the butt of the knife to pinch and hold.

A custom open-design pocketclip completes this unique—and uniquely handy—pocketknife


Code KS4700
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Kershaw
Blade Material: 3Cr13 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 6.4
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.29
Closed Length (cm): 8.80
Overall Length (cm): 14.8
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Wharncliff
Blade Finish: Black
Grind: Flat
Handle Detail: Glass filled nylon, rubberized insert
Lock Type: Liner Lock
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 86
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


3 93 0 100
Now nice uk friendly Review by
10 10
I bought this knife after reading previous reviews
I think this is a very versatile knife but I found the liner lock difficult to disengage having to use two hands so I disabled the liner lock and solved the pocket clip problem by filing down one side of the tweezers as you can easily slide them in and out from just one side but these modifications will void any guarantees
I now have a nice uk friendly friction folder and it would be good if Kershaw made this version for countries with stricter knife laws ,oh and nearly forgot to mention Heinnies warp speed delivery service one of the reasons I have been using them for years
(Posted on )
Nicely priced knifeReview by
10 10
All in all, for 20 quid it's a solid knife.

Keep the pivot oiled and it'll open one handed.
The pincers can be used by squeezing them together like tweezers, I've used them for plenty of splinters, though they won't quite pull a nail out of wood.

The Wharncliffe blade is hair-popping sharp out the box, steel seems to hold an edge well, but time will tell.

The grippy rubber panels in the centre of the grips is a nice touch, and moulds into your hand. Might not be suitable for shovel sized hands though.

Amazing delivery from HH as always, already ordered a Leatherman Cam which I'll review in the week!
(Posted on )
Nice blade Review by
8 10
I have bought this knife from hennie. And have used it almost every day. Nice straight edge and sharp, easy cutting. Good handle, easy to work with. On the down side, I am a lefty, and not being able to move the pocket clip ( which could be better) from one side to the other. Making it not so lefty friendly. Opening mechanism yes. Also the pincers have no real use. That I can find, and are a nuisance, because the catch your pocket when you clip the knife into your pocket. The soft plastic washer on the pivot could be better quality. Summery , to Kershaw lose the pincers, better and moveable belt clip, better washer (Posted on )

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