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Martindale Paratrooper

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Martindale Paratrooper Martinale Paratrooper

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Martindale Paratrooper

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

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Martindale Paratrooper

Martindale Paratrooper



The genuine "Crocodile" blade is made from hot rolled high quality British Steel by the Ralph Martindale mill. The strip is tapered in section to optimise the unique cutting characteristics with the weight of the tool and is therefore lightweight and easy to use. The blade is roll forged to give an outstandingly well balanced tool to meet the arduous demands of outdoor use.

All Martindale handles are made from German beech wood. They monitor the moisture content of the timber to make sure the product is consistent and does not split under normal circumstances. The timber is cross-sawn for maximum strength and stability and the handle is fitted to the blade with solid steel rivets and washers. It is supplied with a canvas and leather sheath and a file sharpener.


Code CCUTH208
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Martindale
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 25.0
Overall Length (cm): 13.4
Handle Material: Wood
Handle Colour: Brown


  1. NICE NOW MODDEDReview by
  2. Great British made bladeReview by
    I've had a one of these for a few years now and cannot find fault with it. They are supplied new with ill fitting handle scales so you can do a small bit of tailoring to ensure that it works best for you in the field. The blade is supplied with a dull edge as different people sharpen knives or tools in different ways with varying degrees of bevel dependent upon the typical tasks that will be encountered. Anyone with even basic knowledge will be able to tailor this tool for you own purpose, as mentioned in the manufacturer website and also many armed services forums. It just takes a bit of time and effort.
    If ever I feel the need to purchase another large bladed tool, I'll be purchasing another martindale product due to the fact it fits my hand and purpose perfectly. Just for the record, mine has a very fine edge on as I don't so much hack through jungle but prefer a very sharp blade for breaking down large carcasses when hunting. It holds this edge very well and when sharpened with a steel is perfect again in seconds.
    (Posted on )
  3. ParatrooperReview by
    Bought as an ideal "beater". Reprofile the edge, smooth the scales, can be made fit for purpose. Sheath a very poor fit however, and even if stored cleaned and oiled will rust before your eyes. Cold Steel would make for half the price. (Posted on )
  4. paratrooper and sheathReview by
    hmm. this comes close to being ideal for purpose...but it doesnt makeit. yet. the edge, out the box, was VERY bad. ive spent time improving it..its getting better but its still a beater not a cutting implement. i have one of those knock off 15quid mini mod goloks. it has awesome performance. why when martindale have such a long and global reputation cant they do better. handle's good, sheath fits my billhook purfik, the file's on the softside. i have two of the previously mentioned golok. that sheath fits it very well (Posted on )
  5. ParatrooperReview by
    Made a good compact camp hacker....
    Needed the edges of the grip smoothed off and the blade quite a bit of sharpening. The back was ground down before use to give only a single edge, so that it could be used with a baton. Seemed to blunt fairly easily. However good for the money.
    (Posted on )
  6. Martindale ParatrooperReview by
    A no nonsense blade that can cut and hack around the campsite. Good edge retention, not too heavy with good balance and great value for money! (Posted on )
  7. Nice balance, shame about the finishReview by
    The weight and balance of this tool are terrific but the overall impression is let down by poor attention to detail on the finish. The wooden plates on the handle are poorly fitted leaving edges and gaps which cause discomfort when holding it and after even short usage result in blisters. It could be so easily put right with just a little more attention to detail (Posted on )
  8. Great Camp KnifeReview by
    Did the Corrieyarick Pass and this knife was light and easy to carry, performing well either for cutting standing deadwood or trimming of twigs to get the fire going. It takes a very keen edge and is an ideal survival knife with enough length and weight to really chop or work close in. I like it a lot and carry a folder along with it to replace my old combo of a bowie and axe, which is heavier. I don't consider I'll ever need another knife. It's much more functional than either a machete or axe. (Posted on )

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