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Maserin Scout Micarta

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UK Friendly

Maserin Scout Micarta GREEN

test 1Maserin Scout Micarta GREENtest 2Maserin Scout Micartatest 3Maserin Scout Micarta GREENtest 4 Maserin Scout Micarta GREEN
test 1Maserin Scout Micarta REDtest 2Maserin Scout Micartatest 3Maserin Scout Micarta REDtest 4 Maserin Scout Micarta RED
test 1Maserin Scout Micartatest 2Maserin Scout Micartatest 3Maserin Scout Micartatest 4 Maserin Scout Micarta
test 1Maserin Scout Micartatest 2Maserin Scout Micartatest 3Maserin Scout Micartatest 4 Maserin Scout Micarta
test 1Maserin Scout Micartatest 2Maserin Scout Micartatest 3Maserin Scout Micartatest 4 Maserin Scout Micarta
test 1Maserin Scout Micartatest 2Maserin Scout Micartatest 3Maserin Scout Micartatest 4 Maserin Scout Micarta
test 1Maserin Scout Micartatest 2Maserin Scout Micartatest 3Maserin Scout Micartatest 4 Maserin Scout Micarta

Maserin Scout Micarta

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

From: £39.95
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Maserin Scout Micarta

Maserin Scout Micarta

From: £39.95


The Maserin Scout is a classically styled pocket knife with a non-locking blade with a cutting edge under 7.6cm (3") long, making it legal to carry within the UK at the owner's discretion.

The D2 carbon steel blade is incredibly sharp with a half stop to help prevent accidental closure.

The handle is micarta which is an extremely tough material in a choice of either green, red, orange or blue. Please be aware that the blue version has scales which are very dark that almost appear as black or dark grey.

There is a lanyard hole too so you can customise your knife with a lanyard of your choice.


Code MAS163-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Maserin
Blade Material: D2 Tool Steel
Blade Length (cm): 8.2
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.19
Closed Length (cm): 10.20
Overall Length (cm): 18.5
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Finish: Satin
Cutting Edge (cm): 7.4
Grind: Flat
Handle Material: Micarta
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
One Handed Opening: No
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No
Product Weight (g): 65


  1. “Really very nice !”Review by
    I like this little Maserin.I chose the red handled version and very stylish it is too.The cloudy finish to the D2 carbon steel blade complements the Micarta handle scales nicely.My knife arrived very swiftly,HH customer service always excellent.
    This example is perfectily made and will,i’m sure a pleasure to own and use.
    As a professional knife sharpener I use starcke matador 7000 grit wet and Dry paper on a piece of glass with wd40 as a lubricant to finish a knife edge but the Maserin factory edge on this knife is at a very high standard and couldn’t be realistically bettered.
    Overall a very nice pocket knife that has subtle Italian flair and style and a simplicity that is quite appealing.

    (Posted on )
  2. Love it!Review by
    It's true. Listen to the high reviews. I bought this a month ago and it's been my main work knife since. It didn't come really sharp but my Lansky stem quickly brought a great edge up that ice kept going since with a strop and a steel.

    The micarta handle is lovely in the hand. Thick enough for hard work but thin enough to pocket..

    The slip joint works nicely with no play. The blade doesn't fold onto your index finger because there is enough gap before the sharpened portion of the it feels safe to use while being easy to deploy.

    The blade shape makes it a great all round slicer and work knife and it squeaksinto uk legal carry with a sharpened edge just shy of 3 inches.

    Fit and finish is good and for under £40 it's great value. Get one, you'll love it!
    (Posted on )
  3. A Great Value KnifeReview by
    I finally pulled the trigger on this knife after Paddy's Potato Peelers review and discount code drop via YouTube, so thank you to Paddy. And as always Heinnie Haynes processed & delivered my order in their usual timely and efficient way, thanks Heinnie.

    With Micarta and D2 steel, the Maserin Scout offers quite a lot of knife for the price tag in my opinion. The Micarta scales are good quality and the colour shades are a pleasant shade or two darker than they appear in the images, which I can foresee only improving with the patina that pocket time offers. The D2 Blade has a nice matt grey appearance, is relatively sharp out of the box, has zero play at the pivot and possesses a really good half-stop, something every slip-joint owner appreciates.

    The only observations/criticisms perhaps worth consideration are the Blade length (not the cutting edge) at just over 8cm, this could be a concern for some. The Blade on my version also closes very much off centre, the Blade doesn't scrape, but is far enough over where I will probably attempt to gain some adjustment during its first routine maintenance. Finally the inner edge of the metal liners appear quite sharp, something that could effect certain hand sizes or differing level of use/grip in my opinion.
    (Posted on )
  4. valueReview by
    ecellent service from hh as usual.. Outstanding..
    38 quid.. well, micarta..and d2.. What's not to like.?
    pockitable edc that fits well in jeans and shorts.
    however., backspuring is a little weak..
    walk and talk a fair 6 on the scale out of 10..
    d2.. holds a good edge.. but requires work to keep it there
    .. note it will stain.
    value for money legal carry..
    and the micarta cleans up well after use easy
    I recommend it. but.. not for hard use..
    for foiod prep... its a slicer..
    worth a punt..

    (Posted on )
  5. Great working pocket knifeReview by
    Can’t recommend this knife enough. Phenomenal fit and finish for under £40. Great steel and edge. Plus super fast service from heinnie as usual. Thanks again!!! (Posted on )
  6. Perfect modern sod busterReview by
    Having decided a sod buster is my favourite pattern, a modern interpretation was deemed appropriate for my collection.

    What works for this knife is the following:
    -for the money, amazing fit and finish.
    -lovely stone washed blade, allowing for a more subtle looking knife that isn't a smudge magnet.
    -gorgeous micarta scales that feel very tactile and grippy, which will patina nicely with age.
    -slim profile and light weight is great for subtle pocket carry.
    -blade shape is easy to sharpen.
    -half stop is not traditional, but a welcome feature.
    -came hair poppingly sharp out of the box.
    -made in a famous knife making district of Italy, classy.

    Negative? For me, slightly too long over all, more a medium sod buster size. A junior size is more appropriate for the UK, however, this is a fairly non threatening knife design.

    Buy one and enjoy!
    (Posted on )
  7. Opinion transformedReview by
    When I first reviewed the Maserin Scout I wasn’t happy with a number of points and eventually moved the example on. However its price point in particular allowed me to give it a second chance. One feature in a modern folder I rate highly is a finger-safe ricasso at the half-stop and the Scout has that. Have had to give my Benchmade Propers a free pass there. The edge length is pushing the 3” cutting edge “friendly carry” limit and the finger-safe ricasso results in blade length in excess of 8cm, something I like to avoid. My solution was to reprofile the blade length to 76mm. I don’t expect others to do that but I mention it because I and others have slightly disparaged D2 as more difficult to sharpen. I am pleased to report that my Lansky aluminium-oxide hones were not troubled by the D2. Would still prefer a more stainless steel, but hey, have warmed to D2 in the Maserin Scout. Fit and finish is excellent, the latest example exhibiting spot-on centering. A lanyard hole (without modification effort) and no pocket-clip suits my carry. Visually attractive micarta scales. At the price-point you can’t go wrong.
    (Posted on )
  8. I Like ItReview by
    Received mine today, less than 24 hours after ordering!

    A simple design, but smart in an understated way. Fit and finish are good, although not PK70-perfect. Blade is not well centred on my example. It would have been nice, at this price level, to have an included slip pouch, and perhaps a key for the torque screws, but you get neither.

    The red I opted for is a muted Burgundy colour, which looks very tasteful, and I also like the way Maserin have chamfered or rounded all the edges on the handle and on the non-cutting parts of the blade, which makes for a supremely comfortable carry and hold. Some may find the backspring a little on the gentle side, but I like it as it is, and there's a reasonable half-stop should you overstep the mark.

    I can't comment on the steel properties as this is my first D2 blade, so time will tell, but overall I can see myself using this knife often, and with enjoyment.
    (Posted on )
  9. I very nice little knife!Review by
    I got my Maserin scout today, after ordering it from Heinnie yesterday, hows that for fast service!
    I am very pleased with the knife, fit and finish really good, feel in the hand= vergening sexy (yes I have a problem), it looks even better in real life than it did on the web site and the D2 steel blade is............. one of the best blade steels I have played with. I wanted to get my normal mirror finish on the edge, just because I like my blade edges shinny, not that it needed sharpening, as out of the box it was very sharp to start with. I have now got the edge sharp enough to shave with, tried it out on a couple of cardboard boxes and ade a few fire sticks. Then when look at the blade through a magnifying glass, where normally the edge would look smooth & shiny, the Scout edge was shiny but still had about half it very fine grind marks left from the factory and that's after work on some good quality oil stones. So I have no idea what the RCH might be, but the toughness of this steel is for me somewhat shocking, but in a good way. So if you want a really good looking pen/pocket knife, that has a REALLy good tough blade that with work will get you a razor sharp edge and keep it, then buy this one. I am very happy with it!
    (Posted on )
  10. BrilliantReview by
    Just got mine (only ordered yesterday, thanks heinnie!) And I love it. It's the perfect gentleman's knife.
    It's a full sized uk knife but because of it's slim fit and classic design, it's not intimidating and shouldn't rise too many eyebrows when you use it.
    The finish is Matt and very understated but oozes quality. Blade is perfectly central and shaves better than my razor out of the box.
    This will probably be the last pocket knife I ever buy
    (Posted on )
  11. Maserin ScoutReview by
    I love this knife. Feels great, well made, lovely blade shape and attractive matt finish. The micarta is beautiful. The half stop and action is perfect. Highly recommend.Thank you (Posted on )
  12. D2 if that is what you needReview by
    I'm finding this quite a difficult knife to review. Firstly for me all it has to be is my collection example of an Italian knife maker's art. Its a good blend of style and function. I particularly like the patterned green micarta scales. Note that they are smooth not textured. That surprised and slightly disappointed me. In terms of legal edge length this is right on the limit. In my opinion its overlarge for a gentleman's pocket knife but lacks the utility of a Manly Wasp for example. This is the sharpest out of the box knife I have ever had, of course to be expected for a high carbon steel. Fit and finish is excellent though I have seen better centering. I am unconvinced by the steel choice. For pocket knife duty I'd prefer to see corrosion resistance and easier sharpening. Perhaps there are tasks out there where D2 has merit. Only buy this knife if you can see that task. I'm clear, if I want style I'll carry my PK70. For utility my Manly Wasp. My new micarta scaled Proper sits in between. OK, the Scout is significantly better value than two of these but I can't see a place in my rotation for the Scout. In design terms I'd love to see an 80% sized version in a 12C27 class steel. That is something I would carry.
    (Posted on )
  13. Excellent value!Review by
    This is a great option if you want a robust Sodbuster-style knife for general purpose use.
    The fit and finish is great (the blade-centering is just a hair off true, but no there's rubbing), and the edge is sharp and evenly ground. It's very comfortable in the hand, with your first finger sitting naturally just behind the 'kick' on the blade. The materials are good quality - D2 and G10, and the Torx screws suggest you might be able to disassemble the knife for maintenance.
    One thing to consider - although the Sodbuster style is elegant and ergonomic, the muddy G10 and the dark-ish stone-wash finish on the blade do not have the 'bling' factor that a highly-polished knife might have.
    That said, it's a quality product at a keen price... and you get the benefit of the legendary Heinnie Haynes customer service!. What a bargain!
    (Posted on )
  14. Great edcReview by
    Excellent edc pocketknife, really well put together and finished, compact and sturdy, and up to any task you'd want to put a non locking folder to. Great vfm. (Posted on )
  15. Great take a on a "sodbuster" patternReview by
    I really like these and already have a couple of a US based supplier.

    IMO, this is a lot of knife for £40

    - D2
    - Waffle micarta
    - Good build quality / blade centering / no wobbly bits etc
    - Also note the use of torx screws over traditional pins - but I haven't needed to remove or tighten anything, so cant comment further than that

    (Posted on )

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