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Mora Hunter

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Mora Hunter

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Mora Hunter

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Mora Hunter

Mora Hunter



This high carbon steel knife has a razor sharp edge and performs superbly for its price. It is a knife designed purely to function and it won`t let you down. The textured plastic handle provides an excellent grip whilst a plastic cooks sheath receives the knife with a reassuring grasp.


Code MORA-11481
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Mora
Blade Length (cm): 11.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Overall Length (cm): 23.0
Handle Material: Polyamide


  1. Not my cup of tea.Review by
    This knife didn't do it for me I'm sorry to say. Handle felt too big. Numb. Steel looked good though. Didn't rate the sheath at all. Not a good secure fit. Much preferred the one my Mora 510 came with 20 odd years ago..
    Gave this Mora "Hunter" to my brother for Christmas and he uses it as a kitchen knife, which I think is about right.
    Excellent service from HH.
    (Posted on )
  2. An often overlooked bargainReview by
    This knife has a longer blade than the Companion & is quite a bit cheaper. The handle is very ergonomic with a nice,grippy texture. Unfortunately mine came with a slightly misaligned blade which looks bent but is just inaccurately seated in the moulded handle - not bad enough to make it unusable so I'm keeping it. A good starter Bushcraft knife & very useful to many Craftsmen. A bargain at only 9 quid with a 2.5mm. Carbon blade. (Posted on )
  3. Mum loves it.Review by
    I bought this for my mum, as we some how lost a knife she used to use a lot. This is used in the kitchen. It was not as sharp out of the box as I had expected it would be, but after realising you sharpen against the flat side of the edge, it was easier to sharpen than my regular knives since I did not have to free-hand raise the angle to anything as you just lay it flat against it's large working edge. Sharpened quickly, honed in a strop easy and quick.

    My one gripe, is I am not sure if this was from the factory or use with food, but there were a couple of little blemishes on the blade, kind of like as if there was a nickel coating which had flaked off on an area. There's no coating, you just to illustrate the visual look. Not rust, just a dull looking silver. So I used some Peak metal polish, cleaned again and then renaissance waxed it and gave it a quick couple passes on the strop afterwards.

    A great knife and should hold an edge nicely. The fact that it comes with a sheath means it won't self-blunten in the drawer with other metal objects, which is nice!
    (Posted on )
  4. Excellent KnifeReview by
    Over the past ten years or so, I've acquired a few fixed blade knives, but this beats them all, bar none, for sheer value. I give it 5 stars for this reason. One or two minor niggles: the sheath isn't brilliant and the knife wasn't as sharp as it could have been out of the box. But I doctored the sheath a bit and got the blade pro-sharpened and I must say it has grown on me. The Mora Hunter is now my favourite knife out of 8 fixed-blades, including a Fallkniven A2, which I love to bits. I'm even a convert to carbon steel, in spite of its higher maintenance factor. This knife holds a razor keen edge for ages, has a fab grip and sits securely in the sheath. To me, it proves that you don't have to spend megabucks to end up with a great, reliable hunting / utility knife. (Posted on )
  5. Mora Hunter - OutstandingReview by
    THE Mora Hunter, the same Mora high quality & value as all their other knives.
    Highly recommend for both utility & value . Scandinavian's rock!
    (Posted on )
  6. Nice knifeReview by
    I always loved this knife but recent production runs now use the 2mm thick blade rather than the old 2.5mm blade. A little disappointed by this though still a great knife. .Heinnies delivery is as always second to none. (Posted on )
  7. Too Good to MissReview by
    Very good knife and a grippy handle too.... get some. Delivered within 21 hours. HH is tops! (Posted on )
  8. Great little knifeReview by
    I've been using this knife for more than a year now, in many outdoor situations, I've carved, processed food, I’ve battoned 3 inch logs with it, this was my favourite knife even in a home kitchen due to its sharpness - and it was pleasure to work with this knife. Today I came back form fishing with broken blade, but it was my stupidity to baton heavy logs so often :)
    I'll definitely buy another Mora for smaller works, and something heavier duty to processing wood, but overall - highly recommended little blade.
    PS - sharp as hell and holds the edge for months.
    (Posted on )
  9. Good knifeReview by
    I like this knife it has a slightly thicker blade than a standard clipper, comes nice and sharp. The sheath doesn't retain the knife that well but it does the job, I found the belt loop a little on the small side and can only accept a thin belt. I prefer the clipper as its slightly comfier in my hands and the sheath is a better design, but if you have big hands this is the one to buy. (Posted on )
  10. TREVOR STRONGEReview by
  11. MrReview by
    Excellent service all round from H.H. And a fantastic knife delivered shaving sharp! Will definately shop here again and would definately recommend this knife (Posted on )
  12. Amazing mora valueReview by
    Great knife, already a firm favourite and excellent service yet again from Heinnie. All for under 11 quid delivered.

    Thanks again.
    (Posted on )
  13. all round good knifeReview by
    HH service was great. The hunter sits well in the hand and is a very useful all round knife. Gutting fish, splicing small logs... takes it all in its stride (Posted on )
  14. unbelievableReview by
    Purchased from HH and what superb service they offer, fast delivery, great price and so easy to buy from. Now back to the price; for under a tenner I didn't expect too much from this knife, but wow what can I say. It's better than my old faithful that cost way more than this one, with HH's service and Mora quality you really cannot go wrong with this knife for hunting or outdoor use, 5 stars from me. (Posted on )
  15. vincentReview by
    The first thing I brought was the Mora Hunter and the service was excellent. They were so fast from order to delivery and the knife is the best I've ever brought for a fixed bladed knife. I will definitely be coming here again and would recommend it to everyone! (Posted on )
  16. WOWReview by
    A brilliant knife at an unbeatable price. I have to collect them all!! (Posted on )
  17. !!!!!!!!!!!Review by
    It is great, great little knife.
    Sharp as hell, very comfy handle and good price...Highly recommended.
    And service from HH is great as always!!
    (Posted on )
  18. WOW OMGReview by
    Just like Julian, I was a HH virgin until I bought this knife over the weekend and rec'd yesterday. All I can say is what a knife, with an excellent blade that's sharp straight out of packaging and with the feel of a quality knife. All this, and change from a tenner. I'll be using HH again in the future. (Posted on )
  19. mora hunterReview by
    Great knife very sharp, nice handle. Good value for the money. Very fast deliver.y ordered Thursday afternoon, arrived Friday morning. (Posted on )
  20. the dogs bo*****sReview by
    Bbought two of these now, worth their weight in gold, perfect for bushcraft. 100% to HH. Next day to the front door. (Posted on )
  21. Very NiceReview by
    This is a great knife and I am very pleased with it, nice grip on the handle and very sharp out the box you can't go wrong for 9 quid. Great service as always from Heinnie...Nice One. (Posted on )
  22. THIS IS A…Review by
  23. Bought this for…Review by
    Bought this for a friend's fishing tackle box. He couldn't believe how sharp it was and how easy to use. A snip at the price! As ever thanks HH. (Posted on )
  24. Ridiculously sharp and…Review by
    Ridiculously sharp and amazing value for money, everyone should have one in their pack. HH speedy delivery and customer service is a pleasure. (Posted on )
  25. MrReview by
    Superb blade, came razor sharp, perfect handle for gutting, easy to keep clean. Already ordered more Mora knives. Great value for money. Very fast delivery. Thank you Heinnie (Posted on )
  26. Fantastic knifeReview by
    Fantastic knife mora 711 hunter, razor sharp, slightly thicker blade than the clipper, it's virtually full tang it stops about 2cm from the end tested with magnet, nice non slip handle, delivered next day for ú8.95 great heinnie service...thanks. (Posted on )
  27. The best ú8.95 you'll spend!Review by
    Great knife, not to be dismissed due to price. Sharp, comfy, durable. ***** (Posted on )
  28. Superb little knifeReview by
    This isn't a cheap knife it's just amazing value! The blade is 101X20X2mm in size and arrived totally razor sharp! The handle is hand friendly soft textured rubber coated and won't slip in use. The spine is rough for fire steel striking. Team up with an axe or machete to tackle any task. (Posted on )
  29. Unbelievable value!Review by
    My out-and-about whipmaking/leatherwork knife. Stays in its sheath well so good in the pack; chunky, sticky handle so good with greasy hands; perfect blade. For 10 quid delivered the next day. (Posted on )
  30. clippers big brotherReview by
    Great stronger version of the clipper with a large handle for people like me, love it, as with all moras, strong, sharp, light need I say more? Oh yes and cheap! (Posted on )
  31. Very impressedReview by
    Received as xmas gift, was amazed how sharp it was when it arrived (shaving sharp) the MORA HUNTER effortlessly paunches, grallochs, skins and butchers. A wonderful knife at a wonderful price. (Posted on )
  32. Mora hunter 711Review by
    For less than a tenner a brilliant buy. High Carbon steel takes a keen edge and holds it, not pretty but, made to be used a bargain field knife. (Posted on )
  33. another winnerReview by
    Another good solid knife made to be used at an affordable price by Mora.

    The handle is bigger than I expected. This one would be ideal for those with big paws, like myself.
    (Posted on )
  34. tough mora knifeReview by
    This is an execellent workmanlike mora knife. It has a good carbon steel blade and the handle fits greate hands like mine. I use mine as a working tool at school, the builderline. It hasn't let me down yet:) I give it a four stars rating because the blade isn't stainless which is a minus. but overall a brilliant knife from mora. Recommend it. (Posted on )
  35. great moraReview by
    another great mora for the price,this one has quite a large handle which would suit larger hands,the normal mora quality ,carbon blade, very sharp etc. (Posted on )
  36. Just fineReview by
    I got one of these a few months ago having found my opinel to cold to open sometimes and slippy when damp. I use it for skinning/paunching in the field and its excellent : sharp blade, grippy and solid handle (there is a helpful bit of give in the handle). The red dot on the end of the handle is a useful touch too.
    Its not stainless so only needs a light oil and back in the bag for next time. Overall, a quality product and a bargain too.
    (Posted on )
  37. Top Swede!Review by
    Don't let the price of this knife put you of, its a very good quality all rounder.
    Used by the swedish army it holds an edge and stays sharp through some serious work.
    I found mine by the side of a frozen Swedish lake at -30C and still use it regularly.
    (Posted on )

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