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Lansky World Legal Slip Joint Knife

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Lansky World Legal Knife

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test 1Lansky World Legal Knifetest 2Lansky World Legal Slip Joint Knifetest 3Lansky World Legal Knifetest 4 Lansky World Legal Knife

Lansky World Legal Slip Joint Knife

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Lansky World Legal Slip Joint Knife

Lansky World Legal Slip Joint Knife



Balancing form with function, the Lansky World Legal slip joint knife was born from one idea: make a great knife that can be carried anywhere in the world. Simple but efficient, it combines modern aesthetics with traditional slip-joint technology. Available here in the UK, one of Heinnie Haynes'® best selling folding pocket knives.

Designer Mikkel Willumsen has gained notoriety worldwide for his innovative and gritty Urban Tactical designs. Based in a repurposed factory in Copenhagen, Denmark, Mikkel has been designing and producing custom made knives for over 10 years, specializing in high quality folders and fixed blades. By bringing his talents and experience to Lansky, you can expect the functionally modern aesthetics that define his work, combined with Lansky Sharpeners’ unwavering dedication to quality.

This version is the knife on its own without the sharpener.


Code LS07787
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Lansky
Blade Material: 9cr18mov Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Overall Length (cm): 17.8
Handle Detail: FRN
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Product Weight (g): 150
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Lansky world legalReview by
    This could be a great edc/work knife, if !!! it was not so ****dy hard to open and close. If i had purchased this from the guys at h/h i would have sent it back for the reasons stated. have contacted lansky, awaiting a reply. But don't be put off this is obviously a very popular knife as the reviews here testify too. will keep it and over time the issues with opening and closing will ease. So sadly only 4 stars . (Posted on )
  2. Lansky world legalReview by
    Big, ugly, cheap but the only knife you need, definitely not a gentlemans pocket knife...

    Clips in my pocket nicely, I don't even know it's there and stays on me all the time.

    Definitely one of my favourite EDC knifes.

    HH service was impeccable as usual, big thanks.
    (Posted on )
  3. TECHNICALLY legal.Review by
    First, let's get the obvious out of the way. This is a heavy, chunky knife. It's satisfying to hold and to wield, but not satisfying to have dragging down your pockets all day. It's extremely wide too, meaning you won't have much room for owt else if you don't have deep pockets.

    The blade is similarly massive, being thick and weighty. It's still well balanced but that's just because of the handle being similarly heavy. The blade is forward swept with a slight S-shape to it, which means.... well I'm not sure what. It's not a blade shape designed for any one thing or for general all-purpose use. Which is kind of the point of making a knife intended for EDC. If you're likely to be cutting lots of rope, string or plant matter, get a full hawkbill. If you want a jack of all trades, get a standard drop point. This blade shape is unusual and isn't really going to excel at any one task nor be generally all-round great. I honestly don't know who would benefit from using this over something of a more standard shape.

    That said, it *is* sharp after just a couple of minutes sharpening, after coming sliiiightly blunt out of the packaging. It's held its edge well too for me. It actually performs well as a knife.

    Aiding the performance is the ridiculously stiff slip joint. I can't imagine it failing, which is good because if this blade closed on your fingers you'd damn well know it. It's difficult to close, needing two hands and even then I sometimes push the spine against a hard surface or my thigh to do it. Works both ways though, if anyone ever manages to open this one-handed they deserve a medal. A medal they could probably crush with their freakishly strong hands. It's about as close to being a locking knife you can get without having a lock.

    And then the thing that reallllllly kinda ruins this knife's intended purpose. Its appearance. It's a beautiful, menacing thing. A satin grind effect with a stonewash on the edge, oh my. A super cool tactical-style handle for all those tactical takedowns of cardboard boxes you need to do at work. The lanyard hole at the base can even be used as a glassbreaker. All of which means any police officer who stops you while you're carrying this is going to confiscate it out of your oddly muscular hands immediately. It looks like a weapon to the untrained, and even partially-trained eye, a tacticool American mall ninja device intended to threaten. We know that's not what it is, but at first glance that's what anyone would think.

    A better name would be the Lansky World Technically Legal Knife. You could theoretically carry this in most countries but would have it confiscated in a lot of them.

    It's beautiful, in a brutal way, mind. It looks fascinating and unique without being £200+. It's a knife that my friends immediately want to play with when they see my collection (it's destroyed many water bottles and coke cans). The subtle curve of the blade stands out, and the overall brutalist-meets-tactical design really earns it a place over Expensive Folder Knife With Nice Scales #29751 on my display. In that regard I definitely don't regret my purchase.

    So it's not a bad knife. It really isn't. It feels so sturdy and nice to hold. As a collector it's a wonderful addition to your collection, being cheap but tough and unique-looking. But as a practical knife and an EDC it's just not really the best choice for anything, not necessarily a bad choice if you're not going to get stopped by police but you can just get better everyman blades in the same range.

    It gets 3 stars as a practical knife. 5 stars as a collector piece. We'll split the difference and give it 4.
    (Posted on )
  4. Not bad bit of kitReview by
    Meaty, Really strong lock for a non locking knife but looks super viscous and you wouldn’t want to be stopped with it. Great all round work knife but takes abit of work to open. Deffonately recommend it (Posted on )
  5. Great knife but the steel...Review by
    Firstly, from a brand know for it's sharpeners you would expect this knife to come seriously sharp, however it came blunt and wouldn't even cut paper.

    The steel comes with a very hard temper which is good in some respects but it makes it very hard to sharpen. It skates 100 grit sand paper and you really have to press hard to make it bite at all.

    It comes with a rounded tip with no edge on the final couple of mm, which I suppose is part of what makes it world legal but the tip is one of the most important cutting parts especially on a recurve blade like this so it's a tiresome feature.

    The handle scales are very angular which makes it uncomfortable to wear inside your jeans, I resolved this by rounding the edges with a file. The handle liners are a non-stainless steel and produce rust, which I have to clean off with wd-40 once in a while.

    Aside from these things, once I toiled to get a good edge on it and make it comfortable. It's a solid knife with a thick, heavy blade which I've even been able to use for splitting kindling and small branches when camping. The blade extends to a solid, spring tensioned slip joint which I have no fear of accidentally closing on my hand.

    Once I even dropped it tip first on to tarmac from 20ft and all it showed was a little edge rolling and scratching which cleaned up no problem. Most knives would probably have lost the tip all together from this.

    If they fixed the above mentioned issues I would give it 5 stars.
    (Posted on )
  6. An ugly knifeReview by
    It boggles the mind that this is legal, yet other, slightly longer, or even smaller locking knives, are not.

    This is a great knife if you need a tough work tool to use and abuse all day long. It has zero elegance or style, but boy, does it do what it advertises!

    Just be aware, the knife is a lot bigger and heavier than you might imagine.
    (Posted on )
  7. Chunky and Beautiful (just like Me) NOT..Review by
    Lovely knife, very pretty and well assembled and finished. Bit too big for the pocket which is why it has the pouch but nice to hold and use. Sharp OTB and no issues it's just one of those knives that you don't want to "mark or scratch" though. HH just superb on fast delivery again. (Posted on )
  8. Big, Tough and not for gentlemen.Review by
    Thought I'd try a "legal" knife for a change so bought this. As all the other reviews state this is a big folder so not surprised by it's size but if PC plod see's this it's going to be confiscated unless your fighting the zombie apocalypse. Great knife though and glad I bought it. The slip joint is strong so wet hands may struggle but I don't think I'll lose my fingers if I move up the blade though. As usual "world class" service from HH again. Give it a try for £20 it's a no brainer. (Posted on )
  9. What is says on the boxReview by
    I'm torn between 3 and 4 stars, one of the reasons I would mark it down are because of personal preference and that contradicts the "world legal" element of this knife.

    It comes barely sharp and with a rounded tip which basically makes it useless for *cuts. After a lot of grinding I'm sure I could work this in to a severe tip which would be great for carving and opening tough packages.

    I like the forward swept blade which feels substantial in the hand. The two stage locking mechanism has a decent amount of spring resistance which means a small child would have difficulty opening it, it also makes it next to impossible to open with one hand. I understand this is necessary to make it world legal but I would be concerned about this if I needed it and my other hand was otherwise compremised. As a result of this I figured out I could open it using my teeth and one hand if I needed to.

    Once it's open it feels solid in the hand with little or no blade play, the impact tool/window breaker I can imagine would be functional although if you have large hands they may cover past the base of the handle, rendering it difficult to use and potentially hazardous to the hand. The blade I imagine would stay open in most cases as even when * the blade at a solid surface I'm not concerned about it closing on my hand.
    (Posted on )
  10. Good knife Review by
    This is a great knife. The people saying its big, bulky and looks too "offensive" i think they should look and the pictures and read the description and specs before buying. Yes it is a bit on the bigger side it is a bit heavy but i lile that about it its a heavier knife for heavier tasks. The blade shape makes it a fairly good allrounder aswell.

    The blade came useable but not what i would call sharp. But a quick toush up and a good strop and its shaving sharp. It doesnt hold the greatest of edges but if you give it a quick strop after bit of heavy use like i do all my knives anyway then youll be fine.

    The back spring is very heavy. I read one review of someone complaining about it closing on them i have no idea how that whould happen if im honest they probably need a few lessons in how to use a knife.

    In short its good for heavy tasks but if you want something discreet this is probably not the knife for you.
    (Posted on )
  11. Can't beat itReview by
    I've had one of these for about 4 years now, haven't left the house without it since it arrived. Its been used daily, for all types of tasks and has been battered and abused like no knife should be.. but after 4 years it is still going strong and hasn't failed me yet. Stays sharp and is a tough little bugger! Worth more than what it's sold for in my opinion! (Posted on )
  12. Look at the photo provided before you buy !Review by
    I've read two reviews that have made the reviewers look very close to stupid. One guy bought the knife then span a yarn about its legality . Is he blind or did he not research the very product he bought ? Great knife. Check the pic provided before you buy ;-) (Posted on )
  13. FantasticReview by
    This knife is simply fantastic as an all-round pocket knife. It keeps its edge good and you can get an amazingly sharp edge on this when sharpening. For the price it is very worthwhile. Cant say anything bad about this.

    I use a Gatco Diamond Sharpening system and can get it extremely sharp. Very robust little knife.
    (Posted on )
  14. Great knifeReview by
    Living in the countryside a carry knife is always very useful. I needed something more substantial than the pen knife I usually carry and this knife fits the bill perfectly. Well
    made and strong and gives you the confidence that it is not going to snap closed on ones
    fingers in use. All that and next day delivery. What more can I say?
    (Posted on )
  15. Make it look less 'offensive weapony' pleaseReview by
    I bought this knife because I wanted as big and bulky a knife as I could legally carry, so it would be good for bushcraft, but definitely wouldn't get me in trouble if I got searched by the police.

    It works fine, though its too stiff for my liking in that police might decide it 'locks' in position. I'm going to try filing it a little to ease it up.

    I wish it looked less scary and 'tactical', and more friendly and bushcrafty. And didn't have 'urban tactical' etched onto the blade- I'm going to try to sand this off. Changing the handle to a dark wood or wood effect would help greatly- I planned on doing this but haven't get round to it yet. So, quite a bit of work required. Making the blade and handle a bit less 'sharky' would be great too- which isn't something I can easily change, so after all this effort it could still get confiscated.

    Why do I ask for this?

    I have read people in forums talking about police seizing knives that look like 'offensive weapons', even if they're the right size and don't lock so class as exempt penknives. According to Wikipedia, "the Knives Act 1997 now prohibits the sale of combat knives and restricts the marketing of knives as offensive weapons. A knife which is marketed as "tactical", "military", "special ops", etc. could therefore carry an extra liability." This knife is clearly designed to look 'tactical', and even labelled as such, which is a shame.

    Nobody sensible in the UK wants a scary-looking knife. They want the best knife they can legally carry, and carry without the fear of confiscation or worse. I really hope the designers/manufacturers take my above points into account. Because as it is, 'world legal' seems hopeful. A female friend of mine saw it and was terrified- it looks too much like an offensive weapon.
    (Posted on )
  16. Make it look less 'offensive weapony' pleaseReview by
    I bought this knife because I wanted as big and bulky a knife as I could legally carry, so it would be good for bushcraft, but definitely wouldn't get me in trouble if I got searched by the police.

    It works fine, though its too stiff for my liking in that police might decide it 'locks' in position. I'm going to try filing it a little to ease it up.

    I wish it looked less scary and 'tactical', and more friendly and bushcrafty. And didn't have 'urban tactical' etched onto the blade- I'm going to try to sand this off. Changing the handle to a dark wood or wood effect would help greatly- I planned on doing this but haven't get round to it yet. So, quite a bit of work required. Making the blade and handle a bit less 'sharky' would be great too- which isn't something I can easily change, so after all this effort it could still get confiscated.

    Why do I ask for this?

    I have read people in forums talking about police seizing knives that look like 'offensive weapons', even if they're the right size and don't lock so class as exempt penknives. According to Wikipedia, "the Knives Act 1997 now prohibits the sale of combat knives and restricts the marketing of knives as offensive weapons. A knife which is marketed as "tactical", "military", "special ops", etc. could therefore carry an extra liability." This knife is clearly designed to look 'tactical', and even labelled as such, which is a shame.

    Nobody sensible in the UK wants a scary-looking knife. They want the best knife they can legally carry, and carry without the fear of confiscation or worse. I really hope the designers/manufacturers take my above points into account. Because as it is, 'world legal' seems hopeful. A female friend of mine saw it and was terrified- it looks too much like an offensive weapon.
    (Posted on )
  17. SolidReview by
    Solid strong relatively cheap knife great for using around the workshop garden fishing shooting etc , as for world legal just be sensible - don't taken it to a nightclub ! (Posted on )
  18. world legal ???Review by
    I bought this lansky to put in my collection just because i liked how it looks . If you want to use this outdoors as a working knife i'm sure it will do whatever you ask of it as this is a solid well put together lump of a knife .
    However i have some concerns over its claim to be world legal !! YES it is a SLIPJOINT but this blade " locks " up solid in the open position and takes some effort to close it again , that and its aggressive looks would make me wary of carrying this knife in my pocket . Best kept in the bottom of your bag me thinks !! , first class service from HH thanks all : D
    (Posted on )
  19. Nice piece of kit but watch your fingersReview by
    Lovely knife that gets alloy of use but be very mindful of were your hand and fingers are as snaps closed due to its AK47 like mech

    This is a knife designed to be used and abused though I look after my equipment it serves me well daily

    Was originally bought to come hunting with me but due to the safety tip it's no good for duspatching bunny's or gutting none the less it's a good buy for the money

    Though I have no issues carrying it for work it looks like a tactical knife so if your pottering round the shops I would avoid carrying this as the police and sheep will think it's something more potent than a uk legal edc knife
    (Posted on )
  20. amazing for the price!Review by
    I received one of these for Christmas and I really like it! the knife is really heavy but I don't mind as it gives you a sense of strength and robustness. the slipjoint design feels more like a lock knife as the slip is really strong and stops at 90 degrees before closing. the blade is thick but does need a sharpen out of the box to get a decent working edge on it. this is uk legal due to the cutting edge of less than 3 inches and non locking but even my friends who know me for carrying sharps on my person raised an eyebrow when I pulled it out. uk legal yes but I think you would be pulled in for questioning carrying it even if you are within the law. if you are into your bushcraft I think you could use it to do a bit of light battoning of fire wood if you needed to (I would advocate use of a fixed blade everytime mind you). anyhoo enough waffle from me check the other reviews and I think you will agree that this is a sound buy (Posted on )
  21. BeastReview by
    Love this knife, would buy another in a blink if I lost it. Last summer we were camping, and the question "has anyone got a knife?" was raised around the camp fire. For some reason, everyone looked at me, so I produced the Lansky from my pocket, and handed it over to my girlfriends cousin. He sat staring at it for a good minute before using it, then handed it back, speechless. (Posted on )
  22. Well built knife with a poor quality blade 440Review by
    I already have a Willumsen world legal knife with 9cr18mov steel blade and rate it . I thought I would buy another. The world legal slip- joint because it is a world legal and thats all we can carry legally in our pathetic country due to law. The blade is 440 stainless and I knew this before purchase . But I wanted to see the blade shape, as it is far more for general everyday use here in the UK and most places. We all know that one knife will not do all jobs. Locking knifes are much safer but our laws are pathetic and we cannot use them, putting us a danger from injury whilst working. On arrival and taking the knife out of the packaging carefully, I can see straight away that the 440 stainless is inferior to the 9cr18mov steel. I checked the sharpness and blunt. Everyone should know that a new knife should cut paper out of the packet if its any good. I phoned Hannie Haynes 01.12.15. Spoke with the chap selling the knifes, he said that the 440 stainless blade was great and reliable metal ( I my experience this is certainly not the case). After looking carefully at this knife with over 35 years of knife experience. I will be returning it for credit due to it having 440 stainless metal blade an being blunt out the packet. The Blade shape of this knife is useful but with any knife, poor blade metal poor bladed knife. (Posted on )
  23. Likely too big and tough for some used to the alternatives Review by
    I originally bought this knife as a Christmas gift for a friend back in 2014.

    Although I never removed if from the blister pack I was amazed by how think the blade was and it's claims to be UK legal EDC seemed to be perfect for my handyman friend.

    As my new years resolution for 2016 (I consider them early) I really wanted to embrace EDC as I already owned a bug out bag... Recalling this beast of a knife I ordered one for myself, hoping its mass would give it enough 'umph' for batoning and other bushcraft tasks.

    Ive carried this knife for a couple of weeks now, it was shaving sharp out of the box (shaved one of my legs with it nicely) and I've only stropped it on the rear of a leather belt thus far but it maintains its sharpness nicely.

    The pocket clip is a little more intrusive then its companion the Madrock but having had no other experience with EDC, I don't notice the weight of it in my jeans or coat: and often I find myself reaching for other objects before remembering I'm wearing a knife.

    While I've not practiced any bushcraft with it yet; I've opened parcels, vacuum packed meat, cut birthday wrapping paper, paracord and jutte string without difficulty - last night I cooked rump steak for dinner, cutting and eating it solely with the world legal.

    The retension is strong, I had petroleum jelly residue on my fingers and simply couldn't get the grip to open the blade, I've also found it somewhat safer to close against my leg or in the spine of a book, although with practice I know the 'safety area' of where the 90 degree stop won't cut my fingers.

    So in conclusion, I like this knife - yes it's big and heavy but I like it, it doesn't close easily (I simulated batoning the rear by smacking it was a screwdriver handle and it took 8 strikes to slowly more to the 90 degree rest) so less chance of sliced fingers, for the price consider trying it as an EDC knife - fits in my daily carry vanquest micro pocket maximiser easily
    (Posted on )
  24. Cracking little knife!Review by
    Needed a knife tough enough for bushcraft but legal to carry to and from the woods, and I found this to be it! Its a well designed knife, you can grip it many different ways to get it to work as you want, the chunkyness of the knife is a plus here as much as its well thought out shape, the wide blade is also good in being strong but also letting you cut very shallow plus its good at keeping your fingers distant from the working edge, in all I find it hard to fault as you make use of it for sure its got limits but in all other respects its good very good for its price! Ho and HH's service ...........awesome! (Posted on )
  25. Just Fine (Within Reason!!!)Review by
    Got mines to-day, super fast delivery thanks. For my purposes, it is just fine. I have other knives, which I would happily use for EDC, but not this one. It would be a case of knowing exactly why it is was in my pocket before I would feel comfortable marching around with it. No doubt it is technically UK legal, but it is pretty "beefy". In any event, it is a good solid build, for me, it is comfortable in the hand, and has a very solid slip joint engagement. It's not very likely to close on you, and in it's out of the box state, it takes a little force to open. So, given the price, and for my purposes, it is superb, and I am delighted with my purchase. No issues with carry, but not routinely (just my mindset). (Posted on )
  26. Think twiceReview by
    I have had mine for over two years and didn't like it much to start with. Opening and closing are difficult and awkward.
    Last week I was stupid and tried to cut some plastic spacers in an awkward place. It was totally my fault, the blade snapped shut and took the tip of my finger. Not the worst cut but I have thrown it in the bin now. truth is a lock blade wouldn't have done this, thanks government.
    (Posted on )
  27. Legal for £15.Review by
    After 27 positive reviews, there's not much point in me writing one, but I am because no-one seems to have mentioned that the knife doesn't have a point. By which I mean it's got a safety point. Maybe it's just the one I received, but on mine, the blade terminates in a nicely rounded blunt tip, for safety's sake. I've dug it into my hand at a couple of angles, and suffered no harm. Which is good, because this is a hard working knife, a 3mm spine isn't made for delicate slicing. It'll still penetrate, mind, I get the strong impression this thing'd make a decent tin opener!

    As for legality, it's technically legal, but the police might not like the look of it, unless you're actually on a building site. But the fact is, I've read of people having a UKPK pinched by the P*****s because they didn't consider it legal, so the fact is I'd sooner risk this at £15 rather than a more expensive knife.

    (Posted on )
    so this knife has been in my pocket since its arrival and is an amazing little piece of kit. sturdy and strong as well as cheap.
    if you want one all round edc blade then this is the one
    (Posted on )
  29. A bargain !Review by
    I don't usually write reviews but felt I had to say what a bargain this knife is. Only down side is the fact that it is not exactly discreet. It is huge and built like a tank. I don't know how successful you would be at convincing the rozzers it was a legal carry. This aside it is phenomenal value at this price. Some people don't like 440c steel but I have several knives made from this and all are fine. for the money I cant fault this knifr. (Posted on )
  30. Lansky Uk LegalReview by
    I saw a few reviews of this knife and decided for the money I would give it a go.To say I was pleased is an understatement!..Great build quality(it is big and heavy) reasonable sharpness out the packet and in my opinion nice looking blade. For the price of this knife I cant see how anyone can complain..yes its 440c steel but ran it over my lansky crock sticks sharpener and its very very sharp,slices through paper with ease.It may be UK legal but as said use common sense and dont carry it where you may run into problems and you should be fine. Overall highly recommend this if you dont mind a slightly hefty pocket knife.Once again came with the usual excellent HH service,delivered quickly with no fuss. (Posted on )
  31. Bargain multi-purpose knifeReview by
    Bit of a bargain - you get a lot of knife for your money. The demerits: The steel will need regular attention to keep an any kind of edge. The re-positionable belt clip will need a drop of thread lock on it if you move it. It's pretty bulky and pretty heavy. It does look a bit 'tactical' and all that implies if that's no to your taste.
    Some people on other sites seem to have confused 'world legal' with EDC, personally I would say it's too big to carry comfortably in pocket and it's rare i need that much of a knife on the average day. There are many better alternatives on HH for EDC. Bear in mind that legal or not plod can quite happily arrest you for waving a spoon about if you behave like an ass.; this knife doesn't come with some kind of get out of jail free card attached.
    All that said, for fifteen quid it's a great (big) knife. You could literally cut a small tree down with it; and it is that sort of knife - it's not precious, it feels great in the hand, very confidence inspiring, it wants to do rough work and live in the bottom of the tool box. Did I mention it was £15? Buy two, I did one is in the dash of an old land rover and the other in the aforementioned toolbox.
    (Posted on )
  32. Fell out of Genghis Khan's saddlebag?Review by
    For the warehouse or farm unless you're prepared for a chat down the station. Sharp , massive and of offensive and sinister appearance, this knife looks about as world-legal as a Gatling gun.
    Love it - five stars.
    (Posted on )
  33. Lovely.Review by
    First knife bought from HH after purchasing a tactical pen.

    I can say that this is a great knife albeit a bit chunky - it is easy to conceal in a pocket or in the waistband in trousers but easily identifiable if clipped onto a back jean pocket.

    At first the size took a bit of getting used to however I have had it on me for the past two weeks in my waistband and it fits very nicely

    Ofcourse the blade is nonlocking as it is UK legal but it definitely requires some force to open and close and I cannot imagine it closing on your fingers accidentally.
    (Posted on )
  34. Lansky World LegalReview by
    This is an unusual knife to say the least. If it really complies with all the irksome laws ever written about knives in the entire world, then it is a clear invite for some walnut brained bureaucrat to write a few more!

    Closed length = 113mm. Closed height = 54mm. Width with clip =15.5mm. Without clip = 12.5mm. Weight (with clip) = 170g

    Construction = steel frame (1mm) with composite scales and hex bolt fixings.

    One cannot fail to be impressed by the sheer heft of this knife; it looks tough enough to drive a Chelsea tractor over. The blade is too chunky for small delicate tasks but is OK for rough cutting and prying. Despite my best efforts, I failed to achieve a super sharp razor edge on it as I have done with most of my other knives. It sharpens easily with a carbide sharpener to a reasonable edge but I suspect that it would need frequent resharpening in use.

    The mech is in keeping with the size of the knife and holds firm in the open and closed positions. It has an intermediate perpendicular position, which helps to stop it snapping shut on one’s fingers when closing. The blade requires a force of approximately 3kg to snap from the open to perpendicular position. It cannot be opened single handed. Despite that, it’s easy to operate as one can get a good grip on the back of the blade. It’s probably the nearest you can get to a lock knife without actually being one.

    The pocket clip is suitably sturdy and has four alternative fixing positions. There is a lanyard hole at the rear of the handle.

    As for its legality, well if it’s legal, it’s legal! How can plod argue otherwise? That said, I would be reluctant to use for EDC; mainly due to its weight and shape of blade. OK to take for a hiking trip though.

    Good points: Solid construction with good positive mech. Can be opened and closed with gloves on. Can be dismantled for cleaning.

    Bad points: Quality of steel suspect.

    At just under £15 I think it is good value for money and well worth getting, even given its limited practicality.

    Delivered next day from H.H. – superb!
    (Posted on )
  35. Not a great EDCReview by
    People seem to be carried away with this knife because of its name. Its very large and cumbersome and frankly not a great knife, Heinnie have some much better UK EDC blades than this.

    Also as others have indicated, this knife although is a non locking folder that is sub 3", it is still an big blade which I do not feel would be viewed well by the police if you ever were stopped.
    (Posted on )
  36. not a fanReview by
    i may be the only person who isn't a fan. mine came with a poor edge , you'd think with it being a sharpening company that they would put a decent edge on it. also the back spring is very strong and closing it is quite scary because of the strong snap when closing. it may be legal to carry in the uk but with the intimidating look a police officer may not want too let you off and still take you in, also the back spring means you need both hands too close it. (Posted on )
  37. Great not so little knifeReview by
    Its a good solid well built knife, came the next day as do all hennie deliverys. Its a bit bigger than i expected and has a good weight to it

    For £15 you cant go wrong
    (Posted on )
  38. Legal, but doesn't look itReview by
    Just arrived today and it's a BEAST! Compared to the Squeak or Pingo I usually carry this is a monster. I couldn't really see myself using this as EDC, even if it would comfortably fit in a pocket.

    Opening it is easy ... grab the back of the blade but no need for the nail nick. Then it gets tricky. The backspacing is so strong it takes a bit of effort to open it fully. The reverse procedure is SCARY ... imagine that closing on your fingers. I may try slackening the pivot screw to see if that helps.

    With all this in mind it's a 15 quid knife. It will do the job in the right location.
    (Posted on )
  39. Just Excellent!Review by
    This knife arrived as I have come to expect from Heinnies immediately! There is not much more I can add to the reviews that have already been written, But I can add that this is one of the toughest blades I have ever used and rivals my favourite Leatherman for versatility. I have accurately cut paper and cardboard, split timber for my workshop burner, pry'd open tins of paint and hacked through killer knettles! Don't hesitate get one while you can its excellent. (Posted on )
  40. interesting new pocket knife, great value and qualityReview by
    Chunky it is, feels solid, good stiff spring. I like the unconventional look. HH service is great, they even contacted me to offer an upgrade to the pack with a sharpening tool included for little more, saving me a long wait when stocks had run out due to world wide popular demand. Of course, Lansky are noted for their sharpening gadgets. Get one! (Posted on )
  41. A great working knife that is legal to carryReview by
    Although I waited a while for the knife, as it appears to be extremely popular, the wait was well worth it. On a boat, on outdoor trips, or any other working scenario it is a great knife and in the eyes of the law - legal to carry. The rather strange construction makes it big to pocket, but it will pocket quite easily without discomfort. I don't think you will get too much better for the low price anywhere. It is a very big knife and can be properly classed as a working folding knife, more than strong enough for most things you will encounter. The price makes it well worth using and carrying without worrying about marring it. The spring is certainly strong enough for any jobs at hand. I am going to purchase another to keep in the drawer, but in saying this the construction looks like this knife will last a long time. H&H were great in after sales and I certainly commend that and the company. (Posted on )
  42. Solid ValueReview by
    The 1 star review is way wide of the mark. This is a well made, great value knife; it is a beast, more like a hunting folder by Buck than an EDC size for the UK. It is not an artisan quality knife, but the quality is great for the price. The back spring is strong and stiff on purpose to ensure a good 'lock' for a slipjoint. The design is deliberate to meet various legal requirements in different countries, so one handed or assisted opening was not an option for a reason as other reviewers have noted. The knife is tough, ergonomic to hold, and the blade shape is cleverly designed. I have dropped a star as it was not as sharp as it could have been on delivery, and there was a small amount of sideways play in the blade - easily fixed with a couple of twists from an Allen key. This knife is solidly made, great value, and a good tool to have; it is better than more expensive knives I've owned from Buck and Gerber, but not Solingen or Thiers quality; but for less than £20, it is a real bargain. (Posted on )
  43. Awesome Knife!Review by
    My first order from HH and many more to follow i think. Excellent service.

    Now the knife. It's really solid and has a nice weight to it, pretty chunky piece of steel. It came out of the packaging reasonable sharp and ready to use.
    I like how it sits in my hand with the finger cut outs and the jimping on both ends of the handle which lets you get a really good grip on it. It also has a nice solid pocket clip which sits deep in the pocket.

    So far it's made short work of cardboard boxes, paper and tape.
    The slipjoint was extremely stiff when I first got it but has since loosened up enough to make opening/closing it less of a chore but has retained enough toughness to give a reassuring click when open.

    I was going to use this as an EDC but it does look quite big and the hawkbill like blade shape makes it's look quite intimidating in my opinion, I'm not sure you'd want to open it in public.

    However, that's just one small negative and for the price I think it's awesome! Get One!

    (Posted on )
  44. Rough.Review by
    I've had one of these for a few months and it is still as rough as when it was new.
    The backspring is really strong and it's machined so poorly that only a very small area bears on the blade tang making is very rough to open. I've had it apart and tried truing up the spring but without some work on the (hardened) blade where the backspring applies it's force it's never going to be right. Dremel time soon, that might fix it.
    Overall, the knife is put together very badly. The four-way position of the pocket clip highlights the cheap and nasty looking slotted screw holding it in place, the clip itself is not a feature that's for sure.
    The backspring it very strong and the tang profile is such that you're always going to struggle with opening and closing, the nail nick is a joke, you'd rip your nail off if you tried using it.
    It is a real shame that the knife is so badly made and assembled, I was really looking forward to this one and I've been disappointed - the design and look of the knife is excellent, it's just carried out so poorly by the manufacturers. Mine certainly had no quality control.
    I presume it's made in China, if so it does the Chinese manufacturers a dis-service, they are capable of much better than this for half the price.

    The design and shape is good and the blade is 440C with a recurve and a slightly hooked shape that makes is great at opening packets and boxes, that's about all the good things I can think of.
    (Posted on )
  45. Extreme Value,Battle Tank KnifeReview by
    The thing is built like a freaking tank,solid etc. The value is " Extreme ", this is essentially a collaboration with a custom knife maker, how much do you think you would be asked to pay if this was made by Spyderco, Boker, etc, yes many multiples of what this knife costs. (Posted on )
  46. Everything I expected and then someReview by
    I knew its weight from the spec. Its aggressive appearance has been noted but the blade point is actually slightly rounded, I assume intended. I do feel the back spring strength has been over-egged. I don't think excessive back spring strength automatically makes for less of a hazard to the finger than more "tactile" back spring strength where closing progress can be judged.

    That all said I bought this having viewed a "how to cut down a tree" video on YouTube. Absolutely ideal in terms of strength and spine profile. It’s going to live in my outdoor box in the car, technically legal and not too much value left sitting idle.



    (Posted on )
  47. Not for the faint of heart!Review by
    For under £20, this is one hell of a budget EDC blade!

    This is one big chunky blade with the strongest backspring I've ever felt in any knife, it locks up like a frame-lock!

    Although it's a slim-lined knife, it's weighty and extremely chunky, so it might not be everybody's cup of tea. However, I love it, weight and size are no problem for me; I could carry a housebrick (And I do, I own a nokia!) In my pocket and I'd still probably forget it was there.

    Anyone umming and ahhing at buying this should seriously consider doing so, it's a very nice blade, and with Heinnies service, if you don't like it, you can always get a refund!

    10/10 for the blade, 10/10 service from Heinnie!
    (Posted on )
  48. It's a beast!Review by
    When I unpacked the knife the first thing that struck me was the size, it's huge! Especially for and edc, the blade is an odd shape and really wide width ways but does the job, the slipjoint is fantastic, could be sharper from factory, the 90 degree stop has prevented me from cutting my fingers of a few times already! Fantastic knife at £14.95 it's a steal very good quality knife for the price. I ordered it about 4-5 weeks ago and was annoyed that it hadn't turned up after about a week but then I realised that it wasn't in stock and I had backordered it, well worth the wait though, very good service form Heinnie, I will definitely be recommending them and ordering from them again. Cheers! (Posted on )
  49. Great bade, better price.Review by
    This thing is a brute! You won't forget you have it on you.

    The sheepsfoot style blade has good cutting power which seems compounded by the slight sweep towards the point of the blade gives great cutting accuracy, this knife gets a few different tasks in a days work, from cutting open refuse sucks, to ragging fabrics, cutting cardboard and trimming sticky labels and it handles all this with ease.

    The ergos are incredible, with two great finger choils/grooves and a pocket clip that does not intrude in the hand at all.
    The pocket clip can be moved to 4 positions, for tip up and down both left and right. I sits quite high in the pocket, but the clip could be modified to fix this.

    The only con I have with this knife is the bulk, and that is just a personal taste, I prefer slimline gear that carries deep in the pocket, had the blade been more tapered from the pivot to point along the spine it would have been perfect.
    (Posted on )
  50. An odd knife!Review by
    An odd knife! You cannot fault the value, you get an amazing knife for £15. However, it is a very large, heavy knife. Too large and heavy I suspect for most people as an EDC. It may be technically legal, however, it is a large looking aggressive knife. I imagine that you would have a hard time convincing a constable that it is a 'pen knife'.
    The strongest back spring of any slip joint I have ever held. It will not close on you.
    As usual great service from HH. I repeat a comment that I once read that to have delivery any quicker, they would have to dispatch it before you had ordered it!
    (Posted on )
  51. £40 knife, £15 price tagReview by
    A truly brilliant knife, if your EDC is too small for heavy cutting tasks, buy this. The size has to be seen to be believed. This is the only knife I know that really tries to be as much knife as legally possible in most countries. My only niggle with it is that on one of the four positions of the pocket clip, the thread is bare. However this still gets 5 stars as this is not a £50 knife! (Posted on )
  52. Worlds cheapest tank .Review by
    This knife is huge for an EDC knife , it dwarfs my Spyderco UK . If you like a knife with presence this is it . The back-spring is very strong and with the half notch is perfect for safe heavy use . Came with a great edge on but if you buy a Kwik Stud you will have to file the stud a touch to make it fit the wide blade .Bought mine with the Lansky sharpener which is another great bit of kit , buy one ( or several ) before some one realizes these knives are being sold to cheaply . Usual great service from Heinnies but what else do you expect from this World class company . (Posted on )
  53. Big knife, excellent value.Review by
    I echo the previous review, in that this is a big blade, width-wise anyway. The blade protrudes a good 2cm from the side of the handle when closed. The knife is quite slim, however, and sits well in the pocket. The slip joint is very firm. The spine hangs out beyond the scales, and would make a good emergency glass breaker. The modified sheepsfoot blade has a slight wave, and makes for a powerful cutting tool. The steel is 440C, and the whole thing is astonishing value for the asking price. My only reservation is that it does look pretty intimidating to anyone who is prone to be alarmed by cutlery. Hence 4 rather than 5 stars. (Posted on )
  54. It's a monster !Review by
    First thing you will notice out of the packaging is the size. It's huge for a UK legal carry knife. Completely dwarfs my Liong Mah no5.
    It' sharp right out of the packaging and has the strongest slipjoint mechanism that I've seen. You would have real trouble closing this accidently.
    My only negatives are that the scales feel cheap and that most people may be intimidated by the size, compared to an SAK, for example.
    At £14.95, it is a steal and a welcome addition to my collection.
    Go on, buy one whilst they are in stock !
    As usual great service from Heinnie.
    (Posted on )

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Do you sell a pouch for this knife, given it's unusual shape i'm struggling to find one as its a bit large for a pocket. Thanks
Hello keith, it does fit in a SH1080 (when we have stock) waiting delivery from China
Heinnie Haynes answered on 30 August 2017

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