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Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combo

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Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combo

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test 1Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 2Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 3Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 4 Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combo
test 1Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 2Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 3Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 4 Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combo
test 1Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 2Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 3Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 4 Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combo
test 1Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 2Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 3Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 4 Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combo
test 1Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 2Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 3Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 4 Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combo
test 1Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 2Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 3Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 4 Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combo
test 1Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 2Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 3Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 4 Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combo
test 1Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 2Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 3Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 4 Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combo
test 1Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 2Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 3Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 4 Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combo
test 1Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 2Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 3Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 4 Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combo
test 1Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 2Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 3Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combotest 4 Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combo

Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combo

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Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combo

Lansky World Legal Knife & Blade Medic Combo



Balancing form with function, the World Legal was born from one idea: make a great knife that can be carried anywhere in the world. Simple but efficient, it combines modern aesthetics with traditional slip-joint technology.

Designer Mikkel Willumsen has gained notoriety worldwide for his innovative and gritty Urban Tactical designs. Based in a repurposed factory in Copenhagen, Denmark, Mikkel has been designing and producing custom made knives for over 10 years, specializing in high quality folders and fixed blades. By bringing his talents and experience to Lansky, you can expect the functionally modern aesthetics that define his work, combined with Lansky Sharpeners’ unwavering dedication to quality.

The knife is supplied with Lansky's Blade Medic sharpener, so that you can keep your blade in tip-top condition.


Code LS09784
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Lansky
Blade Material: 440C Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Closed Length (cm): 9.80
Overall Length (cm): 17.8
Blade Colour: Satin
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Finish: Satin
Grind: Hollow
Handle Colour: Black
Handle Detail: FRN
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 170
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Poor choice for UK EDC, but still a nice knife.Review by
    This is a weird review. The knife is actually very good for the price. The fit and finish is lovely, and the blade was very sharp out the packaging. The back spring of the slip joint is very strong too, so holds blade nicely.

    Ergonomically the knife is great too, with quite a bit of weight to it compared to a Spyderco ukpk.

    The biggest flaws with this knife are as follows:
    It looks scary.
    It looks big and scary.
    The shape is tactical and scary.
    The black scales and huge jimping make it scary.
    The curved blade looks scary.

    You get the message? In the UK, looking scary in public is a massive no no. Just using this to nip a stray thread would look like you are going in for the kill.

    For a collection, using in private, or to sc**e people, this knife is perfect.
    (Posted on )
  2. Amazingly good EDCReview by
    This is my everyday knife I carry. Incredibly strong blade and great feel in the hand, steel is hard enough to keep a good edge without being too hard that you have to worry about chipping.

    I treat this knife hard and is still in great condition, amazing Hennie service we know and love

    had it for 2 years and still very pleased. FYI some people find it looks a bit scary
    (Posted on )
  3. Fantastic Set and Excellent ValueReview by
    I was looking to buy a starter edc knife and sharpener, after much looking and changing my mind I just could not pass on what you were getting for your money. I am very glad I did, the sharpener is very straight forward and has a tool for every need, I’ve used it on every knife in the house and it is very fast and effective. The world legal is fantastic for the money, very robust and gives a weighted feeling of quality. I wanted something robust for using out in the forest and cycling so it is a tool for the unexpected as much as a knife for me. Very happy and a great starting point. (Posted on )
  4. great knife kitReview by
    comes really sharp straight out the packet,

    the only thing i could say about the knife, is it could do with a thumb stud.

    but easy sorted with a kwik thumb stud from here, which will be in my next heinnie order
    (Posted on )
  5. Better than expectedReview by
    Don't write reviews very often, but I felt this was really worth it.

    Heinnie let me down for the first time ever with delivery taking 4 days, but this is rare and their reputation is so good for a reason I'll let them off..

    The knife is non-locking making it UK legal, the friction lock is very strong and needs some decent force to close. This is important for non lockers. It also naturally stops at 90degrees as a safety feature I assume to reduce the chance of trapping.
    The blade has a nice edge out of the box. The knife itself is quite large considering its blade length, if you have small hands this will feel quite large I would think. I like that it's large and it handles well as a result. A bit chunky in the pocket, but you know, that way I won't forget it's there, which for me is a good thing.
    The sharpening tool is awesome, I've used a snide version before which was very good, the quality in this is obvious when you hold it, don't doubt it will be brilliant in use.
    All in all, a brilliant and well priced legal knife with a quality sharpener.
    (Posted on )
  6. value for moneyReview by
    HH lived up to their reputation once again ordered on Sunday evening delivered Tuesday morning can't ask for better service than that.
    The knife is quite a handful but not in a bad way
    , the blade was reasonably sharp very nice openning and closing action sits in the hand nicely.
    The clip holds it in place firmly.
    The blade medic is really really good I used it on four old knives and it put a very good edge on all of them .
    This knife and sharpener combo are very good value for money.
    I would have no trouble in recommending this combo to any one.
    (Posted on )
  7. What a beast!Review by
    After reading all the reviews about the Lansky World Legal Knife and watching films about it, I thought I knew what was in the box that arrived today.

    Nothing prepares you for this knife.

    My first impression was it looked a bit odd, but once you have it in your hand, it just feels right, very well made and has a satisfying click when you open or close it.

    It was reasonably sharp out the box and looks serious, technically it's uk legal but I agree with all the other reviews, if you get caught with this there's a good chance it will be confiscated, especially in Scotland, but if your're sensible about using it there shouldn't be a problem.

    It's a heavy knife, I'm used to carrying a Swiss Champ, this is slightly lighter, but only just!

    I tried the Blademedic on an old abused knife and it did a very good job of removing nicks and put a working edge on it, you get lots of options with the Blademedic, it's a very good bit of kit.

    I'm well pleased with my purchase, and the service from HH is outstanding, if you're thinking of buying this knife or sharpner I would recommend it but be warned it's the biggest small knife you'll ever see.
    (Posted on )
  8. This has turned into my favourite EDC knife very quicklyReview by
    I was a little apprehensive of the claims to be legal anywhere in the world; however, if one follows the letter of the law then the knife conforms - less than 3" of cutting length, non-locking and folding.

    The not-a-lock mechanism works very well, and it takes a good wrench to close, so your fingers are safe even when using the knife in a robust fashion. When it arrived the knife wasn't very sharp, but the Balde Medic soon took care of that (I found that one pass through the carbide blades followed by a few passes between the ceramic rods worked wonders). Due to the material (440C) and profile of the blade, you're never going to get the knife to perform like a razor, but it's ideal for what it's designed to be - a tough, resilient and virtually maintenance- free blade that can take some serious abuse without complaint. This is due at least in part to the thick spine of the blade and the positive not-a-lock-honest-guv engagement. The glass breaker is a nice feature, too.

    Whilst it's not the world's most shapely knife in the hand, it's not uncomfortable in use, and the polymer scales work very well. To increase the comfort factor I removed the pocket clip as I found that it was a little in my way no matter what position it was put in. Not a big deal for me, but it may be for some, I suppose.

    The Blade Medic is a good, all-round field sharpener; I wouldn't choose it over my oilstone for a straight-bladed knife but it deals well with the curvature found on the World Legal very well indeed. I've also used it on an Opinel Carbone and on Schrade and Kershaw tantos. Again, I'd prefer to use my oilstone but in the field, the Blade Medic is a surefire choice. One note of caution, though - the Ceramic blades are VERY abrasive and will rip chunks out of a soft blade, so use it sparingly and with great caution. I've found that a single pass will bring a new blade to a good profile but after that first pass it's time to use the ceramic rods, lest too much of your blade be removed.

    All in all, this knife is one in which you may be confident. You can use it far more harshly than the vast majority of UK EDC knives are capable of being used and yet remain safe in the knowledge that you aren't going to suffer an unintended closure and the injury that would come with it. This isn't a knife for delicate whittling or carving but it's great as a genuine Jack-of-all-trades.
    (Posted on )
  9. FantasticReview by
    Awesome little knife that I use for everything. It retains a razor sharp edge, well worth the money.

    Only a few negatives : Hard to keep the original knife shape because the quirky curve at the end. You will probably need to get some round or semi circular honing stones like what Lansky sell.

    I agree with the comment about being stopped by Police in the UK with this knife as it is very robust looking. That said if you have a good enough reason for carrying it, and you weren't doing anything stupid to have been stopped in the first instance, you shouldn't worry.

    Go buy one, there worth it.
    (Posted on )
  10. AwesomeReview by
    £28.95 for all that knife and sharpner ! What an absolute bargain. The knife is pure quality. The sharpner is awesome. If you don't own this set buy it asap. (Posted on )
  11. Dont take it apartReview by
    Great knife, but i made the mistake of taking it apart. The screws would not go back togter. My fault but i wanted to clean and oil it. Get one they are great but dont take it apart. Also blade was a little hard to sharpen due to the shape of the blade ( I am a bit of a novice at sharpening though). Still was good value and as always HH 5 star service. (Posted on )
  12. Solid reliable bladeReview by
    Lovely solid little(ish) knife. There's something about it that I find really comfortable. Not sure whether it's the weight or the really solid slipjoint, but I've fallen in love with it.

    The blade medic is a great little tool. Used it on a couple of blades now and it seems pretty solid.
    (Posted on )
  13. Big knife, razor sharp.Review by
    A large knife with a very strong slip joint spring. Care is needed when opening and closing this knife. I really like the design and it is very well made. The blade is very sharp, on my example, and can be used to remove hairs. Take a look at my review * (Posted on )
  14. Unusual - but very usableReview by
    If I'm honest I didn't immediately like this knife. It's big and heavy for a "legal" pocket knife. The handle is well constructed and tough with a very sturdy pocket clip. There's a lanyard hole and glass breaker on the end. Substantial gimping and scaling makes it easy to grip and it sits well in the hand.

    I didn't immediately take to the blade. It's difficult to describe the blade shape. Sort of drop point / hawk bill hybrid. It's wide and thick with a satinised finish. Mine wasn't brilliantly sharp either. However after touching up and honing it retains a very sharp edge. The retaining spring is sturdy and precise with a firm stop at 90 degrees.

    Over the couple of months I've owned it, I found myself gradually using it more and more - to the point where it's become my most used folder.

    As for the legality - yes it fulfils the criteria for a UK legal carry - but I wouldn't want to argue that point with a Police Officer - it looks tactical and aggressive.

    For the money it's a great little work horse of a knife . Even better value combined with the blade medic.
    (Posted on )
  15. you need 1Review by
    Chances are if you're on heinnie your already a knife nut. Do you need this knife..NO. is it the best knife you could get. .NO. Should you buy one..YES.

    For the cost. This knife is brilliant. Comfortable and effective if not a bit querky.

    The blade medic is what it is. It will work...but again if your on this site chances are you will have another primary method of sharpening that will give you the edge this knife deserves. My advice is stick to that.
    (Posted on )
  16. BIGReview by
    A big chunk of blade but really nice to use once you're used to it . Blade medic is awesome . (Posted on )
  17. Best value knifeReview by
    This is the best value knife I ever bought. The sharpest knife I've ever had out of the box, very solid, great steel for this price, cannot be faulted. (Posted on )
  18. can't fault it, but....Review by
    After reading the reviews I thought I'd try it for myself, and it is all they say and more. Built like a Russian tank; solid, heavy, and will take whatever you throw at it. But, my intention was to replace my CRKT edgie pocket knife and my BM snipe work knife with a single blade. However the sheer heft of the Lansky means it does not slip easily into the pocket, and being a slip joint means it can't be opened with one hand, and being UK legal means it's lacking an inch on the snipe. If my job didn't allow me lawful reason to possess a large locking blade then the Lansky would be a no brainer, but as a tool of the trade it has it limitations. Overall I'd say a lot of thought went into the design, and build quality is excellent, and for the money you won't find better; i just wish i could find a role for it. (Posted on )
  19. Big but good.Review by
    I got this knife about a week ago.

    While this does in fact meet the criteria to be legal here in the UK (non locking, blade under 3 inch) the sheer heft and look of this knife puts me off carrying it as an EDC.

    On the plus side for this knife though, it's got some weight behind it, it has a good comfortable set of scales, they wouldn't feel small on a little kitchen knife, so comfortable to handle and use with purpose, and the blade is rather thick for a 3 inch folder.

    Whilst I won't EDC this knife, it'll definitely find its way into my cargos when I'm out hill walking and maybe even in the garden.

    And as always, great service from HH.
    (Posted on )
  20. Best EDC I have ever come acrossReview by
    I live in Denmark, where the knife law is downright ridiculous. This knife is brilliant for a market like DK. I measured the blade at 6,8 cm, which makes it easy for any police officer to quickly identify the knife as being legal.

    From unboxing I went straight to the classic paper test, and it sliced that paper effortlessly. Super sharp right out of the box!

    I've seen a couple of reviews on youtube, and I thought I had a pretty good idea of how the big the knife was overall, but I had it all wrong. It was way bigger than I expected. Very bulky, and it feels indestructible. Fits great in the hand, but still small enough to fit that little jeans pocket-in-pocket you never know what to do with. I personally cant tell I have it on me, so the extra weight is no problem.

    It even has jimping for better grip. And the 90 degree stop prevents the blade from slicing off your fingers when closing it :)

    Overall: Awesome knife, sharp as heck, perfect for any strict knife market. Wear it with pride. Mine was delivered to Denmark within 4 days. Can't beat that.
    (Posted on )
  21. CoolReview by
    Lovely little / big knife. I agree that with its tactical chunky looks you will have a problem if stopped by the authorities etc etc. I am really pleased with it, but agree a smaller one for urban carry would be good,
    (Posted on )
  22. Cracking!Review by
    Well obviously excellent service from HH who managed to dispatch this in the post before I had finished ordering!

    The knife is solid built, so much so I was battening wood with it without fear of the blade closing on my hand (not recommended but in an emergency...)

    The hook bill works well with the drop angle your fingers are higher than the cutting surface.

    Sharp out of the box and despite being a slip joint (non locking) it requires a lot of pressure to close it. I measured 8lbs pressure using scales. The closing mechanism is a two step system for safety and is the same for opening !

    Pocket clip is strong, grip forms well into hand and the pommel can be used to break glass, skull crush or a pressure point tool in a push. When closed I managed to use the back to get sparks from a fire steel, but needed a bit better edge putting on it, a simple task with the included Lansky sharpener (tapered diamond) just to give it more edge and bite.

    The knife sits neatly to the side of my jeans pocket so I don't even know its there and is great as an EDC outdoors/rural carry (as opposed to a typical urban carry) where more heavy duty cutting may be needed.

    I have been able to make a complete bow drill set with this knife and its capable of doing more, no problem

    Super value for the money!!!

    This is one that should be on everyones list if its not already in your pocket as its a cracking bit of kit.
    (Posted on )
  23. Great comboReview by
    First of all, thank you Heinnie Haynes for superb service, ordered Tuesday afternoon, received on Wednesday morning! Amazing!

    Sharpener: tested on 3 knives and is working fine, not exactly razor sharp finish but then again who need a razor sharp edge other than for cutting paper? I'm happy with this sharpener.

    Knife: Big blade, I'm not sure I will EDC this knife, very good quality and sharp out of the box, I will use it at work to cut cardboard boxes, etc'
    (Posted on )
  24. Its too bigReview by
    Thank you for the usual five star service Hennie, delivery was silly quick.
    Ok so I bought Knife and medic combo for £20 which was very good value . The knife medic is pretty good and can do a good job of sharpening most knives . The knife itself is a bit of a hard one to call. Its a lot of knife for the money but the weight of it and thickness of its blade mean that this one will probably just end up in a drawer and never used. If your after a very cheap knife that you can carry for every day tasks then the CRTK edgie is better. Nice concept though and a great price Lansky I look forward to seeing you improve on this, I know you will.
    (Posted on )
  25. EDC reservationsReview by
    First and foremost I'd like the thank HH for the usual five star service, you just won't get better all around service and commitment to provide customer satisfaction, thank you once again!
    Wow this knife is a beast, really well constructed, blade is a little on the tight side to open but that also helps to give you confidence that when the blade is open it isn't going to easily close on your fingers.
    Plenty sharp out of the packaging for box cutting etc, popped one or two hairs on my arm but if you want to take it to the next level the blade medic provided
    (Posted on )
  26. The jury is still out on this one...Review by
    Day 3 of owning the Lansky World Legal and it's time for the verdict, but there's a problem.

    Pros: It's built like a tank, the blade steel is fine for day-to-day use, it takes a shaving sharp edge easily, the slip joint is very strong when holding the blade open, it feels great in the hand regardless of how you're gripping it, the forward blade position is really nice, the pocket clip is no frills but highly functional, the materials used and the finish are better than expected given the price point and center of balance is great.

    Cons: In my opinion it's too big and heavy for an EDC blade, it cannot be opened with one hand (I know that's intentional but it's still inconvenient for a UK user) and the strength slip joint makes a meal out of opening/closing the blade.

    With the above in mind I'm struggling to get my head around this knife's purpose/intended user. It's marketed as a legal carry blade but it's too big, too heavy, too imposing and too "tactical looking"for anyone to conceivably think that if you're stopped by a Police Officer he/she would ever let you walk away with it.

    Invariably if you are found to have that knife in your possession in a public place the officer will examine it, they will consider the knife to be offensive in nature, you'll be arrested and possibly charged under the Prevention of Crime Act 1953 or the Criminal Justice Act 1988. It's true to say (given the sub 3 inch, non -locking format) you're unlikely to be successfully prosecuted (unless you were up to no good at the time), but who needs the hassle? If you're going to take the gamble you'd have better odds with a smaller slip-joint e.g a Byrd Tern or similar.

    If you accept that you can't practically carry it day-to-day then you accept that you can't take it out without a good solid reason for having it with you. In that case you'd be in the same situation as you would with a locking blade, so why not take a locker instead?

    Lansky if you're reading this can we have a mini version please?

    The only practical place I can see this knife having in the UK is as a utility knife in a bag in the boot of your car with a first-aid kit and a fire extinguisher, anything more and you're on really dodgy ground. That being said, for the money it's a great little knife and well worth having.

    One last point, it came disappointingly dull out the packet, fortunately it came with the BladeMedic. After a few strokes it was razor sharp, if found myself saying "Wow, the BladeMedic is amazi... well played Lansky, well played.

    Lansky, we eagerly await the Lansky "Small World Legal" (you can have that one for free).

    (Posted on )
  27. simply awesomeReview by
    This knife is just brilliant, comes sharp as heck out of the box and even comes with the sharpener. This is a superb value for money, comfortable to use and weighty feeling knife and possibly the best knife I now own! Highly recommended. (Posted on )
  28. FantasticReview by
    A Fantastic knife, nice weight, great slip joint and amazing value for money.

    Even Blade medic is great, the pair make a great combo at a very good price.

    Fantastic HH fast delivery and service.
    (Posted on )
  29. Big & BeefyReview by
    This a chunky solid knife. I have very large hands & this is very comfy to hold & use. The addition of the sharpener for the price makes this excellent value for money.

    5* service from HH as usual make this a must buy.
    (Posted on )
  30. FinallyReview by
    Finally a beefy UK legal folder, own many UK legal knives and like most of them, but apart from victorinox, most are double the price of this and to be honest, this feels way more sturdy and has a unique blade profile that I have found great for general edc tasks, feels good in the hand and is a nice size, highly recommend this product! (Posted on )
  31. Fantastic Value for money. Review by
    What a fantastic UK / World legal knife for the money.
    Designed by master knife maker Mikkel Willumsen and marketed by Lansky Sharpeners. You even get a pocket Lansky sharpener thrown in. Not sure how they can do all this for only £22.95.
    It is a goods size, feels great in the hand and is sharp from the pack.
    I recommend this knife to anyone looking for a UK / World Legal EDC.
    Thanks to Heinnie Haynes for fantastic customer service and next day delivery.
    (Posted on )

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