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Maxpedition Spikata Pen Aluminium

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Maxpedition Spikata Pen Aluminium

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test 1Maxpedition Spikata Pen Aluminium Thumbnail Imagetest 2Maxpedition Spikata Pen Aluminiumtest 3test 4

Maxpedition Spikata Pen Aluminium

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Maxpedition Spikata Pen Aluminium

Maxpedition Spikata Pen Aluminium



Solid, durable all weather pen with slim profile and finger grips in stainless steel

  • Extremely durable pen with low profile
  • Finger grips provide positive engagement & security
  • Clean and functional look Includes 2 end attachments (Lancet™ & TriStep™) depending on application/mood
  • Fisher space pen cartridge for reliable writing even in outer space
  • Cartridge: Fisher Space Pen Black Ink
  • Stainless steel pocket clip
  • O-Rings for water resistance
  • Designed and engineered in-house
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Limited Edition: No
Brand: Maxpedition
Body Colour: Aluminium
Body Material: Aluminium
Ink Colour: Black
Refill: Fisher Space Pen #PR4
Overall Length (cm): 12.7
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 30


  1. Updated review after 5 yearsReview by
    Amazing pen. I still have it, it still works. Of course I have gone through a few Fisher space pen refills which is to be expected after 5 years of use. It is truly a hardy, lovely looking, small and unobtrusive pen. I have recently tightened the top after applying some high strength epoxy, then I used diamond files to rounden the star screw and put a 3mm ceramic ball bearing in there and stuck it in with high strength epoxy to add glass breaking capability.

    I have bought a new pen to mess with but I have no less love for this Spikata. It is truly a really well put together, desirable pen. I prefer the bullet looking end rather than the podium-looking end you can use but you get both and can choose which you want to use.
    (Posted on )
  2. Spikata pen blackReview by
    This pen has replaced all my other pens for work. At first i was unsure whether id bond with a screw lid pen bit thought id give it a go, as i like to have robust penson me. Well,it exceeded my expectations because of the toughness, size, and aesthetics. It is shorter than all my others but feelz perfect. Took me a few days to realise i dont want to be without this. Couldnt justify the expense of a hinderer, so figured this was the next best thing. Ive goven it a few weeks to see how it goes and im so happy i got this. Usually carry robust clicky pens, but not any more. Iys amazing how the tri-step screw makes it look classier and not as lethal. However,i keep the spike on. It just looks the business. Only concern is the threads. Theyre fine, but would of preferred square cut threads for durability. Heinnie delivered next day as usual. (Posted on )
  3. Small, high quality pen.Review by
    This is a SMALL pen. It screams high quality though. Solid aluminium with all the high quality you have come to expect from Maxpedition. For my tastes, the lancet end looks 10 times nicer than the tri-step, but if you were accidentally to poke yourself or someone else with it really hard it might be a step too far. So I took my diamond knife sharpener and easily and quickly filed down the sharp point so that it is a 1-1.5mm flat area on the point, rather than a sharp point. I like that better. The tri-step is "ok" but it looks like the pen is some kind of unfinished tool or something. With the lancet attachment it looks really nice. (Posted on )

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