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Lansky Turn Box 4 Rod

In Stock

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Lansky Turn Box 4 Rod

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Lansky Turn Box 4 Rod

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Lansky Turn Box 4 Rod

Lansky Turn Box 4 Rod



The Lansky Turn Box 4 Rod is a fast and easy knife sharpener that is simple to use and compact enough to carry in your tackle box or backpack. The four five inch alumina ceramic rods (2 medium grade for sharpening and 2 fine grade for finishing) store in the versatile wood turn box that is the sharpening rod holder. Two preset sharpening angles make this the perfect tool for putting an edge on cutlery at home, in camp, whether for kitchen or sporting use.


Code LS33
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Lansky
Stone: Ceramic
Grit: Combination


  1. Highly effective sharpenerReview by
    This little turn box is simple, quick, effective and cheap. It’s quite honestly the best value sharpening tool that’s out there right now. 20 strokes on medium, 20 strokes on fine and take it from me, you WILL have a sharp knife. (Posted on )
  2. awesomeReview by
    nought mine from HH few months ago and its awesome so easy to put a edge on a blade the lansky box is the way forward. (Posted on )
  3. Brilliant Review by
    After trying and failing miserably to learn to sharpen knives with whetstones, I thought I would give this a go. In 15 minutes I had knives as sharp as they were when new. Idiot proof, good results and great for a beginner like me (unsure how they would fair for a more knowledgeable person). Would definitely recommend (Posted on )
  4. Very GoodReview by
    Agreed with the other reviews.

    HH service 10/10.
    (Posted on )
  5. Best sharpener for clumsy personReview by
    Firstly , whenever I sharpen. Knife I normally end up with something blunter than blu-tac, no joke! If I actually get a knife sharp it’s pure luck & a ‘Dear Diary’ event.

    This sharpening set is so simple to use that I can not only use it but end up with an amazingly sharp knife.

    It arrived at 12:00hrs today & I tried it out on my EDC knife & before I knew it I’d sharpened every knife in the kitchen, the Wife’s penknife as well as any knife I could became like a drug to me!

    If, like me, you can’t sharpen a knife then this is for you; in fact even if you can sharpen a knife this is for you. It is simple to use, pretty compact & rather addictive.

    First class delivery from HH, as per usual, & something that is worth its weight in gold.
    (Posted on )
  6. Works well, easy to useReview by
    A few months ago I bought a Spyderco Squeak from HH. Great knife and razor sharp at first but it dulled with use. I have both oilstones and whetstones but I can't get consistently good results with either so I decided to try this system. In 10 minutes my knife was like a razor again. So easy to use. From phone call to HH to delivery to me in Spain only one week. (Posted on )
  7. Well worth the money.Review by
    What can I say that others haven't?
    This thing works it really does. It sharpens knives of all diffrent steel types with ease and to a shaving sharp finish. This will not reprofile a knife or repair badly damaged knives but will keep knives sharp if they are in good condition.
    Top class service from Heinnie thanks.
    (Posted on )
  8. Idiot proof!Review by
    Am relatively new to knives, and this seemed idiot proof, so good for me!
    It works, it really does
    5 minutes on this and then a strop and everything is tip top
    Small and portable, can stick it in your bag whilst out if need be
    Get the Lansky eraser block as well to clean the ceramic rods and your good to go
    (Posted on )
  9. Revolutionised my knife sharpening! Review by
    Revolutionised my knife sharpening!
    I can only repeat what others have said about this sharpening system.
    I usually sharpen at the 25° angle, except for one knife of mine which came sharpened at 20°.
    The stand and rods were a bit smaller than I thought they would be, which has turned out to be the perfect size for sharpening knives anywhere at all.
    (Posted on )
  10. simple and effectiveReview by
    Got this delivered this morning. Came super quick from H.H, Great service. Set it up and tried it out on an old imperial folder which I had never been able to sharpen very well as I am rubbish at stone sharpening. after maybe 5 minutes it was shaving sharp and I even managed to knick myself on the blade as it is now so sharp. The Lansky turn box makes sharpening idiot proof. If I can do it then anyone could. (Posted on )
  11. Great little system.Review by
    I decided to get one of these to sharpen my daily basher (EDC) when I'm out and about camping, fishing, shooting etc because of its size, simple set up and neat carry case. I received mine this morning thanks to Hennie Haynes brilliant service. I ran my spyderco through it for a couple of minutes and just like that it had an edge I could work with, exactly what I wanted! (Posted on )
  12. Really impressive.Review by
    I bought this because I've found it difficult to maintain the 25/20 degree angle using whetstones.

    The box is smaller than I expected (didn't read the dimensions) and fits great int he kitchen utility draw. The instructions are easy to follow.

    I had a few knifes with poor edges and quickly got them serviceable. My cheap-o Rough Rider Canoe Mini which was buggered and wouldn't cut paper now slices with ease.

    I would recommend this kit to anyone with a skills gap with a steel or whetstone, I will be buying more to pass to family for their kitchen items.

    As usual fast service from the guys at Heinne!
    (Posted on )
  13. Brilliant Review by
    Difficult to add anything that hasn't already been written on the previous comments about it. It's simply very very good at what it does Brilliant simple design and quality. Very happ with it. Cheers HH for the great service :-) (Posted on )
  14. Idiot Proof Sharpener.Review by
    I am no sharpening genius and the guys at HH recommended this product. Works brilliantly, puts a great edge on your knife with no skill required! Excellent value and effective. 10/10. (Posted on )
  15. Excelent bit of kit.Review by
    Love this sharpening system, great value for money, got one for me, then one for my dad shortly afterwards, very happy. (Posted on )
  16. A lot more than I was expecting.Review by
    Well firstly another big thanks to HH for outstanding service and delivery speed.
    As for the turn box itself, well despite all the reviews, at this price I wasn't expecting much. I couldn't have been more wrong. I have a gatco hone system which is good for sharpening damaged or very badly worn blades, but it takes time to set up and get great results. The turn box is so quick and effective I sharpened 6 knives in around 15 mins, all of which are hair popping sharp( there's not much hair left on my arm) don't be put off by the price as I was try it for yourself. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't use it to re profile a knife , but if your blade is in reasonable condition then this system will get it razor sharp. It's also so easy to use and portable .
    (Posted on )
  17. 4 Rod Turn box-Great value for money, one of the simplest sharpeners out thereReview by
    Bought this sharpener for a chef at work, it really is so simple to use, after 5 minutes of explaining she was sharpening away with no problems at all.
    the results are very good considering the sharpener only cost 20 quid.
    The ceramic rods store away easily in the box and are well protected from damage.
    Thank you HH!
    (Posted on )
  18. Excellent!!!Review by
    I have been using one of these Turn Box sharpeners for a few months now and it really works to give a very sharp edge.
    Lansky make a range of guided hones, most of which I have but the rods on this turn box give a sharp edge quicker, the medium - brown hone is 600 grit and the fine - white hone is 1000 grit, together they are just about right. There is another product that Lansky sell, the Eraser Block, it cleans the metal removed from the knife blade off the rods and keeps them from getting clogged up - well worth the £6 or so that they go for.
    I sometimes use the turn box outside where you can't be sure of a level surface and this alters the edge angle so I've glued a round spirit level, meant for caravan levelling , between the two sets of holes to make sure of accuracy.
    All together a fine sharpener and a bargain at the price.
    (Posted on )
  19. Sharpening for dummies.Review by
    For under twenty quid, this represents great value, especially for the likes of me, whose sharpening is a bit 'hit and miss'. I can usually get a decent, working edge on my knives but never really perfected getting the degree of sharpness provided on many new knives. That's all changed thanks to this system. My EDCs and the knives I use when rabbiting are cutting better than new. Inexpensive, easy to use and delivered incredibly quickly from HH. Nice work, guys. (Posted on )
  20. Bald left armReview by
    I've got a set of very expensive Japanese waterstones and I've tried for months to put a shaving edge back on my Benchmade Mini Grip and my Spyderco UKPK, both of which I know will take a shaving edge as they both came with them. I've NEVER been able to do it. I bought one of these after reading these reviews and watching a couple of youtube videos - my god it's good. 10 mins after sitting down with it the first time and there's no hair left on my arm. Honestly, this is the best sharpening system I've ever tried and worth every penny. I did my usual thing of finding it on Heinnie and then looking on eBay and yet again (in fact, every time) it's cheaper on Heinnie and the service is mad. I've found a company I trust and that I can't fault, I can't recommend Heinnie to enough people and I refer everyone I know to this site whenever they comment on my gear! (Posted on )
  21. NO MORE GUESSINGReview by
    At last I have a sharpening system that I don't need to guess the angle, can carry easily and does what it says with no hassle. As usual great service from HH. Good price as well. (Posted on )
  22. perfect for a beginnerReview by
    First of all, thumbs up for the quick service from the HH team. Arrived practically overnight. Ordered on Sunday delivered on Tuesday. That is better than Amazon.

    As for the product itself, fantastic.
    Simple to set up (stick two rods into holes)and equally simple to use. Finished up a dulled edge in less than 5 mins.
    I usually work my knives on a whetstone but I don't have fine enough enough grades to finish the edge properly and the TurnBox is just perfect for that.

    I've run things from a 6.8cm Kershaw Cryo to a 18cm chef's knife with no problem on the relatively short rods but you might have trouble on anything larger than 18cm.

    The size of the item is pretty near perfect for what you get out of it, being smaller than most of my whetstones. In fact, it's only as big as a regular glasses case for all you spec-wearers.

    Note though, as I did to make sure, out of the box, the TurnBox isn't suitable for use with Global Knives that have a 15 degree grind on the edge.
    (Posted on )
  23. MrReview by
    The sharpener does exactly what it should do. It took a very blunt and abused knife (stainless steel Mora Clipper) and made it close to hair shaving sharp in very little time. I found no learning curve and no guessing to get the right angle.
    This was my first order from HH. Delivery was extremely quick and packaged brilliantly. I also ordered a knife blade and was pleased to see the warnings on the tape to handle with care and see how tightly the box was taped up. Shows great attention to detail. I wish that attention would be placed on designing the website though as I find listing by manufacturer means you either need to know what you are after or spend far too much time trying to browse through the products.
    (Posted on )
  24. WOWReview by
    No need to scratch up your blades trying with fancy gizmos anymore. This is so easy to use. Great service HH Team (Posted on )
  25. Just get oneReview by
    First off I am truly bad at free hand sharpening. This little thing has allowed me to get all of my knifes razor sharp! Not fussed that it doesn't have a lower edge angle like the Sharpmaker, which is nearly three times the price and does essentially the same thing, just wish it came with coarser diamond rods to sort out all my previous sharpening catastrophies faster! (Posted on )
  26. 4 Sticks in boxReview by
    Genius idea and implementation.
    Holds everything you need in one neat small compact package, and yet takes most of the guess work out of sharpening your blades.
    So far used on my EDC peasant mini and several kitchen knives, all came to a good edge slicing paper and shaving arm hair with no fuss.
    You'll not see Darth Vader sharpening his light saber with one of these, oh no he'll have the fancy angle held clamped up super dooper 12 different grit package jobbie, but if you're Luke stranded on Hoth and need to slice that tauntaun open to survive, this will get your light saber up to scratch.
    (Posted on )
  27. Excellent buy, completely idiot proof.Review by
    Bought this after being enticed by the reviews, I originally wanted the sharpmaker but the price was a big turn-off, so I went for this instead. Decided to give my fairly blunt Spyderco Tenacious a whirl on it, within 10 minutes it wasn't a knife anymore, it's now pretty much a straight-razor. I'd recommend this to anybody who's never sharpened a knife before. Once again Light-speed delivery by Heinnie, ordered it Tuesday night and arrived about 10:30am next morning! (Posted on )
  28. Get one !Review by
    Forget all these silly little sharpeners and get one of these. I've had them all and they are just a waste of time. This is easy to use and as long as you haven't hacked a tree down with your knife, this will sharpen it up no end. (Posted on )
  29. A couple of tipsReview by
    Good piece of kit. 2 easy DIY tips I'd offer to improve its performance:

    1) Have a look at YouTube for a video that explains how, by putting a pen (or similar) in the middle and underneath the box at 90¯ to it, you can jack it up. Use a rubber band to hold it in place. This reduces the angle on the 20¯ holes (40¯ in total) to 15¯ on each side (30¯ in total) which gives a far sharper edge. Forget the 25¯ per side unless you're sharpening something like an axe.

    2) Cleaning the rods is a pain but it's made a lot easier by using a sponge, water and some bog standard builders sand. Wet the sponge and rod, put some sand on the sponge and wrap sponge around rod and rub vigorously. The sand removes the metal residue from the rods quite quickly and easily.
    (Posted on )
  30. Turn Box Four RodReview by
    I have bought various sharpeners over the years and have never been much good with them. Just sharpened my cheapest knife with this as a trial and obtained a super sharp edge that passes the paper slicing test easily. Not sure how it will perform on more expensive blades, only time will tell. Well worth the money.
    As usual first class service delivery from HH.
    (Posted on )
  31. lanskyReview by
    Top item very easy to use give's a razor sharp edge. Top marks HH .5***** (Posted on )
  32. MrReview by
    Excellent product, easy to use and will ensure the correct angles each time, every time. I would say idiot proof but if you insist on doing it wrong you could but with this system you would have to try. As usual HH cannot be faulted. Best in the business of customer service. (Posted on )
  33. Almost unbelievable how good this is!Review by
    I've always been hopeless at sharpening knives, no matter what method I use and how careful I am. I was tempted to take the plunge and go for the Spyderco, but the reviews combined with the price of this made me take a chance.

    Following the easy instructions, almost expecting to have no result, my ridiculously well used and dull Svord Peasant was suddenly sharper than new!

    I have to keep touching the edge to believe how sharp it became in so little time!

    The box is very, very nice indeed and would make a lovely gift.
    (Posted on )
  34. simply great !Review by
    Like this a lot!
    Simple design, easy to use.
    Good results.
    Highly Recommended!!
    As usual great service from the H/H team.
    (Posted on )
  35. Cheap, simple, and greatReview by
    I like others have tried various systems with mixed results, this is just great though, especially if you're new to knives, you can't screw up...and even if you do it's easily corrected. I'm with most of the other reviewers here, there's a lot of fancy pants systems out there at twice the price and more, but this does exactly what they do, and just as good. Great bit of kit. (Posted on )
  36. easy peasy lemon squeezyReview by
    I have tried for the best part of probably five years with different sharpening products. Whetstones, oilstones, Gerber sharpeners, Fiskars roller sharpeners, honing steels, ceramic hones, tradition kitchen sharpeners, blade tech....... I have managed to blunt all my knives consistently and in the process scratch all the side of my best knives. I received this on the 12th of Dec and by the end of the day there wasn't a knife in my house you couldn't shave the hairs of your arm with ( and I am a talentless idiot!!) I cried myself to sleep with tears of happiness... All joking aside this is the best sharpener I have ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I can get a sharp edge anyone can.
    Buy one ú19 what have you got to loose...
    (Posted on )
  37. An excellent product.Review by
    This is really very, very good. It does exactly the same job as a Spyderco Sharpmaker at a fraction of the cost. The Lansky sharpens at 20 or 25 degrees but, as someone else has already noted, you can stick something under one end to change the angle if required. I've upgraded to this from a Gatco Micro-X and I'm glad I did. The Lansky provides far more working room and is a lot less fiddly as a result. The wooden box is well made and is small enough to live permanently in my bail-out bag. So far this morning I have put frighteningly sharp edges on a Marbles Sunfish, a handful of SAKs and my beloved Taylor's; I shall be moving on to the kitchen knives next... Highly recommended. (Posted on )
  38. Turn boxReview by
    An easy and quick way to sharpen your knives and once again great delivery speed. (Posted on )
  39. Very good productReview by
    I have struggled with a traditional sharpening stone for many years, to maintain the right angle/deal with the burr. This system helps with that enormously. The instructions are simple. It is also a nicely designed product which has visual appeal. Looking forward to spending some time on my cherished knives, I sat down yesterday evening in front of the TV, and in a disappointingly short period of time had put the best ever edges on all of a 5" sheffield sheath knife, a Buck 110 folding hunter, an Opinel, a Rough Rider folder and a 4" Winchester GP sheath knife. To get a finer angle you can put a pen under the wooden block & tilt it, (see youtube for video example) but I found the edges I got very acceptable. The fine rods allow for a lovely near shaving-sharp edge to be obtained. Using alternate strokes on each side of the knife sorts the burr out too. Highly recommended for practical knife owners who want a quick but high quality edge without taking too much steel off the knife. (Posted on )
  40. PerfectReview by
    Simple, easy to use and repeatable results. I have spent a fortune trying to save money with smaller hand held sharpeners, they have their place, but I wish I had bought this first. (Posted on )
  41. good.Review by
    it is a good sharpening system but the angles are a little to wide for me. I would have preferred they copy the angles of the syderco sharpmaker which would have made this a much cheaper yet equal alternative. As it is I might still have to fork out for the spydie one. Still a great starter or spare kit and it will get a nice edge on most knives. If you dont want to spend 60 quid then I highly recommend this one. (Posted on )
  42. HOT RODReview by
    (Posted on )
  43. Lansky is hereReview by
    Took awhile to get here as it was out of stock when i ordered it but well worth the wait,its easy to use i got my knifes razor sharp in no time....thanks heinnie (Posted on )
  44. Excellent SharpenerReview by
    Having bought one of those small pocket sharpening stones and had limited results I thought I would try one of these. Amazingly easy to use and my knives were razor sharp in no time. It is also small enough to take with you anywhere. Buy one now! (Posted on )
  45. Lansky 4-rod Turn Box Crock StickReview by
    Bought the crock stick about two months ago, no other words to say about this sharpener but brilliant. Keeps all the kitchen knives sharp as well as my own collection....absolute pleasure to use.
    Still use my DC4 out in the field, and together with the Crock Stick it is all you need.
    (Posted on )
  46. Great sharpener for…Review by
    Great sharpener for the price and couldn't be easier to use, quality of the wooden base is very good, much better than I expected. Well worth the money and fast shipping and delivery as usual from Heinnie. (Posted on )
  47. Four Rod Turn BoxReview by
    I have owned this sharpener for about 4 months now and found it to be a very good addition to my tool kit. It is possible to get a very sharp edge on a blade, almost razor sharp,there is no fear of loosing the angle on the edge of the blade if you keep the blade straight as possible as you pass it down the rods. The best sharpener I have used for the money. (Posted on )
  48. So easy i can do it....Review by
    I've always been too scared to try and sharpen knives, but this system is excellent, superb value and easy to use, my 20 year old Victorinox is at last sharper than when I bought it. (Posted on )
  49. Does exactly what it says on the tinReview by
    Two pairs of holes: 1pr x 20 degrees + 1pr x 25 degrees so you can achieve the sharpening angle you want.

    Probably most suitable for folding knives around 2-4" blade length. Good to have medium AND fine grit rods. Good product + good value for money.
    (Posted on )
  50. Brilliant field kitReview by
    I've got the 2 (medium grade) stick version of this.. It's very good, I've used it for a couple of years. It's easy to use and gives a fair result quickly. With the fine sticks as well it'll be even better- but a little more bulky.. (Posted on )

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