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Maxpedition Single Sheath

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Maxpedition Single Sheath

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Maxpedition Single Sheath

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Maxpedition Single Sheath

Maxpedition Single Sheath



Maxpedition's durable single sheath can hold an extra flashlight, small cellular phone, multitool or folding knife. It can also be attached to your backpack as an accessory or be carried on the belt upright or sideways. The length of sheath lids (both Single Sheath and Double Sheath) are adjustable with internal Velcro attachments for longer items or are completely removable for those who want the quickest access.


Code MAXP-1411-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Maxpedition
Dimensions (cm): 15.2 x 5.0 x 3.7


  1. Very nice, not for very large lights though.Review by
    This is a good sheath. It fits my PD35 TAC which means it should fit my new PD36R I am waiting to receive. It will also fit the Gerber MP600 bladeless multitool and related multitools. You can adjust the height of the flap to accommodate larger items but my Fenix TK20R is far too tall for this sheath whereas the 5 inch flashlight sheath fits great.

    One note, this Single Sheath has a tapered bottom, so this is helping to prevent accidental button presses on my light, which is why I bought it. My 5 inch flashlight sheath, being flat at the bottom, allows the light inside to be turned on by accident when sitting in an office chair that has arms on the chair. I do not realise when this happens and my light drains dead and is useless when I need it. This is more serious of an issue since my new Fenix PD36R has no after-market batteries so I cannot (at present) carry a spare, so I must do everything I can to ensure accidental activations of the light are prevented. This sheath based on my experience so far with the PD35 TAC prove this is quite effective at preventing button presses.

    I highly recommend this, just don't get it for very long lights like a Fenix TK20R etc.
    (Posted on )
  2. ExcellentReview by
    Have had my original sheath for nearly 8 years and now ordering a replacement as the Velcro on the flap is just beginning to weaken (the rest of the sheath is still in excellent condition, if slightly worn).
    Fits my Gerber legend perfectly.
    The sheath offers plenty of mounting options on my industrial climbing harness e.g., vertical on the shoulder strap or horizontal on the leg loop, or can be clipped with a carabiner through the top loop.
    An excellent sheath for the larger multi tool.
    (Posted on )
  3. Very sturdy and great serviceReview by
    I recently bought one of these (from A****n) as a replacement for the sheath supplied with my new Leatherman Surge. I was disappointed with the durability of the Leatherman offering and the restricted mounting options; it compared unfavourably with the MOLLE compatible sheath that they supply with my other heavy duty Leatherman, a OHT.
    I thought about getting hold of a second Leatherman OHT type sheath but looking around at the options, decided to take a chance on Maxpedition. I have several pieces of kit from them and have never been disappointed.
    While more bulky than the supplied sheath, the Maxpedition is substantially stronger and has options to mount on various belts and straps in a variety of orientations. In fact, when comparing side by side with the OHT sheath, which remember I felt was substantially more robust than the Surge sheath, I could not help but feel that my OHT deserved better. Consequently at about 4pm in the afternoon I placed an order with HH for a second Single Sheath (lower price than A****n as well even with the delivery fee). By normal post, it was with me the following morning! Once again, I cannot fault HH for efficiency and excellent customer service. In fact I think that the only time an order has taken more than 24 hours to reach me was when the weekend got in the way.
    (Posted on )
  4. Superb versatile bit of kitReview by
    Used these for ages, given them loads of abuse and they still look as good as new. Can't praise them enough. I use one to hold my leatherman multi tool and the other to hold my leatherman EMS shears (in the folded position, they won't fit opened) (Posted on )
  5. Indestructible!Review by
    I bought one of these for carrying my multi-tool on my belt kit. I used it in that capacity for about 3 years during which the pouch took an absolute hammering, being used and abused on a daily basis. The pouch never failed and frankly looks as good today as it did the moment it came out of the packet.

    The MOLLE / belt loop offers plenty of options for mounting the pouch to a belt, vest, backpack or other items of gear. I wouldn't use the pouch for carrying anything that needs to be kept away from the rain and weather, but for things like tactical flashlights or multi-tools, look no further, this pouch will survive years of abuse, it's absolutely bomb proof.

    Not the cheapest pouch by any means, but would you really want to trust your expensive flashlight or multi-tool to an inferior option that could fail at any moment and cost you your expensive kit? Buy this and have absolute confidence in your gear.
    (Posted on )
  6. MAXP--1411--KReview by
    Excellent 9mm pistol pouches , now have six, no metal to scratch mags . Or maybe you want them for those expensive knives , also great for those Leatherman tools. Normal fast service by HH and help from Julie and staff. Arrived here in less than a week ( including a week-end ) and here is a long way !! (Posted on )
  7. Great replacement sheathReview by
    I would first like to thank Heinnie for the unbelievable service, although, having been a customer for years, why was I surprised when my new sheath arrived a little over 18 hours after ordering it. HH really do give a first class customer service, Thanks a million.

    Secondly the sheath, well Maxpedition quality matches Heinnie’s excellent reputation. The pouch is typical Maxp quality, well made, tough, with ingenious design. The other reviews describe the features, so I won’t repeat them, but just to say that it fits my Leatherman Wave like a glove, very secure with or without the lid in place.

    And of course, the molle compatibility means I can attach it to my Maxp fatty, instead of it rolling around in a pocket, awesome.

    One comment for Maxp though, and if you are considering buying this sheath for a Leatherman tool, it’s a little too tight when brand new to fit the bit set in as well as the wave, it might loosen with use, so I will keep an eye on that. If Maxp could add an internal slip pocket and little more depth to their potential mod list….

    If you need a good sheath for a knife, multi-tool or up to 3 ½ inch flashlight (check first), then this is THE sheath.

    I know have my eye on the 5 inch flashlight sheath for my EagleTac G25C2
    (Posted on )
  8. Maxped Single SheathReview by
    AMAZING Piece of kit. Seen them on YouTube and wanted one - ordered Thursday at 4pm, arrived Friday at 9am.
    The Sheath: Very strong velcro grip, no movement in the molle attachment straps on the back when on my belt. The Top Flap I have moved down slightly to fit my Leatherman wave nice and snug. Fitted on the back of my belt horizontally, I then got another sheath for my torch and mounted this in the opposite direction - very easy to access.
    (Posted on )
  9. Maxpedition code 1411Review by
    Have just received the 4x 9mm pistol mag pouches that I ordered 2 days ago.Very good quality,very good.I have noted one person said " a little high on belt", and 1 person said "a little stiff".I would have to say this IS A PLUS,bearing in mind the last thing you want is mags bouncing and falling around when on the move.( well I don't !! ) also excellent in 5 inch size for Leatherman wave and Girber Freeman Guide knife.If anyone is thinking of a purchase from HH do your homework has I did on prices,service,delivery times and friendliness and most important they now what they are talking about..or save yourself the trouble and take my advice,use HH (Posted on )
  10. This holds my…Review by
    This holds my Leatherman Charge and a DC4 sharpener. In the elasticated retaining strap on one of the sides there's a firesteel.

    Rather than on a belt, mine is mounted on the leather sheath of the Fallkniven A2 with 550 paracord (the rivets on the sheath are hollow allowing you to feed the cord through from front to back). Perfect.

    (Posted on )
  11. Nearly perfectReview by
    I got this as a replacement for my SOG Powerlock whose included sheath has a plastic clip that wasn't wide enough for my duty belt. The Maxpedition Single Sheath is of the usual bombproof quality, the material is stiff, well stitched and looks like new no matter what punishment you throw at it.

    The sheath is very versatile with respect to mounting options and to what it can hold, initially it gripped my Powerlock very tightly but this has slackened a little with use and fits it like an old shoe now. The only issue is with the vertical mounting position (which I use), it sits too high on the belt, just an inch or so lower would have made all the difference. Still, a nice bit of kit.
    (Posted on )
  12. Just the right bit of kit!Review by
    Fits my Gerber DET perfectly and is suitable for attachment to belts, kit, Molle straps and generally anywhere you might need to keep a multitool.

    If you need a replacement sheath for any Multi-Tool, look no further than this!
    (Posted on )
  13. mrReview by
    Normal prompt service from HH. Sheath well made ideal for items like gerber suspension tool, not as secure on my 5" flashlight as hoped but would suit smaller. (Posted on )

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