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Magnum Bailey Ziel 3 Piece Set

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Magnum Bailey Ziel 3 Piece Set

test 1Magnum Bailey Ziel 3 Piece Settest 2Magnum Bailey Ziel 3 Piece Settest 3Magnum Bailey Ziel 3 Piece Settest 4 Magnum Bailey Ziel 3 Piece Set

Magnum Bailey Ziel 3 Piece Set

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Magnum Bailey Ziel 3 Piece Set

Magnum Bailey Ziel 3 Piece Set



John Bailey's newest throwing knife design for beginners and professionals alike. These are a set of weighty, all-steel construction knives made from 420 stainless steel. They are well balanced and guaranteed fun and pleasure with every throw. The grooves and depressions are made according to a strict Bailey design. Supplied as a set of 3 with combination leather sheath.


Code 02MB164
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Magnum
Blade Material: 420 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 18.4
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.4
Overall Length (cm): 33.7
Handle Material: Steel
Product Weight (g): 316 each


  1. Brilliant set of knivesReview by
    I saw these at a friend's place and had to have a set. They are excellent throwing knives, when they hit they dig in deep. They must be easy to throw because I find they stick into the target more often than not and I've never thrown non-spin before. You would not want to be standing in front of these which is worth bearing in mind if there's any chance of bounce back.

    The sheaf is a well designed and sturdily made item with good materials. Bulky but there's no way of holding three huge chunks of stainless that can be anything else. It looks like it will last as long as the knives and they will last until they get lost as I don't see breaking them is an option.

    Heninie Haynes dispatched them super quickly, even with the basic free delivery option they only took a couple of days to arrive. Well packed and dispatched day of order. Excellent.

    (Posted on )
  2. Great heavy weights!Review by
    I think these are some of the best looking throwing knives available "off-the-shelf". Those circular indents and the blade fillers help a lot with grip consistency. The shape of the handle makes for a smooth release. The knives are really well balanced in the centers, great for blade and handle throws.

    The weight and size of the knives are pretty substantial. Those with smaller hands will meet a new experience. The extra weight gives these beasts gives a hell of a "wallop" on impact which sinks them deep into the target.

    The sheath looks a bit plasticky but seems very solid and looks like it would last a lifetime. The edges of the handles and the blades of the knives have a relatively sharp milled edge to them. This made them a bit uncomfortable to throw for me but some work with a sander and some wet and dry quickly sorted that. Some may find no issue with this but for me it was worth doing.

    These knives really make me smile both in looking at them and throwing them. A bit pricy but when you get them you will not be disappointed, you get what you pay for!
    (Posted on )
  3. Excellent knivesReview by
    I am a member of a throwing club and I use nothing but these knives. Good weight and length and the point sticks deep into the target.
    As they are stainless I have a strict "1 knife per target" rule with them otherwise you can get some nasty slivers of steel coming off them if you bash the knives together by trying to group them.
    Excellent service as always from HH who got me these knives direct from Boker before they were a "catalogue" item.
    (Posted on )
  4. Exactly as advertisedReview by
    Does exactly what it says on the tin.

    A nicely made set of throwing knives for 'grown-ups'. Substantially built to take a lot of punishment. Zero use for cutting because there's not a single sharp edge on them but that's not what they're about.

    Getting nearly a kilo of machined 420 stainless for under ú60 seems like a real bargain. Sheath is fine for storage though it's clear most of the money has gone into the steel.

    One thing that should've registered but somehow didn't in all the excitement of my first set of throwing knives is that you want, at least until your aim is half-decent, to find a target board that's wide enough so you can throw to the side of blades you've already thrown: one of my knives hit the handle of a blade that was in the board and I slightly damaged the tip. Oops. Easily sorted with a Lansky puck but not something to repeat.

    The usual superbly quick delivery and good comms from HH that keeps us all coming back.
    (Posted on )

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When will you have more in stock?
Hi Paul, in stock in Germany so should be about a week
Heinnie Haynes answered on 9 June 2017

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