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MecArmy TPX22 Tactical Pen

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MecArmy TPX22 Tactical Pen

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test 1MecArmy TPX22 Tactical Pen Thumbnail Imagetest 2MecArmy TPX22 Tactical Pentest 3test 4
test 1MecArmy TPX22 Tactical Pen Thumbnail Imagetest 2MecArmy TPX22 Tactical Pentest 3test 4
test 1MecArmy TPX22 Tactical Pen Thumbnail Imagetest 2MecArmy TPX22 Tactical Pentest 3test 4
test 1MecArmy TPX22 Tactical Pen Thumbnail Imagetest 2MecArmy TPX22 Tactical Pentest 3test 4
test 1MecArmy TPX22 Tactical Pen Thumbnail Imagetest 2MecArmy TPX22 Tactical Pentest 3test 4

MecArmy TPX22 Tactical Pen

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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MecArmy TPX22 Tactical Pen

MecArmy TPX22 Tactical Pen



MecArmy TPX22 Tactical Pen without Tritium insert.

The MecArmy TPX22 is a tactical pen that has been expertly crafted from TC4 titanium. What does that mean to you and me? Well, this pen is extremely strong and lightweight (just 19g). It is also scratch and corrosion resistant with an anti-roll design. It also means that this pen is more than just an pen, it’s a stunning tool, which most definitely makes a statement.

If somehow you’re still not convinced, then perhaps the fact that this pen uses Fisher Space Pen Refill #PR4 cartridges will tip you over the edge.

Beautifully designed, incredibly practical. This is the MecArmy TPX22 Tactical Pen.

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Code MEC-TPX22
Limited Edition: No
Brand: MecArmy
Body Material: Titanium
Ink Colour: Black
Refill: Fisher Space Pen #PR4
Overall Length (cm): 12.3
Body Diameter (cm): 0.8
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 19
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Refined, lightweight tactical penReview by
    After reading Chris' slightly scathing review of this beautiful pen, I felt I had to throw my own two pennies in.

    I've been using this pen, daily, for the last year or so and have had absolutely zero problems the previous reviewer mentioned. The clip attaches to the knife pocket on my 5.11 trousers/shorts perfectly (and is a considerable amount thicker than a "silk shirt pocket"!), screws are still every bit as tight as they were the day I got it.

    While it is true there are no spare O-Rings included, they are hardly difficult or expensive to find. It seems a lot of Chris' problems could have been averted with a small dab of locktite and some common sense! The one on mine shows no signs of being loose or falling off and actually sits in a machined groove to prevent this (perhaps Chris' one was split?).

    If you are in the market for a sturdy pen that is also an all-day-writer (lets be honest here, most tactical pens look cool but are just too big & bulky to use for extended periods) this is an absolutely first class choice.
    (Posted on )
  2. Beautifuly Crafted, Titanium ArtReview by
    Every detail is sharp and thought out. Even the's the best designed and strongest I've encountered. (Posted on )
  3. Expected betterReview by
    My line of work involves a lot handwritten notes and for a good ten years I have used a Parker jotter, I decided to upgrade it for something a bit sturdier. I bought a Nextool Dino, and overall, I was pleased, apart from a little discomfort while having to write long periods due to ribbing at the grip end of the pen. However, I lost it and was quite gutted as it got some good use. I persevered with idea of a tactical pen and the TPX22 caught my eye
    This is a really nice pen out of the box and I was really impressed when I first got it. However, If I am going to spend out on a premium pen I want the thing to last a bit more six months. I really thought that this pen was bombproof but I was sadly wrong.
    At first, one of the o rings kept on falling off until the point I lost it, so the lid was at risk of unscrewing itself, minor irritation and easily replaced except there no spares supplied with the pen. I would have thought something like that would have been provided, a host of flashlight manufacturers provide o rings as spares with their products, why not with this pen?
    Another irritation was the fact that the tip of the pen kept on unscrewing after a lot of use, I found myself repeatedly tightening the thing up, no o ring fitted to this part of the pen which would prevent this.
    The big fail is the clip. The way it is designed, it is secured to the lid by two grub screws on quite a thick base to the clip, and if you clip the thing onto something thicker than a silk shirt pocket, it going to come off. Put the clip under any kind of tension and screws will loosen to the point the whole clip will fall off. Because the screws are Torx head you can’t tighten them up on the fly. Again, there a no spares supplied. In the end the clip fell off and with that I went back to using my Parker, probably for another ten years.
    (Posted on )

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