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Manker MK41

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Manker MK41

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test 1Manker MK41 test 2Manker MK41 test 3Manker MK41 test 4 Manker MK41

Manker MK41

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Manker MK41

Manker MK41



Interesting name, astonishing lights! Manker flashlights have a growing reputation for manufacturing high quality and reliable LED flashlights. They certainly produce an awesome amount of power and during intensive testing (playing!) at Heinnie HQ proved to be extremely bright and easy to use. 

The MK41 has a maximum output of 2,000 lumens yet is small enough to still be considered and EDC light. It can operate on four AAs but produces the maximum output on 4 x 14500 lithium batteries. It has four levels of power, a strobe, SOS and beacon all easily accessed through one button conveniently placed where the thumb naturally rests. The operating button also serves as a battery power indicator; blue you've got 75% +, Purple 50% and Red less than 20%, time to get your 14500s charged up. 

Manker use premium type III hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminium with an anti-abrasive finish. All their flashlights are built tough with an solid, hefty construction. These are very resilient lights with reliable, bang up to date LEDs.

Batteries available separately.


Code MNK-MK41
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Manker
Overall Length (cm): 10.5
Head Diameter (cm): 4.3
Body Diameter (cm): 3.9
Lumens: 2,000
Runtime: 5.0
Beam Distance (m): 520
Batteries: 4 x AA (not included) or 4 x 14500 (not included)
Bulb: Cree XHP35 HI CW LED
Reflector: Smooth
Rechargeable: Yes
Strobe: Yes
SOS: Yes
Beacon: Yes
Waterproof: Yes
Product Weight (g): 192


  1. Superb value for money.Review by
    Brilliant little torch. I live in the north of Sweden, so with the dark night's drawing in, wanted something to give me plenty of light whilst out walking/camping/hunting. This little light has it all. The build quality is great, the beam distance and spill are perfect for my needs. (The beam distance is equal, to my also well-loved Klarus XT15 but with a slightly wider pattern and more spill). I tried 4 standard AA batteries in it to begin with but replaced them with 4 lithium cells. The difference was immediately apparent, so make sure you do the same if purchasing this light. (Great service from HH as usual)! (Posted on )
  2. A Quality torch Review by
    Build quality is superb - size shape textures are spot on - Britness and modes are powerful and all I ever want in a torch - a good thought out belt pouch is included So I'm a very happy chappy with this mk41. cheers to HH for another speedy delivery & service. (Posted on )
  3. Very good, only better if 14500s fittedReview by
    Bought this direct off Manker, before HH started selling them. I'm a self confessed flashaholic so put some thought in before choosing. I have the cool white, as this LED does have a more neutral tint than some. Went against my normal route favouring warm ( for better colour rendition ) but does have more throw and isn't too white/blue.

    Build quality is great. I did remove the o ring and put silicon grease under it, but Manker aren't the only ones that skip this step.

    User interface is good in most points and ramps up then back down which is useful. Turbo is a double click but coming out of turbo can mean either other flash patterns or off which isn't the best. The dragon breath feature - slowly flashing switch led with no main led is a good locator but a bit too bright Imo...maybe I'm a light sleeper.

    Throw and spill both good. Using envelop pro the brightness is impressive. The light will take 14500 batteries in terms of voltage but protected cells are too long for it and the o ring at the end is exposed. Flat top imr will work but there is no PCb protection built into the light, just watch for the switch led changing colour otherwise you'll over discharge them. Emailed Manker who said the engineer would consider this when upgrading in future, which is nice.

    I can recommend this light and Manker in general (and HH but, being here already you knew that)
    (Posted on )

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