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Magnum Juliet

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Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

UK Friendly

Magnum Juliet

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test 1Magnum Juliet Thumbnail Imagetest 2Magnum Juliettest 3test 4

Magnum Juliet

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days



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Please note that this item will be dispatched once in stock. We estimate that stock will be here in 4 – 6 Weeks


Magnum Juliet

Magnum Juliet



the Magnum Juliet is a beautiful slip joint pocket knife for every day. Compact enough for everyday use, big enough for a weekend picnic, tough enough for the camp site.

The blade is made of polished 440A steel, is finely ground and versatile. The handle scales are made of real bone so are hard wearing and weather resistant.

The stainless steel bolsters are also polished and harmonize well with the blade.


Code 01SC327
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Magnum
Blade Material: 440A Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.8
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Closed Length (cm): 9.70
Overall Length (cm): 17.7
Blade Colour: Satin
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Clip Point
Blade Finish: Polished
Cutting Edge (cm): 6.9
Grind: Hollow
Handle Colour: White
Handle Material: Bone
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Pocket Clip: No
Product Weight (g): 0.08


  1. An unexpected order.Review by
    While reviewing some folding pocket knives, my wife walked into the room, spotted the Juliet and, although she isn't a committed blade fan, commented that it was very pretty and that she would like one - as the title of the review says....'unexpected'.

    When it arrived, she was pleased with the packing (likes the fact that it came in a tin) and once in her hand, was completely charmed by the look and feel. The Juliet looks classy and functional in a slightly retro way, which only adds to its appeal.

    I was handed it to inspect and found that it was easy to open, although a half stop would have been a good inclusion. Fit and finish are to a very high standard, as I've come to expect from Magnum. The blade was perfectly centered, had no lateral play and was sharp enough to remove my arm hairs with no fuss. The bone scales add solidity to a knife that would look equally good in the hands of ladies or gents and for just under £17 I can see me ordering another to keep for myself.

    As ever, Hennie gets full marks for speed of delivery and emailed updates on the order progress. If only other companies would take a leaf from their book.
    (Posted on )
  2. It’s just lovelyReview by
    What a lovely little blade . Very good fit and finish . No half stop and the backspring is a little weaker than I’d like . For the price though this knife is a must buy for any fans of traditional slipjoints . It feels nice in the hand and oozes charm . Put a nice carbon blade steel on it and I’d happily pay three times the asking price .
    The usual flawless Hienne delivery .
    This knife beats any Case I’ve owned in terms of fit and finish .
    (Posted on )
  3. A gemReview by
    Bargain of the century. If you are looking for a traditional folder made with an attention to detail worth five times the price look no further than this.

    Bone handle polished blade and fittings, for pocket money price. If you had bought this as a boy, your first knife it would have been your most precious possession.

    Always wishing for better steel but at this price will fill the roll of a gentleman's folder for many years and you would be proud to pass it on.
    (Posted on )
  4. UnbelievableReview by
    I'd read so many awesome reviews about this knife and every one absolutely spot on , been a massive pocket knife lover since a was a kid and own quite a few and it's great to see you don't have to spend a fortune to get a top spec knife , as some of the other reviews have said don't hesitate if you like the look of this knife order it as it's even better when you have it in your hand ,awesome work hennie Haynes once again you never let us down , (Posted on )
  5. GoodReview by
    Couldn't be better. Well made, comfortable, looks beautiful. Strong spring for open blade. Lifetime guarantee registration card included. Feels like a special thing. (Posted on )
  6. Beauty and function without costing an arm and a legReview by
    A good little knife for everyday carry, nice and robust mechanism and excellent fit and finish. The blades steel could be better but that would end up increasing the price and its perfectly usable as is. (Posted on )
  7. Outstanding!Review by
    This knife is the definition of low cost-high value,. scales are fitted perfectly, good solid backspring, fairly thick little blade that came razor sharp. Just drips quality, the sort of knife you know you can rely on for many decades. Outstanding!

    Heinnie's service was fast this time even by Heinnie's standards! Brilliant!
    (Posted on )
  8. Fantastic!Review by
    This knife is incredible! Nothing within its price bracket comes close to the quality of this knife. The bone handle is gorgeous and the polished blade is stunning! Do not hesitate when looking to buy this knife. (Posted on )
  9. An absolute bargain!Review by
    If these knives come back into stock, GRAB ONE! This is a very classy product indeed. Great fit & finish, lovely bone scales, a half-stop on the blade and a handsome presentation tin..... all for £17. I can't recommend this one highly enough! (Posted on )
  10. Elegant white bone Review by
    When this item arrived.. it went straight to the top of my knife collection.. tough and elegant looking...!!! Legal carry.. very traditional.. takes me back to when pocket knives were made to last a lifetime.. don't hesitate when buying this one... (Posted on )
  11. Exellent knifeReview by
    I have purchased many knives over the last 45 years and I must say this is one of if not the best knives i have ever bought at any price. Metalwork is exellent wirh no gaps ,blade fits evenly between the bolsters, spring is firm but not overly hard to open the blade. Bone scales are good colour and quality and evenly matched and the handle fits well in my hand. Blade was razor sharp out of the box.
    Also superb service from Heinnie Haynes who replaced the first knife that was sent out to me due to a small oil mark on the handle .With no quibles or prompting . Again an excellent knife and the usual superb service fom Heinnie Haynes.
    (Posted on )
  12. Great valueReview by
    Remarkable quality for the price. If it were three times as expensive it would still be a good buy. As has been mentioned in other reviews, the photos are a little misleading, the knife is fairly hefty and, especially, the grip-scales are quite chunky. The fit and finish are excellent, everything is tight and precise. The bone of the scales is good, and, given that it is a natural product, very even in colour and texture. The blade is very sharp.

    I had intended to use the knife as an everyday carry, but because of the weight and relative bulkiness in a pocket, I think it will be more of a weekend camping/boating tool.
    (Posted on )
  13. WowReview by
    For the price very hard to beat fit and Finnish is very good and at the price even harder to beat looks good and old school friendly looking for traditionalist I'd say don't think just buy one buy it now worth every penny and more plus usual amazing an fast service from H.Haynes hard to beat (Posted on )
  14. High value knife Review by
    Great quality for the price, fit and finish really good and those bone scales are lovely. Grab one, you won't be disappointed. (Posted on )
  15. ExcellentReview by
    The trouble I find with cheap knives is variation in quality control. You can sometimes get an excellent knife, other times not so good. I got a good one here. The quality of the fit and finish was excellent. Not quite a GEC , but not far off. The knife fits together well, with no spaces between the back spring. The scales are very well done, a near perfect match for both sides. The blade grind is excellent and it was very sharp out of the box. The pull is about a 6 and there is a half stop. The blade is a lovely thin clip point. The scales are thicker than the photo suggests.
    For the quality and the price this is possibly the best legal to carry slip joint on Hennies website! The only possible downside is that the blade is quite long. The full open blade is just over three inches. Whilst the sharpened part is just under three inches, making it technically legal, you may need to argue and debate the technicalities of British knife law with a constable if he or she should find it about your person.
    As always excellent service from HH. I repeat what I have said before: in order to get your order to you any quicker, they would need to dispatch it before you had ordered it!
    (Posted on )
  16. Blows them all away! Review by
    I have other knives of this type and price, Rough Rider, Case, Outdoor Edge etc, but this Boker Juliet blows them all away!
    It came extremely sharp out of the box - paper slicing sharp. The build is the best I have ever seen on a knife like this and I have been picking up 'penknives' for almost 50 years now. The bone handle is just beautiful and the fit/finish is perfect.
    For this price, I am thinking of this as my free gift from Heinnie Haynes for being such a loyal customer.,because it is virtually free at the price and is ridiculously low for what you get. I haven't even mentioned that it comes in a gorgeous gunmetal coloured tin.
    It is worth buying one now because I am sure these will sell out fast (or go up in price), or both!
    (Posted on )

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Questions & Answers

how can this pocket knife be uk friendly when it is 7.8 cm and the legal limit on a pocket knife in the UK is 7.62 cm or 3 inches
The cutting edge is shorter than 7.6cm
HH answered on 5 September 2017

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