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Heinnie Haynes® Touch Torch

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Heinnie Haynes Touch Torch

test 1Heinnie Haynes Touch Torchtest 2Heinnie Haynes® Touch Torchtest 3Heinnie Haynes Touch Torchtest 4 Heinnie Haynes Touch Torch
test 1Heinnie Haynes Touch Torch REDtest 2Heinnie Haynes® Touch Torchtest 3Heinnie Haynes Touch Torch REDtest 4 Heinnie Haynes Touch Torch RED
test 1Heinnie Haynes Touch Torch BLUEtest 2Heinnie Haynes® Touch Torchtest 3Heinnie Haynes Touch Torch BLUEtest 4 Heinnie Haynes Touch Torch BLUE
test 1Heinnie Haynes Touch Torchtest 2Heinnie Haynes® Touch Torchtest 3Heinnie Haynes Touch Torchtest 4 Heinnie Haynes Touch Torch
test 1Heinnie Haynes Touch Torch BLACKtest 2Heinnie Haynes® Touch Torchtest 3Heinnie Haynes Touch Torch BLACKtest 4 Heinnie Haynes Touch Torch BLACK
test 1Heinnie Haynes Touch Torchtest 2Heinnie Haynes® Touch Torchtest 3Heinnie Haynes Touch Torchtest 4 Heinnie Haynes Touch Torch
test 1Heinnie Haynes Touch Torchtest 2Heinnie Haynes® Touch Torchtest 3Heinnie Haynes Touch Torchtest 4 Heinnie Haynes Touch Torch
test 1Heinnie Haynes Touch Torchtest 2Heinnie Haynes® Touch Torchtest 3Heinnie Haynes Touch Torchtest 4 Heinnie Haynes Touch Torch
test 1Heinnie Haynes Touch Torchtest 2Heinnie Haynes® Touch Torchtest 3Heinnie Haynes Touch Torchtest 4 Heinnie Haynes Touch Torch

Heinnie Haynes® Touch Torch

In Stock

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Heinnie Haynes® Touch Torch

Heinnie Haynes® Touch Torch



Exclusive to Heinnie Haynes®, this awesome little pocket light was made for us by those talented people at Manker.

We have long admired the precision manufacture and cutting edge technology that Manker bring to the market and suggested to them that they might like to work their magic on an exclusive pocket - keychain light for us. The Heinnie Haynes® Touch Torch is the result.

As the name suggests a touch is all it takes to access the 150 lumen beam. Another couple of touches lets you get to the two lower output beams of 35 and 3 lumens. It is charged via a USB connection which is secreted under the unscrewable band wrapped around the body of the light.

Made from aircraft grade aluminium, it has three colour options; blue, black or our favourite Heinnie red! It also proudly displays the Heinnie® 'H' and is supplied in a Heinnie Haynes®, "Premium Source for the Hardest Kit on the Planet" collectors' tin.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Heinnie Haynes
Body Material: Aluminium
Overall Length (cm): 3.8
Head Diameter (cm): 1.3
Lumens: 150
Runtime Details: 80 minutes on full power mode
Runtime (minutes): 80
Product Weight (g): 26


  1. Poor torch, excellent service. Review by
    First off, I can't fault Heinnie Haynes service in sorting this.
    The torch is hopeless. I've had two, both would turn on when being charged and couldn't be turned off.
    HH replaced the first one, and refunded the second. I can't fault their service at all.
    But I'd think twice about another Manker torch.
    (Posted on )
  2. Not great after a month. Review by
    A brilliant torch, easy to charge.......... for a bit. Then it turns on in your pocket, fails to charge or even show a charging light. Then when when not in a pocket it dies in minutes. Also the collar traps dirt and grinds when moved. (Posted on )
  3. go for something more reliableReview by
    Looked good charged fairly quicly and was quite bright, left it on keyring and charged it every week or so OK, then after a couple of months, nothing, wouldnt light, wouldnt charge wouldnt do anything, binned it, lesson learnt, for quality pay money (Posted on )
  4. 5 Months LaterReview by
    Feed back after five months in short not very good as the battery will not hold a charge for long so weekly top-up to be any use, in conclusion spend your money on something a lot more reliable. (Posted on )
  5. Best light I ownReview by
    This little beauty sits on my sak and is perfect for an edc torch.
    Small enough to not be in the way or bulk out my pocket but powerful enough to light the ground a good 10m in front of me at night. With the 3 settings making it perfect the for indoor and outdoor use.
    I charge my once or twice a month depending on usage.
    I have more powerful torches but none as convenient as this.
    (Posted on )
  6. Sadly not for meReview by
    It seemed like a good idea but I've now had to return two for failing after less than a month (each). Small, rechargable and handy: what's not to like.

    Usual excellent service from HH but I'm not sure what the problem with these was. After a couple of weeks the first one was just dead: no charge, no function. The second one (after working for a couple of weeks) would work if plugged in but the on off button became non functional and the whole thing stopped when I pulled out the USB cable.

    Oh well: it's not like I'm short of pocket torches but... Anyway, I was given a refund and I shall carry on scouring the HH website as usual for, errrm, torches!
    (Posted on )
  7. a bad batch maybeReview by
    ive had two of these now and neither worked , they do not turn off, maybe a bad batch or something like that, i will not get another, but hey its heinnie so sending back or getting it sorted is never a problem, (Posted on )
  8. A 5 star performerReview by
    An amazing and small light, easy to have everywhere with you and always at the ready. I could not believe how well it worked and for how long it went before needing a charge. Highly recommended (Posted on )
  9. would not recommendReview by
    Looks nice & has good light output, BUT ... I have bought 3 of these and a couple of weeks 2 of them have had to be sent back as they will not turn off...

    I would not recommend it...which is a shame as its a great size & output when its working correctly.
    (Posted on )
  10. Very Useful Light Review by
    Bought for my son to use on his car keys and with the ease of charging and 3 light settings has proved to be very good value and well built definetly a useful addition to your key bunch :-) (Posted on )
  11. Not GreatReview by
    Got this little light for my key ring several weeks ago and fully charged it up and then tested it and then put on my key ring and forgot about it until I required it to illuminate a dark cupboard, result flat as a fluke so very disappointed considering the £20 I spent. Seems I’ll have to ensure a weekly recharge. (Posted on )
  12. Awesome piece of kitReview by
    Wanted a new mini torch for my EDC key ring and thought I'd check out this little baby. It is fantastic! Nice size, 3 great illumination settings, light and looks very well made.
    Really like the touch sensitive On/Off button and after some testing never came on once in pocket. Only gripe I will have is when internal battery is shot the whole thing will need to be binned, which is a shame, so I hope I will be able to get another one.

    HH shipping as ever.........Warp Speed Mr Sulu!! :-)
    (Posted on )
  13. interesting lightReview by
    It's a small interesting light with good quality, and good price. (Posted on )
  14. Interesting, but not perfect for me.Review by
    This is a well made product, with a great spec, at a good price.... but there are things you should consider before purchasing As mentioned by Steve S. below, it weighs 16.6g not 26g, so that effectively means it weighs nothing. The head diameter is not 13mm as stated... the lens/diffuser is 13mm diameter but the head is nearer 20mm diameter. Doesn't sound like much but it means the torch is a lot chunkier than my Olight i3E EOS that it was meant to replace. The Olight has 120 lumens for 60 mins and the HH Touch has 150 for 80mins, but I can double the runtime of the Olight by keeping a spare battery in my bag.... once the HH Touch has gone flat you have to wait for it to recharge. So for me, I'll be returning to the Olight. HOWEVER - the HH Touch is solidly built, the USB port cover is a good close fit, the four-second touch needed for On/Off seems long but is probably a good idea, and the illuminated fingerprint on the end plate is a lovely touch. There is a lot to like here, and you know you'll get the famous HH speedy service. (Posted on )
  15. Little blinderReview by
    Just got this and it's a little blinder, small easy to use, no problem with inadvertent switch on in pocket like the Nitecore Tip as it has a resest on button which operates the three modes low med and high. Press and hold the switch to operate the lock out. All in all I'm very impressed with this little light and the price was good also. Praise also to who must of invented a teleportation device at HH as delivery speed was astounding. (Posted on )
  16. Awesome Review by
    This is my new favourite light has 3 modes last for 80 mins on full brightness at 150lm if you compare that to the olight i3t eos at180lm and last 21mins this little light is awesome (Posted on )
  17. DifferentReview by
    Nice small key ring sized torch. Appears to be very well made. Recessed touch on / off switch a bit too fiddly in real world use. Would have much preferred a quality push button rather than this gimmicky option. Still, its something different to add to my collection. (Posted on )
  18. Weight Review by
    Just noticed the weight is 16.6 grams as stated in the instructions.
    Not 26 grams as on your website.Hope this helps.
    (Posted on )
  19. The gentle touch lightReview by
    A good little torch having three brightness levels at the touch of a button.
    Usually lights this small are the twist to change different outputs.
    The button is slightly recessed so it’s unlikely to turn it on in your pocket.
    There is a lockout mode too just in case you need it.I will see how it goes
    in the future.A good price, recommended.
    (Posted on )

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