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Manker E14 XPG3

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Manker E14 XPG3

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test 1Manker E14 XPG3test 2Manker E14 XPG3test 3Manker E14 XPG3test 4 Manker E14 XPG3
test 1Manker E14 XPG3test 2Manker E14 XPG3test 3Manker E14 XPG3test 4 Manker E14 XPG3
test 1Manker E14 XPG3test 2Manker E14 XPG3test 3Manker E14 XPG3test 4 Manker E14 XPG3
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test 1Manker E14 XPG3test 2Manker E14 XPG3test 3Manker E14 XPG3test 4 Manker E14 XPG3
test 1Manker E14 XPG3test 2Manker E14 XPG3test 3Manker E14 XPG3test 4 Manker E14 XPG3
test 1Manker E14 XPG3test 2Manker E14 XPG3test 3Manker E14 XPG3test 4 Manker E14 XPG3

Manker E14 XPG3

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Manker E14 XPG3

Manker E14 XPG3



2200 lumens, bang up to date Cree XP-G3 LED, USB rechargeable, 2200 lumen strobe and looking very smart with it's copper collar and matt finish Aircraft-grade aluminium body, the Manker E14 XPG3 is no ordinary flashlight. It feels lovely in the hand too. In the dead of the night this weighty, solid torch will give you a real sense of reassurance.

  • Cree XP-G3 LED or Nichia 219C LED Maximum 2200 lumens output
  • Maximum beam intensity: 6000cd
  • Maximum beam distance: 155meters
  • Waterproof standard: IPX-8, 2M
  • Impact resistance: 2 meters
  • Working voltage: 2.7 - 4.2v
  • Driver: Most efficiency constant current circuit
  • Micro USB interface rechargeable function
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum body
  • Premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating

Brightness Levels & runtime

  • Moonlight: 0.1-5 lm - 240hrs
  • Low: 22 lm - 38hrs
  • Medium: 140lm - 10hrs
  • High: 850lm - 3.5hrs
  • Turbo: 2200/850lm - 40s/1hrs (Max 2200lm output, after 40s stepdown to 850lm)
  • Strobe: 2200lm


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Manker
Body Material: Aluminium
Overall Length (cm): 10.9
Head Diameter (cm): 2.7
Body Diameter (cm): 2.3
Lumens: 2,200
Runtime Details: 40 seconds on Turbo mode
Beam Distance (m): 155
Batteries: 1 x 18650 INCLUDED or 1 x 18350 Li-ion
Battery Type: 18650
Bulb: Cree XP-G3 LED
Reflector: Smooth
Rechargeable: Yes
Strobe: Yes
Beacon: No
Strobe/SOS: No
Water Resistance (m): IPX8
Waterproof: Yes
Product Weight (g): 157


  1. CapableReview by
    I needed to replace my EDC after my Zebralight gave up the ghost recently. I wanted something with a bit more punch so the Mankers 2200 output looked good.
    This is the E14 mk ll btw.. not the original E14 which had less output
    The unit is nicely engineered. I am not keen on the brass head finish...but I always go by what it does over what it looks like.
    It comes with a cell so you are up and running the moment it hits the door mat.... well almost. The cells come discharged so you will need to plug it in. Never a good idea to run unprotected cells at low level.
    I use an intelligent charger in the main as it can detect the technology inserted and adapt. It also protects from the risk of over charging and discharging.
    The USB charging port is good. You can charge from mains or from the car or even a battery power pack if has enough amperage.
    On the down side....its a good idea to have a spare battery but these are not supplied by Manker or HH at present. The issue is that you need to ensure you use the right technology and that the cell will fit both in terms of diameter and length and contact type... Flat top is the one you want as oppossed to button top. Sourcing after market cells and anticipating they will fit and wont be fakes is a pain in the backside. The battery supplied by Manker is lowish on its capacity so finding an after market that fits and has more capacity is worth investigating. The smaller cells to make it compact can be addressed at the same time.
    The instruction INCORRECTLY state that you can use a CR123 (×1) cell - the use once and dispose type. This is WRONG. Do not use these. You may also think you can use 2 x CR123 (they are the same length as an 18650) but again....the total voltage is too much and you can cook the light.
    On the upside the torch actually is a modular unit. There is a head, a driver unit, an extension tube to accept 18650s and then a tail cap. The extension tube can be removed so you can go ultra compact if you need too. I do not have the size cells to test the performance yet but it is a neat little package. I estimate that this will be at the expense of run time and possibly max output.
    The Digital User Interface (DUI) is actually simple to use unlike my deceased Zebra light. I am not sure if this is a good thing or not... but for irregular use simpler is definitely better.
    The power switch is easy to find but I also use the pocket clip to line up with the button so if your fingers are cold.... it is easier to find. I agree with other comment that the switch doesnt feel as tough as the rest of the light which is waterproof and drop proof to 2 meters. The rubber feels a little too thin but we shall see.
    The light comes on in moonlight mode with an initial short press and subsequent short presses ramp up to 850 and then back down again. Useful but I would have preferred it to have a stepless ramp to 850 and down to 0.1 lumens. Thats a moot point to be honest. Its very functional as is.
    On the moonlight mode you can set the output. 4 short taps takes the light to the setting mode for moonlight and each subsequent press ramps it up a little in a circle. I found the lowest setting to be a little too low. The next level up is great. A long press save the moonlight mode you fancy. It can also remeber one of the three step up outputs. Ramp up to the one you want and to memorise it turn off with a long press. To bring the light back on in the last output used do a long press again.
    Turbo...its what makes this light attract your eye. 2200 lumens is not to be sniffed at even though in reality, 850 is more than enough for EDC. To hit turbo...double quick press and you are there.
    The beam on the manker is designed for flood. It will reach a long way mind but its vague if you want to properly ID anything at distance. But the flood sends a wall of light with a wide angle and an excellent smooth footprint from the edges to the centre. It is very smooth as the LEDs do not have any reflectors and there is no pattern that sometimes happens with multi LED units. The Zebralight has one LED and a mini reflector and when compared you can see a hotter spot. In use the Zebralight looks like a smooth flooder. Side by side there is a hotter spot apparent and it is not as wide or as even as the Manker. The manker is wider and smoother beam pattern. Excellent.
    One thing I dont like is the exit from turbo. If you short press to turn it off.... it doesnt. It turns 2200 lumens os strobe on. You have to long press to turn off ... a fact my brain refuses to acknowledge at the moment.
    The unit does get hot. It gets very hot. The turbo is regulated so when it gets to a certain point it steps down to avoid overheating. So use of turbo... even sweeping 360 to see whats around me in the middle of a pitch black hasnt stepped down. If you want 2200 lumens for any amount of time... this is the wrong light to buy but having 2200 lumen under the hood for short bursts then pulling back to 850 makes good sense.
    The is OK but the Zebralights is far better. If you didnt have a comparison you will... like as not... be happy. One tip....there is a little tab where both rings go left and right. There is contact between the tab and the body so it will mark the body if spun. I would bend this back a little or tape the body if you are a tackle tart.
    There is a Lanyard and the unit will tail stand. It lights a room up better than a light bulb but turbo of course will be limited plus it will devaste the charge in the battery.
    On a note of safety the one thing you want to avoid is accidental turn on. If it comes on in turbo in a pocket or bag or jacket there is a real danger of burning and ignition.
    They light can be locked out. A quarter turn of the head or the tail cap will break the circuit so the button does not work. Because of the output and heat I would turn the head AND the tail cap...a double lock out. You could even qtr turn the extension tube for a triple lock out. Overkill !!! I dont think so..... you really dont want this unit firing up in baggage etc.
    Initial impressions are this is a very well made light. The metalwork and finish are excellent. The button... jury is out. The pocket clip also not 100% if you have experienced better but its functional so long as it doesnt damage the body.
    They supply a lanyard. Not sure about lanyards. Its good as an anti loose device and it has a press button press clip to adjust and lock it on your wrist. Not an accessory I generally use. A retracting key chain lanyard on the other hand would be a good idea.
    I tend not to use the pocket clip preferring a sealable belt pouch. These ordinarily have a flap that encloses the unit but as I hunt... velcro is a pain so I normally look at a deployment clasp.
    As a final note this is the 3rd unit as the two previous ones sent had DUI issues and refused to work. Now this isnt a bad thing as the test of any company is how they deal with issues. HH have been brilliant. Immediate response and replacements hitting the door the next day. Even if you dont buy this light the service and commitment given by HH was superb and I thoroughly recommend them. The attention given is worth the extra money compared to Bodgeit & Scarper Ltd 10/10.

    (Posted on )
  2. Pocket rocketReview by
    Look and feel of this flashlight is excellent. Only downside is the slightly cheap feeling power button. Brilliant collection of light levels from 0.1 lumens to 2200. Perfect for my edc as I do not need throw just a nice seamless flood. The usb recharge is just the icing on the cake to a very capable and compact light. Instant favourite due to the overall look, feel and user interface. Also after 10 seconds of turbo can be used to warm those cold hands up.... but seriously this thing gets hot, but soon cools once you step the lumens down from turbo. (Posted on )

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