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Leatherman Squirt PS4

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UK Friendly

Leatherman Squirt PS4 PS4 Black

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Leatherman Squirt PS4

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Leatherman Squirt PS4

Leatherman Squirt PS4



For years Leatherman customers had to choose between the handy little pliers on the original Squirt P4 or the scissors on the Squirt S4. Now you can have both in one lightweight mini-tool that comes in handy for everything from snipping fishing line to wrapping a birthday present on the go.

  • 420HC Clip Point Knife
  • Regular Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Flat/Phillips Screwdriver
  • Bottle Opener
  • Wire Cutters
  • Spring-action Needlenose pliers
  • Medium Screwdriver
  • Wood/Metal File
  • Specification

    Code WIT-LT40/B-$$
    Limited Edition: No
    Brand: Leatherman
    UK Friendly Carry: Yes
    Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


    1. Psst! Get a PS4!Review by
      Always with me. Unless flying. Even then it’s in the suitcase, ready and waiting to hit the road. Miles better than a Gerber Dime, as the little scissors are as mentioned very well made. Keep the knife blade at its best by stropping on smooth single ply cardboard loaded with fine buffing compound. The scissors can be stropped too - but just the bevel, of each scissor blade, not the inside.

      When used within its limits this little MT does just fine. Unobtrusive, it carries without much notice even on formal occasions. The cap lifter may need a couple of well-spaced tries but it does work. Every tool on this little gem lives up to expectations, with common sense.

      The aluminium handles will mark up over time. I managed to put deep scuffs in mine trying to lift an object with the pliers. Whoops. Lesson learned. But that just illustrates how much confidence I have in my PS4. Pair this up with even a basic SAK, and you really feel a bit more equipped for the day. And consider also having a small keychain tool with hex cutouts, to hold one nut or bolt stationary whilst using your handy little PS4 to turn its mating counterpart. A Leatherman By The Numbers is a favourite, also from HH.

      The other reviews have said many good things, and James in his review below makes several valid observations. I can only agree with the positive remarks - this is one of the best things I’ve ever bought!

      Within its class, very, very useful, fully UK friendly, and an indispensable part of a well-rounded EDC kit, in my opinion. If lost, it would immediately be replaced by a new one. Very highly recommended!
      (Posted on )
    2. Nifty little toolReview by
      What can I say, excellent service from HH. Came in less than 24 hours from ordering!! Great little tool that's come in useful a dozen times already since I've got it. Would highly recommend not only the tool but HH too! (Posted on )
    3. Amazing tool, would highly recommend to anyone!Review by
      The Leatherman squirt PS4 is a simply amazing multi-tool. It packs the punch of a full size multi-tool in a small package. It is the light-duty reincarnation of Leatherman's Wave. It features a fantastic tool set made from high quality materials in a very small and lightweight package.

      Despite the size and weight of the squirt, it does not at all feel cheap or flimsy, all the tools and strong and as thick as you'd expect and hope to see from Leatherman. The pliers are light duty as you'd expect, but for their size they are extremely functional., they are also spring loaded, which I have found very useful, particularly on a tool this small. The wire-cutters work well, although I have only tested them on cable no hard wires as of yet, although given the light weight nature of the tool, I don't anticipate every testing it on anything hard.

      The blade is 420HC steel as standard on all basic Leatherman multi-tools, it is chisel ground, but ground well and therefore is very sharp and holds a good edge. The file, I cannot praise enough, unlike the nail-files that are standard on most multi-tools of this size, the PS4 features a proper three-sided metal file, it works very effectively in any task from fixing your nails to de-burring a piece of copper pipe.

      The screwdrivers are also excellent on the PS4, it features a flat head driver and cap lifter/bottle opener, the flat head is strong and very functional, the tool has no noticeably twist when driving screws, the flat head can also be used as a try tool to great effect. The cap lifter works as expected, a little on the small size, but it works none the less, and to be honest, the cap lifter is somewhat less than high priority. The 2D philips driver also works excellently, it's functionality doesn't seem to suffer from the lack of a full 3D driver, and turns screws without issue, I have noticed some marking on the edges of the Philips driver, but really nothing worth mentioning, as this is a light duty multi-tool.

      The scissors are good, very strong and sharp, I have even managed to glide them when cutting wrapping paper. Using the spring alone they do not open very far, but really how far do they need to open. The spring is very strong and I cannot imagine it ever breaking under stress.

      Overall there is little to nothing that I can really criticize about this multi-tool, it's well made, constructed from good materials, it feels solid, and despite its size I still feel better prepared from having it with me on a daily basis. It's strong enough to perform useful jobs, yet small and light enough to never need to leave it at home. I see people complaining about all Leatherman tools, mainly how they managed to break them, but if you use this light-duty multi-tool for light-duty tasks then I cannot anticipate you ever having issues with it. Some may also find the price a bit steep, but for the quality and innovation you receive, I personally believe that its a good investment and worth every cent.

      (Posted on )
    4. No Dougal, its far away!Review by
      It looks exactly like a normal multitool, that's far away, except it's very close.
      Good keyring carry, handy when you need it for light duties or for odd jobs. Simple, plain and works well without being a bulky item to carry. Clip it with an S biner from NiteIze and its easy on or off the keys for use. Worth Having
      (Posted on )
    5. Very handy - pricey but usefulReview by
      Excellent service from HH I ordered Saturday night and arrived Tuesday afternoon!!

      The squirt is quite a small package in itself, a lot smaller than I thought and the knife which has replaced my Spydy bug fits on my keys perfectly.

      Just a word of caution the 2D philips head won't fit the average screw you'd come across perfectly so need to be cautious when using it to avoid stripping the screw. Knife came razor sharp and love the fact the pliers are spring loaded.

      It is pricey but considering the brand oozes quality and you get a 25 year no questions asked warranty it pays for itself in the long run.
      (Posted on )
    6. Key chain multi-toolReview by
      Excellent little key chain sized multi-tool. It is expensive but you get what you pay for.

      You are getting a little tool, which has 9 tools on it, that you can put in a pocket or on your key chain and is there when you need it.

      I mainly use mine to put my bike chain back on or pick things up I am not sure about off the ground.

      Watch my full review here:
      (Posted on )
    7. None betterReview by
      I bought these a while ago from HH. The usual great service from HH, and the tool is perfect. When you need it, it steps up. (Posted on )
    8. Great tool only 2 small gripes.Review by
      It's a great tool and I can see it serving me well but the pliers don't meet up exactly and it's rivet construction rather than screw construction as shown in the picture. (Posted on )
    9. A real EDC multi-toolReview by
      The first thing that strikes you about the PS4 is the size, it's very small. Ideal!! I wanted something I could either carry on my car keys, or if not, in my pocket.

      The Squirt PS4 is brilliant. The pliers are great for nearly all 'gripping' tasks, apart from very large objects. The blade is sharp from the word go and the screwdrivers work well, without any fear of them breaking or bending (which happens with inferior makes).

      This really is the ultimate EDC. You can carry it all day and you'll not know it's there, until you need it and then you'll be glad you bought it.

      At the price, it's a bargain all things considered.

      Why have something like a Leatherman, when you can have the real thing.

      Usual brilliant service from Heinnie Haynes. Can't recommend HH highly enough.
      (Posted on )
    10. Hugely overpriced for…Review by
      Hugely overpriced for such a small tool! Very impressed with HH's service however, it feels cheap and the tools don't open with a satisfying "click". Also the spring on the scissors snapped off after 2 weeks and Leatherman say all products have 25 year warranty. (Posted on )
    11. Small and Mighty!Review by
      Excellent service as usual from Heinnie, you guys rock.

      PS4 is the worlds coolest keyring sized tool! Way stronger than I thought it would be but takes up no space at all. Ace!
      (Posted on )
    12. *Review by
      The best yet ! Apart from
      *subbing in a diamond face on the file, and
      * adding a few small wire strip slots inside the pliars, ( i will grind some !)
      it's hard to see how else ps4 could be improved for my tasks.
      (Posted on )
    13. THE BEST keychain sized multi-toolReview by
      The best keychain sized multi-tool. Having pliers and scissors is major advantage over the old squirt s4 and p4 and other keychain multi-tools like the gerber splice and vise. The quality is excellent and the tools feel stronger that I thought they would be. Sits on your keychain comfortably and virtually unnoticable.

      Overall a great product, highly recommended!
      (Posted on )
    14. This is a…Review by
      This is a class piece of kit a great edc especially paired off with a sak all light duty tasks covered delivered fast great company. (Posted on )
    15. Yummy! :)Review by
      An outstanding fully functional "piece of jewelry" on my keyring.
      And ofc, 10+ for HH services!
      (Posted on )
    16. Like It !!!!Review by
      Lovely little tool, smaller than the Micra and much better too, being able to access everything from the outside (except for pliers of course which are inside). Has everything you need with the pliers and scissors in the same package. Really good!!! (Posted on )

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