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Mcusta Tsuchi Black

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Mcusta Tsuchi Black

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Mcusta Tsuchi Black

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In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Mcusta Tsuchi Black

Mcusta Tsuchi Black



Mcusta Knives are true masterpieces combining traditional Japanese elaments and craftmanship with modern cutting-edge technology. Mcusta knives are a synethis of Japanese and Western design elements creating a 'user friendly' pocket knife that is beautiful, unique and functional. Unlike most mass production knives which are die stamped, each component of Mcusta knives is laser cut for the ultimate precision and fit. Every knife is then assembled and hand finished by an experienced craftsman.

This Mcusta Tsuchi Black (MC-0161D), is from the classic damascus folder series' blade is made from 3-layered nickel Damascus steel with VG10 core. The handle is black anodized aluminum Japanese Bushi with Mcusta logo. It has an ambidextrous, one hand opening mechanism with liner lock. The 2-way stainless steel pocket clip is located on the outside of the knife so that it can be carried deep in your pocket.


Code MCU161D
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Mcusta
Blade Material: 33 Layer Damascus VG10 core
Blade Length (cm): 8.3
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Closed Length (cm): 10.80
Overall Length (cm): 19.0
Handle Material: Aluminium
Lock Type: Liner Lock
UK Friendly Carry:
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: Yes


  1. First ClassReview by
    I didn't actually get this knife through, like i do most of my knives, it was a gift from my wife who knew i had been eyeing it up for a while.
    After opening the box and using, messing, and generally giving it a good thorough look over, i felt compelled to write a review here, because Heinnie is where i personally come first to get my blades.

    This knife is astonishingly well made, with excellent materials, not to mention how good the knife looks!? its just the perfect EDC for me, rock solid lock up, lightweight, easy opening, good looking (cos we all know that counts right) and quite simply the sharpest knife i have ever used! This knife out the box, will push cut through an extra thin cigarette paper! Just beyond razor sharp, it is surgically sharp, and with the slim flat grind and plain edge, i can see it will be a doddle to touch up on a sharpmaker and a strop in no time at all.

    The damascus steel blade, to my eye is almost mesmerising not least for the looks, but for the price also!! If had not known about Mcusta blade's before, and was looking at this knife with fresh eyes, you could tell me it was a £300 plus blade and i wouldn't have flinched, everything about its finish and performance is spot on, especially for the low price tag, i'd swop out any of my ZT's and even some of my custom knives for this little number.

    From what i understand, Mcusta means "machined knives" or something extremely similar, which accounts for the low price tag. The majority of the components on the knife are produced via precision electronic machining, and not the hugely more expensive method of using craftsman. This i guess also accounts for the perfection on the finish, because the process is predominantly computer processed, and trust me i have look hard to find any imperfections.

    As you might be able to detect, from the above gushing review, i like this knife, and would be amazed if anyone who bought it, did not also like it in a similar fashion, and for such a low price. Therefore i would have no qualms recommending it to anyone, which is something that i wouldn't normally do, as everyones taste is different.
    (Posted on )
  2. Awesome Review by
    Superb knife Great value for money (Posted on )
  3. Perfect KnifeReview by
    No words to describe such a gorgeous piece of Japanese perfection...
    Amazing service from HH, hope to have $ to keep ordering!
    (Posted on )
  4. StunningReview by
    Not just the knife, but once again the service, don't know how you do it! Beautifully put together, feels solid, looks amazing and brutally sharp, no regrets! Look forward to the Katana. Thanks guys. (Posted on )

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