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Lansky Deluxe 5 Stone System

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Lansky Deluxe 5 Stone System

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Lansky Deluxe 5 Stone System

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Lansky Deluxe 5 Stone System

Lansky Deluxe 5 Stone System



The Lansky Knife Sharpening System provides a simple easy to use way to produce a fine edge on practically any knife. Lansky Knife Sharpeners utilize an innovative clamp and honing stone guide to assure an exact stone-to-knife angle. You can select from 4 different sharpening angles.

The Deluxe Sharpening System features a line of sharpening hones ranging from extra coarse to ultra fine. This is ideally suited for a wide range of sharpening tasks; enabling you to achieve a fine edge from the dullest of blades. The Deluxe Kit comes complete with extra coarse, coarse, medium, fine, ultra fine hones, multi angle knife clamp, and honing oil.


Code LS2
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Lansky
Stone: Ceramic
Grit: Assorted
Type: Deluxe


  1. Lansky deluxe Review by
    This is a “Long Term Review “
    I bought my deluxe set from Hiennie Haynes over twenty years ago , and have sharpened various knives made of various steels, such as 1095, 1075, 420HC 440C CPM154, 12C27 etc, etc on blades ranging from 2” to 7” length

    I have used it on fixed and folding blades , and have achieved a Factory like razor sharp edge

    It is simple to use, watch a YouTube video if you are not sure how to use it
    I have used it to reprofile incorrectly ground edges on condor knives and to restore badly sharpened knives

    I recommend this system to anyone , if you have knives made of the supesteels you may want to go for the diamond stone kit.

    Watch some sharpening videos and learn all about Apexing, creating a burr and polishing the edges
    So that you understand the process .
    Buy a mora or hultafors and practice your skills on something that you can afford to damage

    I also have Japanese Waterstones and welsh slate whetstones , for freehand sharpening and maintaining edges

    This is cheaper, quicker and easier to use for most people and is more portable
    And definitely long lasting, I am ready to replace the fine grade stone now!

    Highly recommended!!!
    (Posted on )
  2. Undecided so farReview by
    HH's hyper-space delivery team got one of these to me this morning, along with a Universal Mount., and I have now spent a couple of hours playing with it.

    My initial reactions are somewhat mixed - no doubt influenced by the amount of blood on the kitchen worktop! First off, thanks to another reviewer who recommended wrapping the jaws of the clamp with masking tape, or insulating tape etc. I tried it without and it did mark the blade - using a cheap, black bladed Ganzo 7453 as an experiment. Secondly, I can't imagine how you could use this system without the Universal Mount. I used a G-clamp to securely locate it on the kitchen worktop which makes everything a lot more stable. The mount does have holes to allow you to screw it down to a workbench or whatever if preferred.

    As someone else has commented, the rods for the hones are clipped into the box so firmly that they are really difficult to get out - initially at least. I used a screwdriver to prise them out without bending them. I also found that the screws which clamp the rod to the hone have a tendency to loosen in use. Maybe I just didn't do them up tightly enough. Also, the post on the Universal Mount has a tendency to unscrew whilst you are working on the knife. If I was leaving it as a permanent assembly I would put some Loctite on it.

    Initially I had some difficulty in clamping the knife securely. Lansky do say that you should not over-torque the screw, and being steel into aluminium I was concerned about stripping the threads. But I did get it sorted eventually.

    So - does it actually sharpen knives? Well, I am probably the worlds worst knife sharpener, but after a bit of experimenting the Ganzo 7453 came up shaving sharp. My Magnum Damascus Stubby seems reluctant to take a decent edge, but that may be because I am using the wrong hones, or maybe it's down to the blade steel. So far I have only tried the system on these two.

    Finally, can anyone tell me why the instructions tell you to sharpen towards the blade? I have watched a couple of You Tube videos of people sharpening using wet stones, and they use a 'back and forth' motion. I tried this with the Lansky hones and personally I think it worked better.

    So overall, I think this system has potential if you take the time to learn how to use it. However, be prepared for the various screws to come undone as you sharpen. I think the biggest advantage of the system is the control of the sharpening angle, compared to my random attempts in the past. Oh yes, and the Lansky system was recommended to me by my local custom knife maker, who swears by (not at) it!

    I will persevere with it - watch this space!

    (Posted on )
  3. Undeserving the moneyReview by
    I bought one after I've read only positive reviews. It's a nightmare to try to sharpen blades longer than 10 cm, thick blades or carbon steel blades. Pure masochism working with. :) Ok only for small stainless steel blades. (Posted on )
  4. At Last!Review by
    My father's an ex-butcher and to see him renew an edge with a steel is a thing of beauty. I am jealous and have never been able to learn.

    I'm ham-fisted with whet-stones and have never found a device that could install an edge worth calling an edge.

    Until this little box-kit. Beautifully presented and collected and with idiot-proof, stepped instructions (in plain English) I have restored a Victorinox, a Peasant, a very expensive kitchen knife and a vintage 6" antler-handled sheath knife - all to a point I can shave my arm! I'm actually looking for blunt knives!
    (Posted on )
  5. Great system Review by
    I've been using a spyderco sharpmaker ever since the first one they made that came in a nylon pouch. After finally needing to replace both medium stones due to use and also a fine rod due to breakage (dropped), I was going to buy another sharpmaker but instead chose the lansky deluxe.
    After the first quick use I was thinking I should have chosen the spyderco but stuck with it.
    After getting to grips with its differences I really started to like it and now happy I purchased this instead.
    There is just a bit more consistency with the lansky even if does take a little longer to set up and use.
    I'd highly recommend the stand for this system too. It just takes away my hand fatigue after re bevelling an edge.
    (Posted on )
  6. BrilliantReview by
    I wish I'd bought one of these years ago! Definitely not something for someone wanting quick and easy, but if you have patience and you're willing to put some time into sharpening a knife then the results are amazing. I just ground a completely new edge onto an old kitchen knife in an hour and I can now shave with it!

    I recommend buying one of the Lansky stands to go with it.
    (Posted on )
  7. Not RecommendedReview by
    I have this system for 1-2 years now, did not wanted to write about it , until I will try it on different knife.
    I have got some issues with it:
    -Very hard almost impossible to fix the knife blade in the position that it won't move.
    -Not able to sharpen big knives (machete).
    -The grove in the clamp is useless as will not hold normal size knife unless is the Victorinox type knife.
    -It will give you every time you sharpen a new bevel as it is hard to aim the distance from the back of the blade.
    -It will make the bevel wider on every the curvature than the straight bit of the blade.
    -You need three hand to use this system, because of the flimsiness of it.
    -You need to place (Tape, Rubber, piece of carpet stopper mate) to let the clamp hold the blade.
    Hope it helps for new buyers.
    (Posted on )
  8. Very goodReview by
    Very easy to use. Hair popping sharpness. Very sturdy. HH service 5 star as always. (Posted on )

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